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Boss with Benefits
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Boss with Benefits What if every fantasy you wrote about your boss came true Sebastian Blackwell isn t only the sexiest man I ve ever met He s also my boss The way our every interaction is laced with with sexual energy

  • Title: Boss with Benefits
  • Author: Mickey Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if every fantasy you wrote about your boss came true Sebastian Blackwell isn t only the sexiest man I ve ever met.He s also my boss The way our every interaction is laced with with sexual energy makes my already difficult job that much harder.He turns me on so much, I constantly fantasize about him To the point where I find myself writing at work about what would What if every fantasy you wrote about your boss came true Sebastian Blackwell isn t only the sexiest man I ve ever met.He s also my boss The way our every interaction is laced with with sexual energy makes my already difficult job that much harder.He turns me on so much, I constantly fantasize about him To the point where I find myself writing at work about what would happen if we had an affair.It s not a big deal, I swear This is meant to stay at the purely fantasy level.Until he finds it.The cocky bastard sees every word I wrote.He keeps calling me into his office Toying with me.Every single fantasy I write about in my book Sebastian makes come true.This is supposed to be a purely with benefits situation.But this story has an ending even I didn t see coming.The Third STANDALONE book in the Blackwell After Dark Series

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    1. DawnMarieCarpintero says:

      5 StarsThis was an amazing book. I really loved the way the author took the book with the twisty turnie events though sometimes not so much that I really wanted to reach into the book and yell at the characters for making me frustrated.Hot and sexyHappy Sexy Reading

    2. MistiLong says:

      I want to say first of all I received an ARC on this book for an honest opinion. Second I want to be blunt and say I've been in a reading rut for a bit and was hoping this would do it. Third the typical billionaire bad boy romance I have had my fill of.Now I said that to say this. This book is anything but a TYPICAL billionaire bad boy romance. This author took the TYPICAL that seem to be cut and paste these days and turned it EXTRAORDINARY. His words captivated you at the first paragraph and th [...]

    3. Liz says:

      Boss with Benefits by Mickey Miller is the third book in his standalone Blackwell After Dark series. This tells the story of Sebastian Blackwell, of the founding family in Blackwell, and Brett Blue. This story was steamy and sexy. The sparks were flying right off the pages! Brett Blue is sweet, looks innocent but can be very, very dirty. Her life has not been easy. She grew up in a loving and caring family, but when her father passed away, they had money struggles. But she was determined to make [...]

    4. Megan Danielle says:

      Great Read!! 5 beautiful stars!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Mickey sure does have a way to captivate you from the beginning and suck you right in! I absolutely loved the character Brett in this story! She is like my spirit animal or something😂 Small town girl, intelligent and dirty mind to go with it!!! I was in such a book funk from reading a few books that were over the top and hadn't been able to get into a book in a couple weeks( I know😜) Mickeys uniqueness pulled me right out and I couldn't [...]

    5. Pat says:

      Wow! Mickey Miller has the gift of a talented writer that he can pull the reader into the story by the words that he puts to paper and that is exactly what this author did with me! As I turned each page of the well written storyline I was pulled deeper and deeper in as the story unfolded flawlessly between the characters!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. However, I loved it so much that I purchased a copy and you should too!

    6. Jae says:

      It was a boring one. On and on about how successful the hero was at everything.But that cover tho.

    7. Virginia says:

      This is the third book in this series but it can be read as a standalone. Boss with Benefits is the story of Brett and Sebastian. Brett starts to work for Sebastian and at the same time writes a romance novel about all the things she would like to do with him and the things she would like him to do to her. What happens when Sebastian reads her writing? Will Brett’s fantasies come true? Boss with Benefits is one steamy and fun book. The chemistry between Brett and Sebastian is really strong and [...]

    8. Julie's Book Land Reviews says:

      I just finished Boss and let me just say this should be a 10 star read instead of a 5 star book cause those sex scenes were so hot and the comedic timing was just perfect thank you Mickey Miller for another great read.I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review and purchased the book as well.

    9. Natalie Casey says:

      5+++Smokin Stars!!🔥🔥🔥🔥To say this is the hottest book written by Mickey Miller would be an understatement!! This book was soooo HOT🔥🔥🔥, you'll need to take a shower to cool off after reading this! The story was written so perfect, it makes you wonder if this was a "real life" situation😉 The chemistry between Sebastian and Brett is off the charts!! This has it all,, passion, angst, betrayal, and most importantly Love! I highly recommend this book! You will not be disappoin [...]

