Martin Handford
The Great Waldo Search
March 23, 2019 Comments.. 497
The Great Waldo Search Follow Waldo into the realms of amazing fantasy Find him among gobbling gluttons battling monks carpet flyers great ball game players red dwarves nasty nasties fighting foresters deep sea diver

  • Title: The Great Waldo Search
  • Author: Martin Handford
  • ISBN: 9780316342827
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Follow Waldo into the realms of amazing fantasy Find him among gobbling gluttons, battling monks, carpet flyers, great ball game players, red dwarves, nasty nasties, fighting foresters, deep sea divers, knights of the magic flag, unfriendly giants, underground hunters, and many, many Join Waldo in the incredible Land of Waldos

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    1 Blog on “The Great Waldo Search

    1. Matt says:

      Neo enjoyed this book, as it gave him a chance to look and find Waldo and friends throughout this animated craziness on a page. Less 'read' than 'gazed over for long periods repeatedly'. Great to get that grey matter and eyes as sharp as can be!

    2. Mia (Parentheses Enthusiast) says:

      You might be wondering why this book is on my "hidden gems" shelf. After all, pretty much everyone has read or at least heard of the Where's Waldo? books. Well, it's because Waldo is wait for it hidden!I'll show myself out.

    3. Steph Sinclair says:

      I remember looking for Waldo with my mom and dad as a young kid, pouring over the book for hours. Now that I'm older and have my own kids, I can say with full confidence that this is the type of book that never gets old. It's still fun and becomes even more so when introducing it to a younger generation.The artwork in Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Adventure is still as amazing and complex as I remember. I admire the skill and time that went into crafting every puzzle in the book, hiding the clues [...]

    4. Megarah Mae says:

      this is possibly the most mind stimulating book i have ever read! the plot is a little hazy, but the concept is spectacular. anyone who has not read this book is a truly deprived soul and needs to pick up a copy as soon as they can!

    5. Nick says:

      Even after all these years, I still find myself looking for the damn shoe on the last page.

    6. Dave says:

      Seriously? You're reading my review of Where's Waldo?

    7. Selma D says:

      Where’s Wally? by Martin HandfordAge's I would use it for: 3+This is a classic book which can either be thought of as a book without a plot, or one with many. Following the journey of Wally (or Waldo) or the other characters in many different settings.I think that this is an exceptional book that can be used to encourage children to enjoy books. Although this book lacks a lot of writing I think that it is a great resource to accompany any lesson from ages 3 to 12.I would use it throughout prim [...]

    8. Sarah Sammis says:

      Wally, Waldo, Charlie, Walter, Holger, Valli, Willy, Hetti, and Effy. What do they have in common? They're all the name of a traveler who wears red and white stripes, jeans, glasses and brown shoes. Here in the States we know him as Waldo but he started his journey as Wally in Great Britain. The third book in the series by Martin Handford is The Great Waldo Search (also known as Where's Wally? 3: The Fantastic Journey) and was published in 1989.The Great Waldo Search requires astute attention to [...]

    9. Kaethe says:

      How much do I love these? You can find me sitting in a bookstore of library, unwilling to check out because I'd have to put them down for a few minutes. Surprisingly, the PandaBat didn't really burn out on them.

    10. Anna Motteler says:

      I loved these books whenever I was in Elementary school.It kept me busy and made me use my noggin.So if you're trying to work and your kids on getting on your nerves, plop them on the couch with one of these. =D

    11. Sarah says:

      This series is fun but, for my money, Hillary Knight's Where's Wallace is far superior. There is really no meat to any of the Waldo books and due, to their nature they are not suitable for read-alouds. However, some kids just adore them and I'm all for anything that connects kids with books.

    12. Rachel says:

      Oh Waldo, you wiley minx! You had me a couple times with your yellow suited impersonator, but I was not fooled in the end. Always an enjoyable way to kill time waiting at the dentist's office.

    13. Danielle says:

      My favorite Waldo book so far. It wasn’t too difficult but it was also challenging at times. Plus the scenes were a lot of fun in this book.

    14. Patricia Kaniasty says:

      Excellent entertainment for kids.

    15. Brandon says:

      Classic Book! loved this book as a kid and was happy to share it with my children. So glad i made the purchase!

    16. Jeraviz says:

      Recuerdo pasarme horas y horas con estos libros. Creo que si los encuentro volvería a echarles un ojo.

    17. Kaytlyn Witcher says:

      Where’s Waldo is a beginners book for children. It is fun interesting way to find Waldo who is hidden in picture. There are clues on each page that hints to find Waldo in the jumble of people and objects. Classroom: I would use this in my classroom for students that have finished their work before other students. It will not only help the students increase their reading comprehension because of the hints that are needed to find Waldo. It will also help their mind sort through pictures to find [...]

    18. Somerandom says:

      Over here, we call him Where's Wally?I think I own the Australian version of this one. Or maybe the one I own is completely different, in which case, this review is totally meaningless!In any case, what child hasn't tried to find that elusive bugger at some point? The man has officially won the Hide and Seek trophy, because he is an absolute champion. A stimulating mind game for children and adults pretending not to be interested in finding him, alike.

    19. David says:

      Much like Tolkien's epic, The Lord of the Rings, you read through this 'Fantastic Journey' with the feeling that, if Waldo were allowed to talk, he'd tell tales more epic than the furthest reaches of your imagination.

    20. Readergirl77 says:

      OMGjust completed the Where's Waldo Fantastic Journey book with Nathan and boy this took me back some years. We did fairly well until the Land of Waldos at the end. I think we spent more time on the last page than the entire rest of the book! He had fun though.

    21. Steve says:

      This is the Waldo book that really hooked me. The third in series, Martin Handford really bumped up his work on the themes of each scene shown here. Every scene is extremely creative and a lot of fun to explore. A favourite of mine as a child.

    22. Miss Ryoko says:

      It took me forever to find Waldo in the sea of Waldos! Haha! This one was a lot easier than the last book. There was only two pages I had a hard time finding one item on. Onto the next! (Where's Waldo in Hollywood I'm pretty excited about this one)

    23. Marissa Kesinger says:

      Its goood

    24. Don Gubler says:

      The fun goes on.

    25. Tara Frye says:

      This was such a cool book as a kid. I loved finding Waldo. I loved this book so much I bought a t shirt from forever 21 it's so cute. I just wish they'd make these books again.

    26. Rachel says:

      I found waldo. can you?

    27. Karen says:

      How can you NOT love Where's Waldo book?! The illustrations and setting are phenomenal and often hilarious, and Waldo is just challenging enough to find to make the books fun.

    28. AttentionSeeker tan says:

      nakakahilo si wally! its good to had it while your waiting or if you're bored, made you stress free haha

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