Bella Grant
His Virgin Stripper
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His Virgin Stripper A virgin stripper a playboy billionaire and a lap dance filled with promise Eliot The first time I saw men stick money into her G string I knew the only person I wanted sticking anything into Randi

  • Title: His Virgin Stripper
  • Author: Bella Grant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A virgin stripper, a playboy billionaire, and a lap dance filled with promise Eliot The first time I saw men stick money into her G string, I knew the only person I wanted sticking anything into Randi aka Rose Black was me But the club runs a tight ship and even billionaire clients can t break the damn rules Luckily I wasn t a client I was the guest of a client andA virgin stripper, a playboy billionaire, and a lap dance filled with promise Eliot The first time I saw men stick money into her G string, I knew the only person I wanted sticking anything into Randi aka Rose Black was me But the club runs a tight ship and even billionaire clients can t break the damn rules Luckily I wasn t a client I was the guest of a client and I could afford to break the rules I wanted her, especially after the interrupted lap dance that had left me aching for her I need a private dance from her, away from the club and its rules Her virginity is an added bonus Randi Stripping in a upscale club isn t an ideal job, but it pays the bills Once I leave the club, men sticking bills down my G string is all history Until my next shift This is the life I live while I put myself through school, and I was fine with it Until he walks into my club He s nerdy but sexy, and his pal has paid a handsome sum for a lap dance A dance I m obliged to give A dance that could betray my need for him HIS VIRGIN STRIPPER is a standalone, happily ever after romance novel with no cliffhangers.

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    1 Blog on “His Virgin Stripper

    1. Janie says:

      75% and I'm out. I just can't handle all of the judginess in this book. At the very least I'm looking for romance. Here's the heroes thoughts at 75%. I didn’t like where she lived, and though I felt strongly for her and was sure I could fall in love with her, she certainly couldn’t move in with me.How are we getting from that to an HEA in 25%. I'm done.

    2. Chitra *CJ* says:

      I thoroughly un-enjoyed it.The nerd snob hero meets a nurse stripper and wooed her and they fall for each other.And I hear myself snoring.Somehow, nothing worked for me.On to the nextSafe read1.5/5

    3. Nikki says:

      Lost me in the end :(I was enjoying this book for the most part all the way up until 97%. It was little slow at times but still good. Then her cat was murdered and I was just done. I didn't think that needed to happen.

    4. Lauren says:

      I really enjoyed this book! From start to end I was enthralled, I couldn’t have put it down. I loved the nerdy connection between Randi and Eliot, I found myself chuckling numerous amount of times at their cheesy pick up lines. My virgin stripper is the first book of Bella’s that I have read; I will definitely be reading more of her work. The only fault/the only thing that confused me was that Randi told Eliot that she hadn’t been in foster care, that she looked after herself as she was ne [...]

    5. Lani says:

      I've been binging on boring, sappy, dry books lately. a bit depressing really.

    6. Jessie says:

      I'm sorry I really wanted to like this book. I love books with millionaires and strippers but this was just a book I didn't like. Love on the 2nd date?? Really?? That's where I stopped reading - oh man I'm sorry to the author but I couldn't finish this book

    7. Fabienne Gilbert says:

      This book is unlike what I originally expected and I am so happy that this was the case. I am so happy that this book focused on more than just the relationship between the two characters and what there actual lives are like. I think one of my favourite parts was during the end where we got to see that there more even more mystery surrounding Randi's life besides her college career and her job as a stripper.

    8. Catherine Marie Meyer says:

      good!the story is obviously a story, not that women don't go to stripping or escorting to support themselves thru college or other professional schools. she also had a decent proof reader.

    9. Desca says:

      review on process

    10. Sireli R. says:

      fast easy idiotic illogical wtf romance but fun :D This book should have a better name.

