Lili Zander
Night of the Shayde: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Alien Vampires of Shayde Book 1)
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Night of the Shayde A Reverse Harem Romance The Alien Vampires of Shayde Book The Vampyrs of Shayde want than just my blood The first night I was bitten The second night I was hunted The third night the night I was marked for death I attracted the attention of three Shayde en

  • Title: Night of the Shayde: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Alien Vampires of Shayde Book 1)
  • Author: Lili Zander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Vampyrs of Shayde want than just my blood The first night, I was bitten.The second night, I was hunted.The third night the night I was marked for death I attracted the attention of three Shayde enforcers, the dangerous and enigmatic Vampyrs, Saber, Zeke and Nero.To earn my freedom, I just need to survive one night I need to make it through the ultimateThe Vampyrs of Shayde want than just my blood The first night, I was bitten.The second night, I was hunted.The third night the night I was marked for death I attracted the attention of three Shayde enforcers, the dangerous and enigmatic Vampyrs, Saber, Zeke and Nero.To earn my freedom, I just need to survive one night I need to make it through the ultimate trial The tournament of warriors The Night of the Shayde.But the Vampyrs want me for their own And everyone knows that whatever Vampyrs want, Vampyrs get.Night of the Shayde is a stand alone reverse harem romance Adult situations Snarky heroine who likes to swear from time to time 18.

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      262 Lili Zander
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    1. Ola Adamska says:

      This story was do quick in reading. It was Great. I loved the attitude of main Heroes made me fall in love with them.Great Story Full Of Action. pllot is interesting and kept my attention. Raven is strong and smarta$$. She is a girl That will always have Her way.Saber, Zake and Nero are Shayde. Some Kind of vampires. And They are protective but not in bad and unbeareable way.I greatly enjoyed That story.

    2. WhiteWitch says:

      Book #1, The Alien Vampires of Shayde. What more could you want than sexy vampyrs, alien planets, and a completely enthralling mystery?The Aertos galaxyheaven or hell? Depends on who you are, where you live. Raven Unnuk lives in Sector 23 of Boarus 4, an 0 positive human, the least of the least. Her parents were executed as traitors to the Shayde Empire. Imprisoned in the reeducation camps for a decade, surviving the Ice Deserts of Glacis, a miner for boarium, she's wary, isolated, and friendles [...]

    3. Mary Clark says:

      This was an excellent story and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending it. Though lonely at times, Raven is strong, courageous and compassionate, but has a distrust of the Shayde; understandable since they condemned her parents to death. Life in Boarus 4 is unforgiving and Overlord Zimmer has no respect for human life. All he cares about is his own ruthlessness and greed. Raven’s life changes when she is bitten; now she is in grave danger from al [...]

    4. Seraphia says:

      Night of the Shayde: A Reverse Harem Romance by Lili Zander is an engaging story from start to finish. In this book, we are introduced a young woman by the name of Raven. At a young age, Raven was left to be on her own. Her parents were accused of treason and "executed". They were murdered. For the crimes of her parents, she is sent to be "re-educated." Now, she is older and her life is once again in danger. After a night in the mines working, she is on her way home when she crosses path with on [...]

    5. Anne says:

      The general concept of the story is very interesting. For one, it's not just solely scifi nor solely paranormal. The human survivors (since Earth has deteriorated long ago) are on an alien planet system-Courus-wherein vampire-like creatures reside predominantly. The background story to that has been briefly outlined. Before, humans and shaydes are mutually dependent on one another. However, now on Raven's generation, humans have become slaves to most shaydes. That and losing her parents to the s [...]

    6. Kayla Pipkin says:

      Got to love vampires!Raven is an orphaned girl who had to learn to survive at a young age due to her parents being executed for going against the empire.She has been doing just that, surviving, but one night she is bitten by a shayde.One who looks on the brink of death which is unusual.After being bitten, she is hunted.She needs to find a way to get out of her current location.And there is only one way to do that, but she has to find a vampyr sponsor.I enjoyed this story.I think the general conc [...]

    7. Jody says:

      Nero, Saber, Zeke and Raven Raven shares blood with a Shade while under compulsion. This Shayde then told her to escape to Starr and find Karl Ivarrson. Then he proceeds to run and gets shot and killed by enforcers. She spends a couple days trying to avoid the enforcers that are searching for her. The humans live in sectors numbered 1-25. The lower the number the more rich they are. Raven lives in sector 24 and works as a miner mining boarium, which is used in space travel.Nero, Zeke and Saber a [...]

