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The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett
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The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett Cooper Bennett wants nothing than a new life An impoverished high school senior he can t seem to catch a break with both an abusive father at home and the star quarterback bullying him at school Litt

  • Title: The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett
  • Author: Golden Czermak
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
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  • Cooper Bennett wants nothing than a new life An impoverished high school senior, he can t seem to catch a break with both an abusive father at home and the star quarterback bullying him at school Little does he know that one late summer night a monstrous burden would clamp down on him, finally making all his wishes come true Sparks fly as Cooper Bennett finds himseCooper Bennett wants nothing than a new life An impoverished high school senior, he can t seem to catch a break with both an abusive father at home and the star quarterback bullying him at school Little does he know that one late summer night a monstrous burden would clamp down on him, finally making all his wishes come true Sparks fly as Cooper Bennett finds himself in the midst of a battle between dark forces and alpha shifters in this epic paranormal adventure that turns the sleepy mountain town of Goodman, GA upside down.

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    1. Richelle Robinson says:

      Wow. Just wow. Stunned. No words. Those last few chapters and the way everything unfolded. Epic. These were my exact thoughts and feelings after finishing this book. Now that I have had some time to compose myself I will attempt to do a review that will do this book justice. Czermak sure knows how to make this paranormal snob a happy reader!!I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time and it didn’t disappoint at all!! As a huge paranormal fan this story gave me everything I could ever as [...]

    2. Tammi says:

      I am usually a very fast reader but not this time. I took my time reading, soaking in each and every word, taking in every detail, picturing the scene letting the book play out, the words became pictures like a movie in my head. Not every author has this talent but Golden Czermak definitely does. There is something very special about this book and I just can't put my finger on why it has touched me so much. Maybe the fantastic details of the supernatural in the human world. Or the underlying sto [...]

    3. bookbruin says:

      The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett is the first Golden Czermak book I've read/listened to and also the first paranormal/shifter book I've picked up since probably Twilight. I really just don't normally gravitate towards paranormal. I'm so happy I took a chance on this one though! Czermak wove together such an intricate world with characters you will cheer for and some that you will down right hate! Be prepared to fall down the rabbit hole once you enter the town of Goodman, GA!Listening to the au [...]

    4. H.J. Bellus says:

      "There are no secrets that time does not reveal." -Jean RacineGet ready for one hell of a ride riddled with twists and turns you won’t see coming. Czermak held nothing back! It’s rare to find a book where you find yourself loving all the characters. Cooper may be the center of the novel, but the author slams you with intricate details into all of the characters’ separate worlds."The soft drizzle had started to change into snow when a piercing shriek cut through the glares."I’m a lover of [...]

    5. T.L. Reeve says:

      Where to beginIf you love Stephen King books, where all the finer details are added in, with a mix of dry wit and foreboding, then you'll enjoy The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett.I have read all of the Swole books and The Steam Tycoon, so, I thought I knew what I "might" be getting into with TSLCB, but I was wrong. Wrong on every level of being wrong.I feel like if I tell you anything about the book, it will give it all away, because the whole book is like one giant pile of spoiler. So, I won't.I [...]

    6. Brienna Shacklock says:

      I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars! This is by far the author's best work yet, and that is really saying something if you've read his other paranormal series. This author is blessed with an amazing talent of creating a world that you truly feel like you are a part of after just a few pages. I stopped reading paranormal a while back because they were all starting to sound and read the same. Not with this author! He uses new and different words to describe things and build the story t [...]

    7. Heather says:

      Amazing how one life develops around many others in a single area. How one event led to another and another, and you recall characters from past Journeymen storylines and how they impacted this story. You get a "so that's how that started or happened" thought as a lightbulb is constantly going off the more you turn the page. This story is not just about one character, Cooper Bennett, it's also about keeping the balance of order amongst werewolves and the whole supernatural world. The humans sadl [...]

    8. Judy says:

      I just finished reading The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett, my very first Golden Czermak book. And Im in shock, and here is why. I am not a paranormal reader. Not at all. But once I started reading Golden had me hooked. The world and the characters he created for this book are amazing. I didn't want to stop reading. I wanted to know all of these people and be a part of their fictional world and fictional lives. I felt for them, cheered them on and even with the "baddies" I really wanted to see th [...]

