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Enemy of God
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Enemy of God The balance of King Arthur s unified kingdom is threatened by Merlin s quest for the last of Britain s Treasures by the conflict between the ancient religion and the new Christianity and by Britain

  • Title: Enemy of God
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780718100605
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • The balance of King Arthur s unified kingdom is threatened by Merlin s quest for the last of Britain s 13 Treasures by the conflict between the ancient religion and the new Christianity and by Britain s war with the Saxons A master storyteller continues his retelling of the Arthurian legend.

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    1. Petrik says:

      4.5/5 StarsEnemy of God, the second book in 'The Warlord Chronicles' trilogy by Bernard Cornwell, and the series so far, has truly been serendipity for me.As I mentioned in my previous review, I’ve never bothered to start Cornwell’s work, it brings me joy when someone, a friend (even better again when it’s from one of your favorite authors) recommended a book/series to you and you loved it. That’s truly how I feel about the trilogy so far, Cornwell again compelled me with his original an [...]

    2. ScottHitchcock says:

      Book 1: 3*Book 2: 3.5*'sThis darker and less romanticized view of Camelot picked up speed in book two. I've grown to enjoy more and more this version of the characters and especially the view of Lancelot and Guinevere who definitely don't come out smelling like roses.The clash between the Britons and the Saxons also escalates as does the pagans vs the Christians which in some ways the story starts to form if not a prelude at least a precursor to the Saxon Stories series. This series is being don [...]

    3. Lucia says:

      Bernard Cornwell does not disappoint and once again I enjoyed his book immensely. The way he connects myth and fiction in this book is astonishing. I applaud his singular storytelling skills and I cannot wait for next (and unfortunately final) book in this series!

    4. Richard says:

      8/10A slight improvement on the previous novel but definitely a feel of a second book in a trilogy. I enjoyed the first book but it took some time to get into and there were a hell of a lot of names to take on board (only for the majority of them to die or no longer be involved after 50 pages). This one was a little slow at the start and it took me a while to get back into the flow of the style and era but when things got going then the pages flew by.Derfel and Arthur are two very well rounded c [...]

    5. Vagner Stefanello says:

      Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Uma obra-prima da literatura estrangeira! Um dos melhores livros já lidos na minha vida! Uma obra sem comparação! Esse é o único jeito possível de começar a resenhar esse livro magnífico de Bernard Cornwell. Com uma narrativa absurdamente leal aos fatos descobertos pelo autor, somos transportados novamente para a Britânia de antigamente, onde seus habitantes tentam defender suas terras dos invasores saxões.Dessa vez, além dos problemáticos [...]

    6. Patrick says:

      So,an escape from more formal literary pursuits.Cornwell is a consummate storyteller.He distills history,religion,myth,legend,magic and fable.This predates Game of Thrones but is a marvellous re imagining of the Arthurian legends.This is a story of Britain with religious persecution and invasion and immigration and clashes of Kings and clans.A version of the Arthurian saga was filmed in Ireland in or about 1980 by John Boorman.Two of my classmates had small parts so from then the legends always [...]

    7. Mike says:

      Enemy of Godis a solid 4 stars, maybe even 5 stars. I took a little away because I wanted Arthur to be a little more cunning and realistic. He comes across too naïve in areas where he should not be. The portrayal of Christianity and how it spreads conflict is a major theme and isn’t pretty. But it is probably realistic. While this Arthurian tale is not like any others, if you are looking for a “Grail” quest, you will find it here…kind of. This part of the tale is told in the warm summer [...]

    8. StoryTellerShannon says:

      Per my review of WINTER KING, this is a different take on Arthur, focusing on the legend and the times. And those times were when Briton was desperately fighting itself and trying to hold back the Saxon invasions. The ruins of Roman occupation still remain. In the second novel there is a great deal of more focus in how the Saxon problem will be solved. Lancelot shows his true colors to other people. Guinievere betrays Arthur. Merlin is questing for relics that will bring the Old Gods to Britain, [...]

    9. Kate Quinn says:

      Cornwell's splendid trilogy of King Arthur continues in the second novel, "Enemy of God" - and it's altogether a darker, dirtier, more brutal world than the Arthur myths most of us remember growing up, with new twists to many familiar characters. Lancelot in this setting is a preening poser, Merlin is a teasing prankster as well as a powerful wizard, and the seasoned Derfel is Arthur's greatest warrior. Arthur now rules as regent for the child king Mordred, his enemies subdued - but chaos is alw [...]

