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Dreadnought A renegade faction of the world s most powerful villains is intent on destroying G L O V E Global League Of Villainous Enterprises and showing the world the true face of evil The Disciples begin by hi

  • Title: Dreadnought
  • Author: Mark Walden
  • ISBN: 9781442421868
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A renegade faction of the world s most powerful villains is intent on destroying G.L.O.V.E Global League Of Villainous Enterprises and showing the world the true face of evil The Disciples begin by hijacking Diabolus Darkdoom s Airborne command post, then they kidnap his son and his son s best friend Unfortunately for them, Nigel Darkdoom and Franz also happen to beA renegade faction of the world s most powerful villains is intent on destroying G.L.O.V.E Global League Of Villainous Enterprises and showing the world the true face of evil The Disciples begin by hijacking Diabolus Darkdoom s Airborne command post, then they kidnap his son and his son s best friend Unfortunately for them, Nigel Darkdoom and Franz also happen to be Otto s friends Heading out to America, Otto, Wing et al embark on a perilous and highly unauthorised rescue operation Cut off from the support of H.I.V.E and on the run from American security forces the hunt for their friends leads to one of the US military s most secret facilities It becomes clear that the Disciples are not all they appear and in a desperate race against time Otto must work out who his real friends are and prevent the Disciples from completing their true objective Only Otto can save the world from domination by a sinister new world order but it might be that the price he has to pay is just too high When it comes to the crunch will he be prepared to sacrifice himself

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    1 Blog on “Dreadnought

    1. Bayla says:

      As I continue to read this series, I find it more and more unbelievable that these guys are meant to be villains -- perhaps because they are always stopping bigger villains from destroying the world.

    2. Hayden says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!MAJOR EPIC GIANT MASSIVE HUGE ENORMOUS CLIFFHANGER!!!!!Actually, I have Rougue in front of me, so I don't really care :)Still, I feel sorry for everybody who doesn't have it.This book had quite a few twists and things in (Vicontessa?), which this book even more exciting than it already was. I wasn't expecting to find out about the person who trained Raven, although I never found out why she left Furan and joined Dr. Nero. Maybe I'll find out in the n [...]

    3. Hikachi says:

      Awesomeous!Mind bobbling!So Otto is a uhmm a mutant. If I may say. I guess that's how to politely address a clone of a super computer with an evil mind who can enter human's mind. Anyway, he's special. Period.The last book was pretty much awesome. Diabolous Darkdoom re-surfaced from "death" and the true nature of Number One was exposed. And in this book, a stray group, a bunch of GLOVE deserters lead by Jason Drake is trying to take over Darkdoom's position in the council, as the new GLOVE leade [...]

    4. Jaden says:

      Dreadnought is the fourth book in the series, H.I.V.E, which is a story about a school, pretty much in the middle of nowhere which trains elite kids/teens to become villains.This story's protoganists are Otto Malpense. Otto is a highly intelligent 13 year-old who is able to hack anything electronic and understands difficult problems like they're child's play. Next character is Otto's best friend, Wing Fong. He is best at martial arts and pretty much anything that has to do with physical strength [...]

    5. Tony Keefer says:

      In this 4th installment of the H.I.V.E. series, Otto and his friends are led into another death-defying adventure that involves stopping a new competitor to G.L.O.V.E.'s dominance as the leading super villains in the world.The action sequences in Dreadnought are riveting, though a little darker than the previous books. A few more deaths are involved this time around.Walden had struck a chord with readers like me. His vision of what cutting edge technology can do is both alarming and interesting. [...]

    6. Mary Hodgman says:

      I really enjoyed reading Dreadnought! It was very interesting! Otto and his friends are on their way to the Arctic for a hardcore training exercise. Their trip gets delayed, however, when they are ambushed while onboard the Dreadnought, a high-tech airborne defense platform. One of their own has gone rogue, and Otto finds himself on another mission. This one to rescue his kidnapped friends. Between dealing with a few crazy villains, saving his friends, and saving the entire population of America [...]

    7. Brooke says:

      I have been a fan of hive since the first one. I like the young teen characters, the world Waldon has created, and the action. Because I forget important things like, how books end that I read, it is helpful that Waldon included a bit from the past as one reads along.

