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The Best of Philip K. Dick
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The Best of Philip K Dick This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains eleven short stories and novellas by acclaimed science fiction author Philip K Dick Dick is best known for his novel DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELEC

  • Title: The Best of Philip K. Dick
  • Author: Philip K. Dick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains eleven short stories and novellas by acclaimed science fiction author Philip K Dick Dick 1928 1982 is best known for his novel DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP This novel was adapted for the big screen as BLADERUNNER This ebook is DRM free and includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Contents Beyond tThis Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains eleven short stories and novellas by acclaimed science fiction author Philip K Dick Dick 1928 1982 is best known for his novel DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP This novel was adapted for the big screen as BLADERUNNER This ebook is DRM free and includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Contents Beyond the DoorBeyond Lies the WubThe Crystal CryptThe DefendersThe GunThe SkullThe Eyes Have ItSecond VarietyThe Variable ManMr SpaceshipPiper in the WoodsThis unexpurgated edition contains the complete text, with minor errors and omissions corrected.

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    1. Ron says:

      If this was truly the "best" of Philip K. Dick, I'd hate to see the worst. The stories are the anti-war, anti-big government tales that were the staple of SF during the Cold War, but not particularly well told or inventive. Dick's heart was good, and he often resorted to the "unintended consequences" twist.Since most of these were written fifty years ago, a word about technology is appropriate. Since Dick wrote before both the micro-circuitry and personal communication revolutions, you'd think h [...]

    2. Jerry says:

      This was an even better collection than the other PKD collection I’ve read, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale; of course, the latter collection was a fifth volume; possibly whoever put it together thought they were the fifth best of his stories (possibly the series was chronological; the only stories repeated in both books are the three final stories in this collection). They were still great, but this standalone collection really shows off Philip K. Dick’s writing chops. John Brunner, in [...]

    3. Timo says:

      Fijn. De paar verhalen die ik echt niet boeiend vond, konden de pret niet drukken: af en toe hardop lachen, breed glimlachen, grinniken en jezelf verbazen.

    4. Edwin Lowe says:

      An Excellent Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories!Philip K Dick (1928–1982) in my opinon is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. I have read a number of reviews on and that have less than favorable things to say about Dick. However, if the reviewer bothers to express their concerns, most can be discounted as the prattle of an immature or vacant mind. If you will excuse a pun, they don't know Dick! While not as well known as Bradbury, Heinlein, Huxley; Asimov, Clark [...]

    5. Paul L. Reese says:

      My review of Phillip K Dick's short story "The Golden Man" was not especially favorable to the author. Having read "Early Stories", a collection of short stories I must change my mind. I didn't much like the first short story, but thoroughly enjoyed most of the collection of the second. I look forward to reading other offerings by this author. I found a certain similarity between Phillip K. Dick and my favorite sf author, Robert Heinlein. I am now moving the author ( having great difficulty writ [...]

    6. Evan Moore says:

      This is the first collection of Philip K. Dick stories I have read, and I wasn't disappointed. Truly a treasure trove of introspection, horror, and mystery. I loved every word of it!Recommended to those who need extra reasons to hate crab grass.

    7. Sean Brewer says:

      While I’m a fan of PDK, and I did enjoy reading this collection of short stories, these stories were very familiar. These stories were familiar as if I had read them before and knew what was coming next, or what the twist were going to be.

    8. Josh says:

      PKD is regarded as among the best science fiction writers of all time, so I thought ‘hey, why not read a collection of his short stories?’ And then, I did that.Somehow, I don’t think the stories in here are generally regarded as his best work, but they are good nonetheless, though some more than others. Of the eleven stories, there are only two that I consider duds, and they were the shortest of the lot, so I’m not even bitter about them.Something that stands out about many of the short [...]

    9. Kurt says:

      Reading Philip K. Dick is to gradually have the ground under you tilt away from you. As you keep reading, the ground feels the same, still solid and supportive, but before you know it the tilt is just enough that you slide off your feet and land someplace you don’t recognize. Just a moment before you thought you were in control but Dick has taken over. The stories in this collection do a nice job representing Dick’s strength as a writer. My favorite is THE VARIABLE MAN where decisions are no [...]

    10. Gerd says:

      If these are the best they could find among the over hundred stories Dick wrote, they can't have looked very hard. In terms of quality it's a pretty mediocre collection. It does however give a good idea of Dick's overall work, showing his satirical side, his scepticism of human nature, and his more esoteric stories, points for that, and they did happen to include at least a few of his best stories, unfortunately amidst some truly forgettable stuff.The greatest value of this collection is that it [...]

    11. Clay Brown says:

      These 11 short stories from Phillip K Dick are my first attempt at reading him. These do remind one of the 'Golden Age' of Science Fiction, a time of more leisure, for sure. Most of the stories are told in an interesting way, however, and these stories are mostly from his earlier work, giving the reader a fair overview of Dick's Sci-Fi style. With such a vast collection of Tomes one does find oneself wondering where to turn next with Dick.Is it hype? Would be the question to Dick's pantheon with [...]

    12. Michael Tildsley says:

      There were a few stinkers in this collection, but I really liked quite a few of Dick's stories. I go used book hunting quite a bit, and I just can't understand why his books are so scarce in my area. I found this book in a stack of free books. In Dick's world, the characters are never completely safe. Most of the time, Ray Bradbury's characters feel safe in his web of nostalgia and poetry. In contrast, Stephen King's characters always feel like they are troubled in mind and body. There is almost [...]

