Marie-Sabine Roger Claudia Kalscheuer
Das Labyrinth der Wörter
March 12, 2020 Comments.. 626
Das Labyrinth der W rter Germain ist ein B r von Mann und nicht der Schlauste Als er im Park eine reizende alte Dame kennenlernt wird sein Leben auf den Kopf gestellt Denn die feinsinnige Margueritte beschlie t den ungebild

  • Title: Das Labyrinth der Wörter
  • Author: Marie-Sabine Roger Claudia Kalscheuer
  • ISBN: 9783455402544
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Germain ist ein B r von Mann und nicht der Schlauste Als er im Park eine reizende alte Dame kennenlernt, wird sein Leben auf den Kopf gestellt Denn die feinsinnige Margueritte beschlie t, den ungebildeten H nen f r die Welt der B cher zu gewinnen.

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    1. Fictionophile says:

      This is the engaging story of two people who come together in friendship, kindness, affection, and appreciation. A remarkable and heart-rending novel that perfectly illustrates the quote:“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”The first lines of “Soft in the head” hooked me:“I’ve decided to adopt Margueritte. She’ll be eighty-six any day now so there seemed no point putting it off. Old people have a tendency to die."and I loved every word and nuance that followed.“When p [...]

    2. Toni says:

      Such a beautiful and elegant story of a young man, middle-aged really, who's learning ability has always been below the norm, and an elderly woman, who meet in what I imagine to be a quaint, lovely park, both unaware that they each count the pigeons that land and run and peck for crumbs.Marguerite is friendly and gentle to Germaine, and does not call attention to some of the mistakes he makes with words, or his confusion about many things he really doesn't understand.She becomes his caring teach [...]

    3. Geologe says:

      Ist leichte Debilität charmant?Überall lese ich das Wort BEZAUBERND, wenn es um dieses Buch geht.Nein, ich habe ungeduldig das Ende herbeigesehnt.Wen haben wir?Germain Chazes , Mitte 40, “ein Mann wie ein Bär“, recht schlicht gestrickt und euphemistisch als bildungsfern zu bezeichnen.Margueritte Escoffier, Greisin, zarte Statur (schon recht “klapprig“) und gebildet.So weit – so holzschnittartig.Und was geschieht? Surprise, surpriseNa sie freunden sich an und treten in eine Symbiose, [...]

    4. Penny Schmuecker says:

      I loved this book! I wanted more!Germain is a 45-year old man who meets Margueritte, 85, in the park as they sit to watch and feed the pigeons. There couldn't be a greater contrast between the two new friends. Germain has been told his whole life that he was "soft in the head" by his verbally abusive mother. He can't read, can't spell and has trouble expressing himself appropriately, yet he possesses an insight into his own behavior that many with education or intelligence do not. Margueritte is [...]

    5. Laura says:

      Ich hab gerade 'ne schöne und leichte kleine Geschichte gebraucht und es war genau richtig. ♥️

    6. Jenny - Book Sojourner says:

      This is one of those rare times that I will say that if this were made into a movie, I would probably like the movie more than the book. The blurb about this story - a 45 year old dim-witted man becoming friends with an 85 year old woman - sounded amazing. I couldn't wait to read it. While the concept is fabulous, the execution didn't quite meet my hopes and expectations.This story is written from Germain's POV, but this writing style is primarily internal dialogue with frequent train of thought [...]

    7. Annamaria says:

      "Daydreaming helps me think."This book has been such a delightful and sweet story, a great companion of mine for the past two weeks. It deals with Germain, a 45 year old man who one day meets Margueritte, a very educated old woman who starts reading to him and who teaches him the value and the beauties of words. Germain is not sharp witted, his friends call him names and his mother has shamed him for it his entire life. He's reluctant when it comes to books. He cannot really read, words get mess [...]

    8. Steffi says:

      Eine schöne, herzerwärmende Geschichte für zwischendurch. Über die Kraft von Wörtern und die Liebe zum Lesen. Über eine ungleiche Freundschaft und über die Entwicklung eines ganz besonderen, hinreißenden Charakters.

    9. Girl with her Head in a Book says:

      Review originally published here: girlwithherheadinabook/2This has to be one of the sweetest books that I have read this year – Soft In The Head may be gruffly spoken but it has an undeniably warm heart. The protagonist introduces himself with the words ‘I’ve decided to adopt Margueritte. She’ll be eighty-six any day now so there seemed no point putting it off. Old people have a tendency to die.’ Germain Chazes is forty-five and is fairly at piece with being known in the neighbourhood [...]

