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Where Is Joe Merchant?
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Where Is Joe Merchant Where is Joe Merchant That s what his sister Trevor Kane the hemorrhoid ointment heiress wants to know For Desdemona Merchant is the missing link in her ongoing communications with space aliens Ta

  • Title: Where Is Joe Merchant?
  • Author: Jimmy Buffett
  • ISBN: 9780156026994
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where is Joe Merchant That s what his sister, Trevor Kane, the hemorrhoid ointment heiress, wants to know For Desdemona, Merchant is the missing link in her ongoing communications with space aliens Tabloid journalist Rudy Breno only cares that Merchant gets bigger headlines than Elvis And for renegade seaplane pilot Frank Bama, the mystery of the presumed dead but ofteWhere is Joe Merchant That s what his sister, Trevor Kane, the hemorrhoid ointment heiress, wants to know For Desdemona, Merchant is the missing link in her ongoing communications with space aliens Tabloid journalist Rudy Breno only cares that Merchant gets bigger headlines than Elvis And for renegade seaplane pilot Frank Bama, the mystery of the presumed dead but often sighted rock star is turning his life upside down In his debut novel, Jimmy Buffett cooks up an irresistible gumbo of dreamers, wackos, pirates, and sharks, as he leads Trevor and Frank on a wild chase through the Caribbean Islands to a place where anything can happen and everything does.

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    1 Blog on “Where Is Joe Merchant?

    1. Mimi says:

      I can honestly say that this book appealed to both the avid reader AND the avid Parrothead in me! This was interesting and entertaining, with a typically Jimmy Buffett exotic setting and some fascinating and bizarre characters. Characters such as Frank Bama, Trevor Kane, Blanton Meyercord (my personal favorite!), Rudy Breno, Charlie Fabian, Colonel Cairo and of course the amazing Desdemona all made this a hard-to-put-down story.A special note for Parrotheads: Although this is a book for anyone w [...]

    2. Kevin Findley says:

      Certainly not the best book I've read in a few years, but it was definitely one of the most fun books I've read in a long time. It is difficult to talk about Frank Brillo and his cast of characters without giving something away. I won't even try, so I'll just say this:You will smile and laugh as you read it. You will gasp at the danger and love the ending.Read it!

    3. David Ward says:

      Where is Joe Merchant? by Jimmy Buffett (Mariner Books 1992) (Fiction). Is there anything Jimmy Buffett doesn't do well? It's not enough that he's a fantastic singer/songwriter with a devoted ban of fun-loving followers (The Parrotheads), it turns out he's a fine fiction writer as well. In Where is Joe Merchant?, Buffett creates a rock and roll star who has disappeared into the Caribbean. There are sharks, rum drinks, and space aliens; hilarity ensues. Well done, Jimmy B! My rating: 7/10, finish [...]

    4. Jen says:

      I must confess, I'm not usually one for fiction, but I have loved this book since I read the cover. I still can't place my finger on what I love so much about it, but I think it's just the general nature of the book. It just has character. It had a lot of character investment and a multiple layered plot - those two things together make any book enjoyable to me. I couldn't put it down, and I still can't when I read it, which is quite frequently. It is definitely a favorite.

    5. Perry says:

      I have a Parrot Head friend who insisted I read this book. Said it was his summer time ritual :) I have to admit I was pretty surprised at how much I liked it. Perhaps the characters are a bit too kooky and over the top at times but hey its meant to be a fun read.

    6. Jim Townsend says:

      A fun romp involving pirates, mercenaries, flyboys, a talking dolphin, and prostitutes, all looking for a dead rock star who may or may not be really dead.

    7. John Patterson says:

      If you have any sence of island adventure any where in you this story will take you into Jimmy's world and leave you wanting more. This is one story that should have never ended. I read this years ago and am still left wanting more. You don't have to be a dire hard parrot head to get taken into this magical world where pages come alive and take you beyond where you are into a far far better place. I still miss being there.

    8. Kristal says:

      Nothing beats island-hopping around the Caribbean, chasing after the love of your life while running from pirates and bounty hunters and jet ski killers. And a cosmic physic who talks to dolphins! What a fun ride! Definitely earns the tag 'beach read'.

    9. Lynette says:

      OK - this book was just fun fun fun. I loved it. It's ridiculous and hilarious and I loved it. The. End.

    10. Patti says:

      Jimmy Buffett is a good story-teller. Count on beaches, adventure, friends a fun, easy read. Some of his ideas are out there, but hey -- why not? Tall tales are part of story telling.

    11. Lori says:

      The only reason this book got published is because the author is Jimmy Buffet. Please stick to song writing and skip the novels!

    12. Jerry-Mac says:

      I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/13599398

    13. Heather O'Brien says:

      I loved this book so much. As if it's not enough that I adore Jimmy Buffett's music - he had to go and become a great storyteller, too? Man. Wish he'd write more like this. Adored it. Made me want to move to Floridaeven more than I already do.