    10. Shelly Reynolds says:

      "I'm going to make you mine. My little plaything. You want to write those little fantasies on company time? I'm going to give you something to write about."I needed a fan, blowing full speed at my face, while I read this one!! All I can say is, HOT! Of the three books in this series to date, this is by far the hottest!Sebastian Blackwell has it all, or so it seems. He's a self-made billionaire, owning multiple companies and expanding his empire over and over. His time is dedicated to his success [...]

    11. Audrey Lei Lacambra says:

      An ARC provided by the author in exchange for the honest review.This is the third book of the Blackwell After Dark Series by Mickey Miller and it's Sebastian's turn. Our hot Boss Man is the older brother of Liam of Mechanic with Benefits. The cocky, sexy, ruthless businessman in the small town of Blackwell. While Brett our heroine is a daughter of farmer, a tomboy when she was still a teen and once work at the Pizza store that own also by Sebastia and help her before.Few years later they meet ag [...]

    12. Beyond The Covers Blog says:

      I want to start off by saying that I have loved all of Mickey Millers books to date. However boss/employee books are ones that I usually do not read. I will say that this was one of the few ones of that genre that I did like. I adored the character of Brett Blue. Everything about that girl made me want to high five her. She has spunk, determination, drive, and is not scared to go after what she wants. I don't know what cemented her as one of my favorite Mickey characters more her reaction to the [...]

    13. Janine - The world was hers for the reading says:

      Brett Blue needs a job. Of course, she didn’t realize she would be working for the man she just chased off her property refusing his offer to buy her family home. She didn’t expect to lust after him either . . . using him as the fantasy man she decides to write an erotic book about.Sebastian Blackwell is a bad boy billionaire and can pretty much do as he pleases . . . but Brett won’t give in and give him what he wants. He hires her, even though she really has no experience because he sees [...]

    14. Sherill says:

      A ROMANCE THAT SIZZLESPHENOMENAL/ENTICING - An unputdownable story - a romance within a romance as a fantasy comes to life; I was stunned as well as intrigued as I turned the pages to discover what happens next. This story was definitely unexpected and I absolutely adored it. Don't be fooled there is more to the story than just sensuous heated romance which spices it up; pent-up anger, drama, powerful vivid scene descriptions, witty banter, backstories giving you a peek at what makes the charact [...]

    15. Danielle R (Spellbound Stories) says:

      I love Mickey Miller! His books always offer a little bit of sweetness with a lot of sizzle and Boss with Benefits was no different. This is my fourth book by Mickey with the first being Mechanic with Benefits and although I liked it a little more then this one, I still can't tell you that you won't enjoy Boss with Benefits Having a man write true romance is still a fairly new thing for me. Honestly? I love it!!!! The dialogue has a different tone to it and so does the character perspective. I h [...]

    16. Betsy Pfaller says:

      Boss with Benefits is the third book in Mickey Miller’s Blackwell After Dark series. In Boss with Benefits we meet Sebastian Blackwell and Brett Blue, two people who are a little more alike than they think. Sebastian is the local boy turned billionaire mogul. Brett is a small town girl who dreams of becoming a writer. When Sebastian shows up on her doorstep the sparks fly, and not necessarily in a good way. Looking for a job, Brett ends up in Sebastian’s office where he finds out she is way [...]

    17. Shauna Stevenson says:

      Reviewed on behalf of Reading Through Her Eyes book blog.What a great introduction to the world of Mickey Miller! This book was a fun, fast, super sexy read.We have Brett, a small-town girl just trying to stay afloat after the death of her father, and Sebastian, a sexy, self-made billionaire whose main goal is to keep his hometown of Blackwell thriving.Sebastian needs Brett’s property for a building project, but Brett refuses to sell at any price. Brett then decides she needs a job to help pay [...]

    18. Dora says:

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.Wow, this book is an absolute gem that you NEED to READ! You did it again Mickey Miller!! If you like hot and steamy passion, scorching hot intimate scenes of an older man and a younger woman, then this one was well done. From the very first page, I was spellbound by these fantastically described charismatic characters that you will find yourself falling in love with. Sebastian Blackwell is so freaking SEXY! And funny in a cute way! And [...]

    19. Gab Mce says:

      I want a boss like Sebastian!Brett and Sebastian embark on an unorthodox relationship; employee and boss relations are taken to a whole new level with these two! Boss with Benefits is filled with sass, sexiness and quirky characters. I just loved it! I love how Brett gives Sebastian a run for his money from the moment they see each other and I love how Sebastian is captivated by Brett. The story flows so well and it is so delightful to read how Sebastian is so eager to help Brett with the resear [...]

    20. MrsChrisHemsworth says:

      I wish I could visit Blackwell and meet all these people. For a small town, it is concentrated with good looking kinky sexual beings all having a good time! Too bad they are all congregating inside Mickey Miller's head and we have to wait until he extracts and place them in the proper book when the time is right. The ones Mickey let come to play this time from the town of Blackwell is Sebastian Blackwell. He is rich, powerful, handsome, and of course single. He basically owns the most of the bus [...]

