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The Silent Order
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The Silent Order Cleveland Ohio Secrets bind the notorious Cardano family together but Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing the family s dark secrets The Cardanos are working in the hills south of Cleve

  • Title: The Silent Order
  • Author: Melanie Dobson
  • ISBN: 9781609360191
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cleveland, Ohio, 1928 Secrets bind the notorious Cardano family together, but Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing the family s dark secrets The Cardanos are working in the hills south of Cleveland, and when Rollin travels to Sugarcreek to investigate, he discovers that the Cardanos want him dead.Rollin hides out in an Amish home, trying to uncover why the CardanoCleveland, Ohio, 1928 Secrets bind the notorious Cardano family together, but Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing the family s dark secrets The Cardanos are working in the hills south of Cleveland, and when Rollin travels to Sugarcreek to investigate, he discovers that the Cardanos want him dead.Rollin hides out in an Amish home, trying to uncover why the Cardanos are in Amish country and who is collaborating with them As he gets closer to the truth, he also attempts to find out what a beautiful Amish woman named Katie Lehman a woman who reminds him of the girl he once loved is hiding.Will Katie trust him with her secret and her heart Or will the Cardano code of honor silence them both

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    1. Stefanie says:

      Italian Mafia meets Amish country? This book is as intriguing as those five words entail.Katie Lehman lives a quiet life in Amish Country, but danger comes to the area, which brings flashes of her past screaming back to her.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was definitely a different style that hooked my attention quickly. You know you've got something good when you mix Amish and Mafia together.Definitely recommend this read from Melanie Dobson!

    2. Jamie says:

      This book is The Godfather meets AmishI know right!? For someone who ranks Godfather II high on the movie list (please no arguments, that was the best one of the trilogy), this book had me hooked from the beginning. From unexpected allies, to heart breaking moments, to loveable characters, Melanie Dobson’s The Silent Order was a fantastic read! I had to tell P90X he was just going to have to wait until I finished the book.If you think your family has drama, just join a mob family. That’ll ke [...]

    3. Wendy says:

      BOOK BLURBRural America - 1928. After the murder of his partner, Detective Rollin Wells hides away in an Amish home near Sugarcreek, Ohio, to find out who in the police force is collaborating with Cleveland's notorious mob.While Rollin searches for answers to his partner's death, he befriends an elusive young Amish woman named Katie and her young son. As Rollin learns about Katie's past, he's shocked at the secret Katie is hiding - a secret that has haunted Rollin for eight years REVIEWI have re [...]

    4. Audrey says:

      What happens when the Mafia meets the Amish? Secrets and danger. Detective Rollin Wells is determined to get the Cordano family organization down along with their criminal activity. When he learns there will be big activity in Sugarcreek, he goes to investigate. When he becomes injured he is given shelter in an Amish home. Katie Lehman reminds him of someone whom he loved years ago but she has her own secrets. Will they be able to trust each other?

    5. Pauline says:

      I have never read anything before from this era. I am also not a big fan of Amish books but setting the story in Sugarcreek fit well into the storyline. It was chosen by a woman in our book club then she changed her mind because she felt it was too violent. I didn't think it was too much. I loved Chateau of Secrets by Melanie Dobson much more, but this was an excellent story.

    6. Donna says:

      I don't normally like books that have the mafia in it but this one was a very good read and on top of that it took place in the 20s which is always fun to read that time period. I found it a very interesting and exciting book. Could not put it down. The prologue had you on the end of your seat. Detective Rollin Wells is determine to expose the Cardanos family and to do so he has to travel to Amish country. He meets Katie Lehman who reminds him of a girl he once loved about 9 years ago. He has to [...]

    7. Laura says:

      Title: THE SILENT ORDERAuthor: Melanie DobsonPublisher: Summerside PressNovember 2010ISBN: 978-1-60936-019-1Genre: Inspirational/historical romantic suspenseDark secrets bind the notorious Cardano Family together. Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing them. He witnesses a vicious murder, with his partner, but they don’t have enough backup to take down the Cardano Family at that time—still, he is determined he will win this war against them.Katie Lehman is an Amish woman with a young so [...]