    10. Barbara says:

      SOFT IN THE HEAD is as billed “Brilliant and uplifting”. It’s written by a French author, and MUST be translated by a British translator because of phraseology. At any rate, it’s about a forty-four-year-old man named Germain who has been told all his life that he’s slow, or soft in the head. The reader soon learns it’s because his unwed mother, who wasn’t pleased to be an unwed mother, treated him terribly. In fact, the kid was basically a street urchin. As such, he learned to spea [...]

    11. Robin says:

      Translated from the original 2008 French. A sweet story about what happens when Germain (45) meets Margueritte (85) in the park one day. Germain has intellectual deficiencies (which are not exactly clear since he is the narrator of the story so we are limited to what he knows), and has been bullied and abused at home and with friends his whole life because of that. Margueritte listens to him and speaks to him as an equal - which causes his whole world to blossom. I love how she opened the world [...]

    12. Serena says:

      This book was incredible!! I read it in one sitting. I laughed, I cried, I reevaluated my relationships. I already want to read it again.

    13. jenny says:

      3,5 Sterne

    14. Kate says:

      This review previously published at If These Books Could Talk where you'll find more reviews, interviews and competitions.Sometimes, it takes a special someone to help us discover our true selves. When it’s done through a love of knowledge, and books, it’s even better.Soft in the head, but strong in the heart, Germain seems happy with his lot. His days are an endless array of drinking with his friends, casual sex with his (maybe) girlfriend, and daubing his name on the local war memorial in [...]

    15. Christine says:

      “I’ve decided to adopt Margueritte. She’ll be eighty-six any day now so there seemed no point putting it off. Old people have a tendency to die.”So begins this lovely story of how a chance meeting can change your life for the better. All his life Germain has been told he was a “half-wit” and a little “soft in the head”. Germain was handed a horrible set of circumstances from the get-go; a father who didn’t know he existed, a mother who was abusive and provided only the bare nec [...]

    16. Lisi says:

      Wörter und insbesondere Wörterbücher, sind ein Dschungel. Ein Dschungel von Wörtern und Phrasen, von Erklärungen und Formen. Das eine Wort führt zum Anderen und dieses wieder zu einem Weiteren. Es ist ein niemals endender Kreislauf. Es ist "Das Labyrinth der Wörter".In „Das Labyrinth der Wörter“ trifft man auf Germain Chaze, der ein guter Kerl ist, allerdings ist er etwas ungebildet, er hat mit Wörtern absolut keine Freude und der Schlauste war er in der Schule auch noch nie gewesen [...]

    17. Dee says:

      3.5 StarsThis was a touching read though somewhat short. Germain is a 45 year old "halfwit" who leads a dull life, growing up with an abusive mother and being bullied in school by teachers as well as students. He is practically illiterate and has not given himself a chance to develop any skills or succeed in life. He's not stupid or naive, he realises that he is slower than others and doesn't get ideas or concepts that come easily to everyone else. The poor guy just had a shitty upbringing where [...]

    18. Sarah Monreau says:

      Das Buch lag eine halbe Ewigkeit auf meinem Stapel ungelesener Bücher und jetzt durch das Hörbuch hatte ich endlich einmal die Muße dazu, es zu lesen. Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich schon einmal damit angefangen und es hatte mir recht gut gefallen, aber irgendwie sprang der Funke nie über. Auch jetzt hätte es wohl ohne das Hörbuch nicht geklappt, aber der Sprecher war so toll, dass ich sehr schnell sehr froh darüber war, zu diesem Hörbuch gelangt zu sein. Er brachte mir Germain sehr nahe und [...]

    19. Mela says:

      O carte mai mult decât doar interesantă. E mai degrabă de utilitate, chiar motivațională. Un bărbat cu un trecut nu tocmai roz, care este semianalfabet și are obiceiuri și limbaj de cartier, întâlnește la un moment dat în parcul preferat, o bătrânică care hrănește porumbeii pe care el obișnuiește să ii numere.Se formează o legătură între cei doi tocmai datorită porumbeilor. Bătrânica este uimită de acest bărbat care nu numai că numără porumbeii de acolo, ci le-a d [...]