    8. Tyler says:

      it was awesome

    9. Levi Hinz says:

      Mark Walden’s novel, H.I.V.E: Rogue is a book that will keep the reader wanting more till the end. It tells the story of a young villain that has been kidnapped and his friends and colleagues must fight to rescue him. The main character, Otto Malpense is a typical teenage boy except he has computer like powers in his brain. He was living his life in his own, perfect way, until he he tried to save the world and he was kidnapped. This turned his whole world upside and his friends had no idea whe [...]

    10. Mindi says:

      I am enjoying the plot driven series.

    11. Owen Vogelgesang says:

      just plain awesome, probably my favorite in the series.

    12. Kaitlynn says:

      This is my favorite of the H.I.V.E. books!!

    13. Talia Young says:

      Good Series

    14. Teresa says:

      As my father decided to give me the fourth book in a series I've never read before for Christmas (although the I'm sure he meant well), my review may be contradictory to the others or may make me seem like an idiot, as this is the only book in the series I've read and so is the only one I can go by in this review.Basically, a school for villains (HIVE- Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is going on a school-tour-sort-of-training-session in the Arctic when the group of students travelling [...]

    15. Killergnomestar says:

      Deadlock 4th book in Mark Walden’s H.I.V.E SeriesBy: Liam Borer SeabloomDeadlock is the fourth book in Mark Walden’s exciting series, H.I.V.E in the Tech into Magic genre. This series is about the adventures of students Otto, Wing, Shelby and Laura after being abducted from their lives and onto a school built on an active volcano. The school is called HIVE or Higher Institute of Villainous Education. At this school, they are taught how to become the best villains they can to serve within G.L [...]

    16. Justin Yan says:

      This book was somewhat unsatisfactory compared to the other books in the series. That doesn't at all mean the book is anywhere near bad, it just started a bit predictable at the beginning. The introduction of the massive Dreadnought obviously points out something involving it is going to happen, and true to the H.I.V.E. style, HOPE commandos infiltrate the Dreadnought and capture Darkdoom along with the Dreadnought. Otto, his friends, Nero, and Raven narrowly escape the clutches of H.O.P.E. and [...]

    17. Crowinator says:

      One-sentence summary: The fourth book in the H.I.V.E (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) series continues the adventures of a group of good kids attending a secret school run by a league of supervillains (the Global League of Villainous Enterprises). This is an entertaining, energetic read that I sped through in a couple hours. It won't connect with everyone, because the writing is a bit stiff and entirely too wordy for the intended audience, but otherwise, this would be perfect for kids [...]

    18. Melissa says:

      It took a while to re-acquaint myself with these well-loved characters, having read the previous book almost five years back. Dreadnought delivers the same exciting action and dose of trouble that seem to follow Otto, Wing, and their band of villainous heroes at H.I.V.E.- a secret school for super-villains of the future. Still fresh out of their previous life-threatening experience, the group embarks on a training mission but instead gets into another precarious situation that forces them to fig [...]

    19. Rachel says:

      H.I.V.E 4:Dreadnought is about four kids Otto, Wing, Laura and Stella who go to H.I.V.E, the Higher Institute for Villainous Education, which is a school located in the middle of a dormant volcanoe and teaches gifted studends how to be a villain. When the school takes a field trip to the north pole Nigel, the son of the leader of G.L.O.V.E the Global League Of Villainous Enterprises, is captured along with his father by a senior leader of G.L.O.V.E it is now up to Otto amd his friends to save th [...]

    20. PurplyCookie says:

      It’s up to Otto to save the world from a renegade faction of the world’s most powerful villains, known as the Disciples. And when they kidnap two of Otto’s friends, things get personal. Otto and a few of his fellow students from H.I.V.E.—-the Higher Institute of Villainous Education—-head to America in order to track down their missing friends. The search quickly leads them to one of the U.S. military’s most top-secret locations, where it becomes clear that the Disciples are not at a [...]

