Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Joan Tate
The Brothers Lionheart
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The Brothers Lionheart There s no one Karl Lion loves than his older brother Jonathan who is brave strong and handsome everything Karl believes he is not Karl never wants to be parted from him but Karl is sick and kno

  • Title: The Brothers Lionheart
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Joan Tate
  • ISBN: 9780192729040
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s no one Karl Lion loves than his older brother, Jonathan, who is brave, strong, and handsome everything Karl believes he is not Karl never wants to be parted from him, but Karl is sick, and knows he s going to die To comfort him, Jonathan tells him stories of Nangiyala, the place he ll be going to when he dies.

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    1 Blog on “The Brothers Lionheart

    1. Alex says:

      In high school I loaned this to a girlfriend and then she dumped me and then I called her house like every day all "GIVE ME MY BOOK BACK" until she finally left it outside my door so she wouldn't have to talk to me.I was a pretty big fan of this book.

    2. Angelina says:

      If you don't like this book you just don't understand anything.Simply one of the best children's books ever written. It treats very serious questions in a truly admirable way and gives hope at the same time. Pure, honest, brave and magical.

    3. Lisa says:

      There are times when reality is hard to bear!There are times when you wish you would not have to face what is actually happening. For all those times, Astrid Lindgren wrote The Brothers Lionheart. I must have read it about ten times by now, several times as a child, and several times with my own children, and students. I have watched the film, listened to the magical audiobook in which Astrid Lindgren herself reads the story, in that slow, humoristic voice of hers, indicating her Småland dialec [...]

    4. Sharon L says:

      remember that book you read in your childhood? it was in hardcover, it was a bit dusty and used, and you had that feeling that you would like this book. and so you read it- and it had adventures and it was interesting and you couldn't stop reading that book (you read other books before, but that was the first book you were glued to). remember that book in your childhood that, in a way, is the main reason for your deep love to books? that book that holds magic to you? that is cherished by you? th [...]

    5. Rinda Elwakil says:

      الأخوان ليون هارت اللذان اصطحباني إلي نانجيالا، والآن لا أود العودة من هناك.

    6. Helle says:

      This is the most important, most magical and most precious book from my childhood. It is the book that made me believe in something greater than myself when I was about ten years old. It is, to me, one of the most wonderful stories for children and young teenagers. By the time I was 18, I had read it three or four times, later I read it to my oldest daughter and now to my youngest. And I still struggled to hold back the tears.It is about the love between two brothers, about life after death, abo [...]

    7. AnnaLund says:

      The book that made me who I am today.The one that taught me to stand up for my friends. The book that showed me that Somethings you just HAVE to do, or else you are not a real human being, just a little speck of dirt. Of course, I read it in the original Swedish, but anyone who has half a mind of reading something truly healing should give this a go in English. It is well translated, and she IS, after all, the mother of Pippi Longstockings. I rest my case.Jonatan, jag ser ljuset.

    8. Noah says:

      Beautiful, heartbreaking, uplifting and timeless. Astrid Lindgren Forever! :)*****“Why did you save Park's life, was that so good?''I don't know if it was such a good thing to do,' said Jonathan. 'But there are things you have to do, otherwise you're not a human being, just a piece of dirt. I've said this to you before.''But what if he'd realized who you were?' I said. 'And they had caught you!''Well, then they would've caught Lionheart and not a piece of dirt,' said Jonathan.” ― Astrid Li [...]

    9. Malene says:

      " Alligevel kunne jeg ikke lade være med at tænke på, hvor skønt det ville være, hvis vi ikke hele tiden skulle være så stærke og modige."Jeg købte denne bog kort efter jeg sidste sommer var i Junibacken og blev mindet om dette skønne eventyr af Astrid Lindgren, da vi tog med Eventyrtoget rundt, for at se Lindgrens forskellige historier. Da jeg var yngre holdt jeg faktisk ikke forfærdeligt meget af historien. Jeg fandt den alt for uhyggelig og jeg brød mig virkelig ikke om, at den ha [...]

