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Plain Jayne
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Plain Jayne Talented new author Hillary Manton Lodge brings a new twist to the popular Amish novel Jayne Tate loves her life as it is living in a big city working as a reporter for a fast paced newspaper and da

  • Title: Plain Jayne
  • Author: Hillary Manton Lodge
  • ISBN: 9780736926980
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Talented new author Hillary Manton Lodge brings a new twist to the popular Amish novel Jayne Tate loves her life as it is living in a big city, working as a reporter for a fast paced newspaper, and dating a guy who knows nothing about her past When her father passes away though, she s forced to take another look at what she wants out of life After losing out on the bTalented new author Hillary Manton Lodge brings a new twist to the popular Amish novel Jayne Tate loves her life as it is living in a big city, working as a reporter for a fast paced newspaper, and dating a guy who knows nothing about her past When her father passes away though, she s forced to take another look at what she wants out of life After losing out on the big career opportunity she was hoping for, she decides to escape to Oregon Amish country, seeking solace and maybe a big story Even in this land of buggies and bonnets, Jayne finds life complicated than she expected Can she persuade herself that her growing friendship with the mysterious and handsome Levi Burkholder is just about research And what s a latte drinking, laptop using, motorcycle riding reporter to do when this new life starts to change her Plain Jayne will delight readers.

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    1 Blog on “Plain Jayne

    1. Louise says:

      Jayne Tate loves her job as a reporter for a large newspaper based in Portland, Oregon. However, her boss Sol feels Jayne’s work has been slipping lately and subtly requests she use a week and a half of her saved up vacation days to take some time off to regroup. Jayne isn’t happy with this request because she was hoping to be sent to Miami to work on a story she’d been wanting but her boss has assigned that job to someone else in Jayne’s office. In her disappointment she resigns herself [...]

    2. Christy says:

      Plain Jayne took me on a journey to "Amishland" that I imagine most fans of Amish fiction wish they could take in real life. I know that I am most definitely one of those fans. I have always wondered what it would be like to actually spend some time living within the Amish community, and whether or not I could hack it with all the manual labor day after day. The cooking and sewing I know I would love the cows and scrubbing the kitchen floor is another thing altogether.I loved that this novel sho [...]

    3. Christy Lockstein says:

      Plain Jayne by Hilary Manton Lodge is the first book in the Plain and Simple series. There are lots of titles to choose from in the growing genre of bonnet fiction, or as I like to call it Amish lit, but Lodge takes an unusual approach in introducing an Englischer who becomes fascinated with the Amish lifestyle. Jayne Tate's writing at the newspaper has lost its edge since the death of her father, so her boss puts her on sabbatical to regain her balance. Instead of taking a vacation, Jayne gives [...]

    4. Shirelle says:

      I didn't love this book. It was a bit cheesy and predictable for me.

    5. Rachel Brand says:

      I remember this book being advertised when it was first released, with a slogan along the lines of "Not your grandmother's Amish fiction". Now that I've read this book, I can concur that this isn't your typical Amish novel. In fact, it felt more like a chick-lit novel about a woman who happened to visit an Amish community as part of her work as a reporter. If this were your typical Amish romance, she'd probably fall in love with some handsome farmer--who has a handful of children that he's raisi [...]

    6. Janet C says:

      This isn't what I would term an Amish fiction book if that is what you are expecting.This is a story about Jayne Tate. She is 26 years old, single, a journalist, rides a motorcycle, and enjoys her life. She needed some relaxation after losing a big job assignment and decided Albany, Oregon would be a good place to relax and focus on where to go next. She also hopes she may be able to find a story about the Amish in Albany, Oregon. She arranges an interview with Levi Burkholder, a furniture maker [...]

    7. Rebekah Peurifoy says:

      I have fallen in love with Hillary Manton Lodges work since reading Jane of Austin, Playne Jayne is like my 4th one by her in the last month. And lets just say I am reading it again before turning it back into the library. I love how quick and witty her characters are. It makes me wonder how much of the christian books I read make me laugh? Not many but she does! Joy is from the Lord and this one has that and the usual struggles that the characters go through in these books! So good!

    8. Tahleen says:

      Jayne is your average city dweller, living in Portland, Oregon and trying to make a name for herself as an investigative reporter. She works hard at what she does, and maybe too much—when her boss asks her to take a vacation instead of covering a coveted story in Cuba, she decides she's going to use the time to chase her own story. She is going to find an Amish family to live with and profile for the paper. But living with an Amish family is not as simple as she expected, and it makes her reex [...]

