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Never Enough
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Never Enough It s a simple enough transaction Marisol needs the money and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras No feelings No strings No falling for anyone I ve been clean for months but my recor

  • Title: Never Enough
  • Author: Roxie Noir
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: ebook
  • It s a simple enough transaction Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras No feelings No strings No falling for anyone.I ve been clean for months, but my record company s not satisfied Apparently it s not enough to only kick a heroin addiction they re insisting that I find a girlfriend as well If I don t, they pull DirtshineIt s a simple enough transaction Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras No feelings No strings No falling for anyone.I ve been clean for months, but my record company s not satisfied Apparently it s not enough to only kick a heroin addiction they re insisting that I find a girlfriend as well If I don t, they pull Dirtshine s massive record deal.It s supposed to show I ve changed my ways, that I ve turned over a new leaf, all that rubbish But I ve had it with wankers in suits sitting in their corner offices I m on the verge of telling them to go f ck themselves.And then she shows up.Marisol locks me out of my own concert by accident She s wearing a suit at a rock show, searching for her lost law school textbook, has no idea who I am d for the first time in years, I m hooked.She s smart, driven, and utterly gorgeous The sort of girl who earnestly believes in following the rules and hates when others don t.I m a huge rock star, recovering addict, and general f ckup Our relationship is for show, and that s all But with every smile, every laugh, and every breathtaking glance at her curves, I want her .Two months is all we agreed to But it s never going to be enough.

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    1 Blog on “Never Enough

    1. Mojo_Mama says:

      3.75Not really 4 stars for me but definitely better than 3 stars.Sweet. No OW drama. At all. The H was celibate for about 6 months before h. But he's a recovering heroin addict with some very unfortunate past behaviors. But the moment he comes out of rehab he's committed to changing his life path, so I gave him a pass. It's fiction and I'm not the one fucking him ;)

    2. Qhuinn says:

      "I've also slept with loads of women and had the clap twice, syphilis once, and wound up with crabs after a particularly ugly night. I've not always been terribly concerned with safety, which is probably not a surprise coming from someone who used heroin intravenously every day for several years." - HeroUmmmmmm no, goodbye.

    3. Heather Blair says:

      4.5 stars 💗Roxie Noir is the QUEEN of capturing the magic of falling in love. IMO, there isn't a writer in romance who can top her in that dept. You get to fall in love right along with the characters. And these characters? WOWMarisol was just so cool. Smart, dedicated & this law student took ZERO shit. I loved Marisol.But I loved Gavin more. He was deliciously broken, putting himself back together one gritty step at a time. FYI, this book deals unflinchingly with drug addiction. Hard-cor [...]

    4. Gaufre says:

      All around a lovely book, where one needs to suspend disbelief for the initial fake relationship set-up. I like that the heroin, Marisol, has a life and does not just drop everything just to follow Gavin around. I especially like the fact she skips a red carpet event because she has previous commitment. The relationship has some depth to it, with Gavin fighting his addiction. I did not like that we did not see much of Gavin being a musician. There are two concerts at the beginning of the book bu [...]

    5. maggieandteddy says:

      Sorry to say this one was just not my bag. The cover really caught my eye. So many shirtless guys on covers, but this one is a bit different. The premise is not so unusual- bad boy rocker, trying to make a come back. More about his reputation rehab. I liked Gavin well enough. Marisol too. I just didn't feel this one. Gavin's band must have made a boat load of profits for their record label to go through all that trouble to hire a fake girlfriend. Oh well, I read on.Yeah, they start to fall for e [...]

    6. CC says:

      I enjoyed this story. Surprised because rock stars are usually not my jam. But I enjoyed the relationship building that went on. I do not usually enjoy stories with drug use of any type. It definitely brought my score down. He is sober for the vast majority of the book though so it was tolerable. Safety gang (view spoiler)[Hero was a manwhore prior to rehabWas a drug addict for yearsDoes have a relapseNo cheatingNo OW (hide spoiler)]

    7. namericanwordcat says:

      I picked this book up because of my crazy "I can't get enough Rock Star Romance" problemIt was really, really good. The "oh no I am going to read all this writer's back list" kind of good.Noir manages to make me trust her as a Romance writer because she never chooses the easy way out while dealing with fun themes and balance to dark and the light with enough complexity to the characters and the relationship to make for a really satisfying love story worth reading again and again. The premise of [...]