    8. Laura Elizabeth says:

      ***SPOLIERS***I just finished reading Night of Shayde. Raven, a human living under the rule of the Shayde (vampyrs) is bitten by a unknown Shayde who infects her with a blood disease that can kill the Shayde. The incident is caught on video and a team of Shayde (Nero, Zeke and Saber) are send to retrieve her for an individual with nefarious plans. Along the way, they find her and uncover additional plots that involve killing Raven, treason, debt and love. Raven has a mistrust for the Shayde, as [...]

    9. Jan says:

      It was alright. In the beginning I wasn't really sure as to what was going on. I started thinking of the Hunger Games when Raven put herself up for the games. Pretty much the story, when I finally broke it down, Raven has been on working in the mines for the Overlords for a long time. Her parents were killed by the Shayde (Vamps). On her way home one night she comes across a Shayde in need of assistance. He uses his ability to compel and drinks from her. But in return makes her drink from him. T [...]

    10. Kerri says:

      The overall concept for this book is very interesting and everyone loves s good vampire book! I thought that Raven is s great MC, she is strong, determined but very untrusting, for obvious reasons!! The planet she lives on is very cruel and rueled viciously by the vamps. Along come 3 vampires that start helping her out and they all start feeling for each other! Through a number of trials and drama they start to trust each other and fall in love. I felt that the second half of this book was rushe [...]

    11. Danielle Gumm says:

      This story starts out on a remote mining colony with a young miner named Raven. Raven has lived a tough life she lost her parents at a young age and survived a 10 year sentence at a “re-education” camp more like death camp! She is tough but does not have the best of luck. One. I gut a a shift in the mine so she is walking back to her pod and is compelled by a Shayde (what we call a vampire) after he bites her he tells her to run land that she is now in danger! Then in walk three new and dare [...]

    12. Rachel says:

      OMG! I loved it! It took me a couple of chapters to emerse myself into this new world but when I did I loved it! Raven was just the right amount of tough but vulnerable. And Saber, Zeke, and Nero were absolutely wonderful. We all need a trio of Vamprye like them! Great amount of intrigue. Good mix of action and romance. The world building was on spot. Just enough information to imagine it but not so much that you knew what every piece of fabrics in every room looked like. What I want to know is [...]

    13. Joann says:

      Absolutely Loved This Story!Night of the Shayde is an awesome book. I can’t wait for the next book in this series which I hope there’s another one because it can’t end like it did. Anyway this was the first time reading anything by Lili Zander and I must say I loved how she created the characters and the world, basically in so many words she’s awesome at weaving her stories I love her writing style. I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future. So I most definitely recomm [...]

    14. ❤ Fantasy Land Blog⚛Reviewer⚛ says:

      This is a different vamp reverse harem book for me. Raven a human is bitten by a rogue vamp. She doesn't realize that he leaves something behind.Saber, Nero, and Zeke are sent to find the woman that has been bitten. These guys are the best of the best in their line of work. None of these people expect the chemistry and emotions that come from their story. There is a lot that goes on, but it isn't hard to follow and is enjoyable. I would love to care what happens next. This story ends with a ques [...]

    15. Maura Pritchard says:

      ExcellentThis Reverse Harem storyline has three sexy alpha male vampires, Saber, Zeke, & Nero and a gutsy female, Raven. Lili weaves an excellent story packed with intrigue, suspense, and sexiness! Everything a reader could want! The action in this book kept me engaged and I couldn’t put this book down. There is an HEA but it ends in a way to leave room to write a sequel. I definitely want a sequel so I can find out more about the adventures of these four. This book is a part of the Night [...]

    16. Raina Collins says:

      A different take on vampires. The world we know no longer exists. To save humanity, humans traveled to the stars. Their savior is a race, shaydes, that are very similar to vampires. A deal is set that saves humans and helps provide the blood the aliens need. Several generations later, most humans are no more than slaves. The story follows one brave female who has lost it all. But fate or bad luck has changed her future. She must also give her trust to three shaydes if she wants to survive. Lots [...]

