Rachel Ann Nunes
Winter Fire
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Winter Fire Fourth grade schoolteacher Amanda Huntington said good bye to her high school sweetheart when she realized he had fallen in love with someone else Now a year later she wonders if she ll spend the re

  • Title: Winter Fire
  • Author: Rachel Ann Nunes
  • ISBN: 9781590383827
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fourth grade schoolteacher Amanda Huntington said good bye to her high school sweetheart when she realized he had fallen in love with someone else Now, a year later, she wonders if she ll spend the rest of her life alone When she meets Blake Simmons, Amanda finds her life turned upside down Blake doesn t seem like the knight in shining armor she always imagined With twFourth grade schoolteacher Amanda Huntington said good bye to her high school sweetheart when she realized he had fallen in love with someone else Now, a year later, she wonders if she ll spend the rest of her life alone When she meets Blake Simmons, Amanda finds her life turned upside down Blake doesn t seem like the knight in shining armor she always imagined With two adorable children in his care, he is locked in an ugly battle of wills with their troubled mother and worries that the children he has come to love will be lost to him forever Will Amanda s relationship with Blake and the children only cause her heartache Or does she need him just as much as he needs her Published January 2005

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    1 Blog on “Winter Fire

    1. Beth says:

      LDS romance is like cheap chocolate for a reader’s brain. It’s sweet, I guess, but not really that good — and yet you can’t stop partaking once you start.I will say this about Nunes: she has gotten much better since when she began, and she’s helped open the genre of LDS fiction to other writers.Nathan sometimes asks me about the books I’m reading, and he knows that if it’s a Nunes book, someone is going to end up at the hospital, because that’s where the drama is. This time it di [...]

    2. Lindsay says:

      This book actually wasn't bad. There were some passages that were self righteous enough to make me cringe, but that's to be expected. There were many chapters of this book I enjoyed, and a few cute scenes that made me smile.Rachel Ann Nunes really is a good recommendation for LDS fiction readers. I believe she represents sexless romance at its best.

    3. Tyler Prince says:

      One of those gem sort of books! Not a blow me away kind of writing style, not incredibly surprising, but a sort of heart warming pick me up that everyone needs to read once in a while.

    4. Kathy * Bookworm Nation says:

      I was a little underwhelmed by this one. It kind of felt like a soap opera, more focus being on the drama than the relationship between Amanda and Blake. I guess I have a pet-peeve about relationships that move so quickly, especially under such dramatic circumstances. Having said that, I did enjoy the story (for the most part) and liked the characters. I guess I was expecting more of a romantic story, but it seemed more about Blake and his situation. I was also a little thrown when Paula (the ki [...]

    5. Apzmarshl says:

      I liked this book more than I probably would have, and that was because it focused on foster care. Nunes did a good job of describing what it's like dealing with an addicted primary family; the self centeredness, the lies, the excuses, the manipulation, the inability to care for their children, the family around the addict allowing them to make poor choices without consequence, and the judicial system erring on the side of mercy for the addict instead of justice for the protection of the childre [...]

    6. Katie W says:

      I love stories about how two people meet and fall in love--as long as they're clean. :) I also love stories that take place around the holidays.Amanda is a first year school teacher and when she accidentally starts an oven fire, which results in an oven that won't work, she calls in a repairman to fix it. Sparks seems to fly almost instantly, but.Blake has two kids. She later finds out that they're his cousin's kids. Long story short--it's a tender story which led me to really think about how ha [...]

    7. Brenda says:

      I was so surprised that I really enjoyed this book. It was full of kindness and hope and I couldn't help but like the main hero- he was always just giving his all. I loved the kid stuff too. Emotional and thought provoking in its dealing with substance abuse and the Family Services aspects of the book. I don't approve of a tragedy thrown into a book just for the purpose of a little heart tug however. It wasn't needed here and felt very out of place. Still, the book itself and story made me smile [...]

    8. Roberta says:

      Another great LDS fiction. This book made me cry. That takes a lot! Why do we sometimes enjoy reading books that make us sad, like a daredevil who likes to jump out of airplanes just for the rush?? This book made my heart ache for children who spend any part of their lives in an unfit situation or a custody battle. It made me grateful to have a safe and happy home for my little ones. I admit, I started reading it, thinking it would be just another cheesy love story, but it was much more than tha [...]