    20. Neens Bea says:

      A solid 4.5 stars, but I feel the need to reduce the score a tiny bit, as somehow - for once - the film is better than the book. However, this shortish novel is both moving and profound, despite (or perhaps precisely due to) the narrator's limited and at times rather crude vocabulary, and the second half especially is full of hilarious moments. I've been chuckling away on my flights today, and must admit I let out a moan of utter disappointment when I finished the book. Definitely one to recomme [...]

    21. Ágnes Palásthy says:

      This is a heartwarming story of a gentle giant and a fragile old lady. They are a world apart and yet they have something common: they both like watching the pigeons in the park. Germain is a little slow ("soft in the head" as her mother used to say cruelly when he was a child). Margueritte is a retired researcher who has no family. She starts reading from books to Germain and it opens up the man's mind changing his whole perception of life and the world around him. I loved the gently pace of th [...]

    22. Janet Joy says:

      You may think this is a small book is not.You may think this is a quick read is not.You may judge this book by its cover but you will change your mind.From Pushkin Press: "His mother called him a worthless halfwit while his fellow drunks at the local bar ensure he's the butt of all their jokes. He spends his days whittling wood, counting pigeons and adding his own name to the bottom of the list on the town war memorial. So how could Germain possibly understand what a casual encounter on a park b [...]

    23. Phoebe says:

      Was das Buch betrifft, kann ich die bisherigen positiven, aber auch negativen, Kritiken nachvollziehen. In jedem Fall ist es angenehm und schnell zu lesen. Es ist eine Art Entwicklungsroman, auch ein durchaus poetischer. Was aber am Wichtigsten ist, meiner Meinung nach: Es ist ein Roman über Bücher, über das Lesen und über die Kraft von Wörtern, wobei klar gestellt wird, dass Lesen und Literatur für Jede/n ist und es nie zu spät ist mit dem Lesen anzufangen. Aus pädagogischer Sicht sagt [...]

    24. Lara Maynard says:

      At the centre of Soft in the Head is the mutually nurturing friendship of Germaine and Marguerite, an apparent odd couple whose relationship leads to his literacy and "shit sandwich without the bread" life examined, reimagined and redirected. It's sort of charming and determined to be uplifting.Some of it has a very done before in books and films many times quality. Like the wise elder, the love of reading, the naive protagonist-hero, the kid from a hard background. Maybe these all bear repeatin [...]

    25. Perihan says:

      "Bir yaşlı vefat ettiğinde, bir kütüphane yok olur."Ben bu duygu yüklü , buram buram kitap kokulu kitap için ne söylesem boşKitabı filminden, filmi kitabından güzel.Hikayenin baş karakteri Germain, sesli kitap okurken ,okulda öğretmeni tarafından küçümsendiği günden beri , kitaplardan uzak kalmıştır. Bir gün parkta güvercinlere yem verirken çok şirin , kafasının içi raf raf kitaplarla dolu yaşlı bir hanım teyze ile karşılaşır ve sonraSonrasını kitaptan ok [...]

    26. Ester says:

      This story is so sweet. It's definitely character driven and emotionally uplifting. I think I smiled through most of it. Absolutely loved it!

    27. Janet says:

      I very much enjoyed this tale of a self-described half-wit and how his new friendship with an elderly woman changed his way of looking at life.

    28. Toby says:

      Tolle Geschichte! =) Bin begeistert. Videorezi kommt sehr bald, yay! x)

    29. Biblionomicon says:

      Wie schön ist es doch, ein Buch persönlich empfohlen zu bekommen, spart es einem doch oftmals viel Zeit und birgt so manche ungeahnte Überraschung. Daher vielen lieben Dank an unsere Freundin und passionierte Vielleserin Claudia, die mir dieses unauffällige kleine Büchlein unversehens in die Hand gedrückt hat. "Das hast Du in Null-komma-nichts durch und es wird Dir gefallen." Recht hat sie gehabt, und zwar mit beidem."Ein Wörterbuch ist nicht einfach nur ein Buch, Germain. Es ist viel meh [...]

    30. Kiane says:

      Für diese Geschichte brauchte ich eine ganze Weile. Weil sie so kleinteilig ist und sich auch genauso lesen lässt. Mit winzigen Kapiteln, teilweise nicht einmal zwei Seiten lang.Doch das nimmt der Geschichte und den Wörtern nicht die Schönheit. Es ist so wunderbar. Andauernd atmete ich durch, drückte das Buch an die Brust, las den Satz noch ein paar Mal und schrieb ihn schließlich raus. Bis das irgendwann nicht mehr ging, weil ich sonst das halbe Buch abgeschrieben hätte.Schön, einfach w [...]

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