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Unraveling an Enigma
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Unraveling an Enigma I ve known for months that Isabelle was hiding something in her beautiful chocolate eyes I just had no clue that it was something so mammoth Over the past five years I ve become accustomed to the vic

  • Title: Unraveling an Enigma
  • Author: Shandi Boyes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • I ve known for months that Isabelle was hiding something in her beautiful chocolate eyes I just had no clue that it was something so mammoth Over the past five years, I ve become accustomed to the vicious ploys some women undertake to capture my attention The spilled drinks, the damsel in distress Hell, I ve even been propositioned with money from wealthy business assoI ve known for months that Isabelle was hiding something in her beautiful chocolate eyes I just had no clue that it was something so mammoth Over the past five years, I ve become accustomed to the vicious ploys some women undertake to capture my attention The spilled drinks, the damsel in distress Hell, I ve even been propositioned with money from wealthy business associates in my industry just for the chance of occupying my bed for one night But Isabelle was by far the most elaborate ruse I ve ever come across The woman that invades my every waking thought is an undercover FBI Agent A stringent ruse to pry me of privy information that no one outside of my inner circle has access to I ll give it to her, though She performed well She played me like a f cking fiddle.Only now, after being arrested by Isabelle, do I realize that all of my assumptions and thoughts I had compiled on her have been terribly inaccurate I don t really know her at all She is practically a stranger.Or she will soon become one.

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    1 Blog on “Unraveling an Enigma

    1. Julie says:

      Freaking fantastic! I'm just sticking with my review on book 1 Isaac Holt is all I can say! *fan thyself*

    2. Ney Ney says:

      Hot read

    3. Shannon Godwin says:

      OMG!! These books just keep getting better and better. I have definitely found myself another author to follow and read. Isabelle and Isaac is a story you don't want to miss out on. I love how you get to read about everyone. The author really brings you into these books and you really feel like you are watching a show on tv. I am blown away with these books!

    4. Pam Snell says:

      Definitely another 10 star book in my eyes. Well I can honestly say this is the best book I have read this year and it is going to be hard to top. I loved the first book about Isaac because I was literally blown away and did not think I could find another book that could hold a candle to it. It tore my heart into a thousand pieces when it ended and I have been waiting to read this one and see what was going to happen.Isaac is still the best book boyfriend there is and he continues to make me dro [...]

    5. Amber Eckstein says:

      Unraveling an Enigma By Shandi BoyesFive Stars! Without a doubt my favorite author is Shandi Boyes in the year 2017. Why? Because her books eat you up alive, spit you out, and have you begging for more. And when she asks you ‘are you sure?’ You say ‘Yes ma’am.’ So besides Shandi deciding to have us on the seat of our panties her writing is just amazing. Simply there is not too much description but at the same time there is not too much talking. A healthy mix that authors sometimes do n [...]

    6. Alisha Kreider says:

      If I have ever wished there was a bigger star rating I could get it would be for this series. It is so good. I hate finishing one of the books because I don't want to wait on the next one. I am so deeply invested in the story I don't want it to end This series is one of my favorites. But out of all the characters Isaac story has by far been my favorite. Isaac is a worthy business man in his small town of a town called Ravenshoe. Isaac owns half of the town. Isaac also being investigated by the F [...]

    7. Liz says:

      “No one will ever fully understand an enigma.”This is the second book in the Enigma series. I would highly recommend that books are read in order for many reasons. One being that the first book ends in a cliff hanger and this book literally picks up right where the first one left off. Secondly, these are complex characters. Even though this book and the first mostly revolve around Isaac Holt and Isabelle, there are a lot of supporting small role characters that are explained and won’t make [...]

    8. Sara says:

      Unraveling the Enigma by Shandi Boyes a compelling and thrilling five-star read. This is the second book in the Enigma series and we get to see more of Isaacs story. It is recommended for over 18s as does contain scenes of a sexual and adult nature, as well as language that may offend some people. ‘Enigma is a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand’ Isaac Holt is one such thing, and would definitely be classed as an enigma. This is a love story, but not your convention [...]

    9. Mom's Guilty Pleasure says:

      Unraveling an Enigma by Shandi Boyes5 starsThis is the second book in the series. Book one is Enigma of Life (which was a fabulous read). I feel Shandi gets you caught up enough that you can read this without reading book one and not being lost. Howeveryou will be very disappointed if you skipped it and knew what you were missing out on. Enigma of Life is just too good not to read. Isaac is powerful, secretive, passionate, fiercely protective of those he loves, unforgiving to those who betray hi [...]