    9. Jennifer says:

      I am going to be honest, I usually do not read paranormal books. Since I love all of Golden Czermak's other books,I decided to give this a go! And all I can say isBest read ever!Right from the beginning I was hooked! I was reading faster and faster,wanting more and now there was no stopping! I was lost in another world and there was no stopping me until I was done reading! You will be mind blown with Golden Czermak brilliantly written words. You can vividly visual playing out in your head! The S [...]

    10. Jackie Ziegler says:

      First let me say I haven't read paranormal books really and am not a fan of shifter stories but the imagination and writing talent of Golden dragged me in and held be throughout I kept wondering what was going to happen next How would Cooper who was abused so much as a child from not only his dad but the school bully deal with things that were happening around him? Would he maintain his good character and protect the ones he loved or would be sucked into the deep dark underworld?Another amazing [...]

    11. Annie Walsh says:

      Golden Czermak has once again used his storytelling talent to give us this action packed and emotionally charged story set in a small town that is hiding BIG secrets. This story revolves around a long tradition of conflict between the human world and shifters who live among them. It grabbed me from the beginning with the wonderfully descriptive writing that I have come to enjoy with this author's books. Mr. Czermak gives you many things in this tale- it really has everything! There's love & [...]

    12. Virginia says:

      Once again Golden has completely impressed me with his writing and creativity. The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett was fantastic from start to finish!! I could not put it down!! Golden has a way of sucking me into these worlds he creates. Cooper is by far my favorite character of Golden’s. He’s down to earth, broken, and is put into this new life unexpectedly. My heart just felt for him and I loved reading about him. The friendships he has with Billy and Alyssa showed that real friends are the [...]

    13. Amanda Kramer says:

      Have you ever read a book, and then tried to write a review, and nothing you could come up with did it any justice? This was that book for me. The imagery that the author creates throughout the pages is amazing. The story literally comes to life just like watching a movie, in your imagination. It takes a very talented writer to be able so spin that kind of tale. Golden creates a world that could possibly exist in the next town over, unknown to us. A boy, from the wrong side of the tracks find hi [...]

    14. Sunny Mawson says:

      FIVE STARS FOR COOPER BENNETT!!!! Golden Czermak has done it again. Like there was ever a doubt. The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett, in my opinion, is Golden's best book yet. And that's saying something! He has a magic way with words that draws you into the story so deeply, it's almost like you are living in their world. Not only does Golden create these characters and their stories, he also creates their entire world! Cooper Bennett's life has never been easy. His father is not a good man. Inste [...]

    15. Belinda says:

      could not put it down. loved everything about this book. wolf shifters are my favorite read. so i was very happy to get my claws into this. i personally think this is the Authors best book yet. the characters where charasmatic, and charming. very likable. the bad guys, well. just assholes tbh. lol very well written because i really dident like them. lol story is gripping i really did not want to put this book down. an Amazing book im hoping for more then just the one book. as i feel the world of [...]

    16. Trina says:

      WOW!! He did it again! Have you read Golden yet? You really need to! He has a way of spinning a story with such detail that you can feel yourself in his worlds. My heart broke for Cooper from the start. This story is raw, tragic and heartfelt. True PNR. And as usual, your are kept on the edge of your seat till the end. Golden is quickly becoming a master of words and worlds, epic story telling one after the other. Copper Bennett will capture your heart and have you bracing for the end.

    17. Christina Finizio says:

      I absolutely loved this book. I am not a lover of the paranormal genre but i was hooked from the very beginning. Golden has a way with words and it makes you feel as you are one with the characters in the story. I adored Cooper Bennett from the very beginning. Whether you are a lover or hater of paranormal books Golden Czermak and Cooper Bennett will change your mind.

    18. Amanda says:

      Everytime I read a new Golden Czermak book, I'm blown away. He's the only fantasy I read and will be the standard I hold other fantasy authors to. The imagery through his words is just fantastic. I can always see the scene as it plays out giving me the best experience of the book and his amazing writing. The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett was different to the other novels that Golden has written but in a good way, it made him more well rounded in my eyes. I loved this book, there were sad parts, [...]