    10. Kirstine says:

      Oh man, I am an absolute sucker for sibling relationships (have I mentioned this before? Maybe I have), if not, know now that I am. So you might guess why this is (along with 'Mio, My Mio') my favourite Astrid Lindgren book. The relationship between Tvebak and Jonathan (the Danish names) is so unbelievably precious, and leaves me in tears, even now, despite it being a childrens book. Having a brother myself, I understand the devotion you can have for a sibling; I'd do anything for him. I'd face [...]

    11. Svenja says:

      Astrid Lindgren schreibt tolle, fantasievolle Märchen für Kinder. Schade, dass ich die Bücher erst jetzt für mich entdeckt habe. "Die Brüder Löwenherz" erzählt ein Abenteuer zweier Brüder, die wirklich zeigen, was Geschwisterliebe ist.

    12. Leni Iversen says:

      Reading childhood favourites again as an adult is risky business, and with Astrid Lindgren it can be devastating. Not because her books disappoint; they don't. She has the gift of writing books that are read one way by children and another by adults. For a child, The Brothers Lionheart is an empowering adventure about brotherly love, courage, and doing the right thing even if you are scared. Children take the story at face value. It's the story of a sick child who gets to go on adventures and be [...]

    13. Mitticus says:

      2,5Eeeh, no me esperaba ese final Oo'Al parecer este es el libro amado de infancia de varias personas, y tal vez sea esa clase de libros que no sirve para leerse con una mirada adulta. Entiendo además que está todo ese asunto cultural que puede que me pase por sobre la cabeza y que confieso entender bien poco aparte de haber visto unas pocas peliculas ambientadas alli (y ya sabemos que bien sale todo en las películas, con honrosas excepciones). Bueno, la cosa es que un libro acerca de dos her [...]

    14. Stina says:

      If I told you one of the most famous Swedish children's books started with two boys dying, would you believe me? Because it's true. And it still manages to be sweet and lighthearted.All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

    15. Lote L. says:

      Nezinu, vai ir godīgi tā ņemt un izravēt manu sirdi. Ārkārtīgi smaga grāmata. Nesaprotu, kāpēc pie tās atgriežos, atkal visa esmu lupatās.

    16. Harun Harahap says:

      Membaca 2 bab pertama sangat menguras emosi, seorang adik yang sedang sakit-sakitan takut menghadapi kematian. Tapi Kakaknya menyemangatinya bahwa setelah kematian itu adiknya akan pergi ke tempat yang bernama Nangijala. Sang adik pun tak merasa takut, tapi nasib memang berkata lain saat sang kakak mati terlebih dahulu karena menyelamatkan adiknya dari kebakaran.Menyedihkan yah???Lalu, ketika membayangkan Nangijala, saya akan membayangkan sebuah tempat yang pemandangannya indah menkajubkan denga [...]

    17. hossein sharifi says:

      نمی شود به این اثر ستاره داد این اثر برای کودکان نوشته شده پس باید کودکان به این اثر ستاره دهند بنظر من کتابی خسته کننده بود. و تغیرات در روند داستان کاملا ناگهانی رخ میداد که انگار نویسنده ناخودآگاه چیزی یادش آمده و نوشته باشدداستان های کودکان خیلی بهتر از این نیز خوانده بودم [...]

    18. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

      A strange if charming little book. It begins with the tragic deaths of two young brothers who are then reunited in the land of Ningiyama, where the world is still as it was in the age of sagas with many adventures to be had. However, the boys discover that not all adventures are worth having as they find themselves facing increasingly evil foes and long odds. The end of the story took me by surprise and I'm not sure what to make of it. Despite what a one-star review on this site claims, the endi [...]

    19. Reetta Saine says:

      Klassikko, jonka uskalsin viimein lukea uudelleen yli kolmenkymmenen vuoden jälkeen. Kannatti.

    20. Nanna says:

      Absolut fantastisk bog. Darwin på 7 og Saga på 5 blev virkelig grebet af brødrenes fortælling - og jeg selv ikke mindst. Historien er barsk. Den handler rigtig meget om død. Mavesure anmeldere og de korrekte pege-fingre-forældre ville have haft en forargelsesfest af en anden verden hvis den var udkommet i dag. Ikke mindst fordi der er en dobbeltside med en 70'er-illustration af en (gisp!) nøgen 13-årig dreng omtrent midtvejs. De første kapitler fik både min ene søster, min svigerinde [...]