    8. Casey says:

      What does a quiet Amish community and the Mafia have in common? A great deal more than one would think in this great work of suspense, THE SILENT ORDER.Two worlds are covered in this novel in a masterful way. On one hand you have a corrupt family who is making illegal liquor during Prohibition involving murder and evil in the basest of human beings. And when they encroach on the Amish lifestyle, more than one secret is unearthed.I thought the suspense was well done, drawing my attention deeper i [...]

    9. Joleen says:

      I don't believe I've ever read a book that mixed Amish with Mafia along with prohibition during the 20’s. But it worked, and it was pretty good.A remote home in the Amish country of Ohio becomes the meeting site for something big that the mafia are planning. A couple police from nearby Cleaveland catch wind of it and drive down to investigate, but are ambushed, leaving one dead and one bleeding. He manages to run into the corn and escape onto another Amish farm where they take him in. The rest [...]

    10. Mary says:

      Melanie Dobson has created a really different plot here! Mixing the Amish with the Mafia sort ofI just finished this one and I must say it was interesting to say the least. The suspense over wondering who Henry's father was nail biting, but I had it in my mind who it was and at the end of the book I found out I was correct I enjoyed the book and finished it in just 3 days. Pretty good for my busy household. I thought it brought out Amish customs pretty good and was authentic in those. The charac [...]

    11. Kristy says:

      Um, it was a good book. It didn't really leave a lasting impact on me. I read it a couple of months ago, and I'm just now getting around to putting it on , so I can't remember my last impression right after reading the book. But I remember liking it, there were a lot of twists and surprises that made the story sweet.

    12. Melissa says:

      My first endeavor into reading an Amish novel. The story is similar to the movie 'Witness' with the main characters being a police detective and an Amish woman. It was well-written and entertaining.

    13. ANNETTE says:

      Loved it!!, Never read anything by Melanie Dobson before. 1920's Cleveland mafia and old order Amish come together and combine a fast pace book , Faith based , loyalty and community join together . Would love to see a second book off this story.

    14. Brooklynsmom55 says:

      Different twist to anAmish book. Really enjoyed it.

    15. Barb Klein says:

      Set during the Prohibition, “The Silent Order” by Melanie Dobson is a book filled with suspense, murder and mobsters. Nikki and Liz Cordano are discovered in their father’s secret room in his restaurant, Mangiomo’s. They were not supposed to be there and were definitely NOT supposed to overhear what their brother and his henchmen were planning. Their family has no problem disposing of its own members if they are suspected of double-dealing. Nine years later, Detective Rollin Wells is one [...]

    16. Jodi says:

      I’ll be honest, when I think of a great read I don’t think “Inspirational Fiction,” but I have never been disappointed by any of Melanie Dobson’s work. I am not at all interested in studying history or reading another mindless love story but Dobson has a way of working magic with her words. She cleverly disguises her history lessons in suspenseful plots with believable characters and while she’s at it, she sneaks in questions we all ask but are too afraid to voice out loud. In The Si [...]

    17. Tina Wyatt says:

      What does a crime family and the Amish have in common ? Not much but they are joined together in this book .This book takes place in the 1920's. Rollin Wells is a detective who is trying to shut down the local crime families who are also into bootlegging. Katie is an Amish woman who has a past that she is trying to hide. Rollin stumbles into an Amish community that Katie happens to live in. What will happen next ? Will Katie's secrets come out?This book has a twist that I didn't expect in an Ami [...]

    18. Amy says:

      I have always enjoyed reading books by author Melanie Dobson as she is a masterful storyteller in bringing past and present timelines and situations to such emotional and fulfilling conclusions. I do not read a whole lot of Amish fiction, but I can tell you that The Silent Order is not your usual fair. This story takes place during the 1920’s in Cleveland and Sugar Creek, Ohio in a time of mobsters and bootlegging. Detective Rollin Wells is a detective bound and determined to take down one par [...]