    10. Bookdragon Sean says:

      After reading this, I have decided I don’t want to read the third book in the series because if I do, it will end. But no seriously, I will read it but I won’t be happy to finish it; it’s just one of those epic series’ that you come across every so often that is that good you don’t want to read it because when you have you can never read it again for a first time.This novel is fantastic, the character development strong and the plot action packed. It’s just great! For fans of Arthur [...]

    11. Perry Gough says:

      Arguably the worst Cornwell book I have read to date. Characters became boring and really lacked the edge they had in the first book in the series. I still go think Nimue is excellent and I do like this interpretation of Guinevere who is arguably the most dangerous character in the series.However the main character I find gets more dumb as the book goes on and Arthur seems to become more pathetic each time he appears.I am a fan of Cornwell but found this one to be boring with a lacklustre ending [...]

    12. Terri says:

      This was a reread for me after having read it first over a decade ago. Wow time flies. I couldn't really remember the book and as I read it, it didn't look familiar. only had the occasional de ja vu. I am wondering if that is because it can be a little boring at times and therefore it never stuck in my head all those years ago. A 4 star rating for it. I dropped a star because while at times it was a 5 star read, there were other times when Bernard Cornwell needed to stop over writing and get on [...]

    13. Chris says:

      Want an Arthurian legend with grit? With raw human emotion? With unexpected betrayals and intrigue? Here you go.This is the second in the Arthur/Warlord trilogy and keeps the same momentum started in The Winter King. It could almost have ended here. You could stop after this and have a satisfying saga.But who would want to? There's still one book to go.

    14. Megan says:

      I'm fluctuating between a solid 4 and a 4.5 stars with this one. It was better than The Winter King for the simple fact that you didn't have to force yourself through 100 pages of dense world-building at the beginning. But at the same time, it was just that tiny bit shy of a 5 star read. (I'm hoping that Excalibur is going to be worthy of a 5 star rating, though. *crosses fingers*)Cornwell picks right up where he left off previously in The Winter King - perhaps a day or so after the battle of Lu [...]

    15. Nate says:

      Allow me to open this review by apologizing to my friends on for spamming so many reviews of Cornwell stuff lately, I don't know what my problem is. I hate to be that guy but the man's stuff is entertaining. Anywaysis book was a very pleasant departure for Cornwell. It's less about stuff like gathering levies, shield walls, and efficient military maneuvering and more about the struggle between paganism and Christianity, the relationships of the characters in the book and how they effect Cornwel [...]

    16. Aaron Dembski-Bowden says:

      Everything I said in my much longer review of The Winter King (/review/show/) applies to Enemy of God, as well, except ramped up to 11. The story was tighter, Christianity and Druidism both came across as more sinister and yet somehow more pitiable, and the characters plunged into that old truth of how everything goes wrong in Act II, when things are darkest before the dawn.My only criticism (of a book as close to flawless as humanly possible) is that towards the end, Arthur's naivety started to [...]

    17. Romulus says:

      Powieść jest tak dobra, jak część pierwsza. Może i lepsza. Dynamiczna, emocjonująca, zaskakująca. Retelling legend arturiańskich w wykonaniu Cornwella jest równie dobry, jak "Mgły Avalonu" Marion Zimmer Bradley. Przedstawia wydarzenia z innej perspektywy: linia podziału biegnie między dobrymi poganami a złymi chrześcijanami (jeszcze sprzed saskiej ekspansji). Artur to światło, szlachetny poganin, ale Cornwell takich bohaterów nie oszczędza. Choć nie tak jak George R. R. Marci [...]

    18. Rob Bradford says:

      I have yet to read a really good book by Bernard Cornwell; but he's never failed to entertain me, either. Every book of his that I've read could fit into this one generic Cornwell review:Characters: good, but curiously blind in the places where the plot calls for them to miss something.Historical Detail: excellent, immersive, impressive.Plot: frustratingly obvious.Pacing: excellent, if predictable.Style: solid, literate, unchallenging.I guess it's the way it's going to be, if you write as many b [...]