    17. Saskia says:

      3,5 starsThis is like Star Wars, The Hunger Games meet Vampires, all rolled into one story.I really enjoyed Raven as a character. She had everyone she loved ripped away from her when she was just a child, but she survived. She is a fighter and doesn’t give up, but she also has a great sense of justice and helping people.I loved the world building and the The Night of the Shayde. That was quite thrilling to read.For me this wasn’t really RH, but more a menage and I would have liked to see the [...]

    18. Keoki Ki`Ili says:

      Survivor's instinctRaven's life just got complicated, hunted by those who either want her dead or to use her as a weapon, she finds herself trusting 3 Shayde's. In little more than a week's time Raven's entire belief system is turned upside down. This story has trust issues, plots within plots and leaves you rooting for the underdogs to come out on top, you can't help but wonder how it will all turn out.

    19. Donna says:

      Absolutely loved this story, couldn't put it down! I really hope the author does a second books as I need those questions answered!Beautifully written so you can picture it in your mind perfectly. The characters were great and pulled you unresisting through the story from the first page to the last!Loved it but I need more!!!!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    20. Tammy says:

      Raven is an orphan and sent to a re-education camp where she learns to survive, until she is bitten by a Shayde. He tells her to go to Starra for help but can only do so is enter a tournament know as the Night of the Shayde. First, she must attend the Choosing and find a sponsor but she is also being hunted. Will she survive, will she find help? Fast-paced read with plenty of drama, suspense and very steamy. This is a Reverse Harem read with three sexy Shayde enforcers. A good read!

    21. Simone Billvik says:

      A great new take on vampires and their relationship to humans set in a new world. Raven (btw, love that name for a girl) is a human and have had a seriously rough life, being bitten and injected with a virus that can kill vampires gets her in contact with three vampires who will change it all for her. I liked the characters and the world this is set in. The MC is not a pushover and say what she wants to get what she wants. I want more of this series!

    22. book fairy says:

      I thought the world building and action adventure sequences in this book were great. From that standpoint, the series has a lot of potential. However, the relationship building was a little flat and the ‘sexy times’ felt forced as they were written into the worst and most unlikely spots in the story. I just can’t imagine going from fighting for ones life to group fun in a tent with very little transition.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review [...]

    23. Ann says:

      This was an interesting take on vampires. These vampyrs were also aliens. Humans of course are subjugated by the much more powerful vampyrs. Also they are classed by their blood types. The world that raven lived on was cold and had ice deserts. Raven was a great mc because she was strong znd independent. The three vampyrs she meets are sweet and caring buy also tough and brutal. Really enjoyed this one and I hope there is a sequel because a lot of questions were left unanswered .

    24. Tiffanee says:

      I got a ARC for an honest review. this story, at first took me a second to get into cause I was trying to understand their world. but the more I got to know the MC and how strong and determined she was I fell in love with the story and her. than seeing how her men didn't baby her bit treat as a equal I fell in love with them . I loved the book and can't wait for #2

    25. Heidi Petersen says:

      I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.Raven is a human who lives and works in a mining colony on Borous 4. She's clever and used to doing everything for herself after her parents were executed.Save, Zeke and Nero are Shayde (Vampire) enforcers. They've been sent to Borous 4 on a mission where they meet Raven and decide to sponsor her. Ultimately making her theirs.I really enjoyed this book and hope there will be more to follow.

    26. Estella says:

      This book was very interesting. This book has a Hunger Games type of feel to it. If you liked Hunger Games and Vampyres then you should definitely give this book a try! I will be interested to see if it will turn into a series or will it stand as a standalone!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    27. Badh says:

      Icy hotIt doesn't matter what name she is writing under, Lili spins a great yarn. She writes hot heroes and smart heroines. This is a great RH story. I hope we get more in this world with these characters.

    28. Karli Stites says:

      Love!Loved this book! The world and story was so interesting! Even though it’s vampires, it’s something entirely new! I also loved the strong willed heroine and her men! Great book.

    29. jade-chantelle says:

      Am really sorry but I did not like this book at all was really fast paced and abit all over I don’t like how she trust them so easily and they can’t live with out each other after knowing each other a few days just wasn’t the kind of book for me

    30. Karmen says:

      The story in itself was well written, the characters likable but the relationship progressed too quickly for me. The storyline is original, but I had some problem with Raven, I couldn’t connect with her. The ending leaves us with lots of questions still unanswered.

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