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Bloodlines Struggling to cope with their dark vampire legacy Anne Marie Montclair grieves over her mother s tragic death while her twin brother Paul is torn between his love for his sister and his hatred tow

  • Title: Bloodlines
  • Author: Janice Harrell
  • ISBN: 9780061062476
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Struggling to cope with their dark vampire legacy, Anne Marie Montclair grieves over her mother s tragic death, while her twin brother, Paul, is torn between his love for his sister and his hatred toward the father who had abandoned him.

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      158 Janice Harrell
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    1 Blog on “Bloodlines

    1. Unapologetic_Bookaholic says:

      This is a great book. A set of twins move in with a relative after their Mother is killed. Then they find an odd behaving aunt who jogs at night and family secrets.This book took me back to a time in middle school when I'dstay up reading and reading late into the night. I want to continue the series and search out other series/books by this author. It is not often, these days, in my adulthood I find YA novels I like. V C Andrews is about the only YA author I'll auto buy. I am glad to see another [...]

    2. Ashke says:

      I read this series twice 20 years ago because I couldn't form much of an opinion on it. It appeared to be a cheesy mess, but I liked vampire stories too much not to finish it and attempt it a second time. I started reading it again last night, as it was making me nostalgic as it collected dust on the shelf, and went at least 200 pages in before the writing and dialogue started to wear me down- it was even worse than I recalled. The plot is a slight shade of goal-less, the way the characters inte [...]

    3. Amanda says:

      The thrilling story of a sister and brother torn apart by the unthinkable secret that is their destinyNE MARIE MONTCLAIR: Devastated by her mother's tragic death, she hungers for an escape from her misery. Must Anne Marie abandon her beloved twin brother to find the happiness she craves?PAUL MONTCLAIR: Haunted by his contempt for the father who abandoned him, he searches for the power to forget his past. When Paul's hatred drives him to betray Anne Marie, can he regain the trust of the only pers [...]

    4. Sakura Koneko says:

      It is a little hard to write a review for this book as I read it over ten years ago, which made me about 11 at the time.I know I liked the book, because I ended up reading the entire series. But back then I'd read just about every Young Adult vampire series that was out.I would like to get this book again someday, if I can find a used copy. So I can re-read it and put up a better review, as well as relive my childhood memories. I'd suggest this book as a good gift for the young vampire novel rea [...]

    5. NatFran says:

      Now that I have reread this fifteen years later, I can say that I know why I liked it in my youth but I cannot say that it created as much of an impact in adulthood. I always liked the idea of twin siblings, who sharing thoughts and quirks, experiencing the reentry of their father in different ways. Paul's reaction continued to frustrate me and I felt that Ari could have been a stronger character. Aunt Gabrielle seemed almost humorous to me and in some ways I liked her. She was charming and cari [...]

    6. Marna says:

      Harrell is queen of the awkward segue. This series is super fun so far but like all of her books, lose steam and start to run on as a way to try and fill three books. This is even worse here because she added a FOURTH volume. Once again, a rustic retreat cottage is central to the plotrt of. Since I'm definitely guilty of the same derivative tactic in my own work, maybe I should not have mentioned it. But you will have lots of fun reading about psychopathic vampires and families and twins and stu [...]

    7. Kathleen says:

      I needed a palette cleanser after my attempt at Book of Numbers, and I conveniently happened across this copy of an old favorite. I haven't read this series in 20 years, but it was just as fun as I remembered. Palette cleansed!

    8. Kate says:

      This was a pretty good series. What I still remember is their weird fangs, though--if they were about to bite someone and got interrupted, the fangs were really long and pointy and got all folded up in their mouths making it hard for them to talk.

    9. Pamela Scott says:

      It is a well written vampire series it lets you really connect with the characters and always wanting more a must read for a paranormal lover

    10. Izzy says:

      great book left with a great cliff hanger so u want to read more

    11. Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect says:

      I read this one many years ago, don't remember anything about it but I know I didn't seek out any of the other books except the 1 at the library.

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