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Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies
March 08, 2019 Comments.. 522
Culture of Corruption Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats Crooks and Cronies Barack Obama s approval ratings are at an all time low A recent Gallup poll found that half of the Americans polled said Obama did not deserve a second term Weary of the corruption that gushes from th

  • Title: Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies
  • Author: Michelle Malkin
  • ISBN: 9781596986206
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barack Obama s approval ratings are at an all time low A recent Gallup poll found that half of the Americans polled said Obama did not deserve a second term Weary of the corruption that gushes from the White House faster than a Gulf Coast oil spill, voters are ready to put a cap on smear campaigns, pay to play schemes, recess appointments, and Chicago politics.In the updBarack Obama s approval ratings are at an all time low A recent Gallup poll found that half of the Americans polled said Obama did not deserve a second term Weary of the corruption that gushes from the White House faster than a Gulf Coast oil spill, voters are ready to put a cap on smear campaigns, pay to play schemes, recess appointments, and Chicago politics.In the updated paperback edition of her 1 New York Times bestselling book Culture of Corruption Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies, Michelle Malkin says, I told you so, citing a new host of examples of Obama s broken promises and brass knuckled Chicago way.Culture of Corruption proves once again this isn t just any politics It s boodle clogged, dissent squelching, redistributive Chicago politics The 2010 elections promise to be an anti corruption referendum for the history books After all, Malkin says You can t reform corruptocrats, but you can vote them out New revelations in the updated Culture of Corruption How Obama has declared war on independent government whistleblowers with unannounced firings, smear campaigns, and forced silence when their findings expose his political allies.How First Lady Michelle Obama s campaign against childhood obesity is less about reducing our youths waistlines and about swelling SEIU coffers with nearly 400,000 new food service workers.How, despite the exposure of ACORN s illegal practices and subsequent defunding, ACORN still remains and why the Obama White House remains tight lipped on the future of ACORN.How Obama is using recess appointments to install politicos when both Democrats and Republicans have torpedoed the nominations.How the White House is manipulating key races across the country, including endorsing such candidates as Alexi Giannoulias a mob linked, scandal tainted banker from Obama s hometown.Powerful, damning, and comprehensive, the paperback edition of Culture of Corruption reveals the ever growing mountain of sleaze and self dealing that the Obama administration would rather you not know.

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    1 Blog on “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies

    1. Mike (the Paladin) says:

      *This is an update to correct a typo.*I sometimes have what I believe might be called "pause" when rating a political book. Do I rate it on readability, accuracy, humor, "current-ness". Okay this one is pretty readable and very accurate. The situations laid out may anger some readers but they are situations etc. that are largely a matter of public record. I suppose you can simply deny, deny, deny, but it doesn't work for conservatives, why should it work for left wingers? Okay, but the book's by [...]

    2. Charlotte says:

      This highly documented and footnoted work of investigative journalism will do nothing short of quell any illusions that we have a man of integrity in the White House. The depth and breadth of this Administration's exposed corruption and cronyism will surely turn the stomach of all Americans who value honesty, integrity, and their hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Written with wit and attention to detail, just one of the many disturbing revelations of the book is how our tax dollars are being used to [...]

    3. Michael says:

      All those Obama-worshipers out there should sit down and read this little gem. You can tell who a person is by what he or she does, and this book shows us who the president and the people in his administration are by documenting all of the corrupt, deceptive, underhanded, and downright illegal things they've done. We all heard about the corruption of Governor B. Didn't anyone stop to think that he probably didn't just get that idea out of nowhere? That that's something that probably happens more [...]

    4. Anne says:

      The bigger government gets, the more corruption there is. I think it's even worse with this administration because no one but people like Michelle are looking at what is really going on. The book made me feel sick. I knew that there was corruption, but I really didn't know the extent. How's that hope and change working???

    5. Jennifer says:

      I do love Michelle Malkin. One of my favorite pundits. This book made my head spin. It's organized by crony, and the names and relationships are mind-boggling. But it's mostly names and dates and numbers, sprinkled with Michelle's quips. About a third of the heft of the book is notes, which gives credibility to her claims, none of which I think are too far-fetched.I walked away from reading this book with the thought that I'm definitely in the wrong line of business. "Serving the people" is wher [...]

    6. Ronda says:

      Knowing Michelle on a personal level from her working for the Seattle Times, this is classic Malkin.She takes on Washington DC with the tenacity of a pit bull. Michelle has never been shy to say what is on her mind and is always well armed with facts and figures. You will enjoy this book if you understand politics in America and how it is easily corrupted by those that would make deals for personal gain. As Michelle points out, most of the current people that came to DC in 2009 are known "deal m [...]