    9. Tina says:

      I found this book in the new reads section at my local library last weekend. I was instantly intrigued by the summary on the back cover, as it is not the normal type of Amish fiction that I am used to reading. In most Amish fiction, the books revolve around the Amish characters, and do not include much interaction from the outside. But this one is pretty much the opposite.Jayne is a motorcycle-riding reporter from Portland Oregon. Her boss calls her into his office one day with the news that he [...]

    10. Delia says:

      Jayne Tate lives in the big city of Portland, Oregon. She loves her job as a reporter for a busy newspaper, and enjoys an undemanding relationship with her boyfriend. Shane knows her only as the motorcycle-riding, modern news gal from Portland. Her childhood hasn’t been discussed, he hasn’t met her family, and Jayne’s perfectly fine with that.Then her father dies, and her boss insists she take a three-week break from her job, based on a pronounced downswing in writing quality. This forced [...]

    11. Kame says:

      Yes this is a book that takes place in an Amish community but it is not the typical Amish book. It was refreshing and different and I definitely would read more in this series and by this author.Jayne Tate is a reporter - she is forced to take a three week sabbatical when her editor feels her work is suffering since her father's death. Jayne and her father were not close and she rarely talks to her mother or sister.Irked that she must take this time off - she is inspired by a article she sees ab [...]

    12. Deborah Boutwell says:

      Excerpt from my full review to be published in the April 2010 issue of Exemplify On-line Magazine (exemplifyonline/magazine/)Plain Jayne is a sweet tale of a modern girl mixed into the plain life of the Amish. It’s sometimes a humorous look at the dependencies modern technology has caused us to have…ke – where to recharge your cell phone or laptop…what to do when someone steals the family buggy? But it goes deeper when it delves into the relationship between father and son, mother and da [...]

    13. Jill Williamson says:

      Review by Jill WilliamsonJayne Tate’s father just passed away. But she’s fine. They weren’t all that close. Her boss disagrees and forces her to take a leave of absence from the newspaper. Jayne decides to make good use of her leave and come up with a brilliant article. She rides her motorcycle down to Amish country, hoping to get an inside look on how the Amish live.Jayne meets carpenter Levi Burkholder, who helps her find an Amish family to board with. Sure, Levi is cute, but Jayne has a [...]

    14. Meagen Farrell says:

      My first foray into Amish lit, and a good place to start. What makes this book work so well is the main character, Jayne, who discovers the Amish lifestyle slowly along with the reader. The descriptions and details really bring the Amish Burkholder family and their farm alive in an accessible and respectful way, while Jayne voices common questions--and concerns--that arise naturally as an outsider. When is it appropriate to call in emergency responders, like police or an ambulance? What are some [...]

    15. ⚜️Trea says:

      This is actually my second time reading the book. Both times I've read it, I've found it to be a good, but not great read. It centers around Jayne, who is a reporter that has lost her edge and drifted away from both God and her family. While on a forced vacation from her job, she cooks up an idea to do a story on the Amish living in her area. While staying with an Amish family, she starts yearning for the simplicity that they have. I think what I hated the most was how much I disliked a lot of h [...]

    16. Stacy says:

      I absolutely LOVED this book! A reviewer on B&N said it was Amish fiction with a chick-lit twist, and they were right. It made a great combination, especially for someone like me who loves both Amish fiction and Christian chick-lit. One of these days I'll learn to stop reading novels at bedtime books like this make me end up staying awake far later than I mean to because I can't stop reading! I adored Jayne. She had that somewhat droll modern-girl personality that I love in chick-lit heroin [...]

    17. Susan says:

      I liked this book. The style of writing is one that I enjoy reading. This story brought up issues that I have struggled with about the Amish so I appreciated that. One big issue I have struggled with is their belief in forgiving the "English" freely, but shunning their own if they do not follow the same path as they do. There is a perfect example in this story of this and it very contradictory to the idea that the Amish are a forgiving people. I think it is easier to forgive people you don't kno [...]

    18. Carolyn E says:

      I loved this book. Plain Jayne by Hillary Manton Lodge is an absolutely delightful, light-hearted story that takes place in a fictional Amish community in Oregon. Yes, it has its ups and downs as do most Amish stories, but it also has a wonderful touch of humor that makes it a joy to read.I am planning to read Simply Sara as soon as I can get a copy of this second book in the series. I hope we will be hearing more from this author--perhaps another book in this series.

    19. Megan says:

      Hillary Manton Lodge is a new a relative newcomer in the ever-growing genre of Amish fiction. Plain Jayne is her debut novel, and it was an enjoyable read. The story centers around journalist Jayne Tate. After Jayne's father dies, her boss sends her on a mandatory vacation in which she pursues an idea for a story about the Amish community. Finding a Amish carpenter in the phone book, Jayne enlists the help of Levi Burkholder. She stays with his family and learns not only about the Amish, but als [...]