    21. Ibrahim says:

      كاتبة أدب الأطفال السويدية أستريد ليندجرين كانت لديها هواية وهي المشي في المقابر والتأمل. في أحد الأيام عندما كانت تتنزه مع أحد أصدقائها في مقبرة في ستوكهولوم لاحظت أستريد حجر فوق قبر كتب عليها "الأخوان بيرنستروم"، وقد توفيا في سن صغير جداً. وقرأت على حجر آخر: "هنا الاخوين الر [...]

    22. Karina Petersen says:

      Det at vende tilbage til et barndomseventyr, som er blevet fortrængt gennem årene, er en helt fantastisk og unik læseoplevelse - især Astrid Lindgrens eventyr. "Brødrene Løvehjerte" ramte mit hjerte og mine tårer trillede ofte ned ad kinderne under min læsning af det fine eventyr. Jeg sidder nu lidt tom tilbage, og ville ønske at jeg kunne tage med Brødrene Løvehjerte ud på nye eventyr i Nangilima!

    23. Rana Heshmati says:

      آهیوناتاننون قندیِ عزیز دلم :) :( :*عالی بود و بس.با تمام وجودم دوستش داشتم و درکش کردم

    24. Irene says:

      I remember my mom reading this to me when I was very young. It's just as good as I remembered it to be.I love the way Karl describes his brother Jonathan, it's full of admiration and love, in a way only a child can describe it.I also really loved grandpa and the way he tested these two young boys. He was easily my favourite character.The setting of Nangijala was perfect and romantic, and i cam understand why Karl wanted to go there.The white doves were a nice touch and very symbolic. I remembere [...]

    25. Tandava Brahmachari says:

      For years I've had a strong but vaguely-detailed memory of a book I read as a child. I couldn't remember the title, the author, the plot, or even how old I was when I read it. I knew that a boy followed his brother to a land after death, and I had a blurry image of what was possibly the cover, and I knew that younger-me had been deeply moved by it in some way. Every few years I'd try to find it, but without any luck. A few weeks ago, I found it. I must have have finally hit on the right search t [...]

    26. Līga Sproģe says:

      Ahhhh, kā visātrāk atcerēties bērnības garšu! Gan pati grāmata kā klasika, gan tie apraksti par Nangijālas ieleju dzīvi uzreiz uzsit slinko vasaru noskaņu, kad sienāži sisina pļavās un pats ar plikām pēdām stāvi dobē un ēd ērkšķogas no krūma. Protams, no tāda pieaugušāka un objektīvāka skatpunkta, te ir diezgan daudz tehnikas/loģikas kļūdu, kuras bija vajadzīgas sižetam un tikai tāpēc tika palaistas cauri. Un pat negribas domāt, ka sīkie, līdzīgi kā ar [...]

    27. پگاه says:

      وای که چه‌قدر کارل رو می‌فهمیدم خیلی زیاداین که همیشه می‌خواست که هرجور شده پیش برادرش باشه. وقتی که می‌گفت ماجراهای نانگیالا چطور می‌تونن خوب باشن وقتی یوناتان پیشش نیست. وقتی که به برادرش گفت: «یوناتان بیچاره‌ام! تو هم دیگر شاد نیستی.کاش فقط می‌توانستم تو را شاد کنم!» خی [...]

    28. Anna Walden says:

      Detta är en fantastisk bok. Jag tycker att katastrof att inte alla har läst denna boken. Tror om alla skulle läsa denna boken skulle värden bli lite mer som Körsbärsdalen. sKORPAN AR SÅ SÖT assdfghjkl

    29. Nadja says:

      Ich bin einfach begeistert, wie Astrid Lindgren es schafft solche ernste Themen so mutig zu behandeln. Und die schönen detaillierten Zeichnungen unterstreichen einfach perfekt die abenterreurereiche, traurige aber immer hoffnungsvolle Geschichte.

    30. Rumaisa Ahmad-Doleh says:

      كتاب الطفولة <3

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