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All You Need to Know about the Music Business
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All You Need to Know about the Music Business For fifteen years All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive essential guide to the music industry Now in its sixth edition it has been completely

  • Title: All You Need to Know about the Music Business
  • Author: Donald S. Passman Randy Glass
  • ISBN: 9780743293181
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For fifteen years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive, essential guide to the music industry Now in its sixth edition, it has been completely revised and updated with crucial, up to the minute information on the industry s major changes in response to today s rapid technological advances and uncertain economy VFor fifteen years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive, essential guide to the music industry Now in its sixth edition, it has been completely revised and updated with crucial, up to the minute information on the industry s major changes in response to today s rapid technological advances and uncertain economy Veteran music lawyer Donald Passman is in the thick of this transformation and understands that anyone involved in the music business is feeling the deep, far reaching effects of it This latest edition of what the Los Angeles Times called the industry bible will lead novices and experts alike through the fundamental practices as well as the new, uncharted territory of one of this country s most dynamic industries.In the music business, the key to success lies in knowing how to protect yourself To do that, you need the best and most up to date advice available Whether you are or aspire to be a performer, writer, or executive, Passman s comprehensive guide to the legal and financial aspects of the music world is an indispensable tool Drawing on his unique professional experience as one of the most trusted advisors in the industry, Passman offers authoritative information on how to Select and hire a winning team of advisors personal and business managers, agents, and attorneys and structure their commissions, percentages, and fees in a way that will protect you and maximize these relationshipsMaster the big picture and the finer points of record dealsNavigate the ins and outs of songwriting, music publishing, and copyrightsMaximize concert, touring, and merchandising deals This latest edition also includes information on Music downloads, webcasting, streaming on demand, and podcastingThe new video streaming servicesHow royalties are computed in the digital ageThe latest developments in deals with independent labels, including upstream dealsUpdates on all the traditional industry matters, such as royalties, advances, video budgets, and copyright lawIn All You Need to Know About the Music Business, one of the industry s most influential figures shows you how to thrive in the most exciting business in the world It s a book that no musician, entertainment lawyer, agent, promoter, publisher, manager, record company executive anyone who makes their living from music can afford to be without.

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    1 Blog on “All You Need to Know about the Music Business

    1. Abby says:

      For school. Already had a copy from over ten years ago, but finally updated to the newest edition. Passman is great about including accurate and relevant information as the industry continues to change. Have heard this labeled "the music business bible" time and again, with due reason.

    2. Matt Jasper says:

      I recommend this book to people through my work all the time (Disclaimer: I work in the music business). When I was hired, my boss commanded me to read this book. It really is the definitive starting point for understanding how the music industry works. You can get the overview, or the advanced view, depending on how far you want to dive in. Passman has a good sense of humor, even about subjects that can cause musicians' eyes to start to glaze in many other industry guidebooks. Be on the lookout [...]

    3. Ashti says:

      In my senior year of high school i interned at an entertainment compnay and 1 of my bosses sensed my passion for music and how serious i was about getting into the music field so she gave me this book to hlep me along the road on embarking into the brand new world!!!Very intuitive!!!

    4. Wontfor says:

      Was given this as a textbook for a class in school (Business of Music class) and it is a must-read for people going into the industry. Not just because it is greatly informative, but because it makes learning fun.

    5. Erin says:

      It was great overview and a must for anyone who wants to work in the industry, or just learn about the business side of it.

    6. J.S. says:

      Finished my preliminary read through for All You Need to Know About the Music Business. This is a book to have on the shelve for future reference. This is a must-have book for anyone interested in the music business as a career.

    7. Thomas O. Seiling says:

      For Anyone Interested in the Music Business This book was very informative ! Plus, it's written in a very informal style. I totally understand why it's in it's ninth edition. Great book !

    8. David Melbie says:

      This is probably the third time I have read this. I now own a copy and will reference it often.

    9. Vernita Naylor says:

      All You Need to Know about the Music BusinessIt takes gut and wisdom to become a part of the music and entertainment industry. It take much more to stay and make a living in it. All You Need To Know About the Music Business is a tool designed to help you to better understand all of the intricate parts that is being played in the industry. It is also a great tool to help you to see (if you do not have an idea) what type of role may interest you from artist, musician, engineer, publisher, promoter [...]

    10. Tue says:

      I took a fast approach to the book, as simply a music enthusiast. (The author recommends his own "Fast Track," as well.) The writing was entertaining enough for its arguably dry information (lots of royalty rates and music business lingo). But I took away some very valuable information about the roles in the traditional music industry and a vague idea of how much everyone gets paid.This book is truly geared toward an artist or band that is starting out in the industry, but I still found it a dec [...]

    11. Jane says:

      If I had known about this book when it first came out in the 1990's, my life would be dramatically different today. Or maybe not. At least I would not have believed that there was no hope for a normal human being like me to make a living in the music business; at the time I thought they were all either hopelessly skanky and corrupt, or else breathing rarefied air. All or nothing thinking tends to plague lots of people, not just the young.Now I know that if I apply myself even now, I could publis [...]

    12. Adam says:

      The 5 star rating is in the context of the book's genre. This is a manual/reference for anyone who wants to understand royalties, licensing, publishing and all the other eccentricities of the music industry. The book covers a lot of ground in enough detail to be useful but not too much as to bore the reader with legalese. It is also written with a dry humor that keeps things moving through some pretty dull topics. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how to structure music deal [...]