    14. Tim Williams says:

      Maybe my favorite beach read. Whodunit sort of vibe in paradise.

    15. Jeanne Daly says:

      A fun and interesting read. I had a bit of a hard time keeping track of a few of the characters and how they related to each other and the story but that could just be me.

    16. Vickie says:

      It started out a little slow, once it got going it was pretty funny and full of adventure, satire, aliens, mercenaries and more

    17. Michelle says:

      Read this looooong before I got on . I think I remember liking it, but it’s not Hiassen. Or even Barry.

    18. Drew says:

      3.5 - Hurricane Irma reading

    19. John Sperling says:

      This book has elements of Stephen King and Carl Hiassen: it's funny, dark, scary, and ridiculous. Buffett tells a good story.

    20. Mike Demers says:

      Sure made me yearn for an island vacation. Read it to see how Jimmy, a legendary singer, would do as a writer. To my surprise, great! He tells tales with the best of them! Fun and light tale of who dunnit and how and a fanciful style, to boot.

    21. Diane says:

      Fun, fun, fun!

    22. Robyn says:

      This book is like Buffet's music. Something of an acquired taste, not exactly technically great, but fun all the same. Full of stereotyped but entertaining people doing crazy, outlandish things, this book defies easy categorization. Is it a mystery? Adventure? Sci-fi? Yes. It's all of those with a happy ending.

    23. Shelby says:

      Great beach read. This book took me entirely too long to read. Not all the book’s fault. I had to be in the mood. It’s a Jimmy Buffet song in novel form. There were parts that were a tad too violent for my taste (and not JB song like at all), but worked in the story. I liked finding lines from songs weaves into the story. I like it!

    24. Tom Burns says:

      This was easily the worst damn book I ever read! I'm embarrassed to admit I even read it. My only consolation is that I was locked up in Cook County Jail and it was the only book floating around my deck that no one wanted to read. It was the only thing there freely offered that nothing was asked in return for.

    25. Lindsay Racen says:

      This review is a bit difficult for me because I hate writing anything negative about an author and person I so highly respect. I was inspired to read this book primarily because Jimmy Buffet, aside from being a legendary songwriter, wrote A Salty Piece of Land which remains one of my favorite books of all time. I read the synopsis of Where is Joe Merchant? and understood that it was a bit different than the title I fell in love with but I didn't quite get by how much. So that in part may have be [...]

    26. Toby Brennen says:

      "Where is Joe Merchant?" reads like a Jimmy Buffett song - whimsical, fun, sometimes hard hitting and often thought provoking. A true 'what if' story that can make you think about our interconnectedness with each other, the universe, and ourselves. On the surface the story is quite simple, a carefree bloke (and our hero?), Frank Bama, desires a simple life and expects little from it. A former love of his life returns, making his life complicated, both physically and mentally - asking him to help [...]

    27. David Erickson says:

      Frank Bama, a seaplane pilot working out of the Florida Keys, gets embroiled with an extreme journalist, Rudy Breno, in the hunt for a rock star who purportedly killed himself five years before. It takes him to the seamier parts of the Caribbean where he runs into his old flame, the rock star’s sister, Trevor Crane and everything comes apart.Crazy bad guys keep trying to kill Frank while they’re busy killing other bad guys, while a panoply of whacky and unusual characters drift in and out of [...]

    28. Catsalive says:

      bookcrossing/journal/4Didn't enjoy this much. A bit too wacky and blokey for me. Five years ago, the rock star Joe Merchant committed suicide, yet he keeps popping back into the tabloid headlines like a piece of toast. Spotted everywhere from Cincinnati to Atlanta, the dead guitarist is now more famous than ever. Could he actually be alive?Where is Joe Merchant? For Frank Bama, the quest to find him is just one more excuse to flee Key West and change latitudes. For Trevor Kane, the hemorrhoid-oi [...]

    29. Stephanie Holcomb says:

      Oh, Jimmy Buffett. Not a bad book. Not great, better than Tales from Margaritaville though. Too many characters and "hard to picture them in my head" too, as they were not described physically enough (just a little, maybe). The only one I could picture was Root Boy, and he was funny. And a woman named "Trevor" is hard to picture as a woman. Every time I ran across her name, I had to remind myself she was a girl, especially since she wasn't physically described mush either.Way too many people inv [...]

    30. Judi says:

      This is a light hearted, but surprisingly good, novel from the famous Florida Keys singer-songwriter. Joe Merchant, a rock singer, is missing. His sister Trevor Kane, asks her ex-lover Frank Bama to find him. The book is about seaplanes, noise polluting Jet Skis, dolphins, crystals and lots more. There is a precious scene with Bama landing his seaplane in Cuba, leaving it unguarded while Castro takes it out for a sneak flight. I have to assume that if you are true Parrothead you have read this a [...]

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