    9. Dorry Lou says:

      I enjoyed this book. It shows how children suffer when a parent is using alcohol & is on drugs. Blake Simmons ends up with 2 children that belong to his cousin. She loves the children but not enough to stay away from drugs & alcohol. Blake does all he can to care for them while he works and goes back to school. Lots of action as the mother is in and out of their lives. Blake finally meets someone, but what kind of relationship can they have?

    10. Susan says:

      If you like LDS romance novels, you'll like this one. I'd probably give it a 3.5 stars rating.It's about a school teacher who meets an appliance repairman and is immediately attracted to him, although she has vowed to never get interested in an uneducated man. He has two children which she finds out later are actually his drunken, addicted cousin's children, and he is taking care of them. Together, they try to save the children from their mother.

    11. Rayni says:

      I like Beth's comments. This was the first Nunes book I've read & it was an advance reader copy I got from the bookstore at work. I hope they got a couple of things ironed out before the final publication.I thought it was very predictable, the hospital scene surprised me, though. I wasn't too fond of the ending, things like that just don't happen. Being LDS doesn't make life perfect. But as Beth said, it certainly left it open for some spin-offs or a series.

    12. 04CarleeH says:

      This book is so romantic. It has great details about the characters which is really nice because then you can have a better picture if them. This book is really good! It's also super thrilling! There's always 2 questions in your mind while reading this. 1: what's going to happen to Mara and Kevin? 2: what's going to golem to Blake and Amanda? I feel like anyone in junior high up should read this book!

    13. Veneita says:

      I loved this book. Don't prejudge a person before you know where they are coming from. I do it all the time but this girl finally gave the guy a chance to explain and what a good guy. Loved the romance cuz it's real life drama. We are all too busy to see a good romantic man when we have one in front of us.

    14. Cherri says:

      4th Grade teacher Amanda falls for repairman - but there's a hitch. He has children, does that mean he has a wife? Substance abuse, family relationships, and a little prejudice get in the way of a great relationship.

    15. Betty Ann Baer says:

      The reason I rated this book so low was because there wasn't much of a story. Two people meet. They like each other but don't tell each other. On and on through the book, the same thing with different settings. I knew how it would end, nothing in the book was a surprise.

    16. Andrea says:

      This was fun to read in part because it was about many of the same characters from the last book of I read by the author. Technically, it would have been better to read this one before Chasing Yesterday, but I actually liked that I knew (in part) how this one would end.

    17. Michelegg says:

      I enjoyed this book so much. It was so packed with emotion and goodness. I loved Blake and Amanda, and the way thy loved his cousins' children. It was just such a good book, full of such purity and sweetness. I liked the way this book made me feel.

    18. Teya Peck says:

      How she can write with so much passion so much intensity is amazing to me. Real life issues in an interesting engaging and good book always is amazing. I almost tears several time and happiness. It was really good.

    19. Krista says:

      This was my first Rachel Nunes' book and I loved it. LDS Fiction can be really cheesy, but this one was not. The characters were developed well, and the conflict/storyline was great. It even made me cry! Highly recommended for a good, clean romance!

    20. Nadine says:

      Great story line, but somehow the telling of it just was having a hard time.

    21. Sara Shupe says:

      Read with a couple of tissues for the end!

    22. Brittany says:

      I love this book so much! I've read it at least six times! Amanda and Blake are perfect for each other!

    23. Brigitte says:

      A nice read, a bit too cheesy for my taste.

    24. Alysia says:

      Cute love story. Not a completely resolved ending, but almost

    25. Amy says:

      I would probably give this book 3.5 stars if they would let you. It was a silly lds romance, but I got into it and read it fast!

    26. Alicia Walker says:

      sweet, fast read.

    27. Alexblak blak says:

      this is a really good book! its a cute romance!

    28. Jacqueline says:

      I love this book I have read many times

    29. Jenny Johnson says:

      Well if you've read one LDS Fiction book, you've read them all. This one was pretty good though.

    30. Ashley says:

      Such a cute story!

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