    8. Jos says:

      4 Solid StarsI really liked this book a lot! Marisol and Gavin were genuinely great together. My only complaint is that I felt like I never got t truly connect 100% with them as a couple. I felt like I need just a little bit more of a connection and although the one they had was very good, for me, I still needed "more" if that makes sense.I was also a bit disappointed with the end. The 6 month Epilogue was great but I needed and wanted more on them and their future together. I know it said that [...]

    9. Booklass Garrahan says:

      Adore the dialogueMarisol and Gavin. I adored them both. I loved every witty thing that came out of their mouths. Noir captured the slow build of the relationship beautifully, and it was fun and funny and wonderful. The only reason I kept setting the book aside is because I was so enraptured with this couple, I feared something would happen, and it was bound to, right? Because this is not just about this great couple, it is about addiction and recovery, and that is a tough road for anyone travel [...]

    10. Mirabella says:

      ooooh what a beautiful book! full 5 stars and I wish I could give more. it was realistic and authentic, with H and h being lovable characters finding themselves in an arranged fake relationship and slowly falling for each other. of course, not everything is all shiny and rainbows, there are several factors threatening to destroy what they have together. the story feels like taken from real life and I loved their dialogues and how they interacted with each other. the H was into the h from beginni [...]

    11. Connie says:

      I really liked this hot, rock-star romance. Despite all of his baggage: drug addiction, dangerous and malicious band mates and a horrible reputation, Gavin was a really nice guy underneath. I hated that he was surrounded by all of those judgmental people who never let him forget his past. So they hire sweet law student, Marisol, to spruce up his image. But what happens if their pretend romance turns into the real thing?

    12. Emily says:

      Gavin is a rock star who was at the top until his drug habit almost killed him and derailed his career. Now he is trying to rebuild it but in order to do so the label wants him to have a wholesome pretend girlfriend to show he is grounded. However meeting the girl they have chosen, he can't do it but then he meets Marisol. Marisol has no clue who Gavin and has a way of captivating his interest. When he makes Marisol an offer to be his faux girlfriend she hesitates but eventually agrees. A friend [...]

    13. Thia Finn says:

      Love a Rockstar Romance It's hard to put down a well-written, good story, with characters who are hot for each other. This is definitely one of those books. While the book focuses on addiction, it's written around a Rockstar, his band, and the love of a woman. She's not there to save him either. She's only there to love him and wow does she ever. This is my first book by Noir but now that I've found her, my TBR will be filled with more.

    14. Susan says:

      There will "Never" be "Enough" drugs to fill the emptinessThis is a well-written but difficult read, however, it is not without its delights. The first part of the book we meet Gavin, the gorgeous, tattooed, hard-partying, bad boy millionaire rockstar who is months out of rehab recovering from drug and alcohol addiction primarily, heroin.By happenstance, he meets Marisol the scrapping lawstudent who works hard and cares for her family. She is the first woman that made him feel and reassured him [...]

    15. Honeyeater says:

      Something weird happened. A number of weeks ago I downloaded a heap of books from Kindle Unlimited including Slow Burn: A Bodyguard Romance. Then, a few days ago I settled in to read it, I didn't bother reviewing the blurb and I got sucked in pretty good and it was a very enjoyable book.There was a rockstar who is recovering from a terrible period of destructive addiction. There was a woman who is normal and who he forms an agreement with to have a fake relationship - this will apparently show t [...]

    16. Karin says:

      This was my first book by Roxie Noir and it was a enjoyable rockstar romance.Gavin is in need to make amends to his label after his partying and drug use dragged his band through the mud, landed him & his best friend in the hospital and landed a death. Gavin went to rehab and cleaned up his act but, his labelwants a complete image overhaul and want him to have a fake girlfriend, which he agrees to until he meets the girl they picked out he immediately decides he can't do it. Then he meets Ma [...]

    17. Peggy M says:

      It’s always excited to discover a ‘new’ writer (or at least ‘new’ to me). Sometimes they disappoint you and sometimes they surprise you. Well, I can say that Roxie Noir and her book ‘Never enough’ were a pleasant surprise to me.I must confess that I discovered the second book ‘Always you’ first but being the person that I am I wanted to read the series in chronological order so I started with ‘Never enough’.Gavin biggest dream was to start his own band with his best friend [...]

