Michael Griffith
Bibliophilia: A Novella And Stories
September 08, 2018 Comments.. 626
Bibliophilia A Novella And Stories BIBLIOPHILIA is ideal in paperback a perfect summer beach read Griffith toured extensively throughout the South promoting the hardcover Book buyers love him and he ll be sure to do everything he c

  • Title: Bibliophilia: A Novella And Stories
  • Author: Michael Griffith
  • ISBN: 9781559707213
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • BIBLIOPHILIA is ideal in paperback, a perfect summer beach, read Griffith toured extensively throughout the South, promoting the hardcover Book buyers love him, and he ll be sure to do everything he can to publicize the paperback.

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      466 Michael Griffith
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    1 Blog on “Bibliophilia: A Novella And Stories

    1. Alyssa says:

      Three stars only because I couldn't really get into the other stories in the collection besides the first, a novella called "Bibliophilia". Bibliophilia is the one which features Myrtle, a university librarian who gets assigned the duty of breaking up acts of copulation among the stacks, and Seti, a Egyptian student on staff who crushes on the library manager's daughter, Lili.

    2. Eric says:

      As a librarian who has to act like a cop way too often, I found the premise of the title novella promising. The story was amusing, but not enough to make me want to read the short stories in the rest of the book.

    3. Jerry says:

      The title novella is worth the price of entry. It's about a sex cop in a campus library. Another book about books. And raped citrus.

    4. Christine says:

      I always enter comic writing wth scepticism - Is this REALLY going to be funny? Or will it be light-hearted and cornball, playing off pat stereotypes and silly puns? Well, this was a tad slow to start, and I was sceptical about the premise - library nookie cop? - but I came around pretty fast because this really WAS funny. Myrtle and Seti, our two underdog leads, are so weirdly likable, their precarious situations so finally compelling and human that I found myself reading the novella almost in [...]

    5. Lady says:

      Much like other reviewers, I found the title novella engaging and quite funny in a cerebral, yet bittersweet way. I kind of predicted the the ending, but I enjoyed the journey despite nagging suspicion about the outcome. As for the other stories included, I too did not connect with them and therefore did not finishbut isn't that wonderful part of short stories? You can focus your reading on the pieces that interest you most.

    6. Ryan says:

      Griffith dazzles in writing fully-formed characters, placing them in unique and absurd situations, and examining the true human condition. Sometimes rude and raunchy, often funny, sometimes sad, this novella and collection of stories makes me want to read more of Michael Griffith.

    7. Carly says:

      Fantastic, fascinating stories with fascinating characters.

    8. Maui says:

      DNF.This has been a very slow read. The book didn't pull me in and I didn't want to pick it up on some days.Maybe I'll get back to it at some point but right now I'm off to the next one.

    9. Jack Coleman says:

      The Novella was ok. I found it to be funny and cerebral.Sex in the stacks theme to tacky for me.

    10. Citizen says:

      I wish the characters would stop asking themselves redundant questions and just tell the damn story.

    11. Fraemone says:

      somewhat unexpected, but really too indulgent for me. one of the few books i didn't finish (only read main story and one short one before giving up).

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