    19. Shirley says:

      New favorites and a few familiar faces are all part of a story that will knock your socks off. If you're familiar at all with Golden's books, this one will not disappoint, in fact, I believe it's one of, if not his best to date. Golden spins yet another tale, weaved around his epic world building skills. As he takes you through the pages, you see the story playing through your mind like a movie. I loved the friendship between Cooper, Billy and Alyssa. Even though, Billy and Cooper come from the [...]

    20. Stacy Martin says:

      This book is probably my all time favorite of Golden's. I fell in love with Coop and his friends right from the beginning. This was one of those books that was difficult to put down. Loved the story and was suprised by a few of the turns that it took. Defintely going to need a signed copy of this one!

    21. Phyllis Smith says:

      Um.WOW! I'm kind of at a loss on how to write this review because this is such a incredible book! I do not normally read paranormal, it's not my go to genre. But Golden wrote a story with such a vivid imagination that I felt like I was standing beside Cooper. I don't give spoilers away, but I will say Cooper Bennett had a horrific upbringing. You will feel anger, sadness, heartbreak but also joy when he finds love. But I found myself cheering him on too.This story will most definitely grab your [...]

    22. Christina says:

      The secret Life of Cooper Bennet was amazing. The imagery of Golden's writing has you right there with the characters. Cooper is the perfect protagonist and Lance Goodard made me want to hate him til the very end. Golden never disappoints cannot wait for the next Golden Czermak book.

    23. Beth Olson says:

      Just wow!!! This is the BEST work yet from Golden. And the paranormal read was so well written. I was hooked from the beginning. The feels and capturing your interest right from the start. If I could give me than 5 stars, I would. The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett was beautifully written. The story line from the beginning and all the way to end. I was in awe. My heart hurt for Cooper and the life he had growing up. His heart was bounded to Alyssa and Liam. These characters came full circle at th [...]

    24. Nicole Harley says:

      The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett tops all of Golden's books so far! Golden has a way of bringing a book to life. His descriptions of the people and their surroundings are unlike any you have read. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down! Cooper Bennett can never seem to escape the abuse in his life, from his father at home to Liam his bully in school. Cooper doesn't let it get him down though. He is the a character that you can't help but hope that life gets better for. If you are a fan [...]

    25. Dawn Fetters says:

      As I live and breath, I will never understand how this author can bring his characters to life and make you feel like you are part of his books. The thought process that goes into each 1 of his characters is just simply unheard of. He hand picks his models, to which are deemed worthy, to portray his characters, teasers and book covers for his books. I recommend you read the Journeyman series to fully understand The secret life of Cooper Bennett but it is not necessary. If U have read the Journey [...]

    26. Michelle Iannarelli, Author says:

      I read this book and didn't want to stop. I fell in love with the charactersoh Cooper. The only bad part of this book was that it ended. Mr. Czermak, I'd like more please.

    27. Suzanne says:

      A Howling Good Read!I enjoyed this book, the myriad of characters kept you on your toes and guessing where the author was taking us next. This story was fresh and original. I look forward to reading more from Golden Czermak.

    28. Maria says:

      So, we have been waiting for what feels like years for this book was worth the wait.We began with a clash of two werewolf packs. The struggle for power and on the part of the Shadow Pack Alpha, a desire to get back what was taken from him. IntriguingWe then follow the life of Cooper Bennett, smallish boy from the very poor side of town who's treated no better than an animal by his extremely abusive father. (I don't usually wish hateful things on people bot this fool, ooh he made me see red!) His [...]

    29. Franci Neill says:

      5 It's More Than It Appears Stars!!!All I have to say about this book is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This is another artistic masterpiece by Mr. Czermak. This story is an original in a small Georgia town that had me drawn in from the first pages. Cooper Bennett is a young man that grabbed my heart because of all that he's overcome. His life has been in summary, hellacious! He's overcome so much and he's given this burden to save his town and hopefully get the girl he loves. But there are some villains that [...]

    30. ZETTER says:

      You Play The Hand You're Dealt!!!Cooper Bennett grew up with an abusive and alcoholic father who didn't care about anybody else but himself. He was bullied at school by Liam Manning. All he wanted to do was leave Goodman. He only had one frien, Billy Arnett and he was the only one who made his hellish life in the small town bearable. Alyssa Noble the girl who had been invaded his dreams for over a decade finally spoke to him.Well one night Cooper was attacked by Liam and his goons aka friends. F [...]

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