    7. Matt Howard says:

      Summarizes all the sleazy, corrupt stuff that has come out about Obama's nominees, friends and associates. Assembled in one place, it's a pretty amazing compilation. The implied question is whether Obama himself can be associated with so much corruption, including very suspicious activities of his own wife, and still be an honest man. My conclusion is that he can't be, and probably isn't. It's pretty disturbing stuff.

    8. Ted Alspach says:

      For all the crap that liberal ideologues spewed about Cheney's pre-VP connections, you'd hope that they'd at least acknowledge that Obama's appointments have been the most corrupt ever. But instead they pretty much ignored the craziness that was Obama's initial appointments, even letting an acknowledged tax cheat run the IRS. Of course, the blind millions who were swayed by O's charisma will never read this book, but wouldn't it be nifty if they did.

    9. Alice says:

      Just finished reading the book Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin. It documents the tax cheaters, criminals, hypocrites, and business-as-usual politicians President Obama has surrounded himself with and appointed in his administration. The book showed that the campaign of Hope and Change is anything but and that President Obama is a promise-breaking politician just like all the rest. One of the more interesting points of this book is that the author quotes many liberals/democrats who have [...]

    10. Crystal says:

      Well researched and very readable for someone who may not be aware who all the players are. The more you read the more upset you get over where our country has headed. To think I spent 26 years in the military protecting these folks. We were out there barely making a living, sacrificing many of our own wants to protect people like this. I would never give up my time in the military because it is what I wanted and loved to do with my life, however now we are living off of our retirement while mos [...]

    11. James says:

      Obama was elected with great expectations,unfortunately, he's not done a very good job the last 6 years.He'll probably be rated along with grant & harding as a corrupt useless placeholdere way things are going, the fedgov will self destruct within 20 years.

    12. Scott Lupo says:

      Okay, I read this one as an exchange with a Republicon neighbor. It was not easy. People who enjoy books like this must really not enjoy life and must have a black cloud over their head at all times. They might not even smile much. For all her education and experience, Michelle Malkin really didn't do herself any favors by writing such a vitriolic piece. It's okay to not like somebody or think that somebody in office is doing the wrong things but do you have to be so condescending in every parag [...]

    13. Robert says:

      I read a completely different edition than the one shown and was unable to find the one that I did read. The edition I read stated it was completely updated with three new chapters. Anyhow I digress and shall now move on to reviewing the book. This is a very well researched book as evidenced by the well over 100 pages of notes for reference. The book itself covers the current crook in the Whitehouse and how he has surrounded himself with crooks of various despicable guise and their claims to fam [...]

    14. Veronica says:

      This book for me was OK and I have to qualify that because I thought this book could have been better. Content wise, this book assembled like a commentary on the news articles and research garnered. I thought there might be new revealing information. One could easily do a google search and discover the corruption of Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarret by simply reading archived articles on her involvement in the chicago "patient dumping" plan, while collecting a six-figure salary. I can see how th [...]

    15. Gerald says:

      I agree with the author that there is a culture of corruption, but that culture exists more in politics itself rather than with one candidate or one party. The book met my expectations of lots of hate speech with footnotes lending an feeling of validity to the author's point of view. In the end, 'the other side' of this argument could offer the same kind of supporting documentation to their arguments. The accusations are serious and ugly, just as the accusations the liberals level against the co [...]

    16. Linda says:

      While I do not believe the current administration is pure, I have faith in their goals for our country. It is indeed sad to see the corruption in politics that seems to be our heritage (I truly thought we were going to have and administration of 12 year-olds when Obama said they were looking for people with no association with lobbyists!) It would be interesting if Michelle would take her microscope to the Bush administration or even the new leaders of the Republican party, perhaps FOX news and [...]

    17. Nathan says:

      This books was not enjoyable to read albeit well researched and written. If you don't like president Obama, this book will provide you with reasons but I doubt it would persuade anyone. It reminded me of the "these guys are crooks" books about Bush and Cheney. Exposing corruption is essential to the future of our country, but it rings hollow to most people. Politicians of both parties brake promises, squander public funds and appoint cronies.I like Michelle Malkin, but I would prefer a book expo [...]

    18. Chris says:

      For anyone who wants the facts with no spin on what's going on in the current administration, this is for you. To the point and hard to refute. Amazing stuff, which most people have probably never seen or heard of before. You will be amazed at the absolute corruption in Washington politics at all levels and ranks, and especially in the political "inner circles." It pays to play, for sure.