    19. Truncarlos says:

      Empiezo a pensar que Bernard Cornwell no tiene comparación a la hora de escribir ficción histórica. No es sólo que no haya bajado un ápice la calidad de esta novela respecto de la primera entrega de la trilogía, sino que logra un efecto que muchas novelas prometen y luego no logro experimentar en casi ninguna: empatizas profundamente con los personajes, quieres que triunfen, quieres que fracasen, quieres que se recuperen cuando se encuentran mal.Me flipa esa sensación tan fuerte que exper [...]

    20. Ensiform says:

      The second book in the Arthur series, this book tells of how Arthur’s fragile peace was broken by Lancelot’s deal with Cerdic, the Saxon raider, and how Arthur discovered Lancelot’s treachery with Guinevere. The narrator Derfel’s story is also fraught with drama; Cornwell knows how to make the reader hate villains (treachery is the trick, it seems, judging from this and the Sharpe series) and yearn for their comeuppance.Again, this is a very expertly realized historical guess at “Camel [...]

    21. Mayank Agarwal says:

      Much better than the first book in the trilogy, this has more exciting plots and made me want to know what happens next. The beginning was fun, the middle bore and the ending page turner, with Cornwell’s writing style already established in the previous book i knew not to expect fantasy and magic. The portrayal of religion and the importance and implication during the dark ages seem real and the way Cornwell uses it in the book is brilliant. The book is solidly written and well-paced although [...]

    22. Heather says:

      I loved this second installment of the series, and was wishing I had dedicated more consistent time to reading it. Action packed throughout, this one might even be better than the Winter King. Loved the different take on these classic tales - not exactly what you would expect from your typical Arthur tales.

    23. Kareem says:

      Simply brilliant!

    24. Emelia says:

      Review coming after the completion of book 3.

    25. Cindy says:

      The story of Arthur, the king that never was and the enemy of God, continues in the great sequel.It finally seems like Arthur has his order. Mordred’s throne is safe and after a final battle with the Saxon’s there will be a time of peace.But Arthur forgot that the Gods thrive on chaos and so his peace will never last.This is the last day of the old year. The bracken on the hill has turned brown, the elms at the valley’s end have lost their leaves and the winter slaughter of our cattle has [...]

    26. Magdalena says:

      Fantastic book. I liked it slightly less than its prequel The Winter King, but still deserves a 5 star rating and its place on my Favorites shelf. The story continues as Merlin is still looking to complete the Thirteen Treasures of Britain, Derfel Cadarn is hopelessly in love with princess Ceinwyn, Lancelot's ambition wants to devour all, Cerdic and Aelle continue to make war upon the british kingdoms, Christianity is as violent as ever against paganism, and Mordred grows to become an unfit king [...]

    27. Maite says:

      The Enemy of God was a much better sequel than what I was expecting, I was finally familiar enough with the characters and the format to be able to fully immerse myself in it. I also like that we have fewer moments of Derfel in future time than we did in the first novel, and that's a huge plus, even if now I really like Derfel as a character and narrator. It's still a bit shocking to me to see so many famous beloved names being portraited a flawed or even as truly despicable people, but the more [...]

    28. Rhonda says:

      An absolute page turner. Derfel is a wonderful central character. I really like the way the story is written as a memoir. Because of that, we have a bit of a glimpse of his future. I keep reading to discover how he winds up in such a situation as an old man. Of course, that's not the only reason. Mr. Cornwell has developed wonderful characters and plots that kept me wondering what would happen next and astounding me when I found out!I don't remember reading another book or series that i thought [...]

    29. Kasia (Kącik z książką) says:

      Cornwell często nazywany jest mistrzem powieści historycznej i w pełni się z tą opinią zgadzam. Nieprzyjaciel Boga to fascynująca opowieść, od której nie tylko nie oderwiecie się do ostatniej strony, ale z zupełnie nowym nastawieniem spojrzycie na znaną z dzieciństwa legendę.Cała opinia:kacikzksiazka/2017/10/n

    30. Amanda says:

      I don't understand my ratings anymore. Maybe the Uhtred books should have been 5 stars, 3 doesn't seem enough for this one. I enjoyed it, took me a while to get back into the story though. Definitely appreciated the story more after having read the Uhtred booos and the first book. So maybe 3.5 stars. Ah hell just give it 4.

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