    20. Shari Larsen says:

      Jayne Tate left home at 18 and rarely returned, putting herself through college then working as a successful reporter for the Portland Oregonian, rarely mentioning her small-town upbringing to anyone. But when her work begins to suffer after her father dies, her boss orders her to take vacation time. She turns that into a "working vacation", traveling to a nearby Amish community to do a free lance story on them. As she spends time with Levi Burkholder and his family, she learns to slow down and [...]

    21. Linnae says:

      Jayne is a motorcycle-riding investigative reporter from Portland, who is told to take some time off. So she decides to do a story on an Amish family. First though, she needs to find one who will let her stay with them and agree to be written about (all the names will be changed, of course.) She begins her search at the Amish Woodworking shop in Albany, and quite possibly begins something else as well. Levi, the owner of the shop, is friendly, helpful, and yes--she'll admit it--handsome. He also [...]

    22. Lauren says:

      The main reason why I picked it up was that it is by a local author. I liked that right at the beginning of the book she says that no, there isn't an Amish community in our valley (there is a Mennonite one though) so that people aren't confused. Besides that little bit of inaccuracy, I thought the book was wonderful. It is a clean, wholesome Christian book, but not one of those overly pushy ones that make you uncomfortable. There were plenty of parts that made me laugh out loud, which I really l [...]

    23. Carman says:

      Plain Jayne is a great book. I really enjoyed reading it and getting to know the characters. Jayne is a woman who is afraid of loving because of a hurtful past, and Levi is a great man who is ready to love, despite his painful past. Despite the obstacles between them, they fall in love and learn to trust one another. Patience also becomes an important part in the story, as the characters learn to not rush each other. Hillary uses witty, compelling writing to draw you into the story and connect y [...]

    24. Kate says:

      This book has been on my to-read list for a while, and I'm glad I finally got the opportunity to read it! It was definitely not the typical Amish romance, given that the 2 characters who fall in love aren't even Amish, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I liked how Jayne was portrayed: she was a quirky character, definitely someone you'd like to call a friend. That said, she was also humble enough (even if she didn't realise it!) to learn from the circumstances that life gave her, and try to b [...]

    25. Tasha says:

      Okay ladies if you're looking for a book about culture (Amish culture) with a smattering of romance and characters that feel genuine, this is going to be a very satisfying read! The romance was clean, the characters honorable and the peak into a fascinating culture and religion rewarding.The writing was fluid and inviting. This was a story to sacrifice sleep overwhich I did and braved the next day with red eyes, all worth it.I'll be looking for Hillary Manton Lodge's future publications with exc [...]

    26. Stephanie says:

      This was a good read, in general. I enjoyed the characters and there was some very witty and entertaining bantor in places. That being said, there was lest discovery about the Amish during Jayne's stay with them than I was expecting. Also, some of the conversations/arguments seemed a little abbreviated. Perhaps I'm too passive but people were upset when very little happened. Jayne's disassociation with her family wasn't explained very well, to me. I know there's another book after this, but give [...]

    27. Bonnie says:

      A fresh new voice in literature! Hillary Manton Lodge told this touching story with wit and humor, not to mention great skill.Jayne Tate has walked away from her past, but is confronted by it in the most unexected place--in the midst of an Amish family. Jayne has a lot to learn about who she is, and life's lessons are never easy. Thanks, Hillary, for allowing me to be part of Jayne's journey of self discovery.We have not heard the last from Hillary Manton Lodge. I'm eager to read her next book.P [...]

    28. Dali Castillo says:

      Hilary Manton Lodge is a new author for me, and I plan to definitely read more of her works. Plain Jayne was such a fun read! It was funny and romantic. It was sad and happy. It was faith based. All in all, it was a fun, clean romantic and inspirational story. I especially loved the banter between Jayne and Levi. Great, funny dialogue that flowed so smoothly throughout the story. If you want a clean, funny, romantic, & inspirational read, this is definitely the one for you. You won't be disa [...]

    29. Alisa says:

      This was such a fun read. I picked it up off the shelf, which I never do, but since this one was about Amish people I figured it wouldn't be too bad. I was right. First and foremost, this book was super clean. No swearing, no sex, no violence, nothing. How refreshing! The story follows the main character, Jayne Tate, who is a reporter and spends some time with an Amish family for a story. While it wasn't too deep and it was somewhat predictable, I thought it was an entertaining read and would re [...]

    30. Frances says:

      The book was a pleasant surprise as it went in a different direction than i was expecting. I liked Jayne and she has some funny lines. The author raised some interesting and complex issues, but i feel that some of these were not completely addressedybe in the other books in the series. The romance was sweet but the resolution of their conflict a little rushed in the end. Overall a very enjoyable read.

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