    10. Stacey says:

      Isaac is absolutely furious after discovering that Isabelle is a fbi agent and what is worse she's has months to tell him but she didn't so when he get arrested and see her in a vest you can’t understand why everything he thought of Isabelle and trust he gave her just blew up in smoke. He can't believe all this time she's been playing him he fell for her games he feels so foolish he trusted her and gave her a relationship something he doesn't do and this is how she repay him…. But is everyth [...]

    11. Katie says:

      5 stars but really deserves more! Unraveling an Enigma is the second book in what I can only describe as the outstanding Enigma series by Shandi Boyes! After I read the first book (which I did no put down once) I knew this was going to be a series that I was going to love but I don’t think I was prepared for how much I was going to love it! Again once I started this book I never put it down. I still don’t think I have ever been so hooked into a story like this one. There are so many twists a [...]

    12. Nicole says:

      Unraveling an Enigma: Isaac’s Story- Book Two By Shandi Boyes 5/5 Stars Unraveling an Enigma is the second Book in Isaac’s Story by Shandi Boyes.This book is the continuation of Isaac and Isabelle's story from Enigma for Life ( Isaac's Story- Book One ). I highly suggest you read the first book beforehand , to understand what's truly going on with their story. This is a very compelling story, with action, adventure and intense passion. You will want to find out what happens with Isaac and Is [...]

    13. Melissa Schaub says:

      5 Stars *****Unraveling an Enigma is the second book in the Enigma series by Shandi Boyes. This book is not a standalone and must be read after part 1, you do not have to read the entire Perception series (even though you totally should) in order to be able to follow along. This book picks up where the last one left off and Isaac is in the police department waiting to find out why the FBI has arrested him. He still doesn’t understand why Isabelle lied for so long, all he knows is that his hear [...]

    14. Renee says:

      Unraveling an Engima by Shandi BoyesStars: 4The ending of the first book has hurt Isaac’s and Isabelle’s relationship so badly that it may not be able to recover. Isaac has known that Isabelle has been hiding something from him for month, but now he knows what that something is. He is extremely angry with her, but the chemistry is still there. Isabelle is placed again in an uncomfortable position that is not really her fault. However, she is paying for it, both personally and professionally. [...]

    15. Shannon says:

      And then there are some books that make you say WTF did I just read! How can it “end” like that!? Why Shandi Boyes, WHY?!? That’s how I felt after finishing this book! OMG what a better story line this one has but with the same intensity as book one. I really felt like book one was just about Isaac and Isabelle’s uncontrollable sex life, but I can now see it was the building up for THIS BOOK! This story continues off right where book one, Enigma of Life left off. Isaac and Isabelle have [...]

    16. Danielle Marlowe says:

      Unraveling an Enigma is the second book in the Enigma series. The book is written by Shandi Boyes. You will have to read the first book before reading this story. This story picks up straight from the first book. The story will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is about Isaac Holt and Isabelle Brahm. Isaac is strong, powerful, protective, smart and possessive. Isabelle is strong, smart, loyal and strong. Isabelle is a F.B.I agent, she loves her job, she's great at her job, maybe too g [...]

    17. Maura says:

      Unraveling an Enigma: Isaac’s Story Book 2 by Shandi Boyes – 4 stars“Home isn’t where you were born or raised it is where your family lives. Family also doesn’t mean they have to be related to you by blood.” Isaac Book 2 starts right where Book 1 left off. It does have a quick recap, so if you haven’t read Book 1 before starting Book 2 – you will at least know where we are in the story of Isaac and Isabelle.“No one will ever fully understand and enigma” and while Isaac is the [...]

    18. Amanda Williams says:

      Unravelling An Enigma: Isaac's Story by Shandi Boyes is the second book in the series and for me is a five star read. I loved this book and found it to be better than the first book. What an awesome series. This book can be enjoyed time and time again. It is amazingly intense and the author prepares you for the journey for you to take alongside the characters really well. The characters and story development were perfectly done. This book was extremely well written and has fast become of my favo [...]

