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Shane I was just supposed to be laying low keeping my head down staying out of trouble And trouble was exactly what Shane freaking Mallick was Knee cap breaker loan shark enforcer panty dropper Trouble

  • Title: Shane
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I was just supposed to be laying low, keeping my head down, staying out of trouble And trouble was exactly what Shane freaking Mallick was Knee cap breaker, loan shark enforcer, panty dropper Trouble with a capital T And the absolute last thing I needed in my life

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    1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads says:

      Cute.Review later.

    2. Sabrina says:

      IT'S LIVE!* US* UK*I had high expectations for this book. But they weren't met. Oh no, they were surpassed! I knew this book would be nothing but the best, and I was right, I just didn't think it would be this good or that Shane and Lea would take me on such a journey. I'm pretty sure I've been excited for Shane's story sine I first heard his name in Reign and I could just kiss Jessica for going back to write his story. And now I have the rest of the Mallick's stories to look forward to!The Mall [...]

    3. XxTainaxX says:

      I want my very own Mallick brother! (but don't tell the hubby :-p) Shane is so darn sexy. I was definitely intrigued by his cameos in the other books in the series and wanted to know more. I was not disappointed <3 Lea was interesting herself. She comes with a past, as many of our heroines in this series do, but is snarky and fun. She goes through a stage that made me want slap some sense into her, but thankfully recovers. Their intimate moments are incredibly erotic yet they are tempered wit [...]

    4. NMmomof4 says:

      3.5 StarsOverall Opinion:This was a cute, pretty easy read for me. Is it going to be on my favorites list and one that I'll always remember? Probably not. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it either. I'm not even sure I know exactly what it was that didn't push it over into the "loving it" category. I liked the characters, I enjoyed their banter, it was fun seeing some characters from previous books, and I loved the epilogue.I guess I just felt something else was missing and I'm not sure what. Regar [...]

    5. Jennifer Kyle says:

      3.5 Stars

    6. Michelle says:

      *ARC provided by the author for an honest review* I m in luv with this family I 've been dyin for Shane's book for so long an I just fell for him straight away I luv a hot strong tattooed guy an Shane just fit that so good the Mallick's r a very close family an I think I fell for al of them in this book I just luv Charlie there dad he is cute if I could actually call him that haha but they r so bad ass I just luv them they r al so different in some ways but the some r the same but Shane is one o [...]

    7. Maria... says:

      "4 Mr and Mrs Mallick stars"I would like to start this review by saying that the Mallick family was misunderstood from the previous books that they were mentioned, at least from me! So I would like to apologize for judging this great, loyal and strong family with badasses men and even stronger womenOk now that I got that out of my chest I feel so much better, and ready to share my love for Shane with my lovely friends!This book was pretty pretty great for me. I enjoyed every second of it and tri [...]

    8. Snow says:

      4 "mother fuckin Shane" starsDamn, I really fuckin liked this guyThe story was okay but the main character topped like every single high point in this book!He is the highlight, and the very essence of this crime/action/suspense romance drama!Moving on to the next Mallick brother *wink* Yeah, there are actually 5 of themenough for each of us in a little/big girl's league, dont you think?😂Damn, this was intertaining, steamy hawt and absolutely high on a full tattooed hunk of a dominant straight [...]

    9. Alex ♈ says:

      Good read, but not my favorite by this author. The heroine irritated me the whole time, the hero was meh-to-ok.I didn't dislike them, but I also didn't like them.Nothing really positive about their characters. He was a loan enforcer, not a job I respect. Well, he didn't harm women and children, but he also didn't make a difference in this world. He wasn't a really bad guy, he fought bullies, he helped the others; but then he beat people for living, hmmBut his mother - f*ck me sideways - badass w [...]

    10. Nikki ღ Navareus says:

      ***FIVE STARS***Jessica blew me away with Shane's story. Just amazing. Lea was a real fire cracker. Gorgeous to the nines, fun as hell, with a bit of a smartass streak to her. But she also has a torturous past that she's trying her hardest to leave behind her and overcome.Shane's the epitome of manly perfection. He's gorgeous, he emits sexual prowess, and he loves the ladies. He's not a one woman man though, until he meets Lea, and decides to make her his. Once Lea gets a taste of Shane, she can [...]

