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How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?: And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys
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How Do You Tuck in a Superhero And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys When Rachel Balducci looks for material for her writing she doesn t have to look far Her subject matter can be found climbing through the window hanging on to the edge of the roof and always at the

  • Title: How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?: And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys
  • Author: Rachel Balducci
  • ISBN: 9780800733728
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Rachel Balducci looks for material for her writing, she doesn t have to look far Her subject matter can be found climbing through the window, hanging on to the edge of the roof, and always at the refrigerator Here she chronicles the exuberant, awesome life of boys through conversations overheard, rules she s been forced to make, and the many episodes of boy behaviorWhen Rachel Balducci looks for material for her writing, she doesn t have to look far Her subject matter can be found climbing through the window, hanging on to the edge of the roof, and always at the refrigerator Here she chronicles the exuberant, awesome life of boys through conversations overheard, rules she s been forced to make, and the many episodes of boy behavior that continue to mystify mothers worldwide From the care and feeding of her team, to travels out in public, to their wide eyed adoration of Walker, Texas Ranger, this laugh out loud celebration joyfully explores the sweet and wild side of boyhood.

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    1 Blog on “How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?: And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys

    1. Laura says:

      The concept of this book is a great one, and it is preceded with plenty of glowing reviews. As a mother of a little boy, I was very intrigued to read how one mother does it with five!I was awed by this woman and actually found myself excited to have multiple children - even if they are all boys. This is a stark difference from my normal fear that I feel when facing this prospect.The book seems sloppily written however. I understand that the author is a blogger, but I felt as though I were simply [...]

    2. Sally says:

      Here's the thing about this book - it wasn't really a book. Or it didn't read like one at least. It read like a blog: just random posts and observations on living in a house full of boys. A very clever, heartwarming, easy to relate to blogbut still a blog. While I loved Balducci's stories and "aha moments" that raising boys teaches you, I just wished that she had tied them together better and made it all a bit more cohesive. All that being said, I would still recommend this book to any of my mom [...]

    3. Susanne says:

      The older my superheroes become, the more I appreciate that boys and girls truly are different. Little boys play differently, learn differently and love differently than I did as a little girl. Not only that, one boy can be a polar opposite of his brother and yet still be distinctly different from little girls. I acknowledge that the same spectrum of personality is true of little girls, but there is something foreign about being a woman in charge of raising boys. I grew up with two older brother [...]

    4. Sharla says:

      Very cute book, written by a mom of five boys (gasp how is she even alive to tell the tale???)! I related to many of the stories, and also realized that other tales are foreshadowing of things to come down my parenting-of-boys path :) Looks like no matter how much you try to avoid it, the fascination with weapons, adventure, and exposure to injury-risky situations isn't to be quelled.This is a super cute book, and I recommend it as a sweet, funny read for anyone who has boys. Even older parents [...]

    5. Melissa says:

      Meh - I wasn't crazy about this bookWhile I enjoyed some of the stories, I felt like they were disjointed and not well planned. I almost felt like the author was some fictional character who was just talking about her fictional family. I didn't really feel like I got to know her or her family at all.I did enjoy some of the stories and antidotes about her rambunctious boys, but almost felt like the author was standing at a distance from her own family when writing about them. I would have liked t [...]

    6. Megan Martin says:

      I really loved this book. I always like to look at other reviews before I write my own just to see how people view the book. Some of the complaints were valid isn't a "how to" book and the writing wasn't entirely cohesive. But, seriously, being a mom of boys I have learned there is no "how to" books that work and I haven't had enough cohesive thoughts to form a sentence pretty much since I gave birth. I laughed through this whole book, mostly to keep from crying. It was incredibly touching for m [...]

    7. Jenny says:

      Had I read the whole description (and the fact that she is a blogger), I'm not sure I would have read this book. It was a very quick read and had some fun stories to which I could relate, but I was thinking it was more of a "serious" book. Lots of very short stories about raising boys.

    8. Lauren says:

      Love love loved this book!! So cute and fun and funny and sweet! Perfect for any Boymom of one or ten!

    9. Jessica says:

      I did laugh out loud a number of times. I feel I have been warned that it will only get crazier around here with my boy.

    10. Brandice says:

      Some cute stories of the authors boys, nothing too outrageous. Many stories ended abruptly and only a few were really funny.

    11. Kristen says:

      2.5 stars. This is not a parenting book, but a hilarious collection of stories about raising her sons. So if you want to commiserate or feel like your kids maybe aren't so crazy, read on. If you want any helpful hints (other than chill out), probably pass.

    12. Melanie says:

      Had to stop, there was too much talk of God.

    13. Kim says:

      My favorite qoute:"No mother sets out to be a killjoy. It just comes with the job."

    14. Courtney says:

      The stories themselves are funny and poignant. I just didn't like the compilation. There is no overall cohesion. I would have liked a arch with the stories sprinkled in.

    15. Kimber Burgess says:

      Light hearted series of blog entries. Fun but a bit different than I expected.

    16. Kaylea says:

      It takes a lot to raise a superhero - you have to teach them about hygiene - yes superheros change their underwear, how to eat healthy meals - that move beyond corn chips and cheese, and, well, you have to learn when the squeals mean pain or laughter.Just ask Rachel Balducci, the time tested mother of five boys. She's learned to tell the difference between squeal caused by a painful encounter to one induced by a fit of giggles.She's also learned the difference between Star Wars characters - yes, [...]