    19. Kelli says:

      Book Review: Unraveling an Enigma: Isaac's Story Book 2Author: Shandi BoyesFIVE STARSIn Unraveling an Enigma, we get more of Isaac's story. This book he discovers something about Isabelle and it could destroy everything he has set out to accomplish. How could he let his guard down and allow her to get so close? Now that he has discovered Isabelle's secret what steps should he take now?Isabelle has to get close to him for her job, but how close is too close? What if she blows everything? What sho [...]

    20. Kristy Watson says:

      Ends in a cliffhanger. Issac is furious to find out Isabelle is a FBI Agent. He loses all control when she tries to explain everything. It's kills her to see him so mad. She is put under investigation by internal affairs and put on unpaid suspension. Of course that doesn't stop her from trying to prove Issac is clean. Thanks to the help of Hugo and Brandon she uncovers more than Isaac could possibly handle. She will do anything to protect the man she loves. Even if it means getting her hands dir [...]

    21. Tammy says:

      Absolutely loved this book loved all the new characters, so much suspense and mystery makes this book a real page turner. Isaac will leave you wanting and needing more I highly recommend not only reading this book but the whole series

    22. Ary Alcantara says:

      WowsaThis series keeps getting better and better. Theresa she's the devil incarnate something tells me shes behind everything wrong going on

    23. Rasha Hanna says:

      Love this series This is such a great series. I definitely recommend reading it. I love the characters and Issac. I can't wait to read the next one

    24. Denise says:

      This story is part 2 of the enigma series. I really enjoyed it. So much suspense and mystery I couldn't put it down I needed to know what is going to happen next . Their is so much suspense and mystery that it makes this book a real page turner.

    25. Sue says:

      Unraveling An Enigma: Isaacs story Book twoAuthor Shandi Boyes5 StarsIsaac has been held I n an observation room since his arrest a couple of hours ago. Isabelle notices while his face is showing nothing but anger, he is still very handsome. Isaac tells Alex he has ten minutes then he is walking out as they have nothing on him and his hands are clean. Isabelle is nervous for her Isaac and can’t keep still while she is watching him in the room. Isabelle notices that with her movements Isaac eye [...]

    26. Laura Furuta says:

      Unraveling an Enigma: Isaac's Story - Book 2By: Shandi Boyes5 out of 5 starsThe story Unraveling an Enigma: Isaac's Story - Book 2 by Shandi Boyes is a romantic suspense book. This is book two in the story of Isaac and Isabelle. Isaac has known for months that Isabelle was hiding something from him. He just didn’t know that it was so large a secret. Over the past five years, he has become accustomed to the ploys that some women undertake to capture his attention. It goes as far as being propos [...]

    27. Jessica Graham says:

      Rate: 5 StarsTitle & Author: Unraveling An Enigma (Book 2 of Isaac Story) by Shandi BoyesWriting: GreatViolence: SomeSex: SomeI honestly could not wait to finally read this book, since in the last book there were so many unanswered questions. I’m more than happy to say that this book did not disappoint me at all. Finally, we get an insight on Isaac feelings and thought in all of this. I’ve been waiting to get more of a feel, about how what he must be going though. Though you get a really [...]

    28. Bobbi Wagner says:

      Unraveling an Enigma: Isaac's Story Book 2 by Shandi Boyes is the second book in the Enigma series. This story is a continuation of Isabelle and Isaac's story from the story Enigma for Life. This story has action, excitement, and hot passion. Once again their story will pull you into their world and take you our a journey of lust and suspense. Find out what happens to Isabelle and Isaac next!Isaac Holt is a man of mystery and danger all rolled into one. From the moment he met her, he knew there [...]

    29. Laura Marcus says:

      Unraveling An Enigma: Isaacs story- Book 2 (Perception #7)Shandi Boyes4 StarsThis is Book 2 of Isaac and Isabelle’s story. . Isaac becomes more dominating and protective over Isabelle. You also get to see why Isaac is so protective of his loved ones, and u get to see into Isaacs past. “My gaze darted down to the black glove compartment to silently contemplate. Although I wanted Isaac to interact with me, I don’t want it coerced out of him. I want him to talk to me because he wants to not b [...]

    30. Elena says:

      Unraveling an EnigmaIsaac’s Story- Book 2By Shandi Boyes5 STARS Thank you Shandi Boyes for another well written book!! This story is getting better and better with so many new twists with a few secrets finally exposed. If you read my review on the first book then you’re probably not surprised that I’m giving this book a FIVE star rating. The storyline is amazing and easy to follow, the chemistry of the characters is explosive and it will keep you at the edge of your sit. This is one of t [...]

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