    11. Dusti Hanrahan says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I fucking LOVE Shane!!! I have fallen in love with every single man JG has written about but Shane is def in my top 3 so far!I knew of him and Lea from early on in the Henchman and Savage books and, like always, I was so excited to get to know their history.Lea is running from her past and desperate to hold on to her secret and Shane just happens to be in the right place at the right time. They have an instant chemistry that is toe curling hot. Lea was total perfection-she didn't [...]

    12. ❤️ Paulette says:

      ShaneBy Jessica Gadziala Shane is the enforcer of the family-Lea is running from her pass. These two have an instant chemistry that is Very HotI love this Jessica Gadziala & her writing. I really enjoyed this book. While I wasn't wild about Lea attitude at times, but once you found out what happen in her pass- you could be more sympathetic to her attitude I did love Shane & his family. God how I cannot wait to read more about the Mallick”s Brothers. I believe Eli book is nextWe also go [...]

    13. Bev says:

      I was really enjoying this read - what's not to like in a hot alpha male, a strong and sassy heroine, a woman on the run, strong family bonds, brilliant side characters that I need to read more about, secrets . Yep, I really was loving this. Then my heroine, the strong and sassy one, pulls the mother of all TSTL moves at 85% when she thinks she's a Rambo-ette and I lost interest and finished the book just to see which of the brothers is getting their book next. It looks like it could be Eli, let [...]

    14. Dianne says:

      Not your typical All-American family, the Mallicks are still, undeniably gifted with god-like genes and family loyalty. The Mallicks are loan sharks, and Shane Mallick is about the LAST Mallick you want knocking down your door to collect.Lea is strong, independent and trying desperately to leave her past behind. She is used to having no one to count on to catch her if she falls and men were creatures to be trusted. And then she meets Shane, broad-shouldered, brooding, and he represents everythin [...]

    15. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:

      Another good installment. I liked how strong Leah was. I do kinda wonder about her name not being changed or what it was supposed to be. just a weird thing nagging me since she was on the run. Shane was a good hero. Not romantic in the typically sweet way but when he did show it you had to pay close attention to the words hidden in his actions and the meaning behind everything he did. I wish he was more possessive, I don't like that the heroine (view spoiler)[ did phone sex, and it didn't bother [...]

    16. Christen says:

      I loved Shane! The book and the man. If I was forced at gunpoint to have to choose to marry one of Jessica Gadziala’s male heros I would probably be shot because it would take me too long to choose. Most likely I would end up screaming out Shane’s name at the last minute because he is well, he’s Shane. Shane is the poster boy of tall, dark, and handsome. Though he is all man, extremely protective, hottie badass, and the enforcer in a large family of loan sharks. I absolutely fell in love w [...]

    17. Selene says:

      I liked this story but didn't love it. Shane freaking Mallick was appealing, though. This is a great story if you're looking for romance with a scant amount of dark content, but mostly this is a fluffy read with a Kristen-Ashley vibe. If you're looking for a dark hero and a story riddled with action and darkness, then this book will not satisfy that need. It's a fairly predictable read: boy meets girl, boy pursues girl hard and girl gives in, they have sex, boy initiates exclusive relationship s [...]

    18. Libby Harrison says:

      romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Lea): 2/5Hero (Shane): 3/5Plot: 2/5Grovel: noneCheating: none HEA: yes with cute babiesTriggers: h had a fucked up childhood, h was raped multiple times by her abusive ex (no explicit details)Average score: 2.5/5Best Line: “I wasn’t raising boys,” Helen said with an unapologetic shrug. “I was raising men. Men who would become husbands and fathers one day. No woman wants to marry a man who can’t stick to boundaries. A [...]

    19. Janie says:

      I can’t believe it took me this long to read about the Mallick brothers. Shane is absolutely yummy and doesn’t allow Lea to push him away. He just knows there’s something special about her. Lea was a bit feisty and standoffish in the beginning (and middle), but she had good reason. Heroines like this can be iffy for me but I truly ended up loving her. Throw in the amazing secondary characters, whose stories I can’t wait to read and this book had me flipping the pages until it was over. I [...]

