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Planning Penelope
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Planning Penelope Alexander George Bishop V has an obsession He controls every detail of her life and she doesn t even know he exists Everything always goes as planned until it doesn t

  • Title: Planning Penelope
  • Author: Erin Lockwood
  • ISBN: 9780692889275
  • Page: 172
  • Format: None
  • Alexander George Bishop V has an obsession He controls every detail of her life, and she doesn t even know he exists Everything always goes as planned until it doesn t.

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    1 Blog on “Planning Penelope

    1. Aɤɩ says:

      Whoa. Talk about one creepy mindfuck. But I really can't say that I did not totally love it lol.

    2. Bex | says:

      Have you ever been so intrigued by a blurb that you just have to know more about the book immediately? That’s what happened with me and Planning Penelope. The tiny little blurb lead to me seeking out an excerpt of the story, which lead to picking up the book, which lead to me not putting it down for anything and reading it in one sitting. I mentioned this book to a friend recently and said, “It’s like getting a story from a “Criminal Minds” unsub’s perspective”. Yes, being inside t [...]

    3. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:

      4 creepy stars!!Not exactly what I was expected still really good.It was captivating and faset paced .Review to come!!!   

    4. Sara Blanchard says:

      So I read and enjoyed the author's debut novel, and I have to say that this book impresses me even more than her first. It's so compelling!! Planning Penelope was an easy read but with a storyline that I've never stumbled across before - a stalker? From this perspective? A book that makes you even sort of sympathize until suddenly you're like whoa, who ARE these people? I won't give anything away, but it's definitely a book to pick up this summer.

    5. Daphne Manns says:

      Planning Penelope kept me engaged and in suspense for the entirety of the book. My feelings toward the main character ranged from empathy to horror to disgust, and back (more than once!) throughout the story line.The suspense building throughout the book kept me hooked and I was completely surprised by the twists and turns of the ending. I highly recommend this book as a guilty-pleasure read.

    6. Melissa Parnell says:

      I was so intrigued reading about this book. I had to know more. I signed up not quite knowing what to expect, but I was so glad I did.This book is so different from anything I have ever read. It is deliciously dark and conflicting. I have never felt so conflicted over a character. To be in the head of the stalker and to get their perspective. It excited me and creeped me out. I wanted to know more. I even sympathized with the character some. However, there are so many twists and turns you will n [...]

    7. Alison Repp says:

      I was a beta reader for Planning Penelope and the book blew me away! I've never felt anything like this while reading a book. The author told the story from a disturbed individual POV, but in a way that I could relate to, which was very unexpected. I was so conflicted on whether I loved or hated Alex. Just when I thought I was on his side, BAM, he does something that completely throws me for a loop. The originality and the writing were fantastic. Highly recommended!

    8. Lauren says:

      I loved this author's first book. But I have to say, this one is even better! I never thought I could sympathize with someone so twisted. I couldn't put the book down, it was so enthralling. I read it in one sitting!

    9. Sharee says:

      This book came out of nowhere for me. I randomly came across on a book list. It said stalker alert so I was in. If you have read a book like You by Caroline Kepnes then you will definitely like Planning Penelope. The blurb is below, although it doesn't give anything away which is great because you should really go in with as little information as possible. I'm going to try to convey my love for this book, while not give too much away. Basically Alex is obsessed with Penelope. He knows every asp [...]

    10. Danielle says:

      Planning Penelope! This book had everything you would hope for it to. The premise itself is so intriguing. We're getting a first person narrative from the point of view of a full-fledged stalker--a brilliant, fascinating man with a tendency toward obsessive and controlling behaviors. So the book is a multi-layered character study not only of him, but also Penelope through his eyes. It's a tall order but the author pulls it off. The plot delivers all of the suspense you would hope for as Alex los [...]

    11. Jamie says:

      I read this book in one sitting - I couldn't get enough! The author's writing is sufficiently descriptive to take you to the scene, but allow enough imagination to fill in the gaps. I've read another of her books and felt the same way - her writing really works for me!Ms. Lockwood has written a compelling story to show that everyone has their secrets!

    12. Caren says:

      I loved this book. I was captured by the very first line all the way to the very last line. It was soooo creepy. But I was still completely sucked into the main character's life. I really, really loved it. I've never read a book like it before .

    13. Melissa says:

      C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!!! And I devoured every delicious word. I could not put it down. Every free moment I had my nose in my Kindle. Erin Lockwood is a genius with the written word. A super fascinating and intriguing read following every mapped out moment of a stalker. Infinite stars!!!!!!

    14. Doreen says:

      Creepy stalker written in 1st person

    15. Tya McGuiness says:

      This book turned out to be really adorable, well in a twisted kind of way. BUT adorable none the less.i loved how it showed us a glimpse of how an obsessive person thinks and acts around in public, i enjoyed being inside Alex's head, and how everything turned out the end, humans are made up of spontaneous actions and a plethora of choices & experiences that make them unpredictable, yes there are some that be read so easily - predetermined as some might say but there are so many variables inv [...]

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