Andrea Pickens
The Defiant Governess
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The Defiant Governess By posing as a governess a beautiful high spirited lady manages to escape an arranged marriage but soon loses her heart to the handsome lord of the manor Knowing that the most a titled gentleman co

  • Title: The Defiant Governess
  • Author: Andrea Pickens
  • ISBN: 9780451194794
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • By posing as a governess, a beautiful, high spirited lady manages to escape an arranged marriage, but soon loses her heart to the handsome lord of the manor Knowing that the most a titled gentleman could offer a mere governess was ruin, she must find a way to be a lady again, before she succumbs to the temptation of his kisses.

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    1. Paola andFrancesca says:

      This was a relatively robust novella about a Duke's daughter who flees an unwanted marriage by disguising herself as a governess. So the defiant governess isn't really a governess, which is a twist on the Regency cross-class, employer-employee romance that makes it so that there's really no cross-class romance. I found the bits with the child a bit saccharine for my tastes, and the chances that a pampered aristocrat could just magically become a competent governess to a shy, neglected child was [...]

    2. Anna Marie says:

      If I wanted to READ 'Jane Eyre', I would've picked UP 'Jane Eyre'.The 'Defiant Governess' is about Jane and Edward. Jane takes a position as governess to Edward's ward (which is actually his child) while he is away on the continent, and breathes life into the household. One day while she's taking a letter to the post, she finds herself in the road in the way of an enormous black horse and its gentleman rider who happens to be her employer, but doesn't tell her that until he summons her to the dr [...]

    3. Debbie DiFiore says:

      Good story but needs an editorSeveral typos and missing words which doesn't bother me really but it's a good story and they shouldn't be in there. It takes the quality of the story down. And it was a good story. No sex scenes though. Just a kiss at the end and so it was very proper but it fit the story. I love governess story's and this one had a little twist to it. Loved the child Peter and the hero and heroine were delightful. No major angst or other woman. Totally safe. At times it lagged a l [...]

    4. Annette Meier says:

      Witty banter, sweet romance and an imp of a child makes a delightful story!

    5. Annette says:

      This is a sweet story with a moral.Jane is the daughter of a Duke. For most of her life she has been allowed to do what she wants to do with little or no consequences. Even though she has had one season on the marriage mart, any gentleman who has appeared interested has been rebuffed.Her father has given her an ultimatum. He has selected a man and she will marry him. Period!Jane has the opportunity to pass herself off as a governess in a country home far away. She takes that opportunity and runs [...]

    6. Carissa Crabb says:

      The Defiant Governess is a quick, sweet little regency that I downloaded from Barnes & Noble for less than two dollars. While not precisely "clean"' (there are a few mentions of Lady Jane's physical responses and a topless scene near the end) the couple chooses to wait for marriage to indulge in the physical side of their relationship. Lady Jane is a spoiled brat who has never learned to think through her words or actions. Lord Saybrook is so mired in his own emotional pain that he can not s [...]

    7. LadyCalico says:

      The author ruined what might have been an enjoyable read for me by all the Jane Eyre rip-offs. I don't understand their purpose, since most of the story wasn't another Jane Eyre re-write. Possibly she meant them to be cutesy, but rip-offs aren't cutesy and don't add anything to a story, they are merely annoying and detract from the story. It would have even been better to name the protagonists Beulah and Percy and cut out all the Bronte stuff. I couldn't find one place where the rip-offs were ne [...]

    8. Janice Liedl says:

      A conventional Regency with a headstrong heroine, a suddenly autocratic father and a convenient governessing post that her old nurse knows all about. . . It's an amusing, light read if you're ready to throw aside any disbelief at how such an autocratic, take-charge miss can come in and work as governess in a noble household, let alone become the close confidante of its suddenly returned and single lord.Oh, and also, this may sound petty, but monarch butterflies (identified as such!) in Regency E [...]