    19. Christy Lockstein says:

      The Silent Order by Melanie Dobson is proof that bonnet lit is branching out into other genres. Rollin Wells is a detective working to bring down the gangster family the Cardanos in 1928 Ohio. When his partner is killed while they investigate a lead out in Amish country, Rollin is forced to seek help from Katie Lehman, a local girl with a secret. He has to try and bring down the Cardano family before they destroy him, and Katie, who is beginning to claim his heart. Dobson's writing is always ver [...]

    20. Rebecca says:

      Cleveland Detective Rollin Wells has a personal vendetta; find enough evidence to expose the nefarious Cardano family mobsters once and for all, allowing justice to run its course. They stole something very precious from him and Rollin is not about to stop until each and every one of them has been apprehended. He just didn't expect to lose his junior partner in the process. Katie Lehman and her young son, Henry have embraced the Amish way of life in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Her past is but a distant me [...]

    21. Janna says:

      Melanie Dobson has taken something that I'm not overly fond of right now (Amish themed books) and given it such a fascinating twist that I couldn't help but love this book. When you mix the Amish with mystery, mayhem and the Mafia, how could it not be great. There are many twists and turns in this book that really kept me guessing. Melanie has a way of presenting all kinds of questions and then slowly but surely pulling the threads together one at a time. Giving just enough info to help you figu [...]

    22. Tasha enderby says:

      If you like Amish fiction you really need to read the author's not at the back of the book first before you get into it. This is an okay book if you have never read an Amish novel before because of the fact that it's written by a women who know's very little about the Amish. This book I find to be funny because I just came across a horrid reality show of the Amish Mafia ( yes amish mobsters) crazy, I know. This book is not as rediculas but it does shoe the strong Mofia ties Ohio had in the past. [...]

    23. Laura says:

      I love reading books about the Amish but generally its from the inside, this one because of a secret of a members of the Cardano family in 1928, Chicago. When Detective Rollin who is attempting to expose the family dark secret during this time of illegal alcohol and other crimes. In his travels to Sugarcreek to investigate a trip he found out that the family wanted him killed and an attempt was made on his life and a Amish family took him in and their medicine woman saved his life with her herbs [...]

    24. Barbara says:

      Melanie Dobson uses two very opposite cultures, the coldhearted, greedy, and self-centered attitude of the Cleveland, Ohio mafia during the prohibition era, and an amish community of people trying to live life in a peaceful and forgiving way in Sugarcreek, Ohio during the same time period, to weave an unusual, unpredictable, and enjoyable story. I can't explain how the two groups become involved in the same plot without giving away too much, but it made for a very unique book. It has good histor [...]

    25. Tina Watson says:

      This is the first book that I read that was written by Melanie Dobson and I will say that I loved this book.I love the suspense and the mystery. The suspense in finding out what the Cardanos were up to and the mystery about who Katie really was and who fathered Henry.It was a great book to read. Plan on reading more of Melanie Dobson books in the future.

    26. Frances Cavallo says:

      I really enjoyed this book was a nice storywhich mixed history with an Amish Fictionis was a change for meI took the chance and checked it outd Amish Fiction is my favorite genreI have read other books that were set in Sugarcreek, Ohioere is an Amish community there was an easy book to followat's why I enjoyed it so muchI hate to struggle to understand a book! This book changed plain old Amish Fiction up just a little bit! I will be looking forward to reading the next book of this kind!

    27. Christy says:

      I got this book as a bargain book at Lifeway Book Store. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not and I probably should have passed on this bargain. It was wrote well I just did not like the story. I enjoyed Katie in the beginning; but I did not like where she ended up in the end. I would not consider this Amish Fiction.

    28. Kim says:

      The Godfather meets the Amish, throw in a few character qualities from the movie Witness, and you have The Silent Order. I enjoyed the read. Great little historical fiction/mystery/crime/suspense/love story/inspirational fiction novel.

    29. Carolyn E says:

      I really loved this book!! It is a great story--a little reminiscent of the great movie "Witness," (still my favorite movie). I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to those who enjoy Amish fiction.

    30. Dana Michael says:

      The Silent OrderThis book was so good. I enjoyed the history part about the Cleveland mafia during prohibition. I also enjoyed the Amish part of the story as well. There was mystery and some romance too.

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