    21. TheTinFoilHatter says:

      I love this series. Did I mention that yet? This is actually a good place to start the series if you can't find all of the previous books, it shows off all the action, compelling story, and interesting characters the series has to offer. It stands alone but it'll get you interested in the rest of the series.So what's the plot? Another rogue villain named Jason Drake, the designer and producer of H.I.V.E.s technology including the Shrouds and their new flagship the Dreadnought, has joined forces [...]

    22. Ploy says:

      Characterization has really improved since the first book, especially in Otto Malpense. He makes jokes, speaks sarcasm, and even smiles a lot more too. Nice change there, from what he used to be as a someone who had absolutely no sense of humor at all.The narration is quite slow and has too much unnecessary detail. It does not flow very well. Also the main conflict is very unimaginative; a billionaire guy tries to mass murder millions of people so he can rule the world. Like Mojo Jojo (powerpuff [...]

    23. Kat Goldin says:

      HIVE: Dread NoughtMy library owns all the HIVE books (some I had to purchase via eBay through England) and although I have now read the 4th installment, I can fully agree with the followers that HIVE is a great fiction work of intrigue. This is the 4th in the series of British author Mark Walden so seamlessly explores the work and happenings of GLOVE (Global League Of Villainous Enterprises). In this adventure of time and friendship, Otto’s and his friends foil a plot to take over the world. O [...]

    24. Sarah says:

      A nice, safe Arctic training exercise (survival rate: 93%) for the budding supervillains of the Higher Institute of Villainous Education is put on hold when the cutthroat politics of the international villainous community threaten hundreds of millions of lives. Dissatisfied with the recent change in leadership, industrial tycoon Jason Drake has set in motion a plan to bring down the Global League of Villainous Enterprises by blaming them for a cataclysm of his own creation. Once more, it falls t [...]

    25. Andy says:

      In this exciting adventure, Otto and his friends must find the dreadnought and stop the evil super computer in his quest to rule the world. With the incredible smarts, physical attributes, and amazing technology Otto needs to find out how to match wits with the smartest thing ever a computer. The dreadnought is a giant floating machine that can hide itself in a man made storm. Imagine trying to find a hidden machine in the whole world with a super computer that knows all the weather patterns in [...]

    26. Rosina says:

      Well it took me a while but I finally read this book and boy was it an interesting ride. Wing is still my favourite and Lucy was an interesting new character.However I'm not sure the intro was needed. Walden was trying to do what Anthony Horowitz did in Eagle Strike but it wasn't as interesting. I love Raven and it was interesting meeting Furan but it just felt pointless in the scheme of things.Interesting cliffhanger at the end and now I'm really annoyed that someone brought the next book from [...]

    27. Pun says:

      Im a bit confused to be honest, since I've finished the 6th book now and i'm not sure where this book ends but ill give it a try. So, i believe in the third book, Overlord was "killed". Well theres a little problem : He isn't. I think overlord has a device where he has stored himself somehow? That seems like the most plausible explanation. Although I don't see how that would work

    28. Elizabeth says:

      Bless this book for going right in all the places it could have gone wrong. When I first started this series I was a little cynical, a book about a school for super-villainous children? But I was proved wrong, and happily so. Everything about this series is wonderful, and exciting and it makes me happy.No this is not high literature, it is happy literature - on the grounds that it makes me happy.But serious RAVEN! and Shelby and Laura and Wing and Otto ALSO Lucy was pretty awesome. And I guess N [...]

    29. J.S. Reedholm says:

      Again, read this book out of order from Hive series. But that didn't matter. Book was much better and a real page turner compared to 2nd book in series. Started to care more about the characters - but would like some romance to occur with the boys and girls. Would also like Mark Walden to write a book about another subject - thinking he might be getting stuck on HIVE. Needs to create another world and let his talents run wild.

    30. Hannah Laurel Overstreet says:

      H.I.V.E. is a series with its ups and downs, but unfortunately Dreadnought seemed to be one of its low points. The plot, despite introductions of new characters and conflicts, was far less exciting than the previous books, and the characters and dialogue were little more than rehash from earlier installments of the series. Though the cliffhanger gives the dedicated reader just enough hope to continue with the series, Dreadnought is not the best example of Walden’s work.

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