Chasing the Alpha
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Chasing the Alpha The last thing Alice expected to see that night was her father The man himself who abandoned Alice when she was only just a newborn It s the first time Mark Smith has seen his daughter in eighteen

  • Title: Chasing the Alpha
  • Author: JessicaEdwards
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  • Page: 251
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  • The last thing Alice expected to see that night, was her father The man himself who abandoned Alice, when she was only just a newborn.It s the first time, Mark Smith has seen his daughter in eighteen years, but he has no idea the reason why he s been brought back to Small Town, and back into his daughter s life Will Alice be able to forgive her father for the pain and suThe last thing Alice expected to see that night, was her father The man himself who abandoned Alice, when she was only just a newborn.It s the first time, Mark Smith has seen his daughter in eighteen years, but he has no idea the reason why he s been brought back to Small Town, and back into his daughter s life Will Alice be able to forgive her father for the pain and suffering he has caused all those years ago, or will she put her feeling s aside, and focus on killing the murderer of Small Town instead

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    1. Jessica Edwards says:

      This book is now available on ! I hope you will enjoy this book! I’ve had so much fun writing it!Can’t wait to see what you think of it! ♥️

    2. Karen says:

      Full review 09/11/17 Okay now that it's early in the morning, I've had my sleep and I'm refreshed to start my review, (*deep breaths*) okay here we goWHAT DID I JUST READ? THAT WAS AMAZING, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, IT WAS PERFECTION! What an amazing end to a series! This series is my favourite this year, topped most of it. There was so much going on in this book, a lot of action, like a lot and of course the arguing and the fighting between the boys and with their enemies but the humour is always prese [...]

    3. Evgeny says:

      Some minor spoilers follow. Alice's father showed up and wanted to have some quality father-daughter time with her. Considering the guy disappeared shortly after she was born never to be seen again quality time with him was the last thing Alice wanted to have. There was a deranged serial killer (aren't they all deranged?) at large and Alice and her company were too bust trying to make plans to take him down. By the way in my opinion the identity of the villain was revealed too early and as a res [...]

    4. R. Kitt says:

      3.5 starsSome darker subject matter.Lots happens in this book, especially the emotional revelations of some of the character's backstories; you think you know someone 'shakes head', but you find out you don't know as much as you thought. I had my suspicions here and there about what was going on but I was never 100% sure. There was SO much I enjoyed about this book. Certain character choices (past and present) frustrated me, and one such time, particularly, I wanted to hit Ryder with feathers! F [...]

    5. ✿ Z A H R A ❀ says:

      HOLLY MOLLY this is my fav one sooo far concerning ( the action, the writing , everything ) !! THAT ENDING PLS i need the fourth book now !!! The epilogue broke my heart , i feel bad for max ugh , he deserves the world 😢 i feel bad for kellan too , i can sense the new love triangle here 😴💔 AS ALWAYS WELL DONE JESS !!!!

    6. Jane Shambler says:

      This is bad there a book 4?Ok, So! Just for the record. I hate you. :). This is a three book series? Yes??. So for the record, why have you made the ending the way you did? Or are you telling me book four is coming out for Christmas? If not, why not? I want, no need book four and sooner rather than later. Do not read this book on its own. You need to read this series in order or some things won't make sense. Yes, the editing could be better but it doesn't deter from the story. Also, for those wh [...]

    7. Fuzaila says:

      There’s more? Yeah? I wasn’t prepared for that. But hell yes! I definitely need more. You can’t end a book like that Jessica! It’s unfair. How many more days till the next book is up? *Prays for it to be soon*I actually thought this would be a 3-star read, because honestly, the first half of the book was kind of umm, scary? Intimidating? But then as always, Jessica made sure her readers are satisfied with the ending.**TRIGGER WARNING** - Rape, Violent thoughts, Murder, Excessive swearing [...]

    8. Cyndi says:

      Wow! Just, Wow!! When you pick up this book be prepared, cause you won’t want to put it down. There will be walking into doors, missing the handle of your cup of tea, and ignoring people around you.Alice and the gang are facing more challenges. Some pull them apart and some bring them closer together. She continues to learn more about her power while learning more about the people around her. Surprises everywhere! Especially the end. I’m so excited to see where this brilliant author takes th [...]