    9. Laura says:

      Gets one star because I had to give up reading and skim about halfway through. The heroine was just TOO annoying for me. She continuously gets shocked that she is being treated like a servant GASP a governess is a servant! She acts spoiled and expects to have her way in everything when that was NOT the life for a Regency female. She was lucky to have a father who wanted her to choose her husband in the first place.So, reading about this super speshul little brat was not enjoyable. Eventually, sh [...]

    10. Gail says:

      I like period stories like this. It had a good relationship within her family. I also liked how she spoke her mind and was ready to take the consequences for it. It was a nice touch to have her be a governess and yet in charge-so to speak-of the estate that she went to be a governess at. I liked how the young boy told his "father" that the governess had a way of making people do things when he said she could make him-the Lord of the estate do what he wanted. Turned out well despite how stubborn [...]

    11. Kerry A says:

      I had to let my feels about this book marinate for a few days. First of all I hate the cover. If what I know about the industry is true, the author had little control over it. Saybrook wore a cravat, not whatever pirate bullshit is on my cover. Second, I have gone on this Georgette Heyer bend the last few months and, while the book is *overwhelmingly* Jane Eyre, there's a lot of Heyer in there too (in my opinion). The glaring similarities to Brontë were a little off putting. Another reviewer sa [...]

    12. Tausha says:

      Ummmmt a book I would consider clean. I actually thought the story line was fun for a novella story. I thought Jane was so fun and unconventional for the time period it was written. She had a great relationship with her brother that was so fun. I loved Peter's character. He was a charming little boy. Even the main hero was a lovable but troubled character. Sadly all of that was ruined when they started enjoying the chemistry between them. Way to descriptive and in my opinion not necessary. Made [...]

    13. Lexie says:

      Although this book was a rather entertaining read for a couple of hours, the characters were too flat for my tastes. The heroine is supposed to be lovely, yet mischievous. However, she never thinks of the people who might be concerned with her running away. Also, the hero is handsome with a secret pain that was melodramatically played up. I got purchased this book for free, and although I enjoyed it, I don't think I would've been happy with this book if I would have paid for it. I recommend this [...]

    14. Lynsay says:

      Great story. Would have given it more stars if it wasn't for the spelling errors or rather the wrong word errors as well as the missing words and punctuation problems. Also the plot hole, where when Jane was leaving and she thought Peter that his eyes were like his father's, but as far as she knew, she never met his father. It's later on that she finds out that Edward is really his father. So there it should have read uncle. And before that when she guessed what Edward had done, there was never [...]

    15. P Karr says:

      Loved reading The Defiant Governess.Andrea Pickens has written an absorbing, fun story that will please romance fans. Lady Jane is a force to reckon with. Motherless since a young age, she has been raised by a doting father and loving Nanny. Her comrade in arms is her brother who pulls all kinds of stunts with her. There is no evil step mother but there is an evil aunt. There is lots of fun and a handsome is a must read!

    16. Julia says:

      I got this as a freebie for my e-reader, and I really enjoyed the story. It was interesting, and thankfully a remarkably "un-smutty" romance novel. However, in the e-reader version at least, there were a great many editing errors that became irritating. There were multiple places in the book where entire words were left out of dialogue - it was pretty easy to imply them, but having to do so repeatedly became a nuisance. Four stars for story, two stars because of the editing - I leveled it out at [...]

    17. Darcie Duranceau says:

      I'm not going to lie; I didn't have high hopes for this book, but it was a Bookbub deal and I was in need of something to read (in the mood for romance). I feared that it would be sickly sweet and obnoxiously predictable, but I was pleasantly surprised. Predictable? Yes. By nature, most romance novels are, but there were elements of intrigue as the characters were developed and I found myself unable to set it down.