    18. Paula says:

      not in the right mood. will try again

    19. SusanBurgess-Ryan says:

      TITLE OF BOOK: NEVER ENOUGHAUTHOR OF BOOK: ROXIE NOIRDATE READ: FEBRUARY 26, 2017 -FEBRUARY 27,2017Roxy Noir is a very good author and I have been reading her work since last year. I loved her paranormal romance and read quit several of her books. Her Contemporary romance is written with just as much passion. Her passion works right into her books so much so that you can feel it when you are reading it. “Never Enough” is an example of that passion. It is a book you do not want to miss. You h [...]

    20. Natalie says:

      This story kept me intrigued the entire way through!Marisol, your average middle class woman from an immigrant family, is just trying to make her way through law school. She is quite square and puts most of her focus on furthering her career advancement and playing by the rules. That is until she is invited to her friends birthday party, where she meetsGavin.your typical rockstar with a shady past, a drug addiction that nearly cost him everything. With his band trying to make a comeback, Gavin n [...]

    21. Christi Fowler says:

      Genre: Romance - RockstarStand Alone: YesPart of a Series: NoPOV: Dual Gavin and MarisolSteam Level: Quite Warm5/5As a fan of Roxie Noir I've come to expect a story that is both fun and serious, sweet and sexy. Never Enough met and exceeded expectations. Roxy Noir does a great job portraying a recovering addict in that she doesn't gloss over the cravings and the ugly parts of addiction. As a result this book is a bit gritty at times but so worth it. The characters, both main and secondary, and g [...]

    22. Indie Editor Nancy says:

      Enjoyed reading this rocker romance for a change, seems its all MMA/billionaire/mafia reads at the moment. Gavin is an out of rehab rocker: and his label thinks he needs a stable woman on his arm to please the public. Gavin sees Marisol and chooses her to be his fake girlfriend. Marisol really doesn't have time for this fake relationship with attending college and all that goes along with it. But money is important too. This story is funny, romantic, suspenseful and interesting and I especially [...]

    23. Lisa says:

      Gavin is a rock star and a recovered heroine addict. Marisol is a law student in need of some money, so she has to pretend to be his gf. They don't seem like they would be a good match, but he appreciated how she talks to him just as him, not looking at him like a celebrity or like she's waiting for him to mess up. There's a serious tone to this, as it deals with someone who is trying to make a comeback from addiction and has a past. For some reason they both keep things from each other that I d [...]

    24. ❤ Fantasy Land Blog⚛Reviewer⚛ says:

      I loved this book. Roxie takes you into not only the rock star persona but into some heavy drug and alcohol abuse. This is such a deep story that sometimes I had to remind myself that it wasn't real. Gavin is a rock star that is making a come back after some intense rehab for heroin use that got him into some deep trouble. His band is coming back together and need him to look wholesome. And to do that means having a girlfriend. In walks Marisol. Marisol is at the concert that Gavin is holding th [...]

    25. Shari Kay says:

      Too much for me to overlook in a romance /review/show/review/show

    26. Melissa Ledet says:

      A beautiful rock star romance. I love how Marisol sees Gavin for who he is and how it makes Gavin want to be a better person. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    27. Louise says:

      Having never read any of Roxie Noir’s work I wasn’t sure what to expect with ‘Never Enough’ but once I started the book I didn’t want to put it down again. This is a rock star entering into a relationship of convenience but with a desire for more from the onset.Gavin needs to make amends to his band mates and his record label for his previous lifestyle of drink, drugs and a constant parade of willing females. After some devastating events he needs and wants to clean up his act. A chanc [...]

    28. Amber .:★Wild Heart Reviews★:. says:

      I love finding new authors that I walk away from their books like "WOOHOO! I want to read the next one!" That's how Never Enough hit me. I've been struggling to find books I really want to dive into and stay in lately. Thankfully, Roxie Noir was able to capture my attention and keep it with this rockstar romance. While rockstar romances aren't my favorite trope by any means because I've read some that make my hair stand on end, and not in a good way, so I was beyond tickled pink that I enjoyed t [...]

    29. Stephanie Campbell says:

      This is the first book I've read by this author, but it definitely won't be my last. This one is a "fake girlfriend" story, but is unique in that it also deals with Gavin, a recovering addict who's also a rock band star who's trying to prove to the public (at his company's insistence or they'll pull the band's lucrative contract) that he's reformed and clean. He's ready to blow off the whole idea when he sees who the company, his agent, etc has chosen for the fake girlfriend role. But when he so [...]

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