    9. April says:

      Smooth, entertaining read This book was a bit darker than the others but still easy to read. Finally Ryder and Alice got it together!! At some points I wanted to scream and shake them. Some parts were a little too high school drama but since that’s what they are, in high school that’s to be expected. I was really happy how we get to see the characters stories wrap up and questions answered, that epilogue thoI need book 4 now!

    10. Javi_starrysckeye* says:

      Urugh!! I loved it and hated it at the same time. Edmond is dead(YAY)! And cliffhangers are just unbelievably annoying!!🤯😤The character relationships are just so great! Especially Bane and Killan, Max and Ryder, and Alice and Sam/Ryder. Is Anna back or is that girl someone else? When/will you continue the small town series?(pretty please. 🤞😚😁) Again I have to say, this song list is also fabtabulous! If you ever go to a Kpop concert, Let me know! Plan to at least once before I die! [...]

    11. Aqsa says:

      It was the best. Ryder seemed off in this one. He found do many reasons to be angry and silent. I loved that he never left or badly hurt Alice through his words. Alice really did pushed him in some ways. I felt so so bad for Max. I just kept hoping that he'd get out of the mess he got himself into last year with Anna. I knew that the bomb will falls and the moment Max found out about Anna, I knew that that was it and that Ryder is going to find out. I didn't think Ryder would stop like he did fr [...]

    12. Ashlynn says:

      NONONONONO please tell me there's a 4th one. Review Section I don't really have much to say because the first review was so in-depth and I feel the same way, it'd be tedious to re-write the same thing. Still enjoy the writing style, the character development is wonderful, low amount of grammar issues, plot twists will knock your socks off, you see some of them coming though, you're the master and cliffhanger endings.

    13. Liz says:

      I was really looking forward to the third instalment of this series and had high hopes after the gripping stories of the first two. I certainly wasn't disappointed, Jessica Edwards has a way of hooking you into the story whilst making you care about the characters (even if you don't fully trust them!). Alice has so much to deal with, the twists and turns kept the story moving. Things come to light which weren't completely expected. I especially liked the ending, however, I can only hope that the [...]

    14. Taylor says:

      Oh my God! That epilogue was PERFECT. I loved it. Please, Jessica Edwards, write their story. I'm begging you. Chasing The Alpha was absolutely good. I'm so glad that the author didn't write so many things that would make this story complicated. It's just perfect. I loved that the flow was straight to the point. I am also celebrating because finally, finally my ship sailed. Sam and Bane, absolutely gorgeous! I loved them so much I've been rooting for them since Chasing The Omega.And again, pl [...]

    15. Fromeggtodragon says:

      "Wolves do exist in Small Town.I'm proud to say that I'm one of them."A little disclaimer : I'm not a native English speaker. That can explain a few typos and/or mistakes when it comes to English + there are probably SPOILERS beneath this point.The author, Jessica, was kind enough to send me this book : thank you very much once again !There is one thing I cannot deny : all of Jessica's books are addicting really quickly. I have literally read this one in less than 24 hours an even woke up early [...]

    16. Alaina Meserole says:

      This book was so good. Fucking amazing. I just can't believe how it ended. I NEED MORE!(view spoiler)[I loved Chasing the Alpha. I'm so happy to see all of my favorite characters again. I've missed them so freaking much.I love Alice and Ryder and I absolutely adore their relationship. I just didn't like their whole roller coaster ride of a relationship - if you could call it that. I total get that the whole Max killed Anna, who is Ryder's sister, was a major twist/bomb drop in this book but I wa [...]

    17. Alyson Stone says:

      Book: Chasing the Alpha Author: Jessica EdwardsRating: 4 Out of 5 StarsI would like to thank Jessica Edwards for providing me with a free copy. Well, I have now read all of the Small Town books and I must say that I like what I’ve read. I am wondering though if there is going to be a fourth book, but I didn’t think everything was wrapped up. There is enough open doors for a fourth book or even a spin off. This book picks right up where Chasing the Beta left off. Alice is on a revenge seeking [...]