    18. Anita Foster says:

      I liked this book but it had many similarities to Jane Eyre which is a favourite of mine , similarly the lead characters name was Jane & the Lord she worked for as a governess was called Edward ( as was Mr Rochester) also noticed the housekeepers name was Fairchild in this book as Jane Eyre has Mrs Fairfax. The author could have come up with less obvious names as you do compare it to Jane Eyre when reading , well I did anyway

    19. Gloria Albritton says:

      Some lies lead to a lifetime of rapture!I was thoroughly wrapped up in ups and downs of this heartwarming story! I am anxious to read more. This time period is fascinating to say the least. I have read many books during this era; some romance as this one. But I also appreciate the lesser than nobility writings as well. There were high drama but the trials of the lower classes are just as I intriguing!

    20. Kate says:

      It was a cute novel. As others have stated before, it was a ripoff of the old classicJane Eyre >. In the beginning, I was really annoyed with how much "introduction" was given to the main character. However, the writing seemed to become more pleasant as the story progressed. A very light read.

    21. Maggie Hesseling says:

      A duke's daughter runs away to become a governess? Brilliant! And waht a cute little boy. I can't believe he'd give cause for anyone to abuse him as some of the previous governess' have. The characters practically leap off the page, they're so natural. And I love the writing, so effectively simepply but evocative when needed. This novel deserves a second read!

    22. Ginny Strait says:

      Great readI admittedly am a sucker for a governess story and for historical fiction and this book satisfied on so many levels. Jane is not your ordinary governess. Actually Edward is quite the charming character himself and Peter is a charming child. Guess I am trying to say this is a charming novel and am happy to recommend it.

    23. Alice says:

      Very proper Regency RomanceA very good version of the runway aristocratic daughter disguised as a governess falling in love with the handsome Lord. A bit Jane Eyre without any darkness. Nevertheless this is a delightful, light love story, without the torrid sex scenes that seem to be mandatory in current romances. Good characters and well written.

    24. Natalya says:

      Flows well, it's a Jane Ayre inspired romance, even down to heroines name. You have to suspend belief to enjoy it, since there are some weak points like his spanking her (what?), all the carte blanche talk (irrelevant), her too spirited nature (impossible), her running away (and not even being properly admonished), but overall story is engrossing and pulls you in.

    25. Kara O'Neal says:

      The progression of the plot kept me reading. The characters were written well. I enjoyed the conversation between the hero and heroine. They had lively debates that made me laugh and anticipate their next meeting. The only thing I didn't care for was her family's reaction to seeing her again. Didn't understand why there wasn't more thankfulness or gratefulness.

    26. Vampire-lk says:

      AHHHHHH!!!!!! Absolutely LOVED THIS NOVEL!!!!!!!! Reminiscent of Jane Eyre-----truly wonderful!!!!!! Mrs. Pickens does a remarkable job at the rich detail & character description to make the regency world a reality!!! A mark of a truly gifted & beloved writer!!!! Have & will continue to read any novel by Mrs. Pickens!!!!!!! :)

    27. Lorretta Phillips says:

      Delightful readingI began reading this book and couldn't put it down even though I'm burning the midnight oil away the end. The characters were very engaging and likeable. I found myself laughing at Jane's antics. I loved the way they all interacted and can't wait to read more of Andrea Picken's books.

    28. Brit Blaise says:

      This is the ever-present and often boring theme of a young woman not wanting to be part of the custom of coming out and being presented for marriage. Frankly, that gets old fast. However, this author offers a fresh solution and quirky outcome that I found delightful! I'd definitely recommend it for those who enjoy Historical Romance! Well done, Andrea Pickens!

    29. Sara ♥ says:

      So cute!!That was so super cute!!!! I couldn't put it down!! I'm afraid my kids watched way too much TV today!! :) Sure, parts were a bit farfetched, and I saw some typos (reveled vs reviled totally different meanings, yo) and missing words, but the story and characters were compelling

    30. Kristen Robison says:

      The first part of this book I really thought the author was doing a bad re-do of Jane Eyre. While she wasn't that turned me off a little and made me work harder to get into the book. I did enjoy the remainder of the book.

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