    20. ~Steph K~ says:

      Loved Shane and Lea! So glad we are getting the Mallick Family - now I can't decide who I want next more, Eli or Ryan?JG's books will always be an automatic must read, put everything else down, gotta read now for me :)

    21. Shelbi Adams says:

      THE MALLICKS HAVE ARRIVED, Y'ALL! 5 FUCKING STARS!Jessica has (unsurprisingly) blow my mind again with Shane. I loved loved loved this book from start to finish. There was never a dull moment with Shane and Lea, or the in the Mallick family! Out of all the people I've met in the Jessica Gadziala universe, the Mallick family is by far my favorite and I can't wait to meet the rest of crazy hot men. After meeting the incredibly entertaining Fee and Hunter, I'm definitley going to read For a Good Ti [...]

    22. Deb B says:

      firstly my thanks to the author for an ARC of the book in return for an honest review was, as expected, an amazing read which i am very happy to recommend. Jessica's writing style is a pleasure to read in that it is well written and flows easily, telling a story and giving all the details in a clear concise but comfortable way. I love the characters, all of them (well, all the good ones anyway) - they come across as very real and believable with strong ethics and loyalty. The story shows the str [...]

    23. ~ Cariad ~ says:

      5 STARS AREN'T ENOUGH!!Dirty, sexy, meaningful, heartfelt, passionate and exciting with yet another perfect Alpha male and strong female lead, just the way I love it!!I wasn't ready for this one to end, it was awesome and all but unputdownable, I devoured it! Jessica's books are never overwritten, there are no rambling passages or incoherent Alphas, they're well paced and executed - completely drop everything reads for me.It honestly made my day a happier one curling up and having this in it - c [...]

    24. Kiri Fiona says:

      & 1/2 stars easily!So what I'm saying is, this shit with you and me? I'm in."Oh, Shane - stop with all your flowery prose.I have an unhealthy love for anti-heroes. Clearly you have it, too, or you wouldn't be looking at books like this. Shane is that in all it's violent, vengeful, rough, growly, foul-mouthed, dirty talking goodness. He is also a family man, a protector, a good brother, a business man, and a good dresser. He's really practical, too, and not as OTT jealous as some of these guy [...]

    25. Becky says:

      Shane by Jessica GadzialaActual rating: 4 starsShane is the first of the Mallick Brothers series by Gadziala, a series centering on a family of loan shark enforcers. I had always been the kind of woman to do as she damned well pleased and fuck what you or anyone else thought of that.I think I preferred Lea, our heroine, to the titular character, Shane. Lea is on the run from an abusive ex and finds herself in Navesink Bank, a town that makes Gotham City look well-run and functional. (Seriously, [...]

    26. Mojo_Mama says:

      It's been so long since I had a BBF you'd think I was a virgin.And a 5 star read too. Swoon.This was so good, it was like one of those unbelievable NA scenes where the 18yo h has her cherry popped by a 20yo manho and she comes like 5 times in the process. But here, the characters are unexpectedly awesomed he still delivers on the 5. Sigh.Ladies, the yummy that is Shane:"I fought the urge to sigh, to let her know that those words, however innocent she may have intended them to be, had a lot deepe [...]

    27. Jen says:

      Once again, I have enjoyed another book by this author! This is the beginning of the "Mallick Brothers series" and I have to say it holds a lot of promise. On top of all the black haired, blue eyed studs that are the Mallick brothers, we get glimpses of the Henchmen MC's from Jessica's other series. They all exist in the same town; but it is two different series! The Mallick Bro's aren't from an MC, they are Loan Sharkst sure if that is the right terms.cally their father loans money to people, a [...]

    28. Mar says:

      4 stars!okay first and foremost In the epilogue Does that mean Eli' s book is the last one from these series? because I love Eli and I need his book like NOW! Also Ryan's book because I love him too! and maybe a prequel with Charlie and Helen too please?I mean seriously, it seems JG' s ultimate job is ruin real life men for me!!! Like with few exceptions (aka Fee's brother)I practically adore all her men! but anyway about this book it was amazeballs! Shane is great, like I adore Hunt but Shane i [...]

    29. Sivutha says:

      5 Rock My World StarsHighly recommended by me!!!!Lea is gorgeous, funny and a smartass. She has a dark past that she's trying her best to it leave behind and move on. ButShane is gorgeous (can I use this description for alpha male?!?!.o bad, I just did!! Wink, wink**). He is powerful and of course he loves the ladies. He is not in committed relationship until he meets Lea and one word MINE. Shane and Lea are perfect for each other. Once Lea and Shane decided to go at each other, she started to d [...]

    30. Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) says:

      I think that was the most obnoxious "I'm not like other girls" book I've ever read.

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