    13. Amys says:

      I bought this book because I wanted to know about record deals, music publishing, royalties, copyright etc.Passman's writing style (which is at times humorous) and the way he treats each topic makes this book an easy and interesting read. He also includes diagrams of industry structure and examples of how royalties are worked out. I've read this title once and find it to be a great source for reference.

    14. Chhaya says:

      This is an important primer if you're a working musician who wants to understand the industry you're in. Yes, the examples are pretty hokey, but important to understand. It's well worth reading also if you work with musicians or are at all interested in knowing how the music business pies are divided up. Full disclosure: I didn't actually finish reading this version because I've read THREE previous editions and just couldn't take any more talk of puppies and lemonade stands.

    15. Kimberly says:

      This book has really heped me learn the ins-and-outs of praciticng Entertainment Law. I liked how Passman discussed how the Entertainment industry operates and what roles the different parties play in the industry (i.e. agent, manager, accountant, lawyer). Furthermore, his analysis of the contract provisions that are common in Entertainment Law was incredibly easy to understand and helpful in my pracitice.

    16. Brad Branham says:

      A necessary book for anyone (musician, producer, or even just fans) who wants to understand the modern music business.It isn't *exciting* reading but it is informative and I really like that the author has kept up and released updated versions as business radically shifts through paradigms.I used it as one of my research tools for the writing of my fiction series about a rock band, "It Really IS Rocket Science".

    17. Garrett Cash says:

      This is the definitive book on the subject for a reason. An absolutely essential reference point for an artist who wants to remain astute in the pack of wolves. Passman is entertaining and loud out loud funny quite frequently for such a draining subject. Frankly, I was surprised at how much I already knew, and I'm not even in the music business. It's not as complicated as it seems. Keep this book for reference, get a good team, and go from there.

    18. Matthew Pierleoni says:

      As big of a book as this is, with it's fair share of complex topics and tricky mathematics, Passman's style of writing is approachable and far from dry. Even if you're not looking to get into the music business but just curious about how it operates, this is the book you want. Although, due to the ever-changing nature of the music industry, only go for the newest edition available, which Passman puts out every few years.

    19. Jay Cruz says:

      Since the music industry has collapsed, or starting over and reinventing itself, it all depends on how you look at it the irrelevancy of this book is not even funny. Specially this edition. I mean, it mentions A&R people. There's definitely good advice in it, copyright issues and what nots, but it's mostly founded on how the traditional music biz has worked. You can safely stay away from this one.

    20. Ian Whalen says:

      I forget which edition I read, but I believe it was an old edition because I remember him discussing the 'revolutionary' idea of sending music to people through their cable boxes some day. I still consider this pretty much required reading if you're going into the music industry so that you're maximally conversant in the language of royalties, mechanicals, etc.

    21. Alex Gordon says:

      pretty much the basics of my music business class in one book But you will need a whole lot more info I've read a ton of music business books and the best ones for me were ones written by folks who did at least one of these things: touring/writing/recording/producing/mixing/engineering/performing/booking/etc with real stories of their own.

    22. Neal says:

      Definitely geared toward the artist who is shopping record deals, but also a helpful book for someone just getting started who wants an overview of how the business works. This can also be helpful for someone interested in a career on the business side. Too much discussion of royalty computations, but it's written by an entertainment lawyer, so I guess it's expected.

    23. John Burns says:

      Seems to do a good job of clarifying the world of the music business (mainly the legal side of things) which is all very complicated but seems to sort of make sense when you study it. The ultimate test is how helpful it is to professional musicians who have to deal with the situations detailed in the book. I cannot personally vouch for it in this regard.

    24. Rushay Booysen says:

      Excellent read i was given a signed copy as a gift and i was very skeptical but as i started reading this book it got more and more interesting.You never to old to learn.I would suggest a copy for any serious artist.This book copies basically every aspect of the music business and the author updated it to include the new digital platforms

    25. Mr. Jones says:

      It made me think twice about getting into the business. Now i know what I'm getting into if i decide to continue down this road. Now i can only get robbed with my eyes open. Now i don't make such rookie decisions in music, life dealings.

    26. Garrick Jannene says:

      If you're in the music business or would ever like to be, this book is your new bible.If not, it'll bore you to tears. But maybe you should give it a quick skim to see what we have to put up with. ;)

    27. Serhii says:

      All You Need to Know About the Music Business: 8th edition

    28. Charles Yan says:

      Really really jam packed and dense full of information. Needs a few rereads if you aren't familiar with the topic and lingo like me. He does a good job at trying to explain everything in layman's terms, but a lot of the concepts still flew over my head

    29. Dustin says:

      A remarkably succinct, easy to read manual for success in the music biz. Though it occasionally bogs down in numbers (as does real life), Passman provides an easy to grasp approach to following the money in the industry, as well as how to get some for yourself, or your clients, as the case may be.

    30. Kate says:

      All the nuts and bolts on the music business including contracts, royalty splits, the functions of the manager, the producer, etc. The book is well organized, engaging, and written in layman's terms. *Note: I read the 6th edition, and I believe there is a 7th edition that is more up-to-date.

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