    19. Jeanne says:

      I could only get through a quarter of the book, but not because of any fault on the part of the author. I could only take so much corruption. After picking up this book a myriad of times, I've finally decided that I just don't care to spend anymore time dwelling on Obama.

    20. Holly Fox Vellekoop says:

      This book should be required reading in all high schools and colleges across the USA. It exposes corruption at all levels of our government and how a radical can be elected to the highest office of our country.

    21. Michelle says:

      The following are my comments as I read the book so keep this in mind as you read onP.8 I'm surprised any president would propose a five day prior to signing public review of bills. The tempo of government has always been hectic. I'm not surprised that recent government productivity has been slow or nonexistent much less transparent! He must've thought that particular promise was immediately forgettable. I knew there was a reason I felt I was a "tea party"-ier. We want our elected officials to b [...]

    22. John says:

      I only got through the first 1/3 of this bookt because it's bad, but because it examines the corruption of the Obama administration in far greater detail than I could effectively process while listening to the audio version. The book is an exhaustive list of Obama appointees' dealings in things like tax evasion, bribery, cronyism, nepotism, deceit, self-aggrandized victimhood, legal conflicts of interest, etc etc. If any of them so much as jaywalked, Ms. Malkin will give you the exact date and l [...]

    23. Jimmy says:

      Culture of Corruption is a book that exposes the various scandals and corruption committed by various officials in the Obama administration and those who were appointed to political offices by Obama but ended up quitting because they turned out to be a public embarrassment for the administration. The book is well-researched and heavily documented by political pundit Michelle Malkin and deserved to be read by everyone across the political spectrum whether they are conservatives, leftists and mode [...]

    24. Steve says:

      Michelle Malkin’s 2009 expose of the underside of politics inside the Beltway is tough sledding as a casual read. This is a research paper. It reads like a thesis. Hollywood will not be making this into a movie anytime soon. There are no AK-47 shootouts, buildings imploding or car chases here. There is no sex or video tape here. There are plenty of train wrecks, however, in the form of lies and cover-ups allegedly perpetrated by the highest ranking members of the Washington, D.C. establishment [...]

    25. Sarah Mariah says:

      Why was this book even printed on paper?Actually, it was well-assembled, and Michelle Malkin is clearly intelligent, drawing interesting - and often convincing - connections between what might, in isolation, seem like throwaway facts and incidents. I kept imagining that this author is probably spending her time researching substantive leads and promoting publications - and not wasting time thinking literary thoughts or agonizing over any kind of a hip delivery - but, dang, that didn't make readi [...]

    26. Craig says:

      A blistering indictment of Barack Obama and his minions. The author identifies each major player on the Obama team from inception of his administration and discusses (in detail) his/her individual dishonesty, hypocrisy and corruption. More than half of his initial Cabinet appointees failed to pass Senate scrutine for corruption, fraud, dishonesty, failure to report and pay federal income tax, etc. As for Obama himself, failed campaign promises, blatant lies, disregard of the law and the Constitu [...]

    27. Eric says:

      I was not able to finish this book though I enjoyed hearing the failings of Team Obama I found it a bit cumbersome. Most of the what I heard was linking cabinet members, vice president, and Michelle Obama to names and companies and shameful acts I had never heard of. All of the names and dates made it a bit difficult to follow while driving.A few notable highlights:The extreme number of Obama nominees that withdrew due to legal/tax/fraudulent issues. The hospital where Michelle Obama worked was [...]

    28. Mac says:

      What can one say, if you've been shit on so many times, you begin to think you are shit and that is just what we've let happen. I hate the subject matter, because I've been aware that things are going to hell in hand-basket but only the past decade or so did I realize just how deep the swamp was. For the past 50 years they have peeing in the pool and looking at our "elected officials" all but a hand full continue to pee in the pool. Its pee of corruption has been overflowing for years now and ef [...]

    29. Lisa says:

      Michelle Malkin thoroughly researched all the bad stuff she could find on the Dems and laid it all out in this book. This book is easy to read and I wish more people would read it! We need to rid our country of corrupt leaders! Next someone should research all the bad stuff committed by the Republicans--we don't need corruption in either party.This book should serve as a warning that we need to remove the money and power from our national government that was meant to be a federal government--and [...]

    30. Bob says:

      This book does a very good job of pointing out the corruption of this administration that you won't get in the mainstream media. Michelle Malkin does an excellent job of laying out a coherent, well-researched, and systematic roadmap of corruption, self-serving favors, and criminal activity -- all linked to our President and his network of thug insiders. She clearly lays out the proven links between the players and the overwhelming evidence of the role of money and corruption on how things get do [...]

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