    21. Jeannie says:

      I wanted to like this story, but found it difficult to get into it. A small town girl, at war with the local billionaire businessman who owns the town well that's the first few chapters, and I thought ok, that could work but then Brett Blue seeks a job to save her family's homestead from Sebastian Blackwall and she goes to work for the man himself. Along the way she decides to start writing a romance novel and when Sebastian finds out he sets out to make all the fantasies in the story become a r [...]

    22. Tre Talbot says:

      You might think all office romance stories are the same but you haven’t read one as crazy as Brett and Sebastian’s. What starts out as a game of cat and mouse turns into so much more. The adventures of Lacy and Zane are off the charts smokin hot, who would of ever thought that fulfilling your deepest fantasies could actually happen? This book is an absolute page turner that will have you on the edge constantly wondering what these two are up to next. I adore everything about Brett and her mi [...]

    23. H.B. Jasick says:

      Sebastian and Brett. Well, they have a story worth checking out, and I’m about to tell you whyTheir chemistry is intense.Their moments are hot. Their pull is undeniable.Since I began reading romance, I have given all sorts of tropes a shot. Hot Boss office Romances would definitely make the top of the list. What can I say other than they are always naughty, and they always manage to suck you right in. This story takes that one step further. This story shows all the other office romance stories [...]

    24. madpharmd says:

      Absolutely loved this story! Mickey has a way of coloring the scene for you, that as you read, you become absorbed into the pages and experience the story! Sebastian and Brett and strong compelling characters. While their attraction may be instantaneous, they both want something the other is not willing (or ready) to give. Brett stands up for herself in from of the wealthy alpha and holds her beliefs strong. And the alpha appreciates it! As their professional relationship progresses (she ends up [...]

    25. SherylParent says:

      Boss With Benefits This is the second book of Mickey Miller's that I have read and it will not be the last. I just one clicked all his other books.Brett Blue is a down home country girl trying to keep her families ranch. Sebastian Blackwell is a self made Billionaire that owned most of Blackwell. He tries to buy Brett's family home for more than it's worth but Brett still will not sell even though they need the money. She gets a job working for Sebastian and on the side she is writing a romance [...]

    26. Maria Hunt says:

      Sebastian Blackwell is not your typical bad boy billionaire. He's the local boy turned billionaire. He has taken and invested his money back into his hometown and hopes to help it grow. His plans come to a halt when Brett Blue thwarts them. Brett has dreams of becoming a writer but needs some inspiration. In the meantime she takes a job working for Sebastian. Brett is intelligent, feisty, and oh how I loved her dirty mind. Things get interesting when Sebastian reads a part of Brett's book and wa [...]

    27. Mackenzie Bibliophile says:

      Oh my! That was my first thought after finishing this book! In my opinion the Blackwell series was 50/50 but after the release of Mechanic with Benefits I had high hopes for this one. I was not disappointed! This story was hot as heck! Honestly the steamiest thing that has come from this author that still had a real story behind it. It's a difficult line to balance between an extremely dirty story and still keep an Interesting plot line without making it feel like literal porn in book form. And [...]

    28. Maria says:

      Love a down to earth corky boss 😍This an amazing book. Brett will stand up to the town developer to keep her home and in the process get a job with him. In the meantime she thinks of how to make money to keep her home. Something she loves: writing.Enters Sebastian, HAF corky boss, back into Bretton life. He doesn't remember her. She shocks him twice: turns down a great deal regarding her home, and then by applying for a job at his business. But Brett is not just beautiful, she is smart and fu [...]

    29. Julie says:

      Funny, Witty, Sweet & SexyI laughed a lot while I read this one. I highlighted a lot of lines that had me laughing. There’s a book within a book being written by Brett, giving her and Sebastian the excuse to “try out” scenarios for her erotic romance novel. Sebastian is all too happy to fill the role as lover, because he’s already a goner for her. :-)Mickey Miller makes this premise work in a way that isn’t creepy; because face it, there’s a power differential between an employer [...]

    30. Natalie says:

      A Steamy Workplace RomanceWhat do you get when you cross a sassy Southern woman with a cocky small town billionaire? One steamy, sexy story about a kinky office fling turned relationship! I loved both MC's! Brett, who was a seemingly innocent girl trying to save her family's farm, who turned out to be a budding author with a wild side. Her sass was refreshing, and she wasn't afraid to say what she felt. And Sebastian, a self made billionaire who initially came off as arrogant that turned out to [...]

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