    17. Mandy J. Hoffman says:

      BOOK OVERVIEW:Author Rachel Balducci is no longer surprised when she has to say things in her house like: "I am not a wrestling mat." "Stay off the roof." "You can try to invent a jet-pack, but I will not buy the fuel for it." Or, "Wear something nice—like a t-shirt with no stains on it."As the mother of five boys, Balducci has her hands full, which makes for some hilarious stories. She shares more than 50 of those tales--from finding her boys climbing through windows, making traps for catchin [...]

    18. Laura says:

      Title: HOW DO YOU TUCK IN A SUPERHERO?Author: Rachel BalducciPublisher: RevellApril 2010ISBN: 978-0-8007-3372-8Genre: Inspirational/parentingRachel Balducci knows about raising boys. She has five of them. So she doesn’t have to look very far to find material for her book. I was impressed after reading just the first couple pages how she nailed boyhood on the head. I have two boys, and I could relate to most all the stories she shares.Such as, the love language of boys is food. Very true. Boys [...]

    19. Cindy says:

      The author has 5 boys of her own and recently had a daughter. As the author has written - it is challenging to raise a son, much more of a challege if there are more than one boy in the household. She has written about having a bare backyard that contains a stack of dirt in one area, and toys that have been turned into weapons because weapons are cool! Even though she doesn't approve of fire arms - her sons have found ways of making anything into a gun. She has had to deal with a lot of question [...]

    20. Cindy says:

      As the mom of two sons, Rachel Balducci's book had me howling in laughter, it also had me reminiscing about the antics of my own two sons (one now passed on). Rachel's sons and their total seriousness about the funny things of life, really was a refreshing book. I sat and read this in one morning while listening to my house being re-roofed. Giggling and sometimes outright yelling in laughter I would read the antics or sayings to my now sixteen year old son, he even had to laugh, even though agre [...]

    21. Monica Roy says:

      I struggled with whether or not to give this book two or three stars: was it just okay, or did I like it? If I could, I'd give it 2.5 stars and call it a day. I think the "problems" with the book lie more with my personality and life experience than with the author's writing. This book is what it is: a series of short entries (I think some or most of which appeared on the author's blog) written by a woman with five sons. FIVE SONS. (She has a since had a daughter, and I wonder how that would cha [...]

    22. Candace says:

      This was a cute book filled with short stories from a woman raising 5 boys. While much of it was just stories of "this is what crazy thing my kids did that day" there were a few good ideas/pointers/insights into the life of raising a boy. I even found a few things that struck me, such as this gem:"I can tell you how you must have high standards for your boys, with the understanding that you might never reach perfection. What a challenge to be a woman, with a woman's feelings and ideals, working [...]

    23. Lorie says:

      I liked this book but I really wanted to love it, so I'm disappointed. There were some cute stories, some funny ones, moments I could relate to and ones as a mother of two sons I knew I could look forward to, both good and bad. But I wanted more. The stories were disjointed, with very little relationship with each other. I felt at times i was reading a commercial, but for what I was supposed to buy wasn't clear: that boys are great despite all a lady, as she is, has to put up with; that she's a [...]

    24. Kristina says:

      Any mom who has a son knows that inherent to their gender is a certain uniqueness, shall we say. It’s that part of the brain that makes them imagine that every stick, ski pole, pen, or ruler is a sword. It is that uniqueness that pushes them to not only be able to climb a bare wall, but lie in wait to scare the being who gave them life half to death. As a mother of five boys, Rachel Balducci has probably experienced most every insane stunt known to man. Even better, she has not only experience [...]

    25. Susan Bazzett-Griffith says:

      This book was not nearly as good as I thought it would be. The author is raising five boys, so you would expect her memoir/tales of insanity to at least be funny, but though I occasionally smiled a bit, not once did this book make me laugh. The book's tone is very Hallmark-meets-homily when it could have easily maintained a sweetness imbued with humor, but just didn't. Being the mom of (one) boy, I also was somewhat put off by the absolutely constant gender stereotyping- yes, there are kernels o [...]

    26. Jessica says:

      This collection of stories is written by a mother, for a mother. It is quick to read and easy to pop in and out of as time (or children) allow. The book is based on Balducci’s blog testosterhome which features even more peeks in to the life of raising 5(!) boys and one brand new little girl. [return][return]I can so relate to Balducci’s crazy, boy-filled life and I found some of her stories downright hilarious. How did that footprint get on the ceiling??[return][return]I actually had to stop [...]

    27. Laura says:

      Having grown up as the only girl between three brothers, I can attest to the shenanigans boys can and do get into. I think it is an inherent trait of boys to be curious and daring. Rachel Balducci catches it all in her book, How Do You Tuck In a Superhero? Besides all the antics the boys get into and the distinct rules they as parents have to make, she also offers lots of great advice and encouragement on raising boys, mixed with lots of laughs.My take on Rachel’s book: Don’t sweat the small [...]

    28. Amanda says:

      Fun to read and had me laughing out loud. Not much organization or overall flow to the book, but it was a nice light read about motherhood.

    29. Melissa Reali says:

      It was funny, but just seems like a mom who somehow sold books about the weird stuff her kids have done. Couldn't we all?

    30. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) says:

      A lot of fun, both the book and the boys! I have two, very lively boys of my own and I grew up in a family of all girls. Boys are different, so very different! This isn't a how to be a better parent book. It's a give yourself a break and laugh a little book. Rachel simply shares some delightful vignettes about her life raising boys. Some people will relate because they have many children, some will relate because they have boys, and some will relate simply because they know what it's like to be [...]

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