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Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big
March 22, 2020 Comments.. 995
Long Shot Never Too Small to Dream Big Everybody told Chris that he was too small to play basketball But he ignored them alle he had big dreams

  • Title: Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big
  • Author: Chris Paul Frank Morrison
  • ISBN: 9781416950790
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everybody told Chris that he was too small to play basketball But he ignored them alle he had big dreams.

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    1 Blog on “Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big

    1. Jenese Wilson says:

      I really enjoyed the book and its message. It's important for kids to know that they can achieve their dreams no matter what people say, as long as they stay determined and never give up.

    2. Noah Saenz says:

      Everyone said that Chris Paul would not be able to make it. Everyone said he was too small to play ball, but that did not stop him. The story of Long Shot follows Chris and his dream to make it on his local basketball team. With his height he has to overcome many challenges to even be looked at, but with hard work and determination he is able to make his dream come true.This book is an amazing children’s book that has a lot of elements that the book “The Crossover” has. Many sounds and noi [...]

    3. Sam Bloom says:

      A surprisingly good picture book written by NBA star Chris Paul - with all of the horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE picture books written by famous non-authors lately (I'm looking at you, former Justice O'Connor), I was expecting the worse. Paul stays away from cliche and tells a pretty touching story about how he made the team despite being such a shrimp (maybe I liked it because I can relate). And of course, having Frank Morrison illustrate the book doesn't hurt, either.

    4. Sarah M. says:

      I would recommend this book for students who are in kindergarten to students in the upper elementary level grades. This was a great book about Chris Paul, and even though he was short he still was able to play basketball. Instead of giving up when everyone told he couldn't do it because of his height he continued to work even harder and it paid off. The book was colorful and is able to attract many children to read it.

    5. Jason says:

      Told through an uplifting message and simple words, Chris Paul's biographical tale "Long Shot" is a perfect short story to read to children. Reliving the nerve-wrecking days leading up to his first basketball team tryout, Paul - who was just over 4 foot tall at the time - learns life lessons from his supportive, close-knit family.

    6. Lorie says:

      The author tells his personal story of how he became a basketball player even though people told him he as too short. This book could be used to show students that all that matters is what they think of themselves. After reading a chart of what the author did to help himself could be made so students see that hard work can pay off.

    7. Jesse Baldwin says:

      This story is written by Chris Paul and it teaches kids that there is nothing they can't do. I would like to teach all of my students to not give up on their dreams.

    8. Kolton Knop says:

      it was very good

    9. Valerie says:

      sports read - pictures that would carry to a group - most likely for school-age crowd as an intro for a special sports guest.

    10. Cathy says:

      Chris Paul demonstrates that being small is not an issue if you have big dreams.

    11. Amanda says:

      What a shame that such a well-thought-out story is wrecked by two glaring typos and the omission of how tall the player is now.

    12. Taylor says:

      Has a really good lesson, holding onto your dreams. But it's presented in a new way.

    13. Garosebud says:

      i havent read it

    14. Megan says:

      Inspiring story of a "vertically challenged" boy who eventually becomes an NBA star.

    15. Molly says:

      Cute story about going for your dreams regardless of other people's negativity. This is a good example of the recent trend of pro athlete's picture books- but this one is actually good!

    16. Anna says:

      Project Cornerstone Building Year 2 Book 5

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