    11. Jodie says:

      Great book

    12. Rovi Anne says:

      Short but sweet :)

    13. Samantha says:

      Not doing it for me. Unfortunately I wasn't into this book. I felt like it dragged on and was uninteresting. The sex scenes were rushed and the relationship was fast. Her hate and suspension of Andre didn't go anywhere. I was waiting for something to happen with that and never did. *Spoiler Alert* dude did you really need to kill the cat? Left me sad and felt unnecessary. No epilogue. Kinda happyish ending?

    14. Brandy says:

      Great ReadI could not put this book down for anything. It's full of Suspense and Intrigue. I Highly Recommend this book for over 18 due to content.

    15. Shannon says:

      GoodIf I stop and take the time to review a book it means I liked it. If not I won't even finish it.

    16. Sheila says:

      CuteJust finished reading made me want to check for cameras lol was looking forward to reading more about the Brazilian drug lord

    17. Missey Lewis says:

      okay read

    18. Marilyn Vix says:

      Enjoyed the beginning and set up for this book. There was a "Save the Girl" set up through the story with the handyman at her apartment. It contributed to a somewhat unrealistic ending, but that's just me. It put me off a little bit. Contrived violence just bugs me, because it didn't seem realistic. But other than that, I really enjoyed the interactions between her friend and fellow stripper. There was one thread left hanging, whether her friend ended up with a drug lord. I thought that would ti [...]

    19. Brittany Hames says:

      That was a great bookI was satisfied with the book the characters where great was said at the end a little bit but loved the couple and how they met and fell in love. Great story line for sure.

    20. Tracey Vuolo says:

      This is a short but sweet story. I liked the two main characters. They have sweet insta-love. I think Bella has much potential as an author. Her stories will get better and better as she develops her plots. I would have liked a little more at the end of the story. It was a little rushed for my taste. I did like Elliot and Randi's chemistry and their funny dialogue. They are a couple you can't help but like.

    21. Sheryl Wilkins says:

      It started out okayWhat to say. The beginning was fine but I think that there was just too much added to the plot for such a short book. The ending was ridiculous and abrupt. Plus, spoiler if you care, any book that kills off a pet automatically loses a star in my opinion. The horrible way the cat was killed made it even worse. Not worth the time IMO but you might think differently.

    22. Jacquelyn says:

      Decent despite the titleI liked this book despite the title. Both MCs are likable. What I loved about Eliot was his neediness and the fact that he wasn't a man-whore! While I liked the book I do feel that it lacked a certain oomph. There's descriptive sex and insta-love but I felt like something was missing.

    23. Lori says:

      Yum yum yum Damsel in distress turns out not to be in distress and is taking care of herself just fine. Enter, Hottie Professor and everyone is HEA. Perfect ending to a sexy, funny story. I believe this is the first time reading from this Author and I very much enjoyed it and will look st her other books

    24. Irene Marshall says:

      MediocreI found this a little boring, it is a basic romance story man meets woman they fall madly in love and have hot sex end of story. Nothing much happens the author tries to spice it up by making the woman a stripper but that does little to improve the content. Pretty run of the mill.

    25. C.J. says:

      I liked this story. It was simple and relatively drama free. Just a couple meeting and falling in love. Elliot and Randi were both good characters. If you think this book will be a smut-fest, you're wrong. 3.5 stars.

    26. DawnMarieCarpintero says:

      Sweet4 starsExpect the unexpected in this book. Elliot is the geek but the god as well. The title to this book leaves you're imagination go wild but when reading the book you become entranced.Happy Sexy Reading

    27. Paulette Hilton says:

      talentthus author has talent. the story line was great but there was just to much graphic sex. pages and pages of sex could have instead bend used to enhance the story. i just hate to see obvious talent wasted.

    28. Arina Gorokhovska says:

      A lot of awkwardly placed details that take away from the story and disturb the writing flow, making it abrupt and hasty. Overall I think that the writer has potential but lacks skill. I'm sure that with practice she will be able to master it.

    29. Kori says:

      Red Herring Red flagsToo much and so little. It is as if the author had and idea wrote a sentence maybe a paragraph about it, but never expanded.

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