    13. Matus says:

      Many clever stories capturing, in a small number of pages, pkd's basic questioning of reality and our connection to it. I'm happy because the last time I tried pkd short stories, this didn't come through as much as in his novels, and so I din't touch them for many many years. Note that this collection has a rough patch of particularly depressing and slightly less inventive post-apocalyptic stories right in the middle but it's much sweeter towards either end Side comments: his thoughts became mor [...]

    14. Marc Huete says:

      Read Ubik. A million times better.Dick is an author who does worse the fewer words he has. Every story features an obvious Chekhov's gun, leading it to a predictable conclusion. I imagine it was quite novel when it was first written, but each of these tropes is worn and dead. The only time I was surprised was when I missed the last page of one of the stories, and thought he HADN'T ended with the obvious conclusion. 90% of the conflicts could also be stopped with basic security and quarantine pro [...]

    15. Chris says:

      After reading this collection of short stories I can easily see why so many of the author's works have been translated into films. While the stories tend to be extremely short, and many of the details are a bit dated - the concepts and overall themes of the stories include brilliant and easily adaptable ideas. Mr Dick thought so far outside the box and had such a unique perspective that he continually astonishes his readers, even decades later. I highly recommend this window into a tremendously [...]

    16. Tim says:

      PKD's fascination with the ethics of sentient machines, industrialized war, and time travel is pervasive, even in these early works. Every story seems to have a deep thought or concept at its core. This certainly read like the coldwar era sci-fi that it is, lots of Russians and Martians. Not usually my thing, but enjoyable. My favorite story was "The Skull" which I am surprised hasn't been turned into a movie yet, the only story in the collection which has a religious theme.

    17. Rick says:

      A collection of eleven of the legendary grandmaster's short stories, I found these slightly disappointing. Indeed, they don't include some of his more famous pieces of short fiction (e.g minority report), so I wonder how this collection can be termed 'The Best of'. Many engage in cold-war themes and seem fairly dated. There's another collection, edited by John Brunner, that I wish I had chosen instead.

    18. David Allen says:

      Dick is more revered for his novels, in part because he pretty much abandoned stories by the time he hit his stride as a novelist. But his stories are often very good, and by exploring a simple idea (or telling a sort of extended joke) they avoid the ungainliness of some of his novels. This is a solid collection of stories, with two, Imposter and Paycheck, clever enough to have inspired movies. Not a dud in the bunch.

    19. Abi_88 says:

      I especially love how almost everyone of the stories have a little unexpected twist at the end, reminded me a lot of the original twilight Zone series. All the stories had the coolest scifi themes. My favorite had to be the adjustment team. Philip played with the concept of prearranged realities or simulated realities. He keeps the reader undecided about what to believe until the very end.

    20. Josh Kraus says:

      Oh lordy yes yes yes. At times the writing is spotty, the message overblown, the plots ridiculous, but it's all irrelevant compared to the big picture. These stories are unique, compelling, and most importantly, endlessly imaginative. Reading it, it feels like you are witnessing the invention of a genre, or a philosophy.

    21. Matt Miles says:

      A couple of these stories lag a bit pacing-wise, but most of these stories are solidly entertaining and thoughtful, on par with the best The Twilight Zone had to offer. A few even stand out on their own as weirdly original and haunting. The Wub, Second Variety, and The Eyes Have It in particular reflect a unique voice and encourage me to read more of Philip K. Dick's writing.

    22. Travis Cage says:

      Classic Sci-FiIf your a science fiction fan you can't go wrong with Philip K Dick. This collection of early PKD stories are the perfect introduction to his work. Many of the stories are very dated but still enjoyable.

    23. Tom Britz says:

      When P. K. Dick is on his game he can make you think really hard about the nature of reality. There are stories here that could have been replaced with others that are better, but on the main it was a satisfying read.

    24. Clint says:

      Often enough in these short stories, I saw the ending coming. HOWEVER, I never saw how we were going to get there and that was always exciting. My favorites from this collection: "Faith Of Our Fathers," "Service Call," and "Expendable."

    25. Kevin says:

      I was pleased with the short stories, I don't know of many authors that can convey so much,as he does. I am also impressed that this work came out of a mind of a paranoid schizophrenic. His ideas and thought provicking stories are a true literary treasure.

    26. Devon Fritz says:

      This book was a bit of a disappointment, as I usually really enjoy Dick's work. This collection is anything but his best, mostly containing earlier, rougher works. Still, some stories are quite interesting and contain that unique flair that Dick has.

    27. Joseph Zizys says:

      His short stories where the best, managed to pack more genuine menace into them than a lot of the full length scifi, tho I also lied his Confessions of a Crap Artist very much and am keen to read a few more of the Cali novels

    28. Lyn says:

      Really enjoyed this, became a fan. Some of his stories seem like Twilight Zone script, others are foundational modern science fiction. Two stories, The Skull and Second Variety, must have surely influenced the producers of The Terminator. Early ideas of the Matrix can also be glimpsed.

    29. Maciej Sz. says:

      2.5 - Na 19 opowiadań zawartych w zbiorze warto przeczytać cztery, resztę można zignorować. Ciekawsze tytuły to: "Odmiana druga" (IMO najlepsza historia ze wszystkich tu zebranych), "Kolonia", "Wiara naszych ojców" oraz "Elektryczna mrówka".

    30. Maciek says:

      Dicka wolę jednak w dłuższej formię, choć napisał kilka naprawdę niezłych opowiadań. Szkoda, że nie wszystkie znalazły się w tym tomie.

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