    18. Sabrien Abdelrahman says:

      First of all, I want to thank the author for sending me a free PDF of this whole trilogy and am glad for the opportunity to be a part of this wild ride. This book was great because finally . . . Bane and Sam. Need I say more? No, but I will anyways. I'm just so happy with the last chapter it's making me feel all fuzzy inside. I can't say the same for the epilogue, however-that cliffhanger made the book have a "this is the end but still the beginning feel" which is why I can't wait for the fourth [...]

    19. Hiba Arrame says:

      Woooooo-hooooowww, I'm sorry, but you have no right to end the book that way *silently sobs* Like, can you give us an excerpt from Truth : Part 1 right now, please? Or just tell us the synopsis maybe? No?This book was far better than the last two in terms of events and suspens, and I cannot wait for the next one to come out so I can know what I can happen. (To be honest, I can't help but be sorry for Kellan right now, because I have a strong feeling that another love triangle is going to show up [...]

    20. Erin says:

      I really enjoyed this one! I read most of it in one sitting, I was really engulfed in the story! I can't wait for the next book! Also THE TWIST AT THE END! Again!

    21. Shaikha says:

      This is by far the best in the series; kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time!!! And that ending makes me want to read Truth RIGHT NOW!!! 🔫

    22. Theeeonlylimit says:

      I like this book as much as the second one. I'm a little bit sad that it's the end for now, but I hope that the fourth part will be published soon. I looking forward to reading what will happend next because the ending was really mysterious.

    23. Ren The Booknerd says:

      Did you just seriously ended your book with a cliffhanger?? Again??? Just kidding! But man, that was seriously awesome! I need to know what happens next! Pretty please. (╥╯﹏╰╥)

    24. Vanessa says:

      This was a very satisfying end to a good trilogy!At the end of the second book I was a bit sad that Alice couldn’t get any revenge for her mother’s death. However, Alice finally got her revenge now which I really appreciated! And at the same time she kind of accepted her dad and worked together with him. She even called him dad in the end, after hearing the reasons why he had left her and her mother when she was little. I’m still somewhat confused about the relationship of Mark and Nora th [...]

    25. Nasom says:

      What an ending and I enjoyed the plot twist at the end. Can’t wait to see how that goes.I really enjoyed this book and the plot. We have Alice who is looking for vengeance because of what happened to the people she cared about. We have Ryder conflicted over his feelings on his beta betraying him and what he had to do. Then we have Max who is keeping a secret only he and Alice know about. I liked how Ryder was less controlling in this one. We see that he is learning how to care for someone with [...]

    26. Jenny says:

      What I didn't like about this book:The writing is a little more repetitive in this book than in others. The descriptions are still strong, but it feels hurried, especially compared to Book 1, which I think is the best written.The cursing. I don't curse, but I know that practically everyone else alive does. I can handle it in books, especially when it's appropriate. I found that it really was in Books 1 and 2, but it got really prevalent in this book, and some of it made me cringe. That goes with [...]

    27. Alexis says:

      Let me just say a few words to sum up my thoughts. Oh my fucking word. I literally just sat here for a solid 15 minutes after finishing the book before I set it down. By the way, the last few chapters sound it sounded like I nice conclusion to all the shit that has been happening in Small Town. They got the murder. Alice finds out why her dad really left. Sam and Bane are together. Alice and Ryder are doing fucking fantastic. It seems like everything falls into place. Except for Max. The poor [...]

    28. Sam Lizárraga B says:

      4.5* I had minor issues, BUT OMG! THIS BOOK YOU GUYS! Jessica you're an incredible author and you must continue writing. Thank you so much for sending me your books.I just finished it. I'm still a bit shocked. I think I need to take some time to process everything and write the review.The thing is I'm just amazed of how Jessica has improve her writing style. This book was amazing, so interesting and fast pace. All the characters development, the fight scenes, the dark topics. I'm speechless.Oh a [...]

    29. Sailor says:

      Guys. GUYS. I’ve liked this series a lot so far but this book was A-MA-ZING! I literally coudn’t put it down because I HAD to know what would happen next. It was full of twists and turns, there was so much action and drama!Also, SPOILERS ALERT, that scene where Max finds out about Anna was one of the greatest I ever red? The tension of the moment, the build up and the amazing release when Ryder and the wolves arrive it was all perfect!I loved this book so so much y’all!

    30. Maria says:

      OMG! You are killing me Jessica Edwards. I thought this was only going to be a three book series! I need more! Now!!!

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