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Wild Ride
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Wild Ride Internationally bestselling author Chantal Fernando brings fans another sexy motorcycle novella in the Wind Dragons MC series as rival club president Talon has to decide what s dangerous facing down

  • Title: Wild Ride
  • Author: Chantal Fernando
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Internationally bestselling author Chantal Fernando brings fans another sexy motorcycle novella in the Wind Dragons MC series, as rival club president Talon has to decide what s dangerous facing down the WDMC, or losing his heart to a woman under their protection.Talon has a complicated relationship with the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club He s the president of their rInternationally bestselling author Chantal Fernando brings fans another sexy motorcycle novella in the Wind Dragons MC series, as rival club president Talon has to decide what s dangerous facing down the WDMC, or losing his heart to a woman under their protection.Talon has a complicated relationship with the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club He s the president of their rival club, the Wild Men, but he s also related to one of their members who hates him He could handle that, but he s also got problems in his own club someone is leaking information and disrupting their business, but Talon can t find the mole So the last thing he needs is even complication in the form of a beautiful single mother who s bolder than half the bikers on his squad But he can t take his eyes or his hands off herTia s always been a little reckless, up for a good time wherever she found it, but she s also a great mom to her young son So even though she thinks Talon is basically sex on a stick, when she realizes she wants to be to him than just a club groupie, she has to take things a bit slow Plus, a momentary attraction, no matter how smoking hot, isn t worth risking her son s happiness in any way Is there any chance that Talon might be up for a permanent arrangement Or has Tia leapt before looking once again

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    1. Sabrina says:

      NOW LIVE!!!* US* UK*Barnes & Noble*I love Chantal Fernando's writing, and this series is my favorite by her. But unfortunately this book didn't live up to what I've come to expect from her. I liked storyline of Tia and Talon, but the execution behind it lacked something for me. When I saw that Talon was getting a book I was way beyond excited because I've wanted to know more about him since we were first introduced in Arrow's Hell. I could just tell that he had a lot of potential for my futu [...]

    2. XxTainaxX says:

      Before ya'll get too excited, let me say that this is not Talon's full story. This details Talon and Tia's beginnings and sets up some of what Talon is dealing with in his club (probably to introduce some more characters from his side of the world). While it left me feeling unfulfilled because nothing was really resolved, I liked how these two got together in every sense of the word. It was so sexy! I do get a feel for their personalities and their development as a couple shows promise, but I'll [...]

    3. Maria... says:

      3 Sad starsThis is how I felt when I finished this book!But then I thought I must be doing something wrong, this can't be happeningWell obviously the joke was on me!!!I mean I get it it's a short story but come on we were left with more questions than the actual book! And I wasn't able to enjoy what was happening because it was too damn short lived. Why would you do that??? Talon and Tia deserved so much more.And what the HELL with the ending??? More unanswered questions for me!Ms Fernando do so [...]

    4. Michelle says:

      ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewChantal Fernando sure knows hot to sink her claws as or should I say Talon into the hearts of her readers as she took us on one wild sexual tension MC romance ride. I will be completely honest here, I didn’t know that Ms. Fernando was releasing a novella a few weeks after the release of Rake’s Redemption. After devouring Rake’s Redemption, I was craving for Talon to get his story and HEA and so you can imagine my excitement when I f [...]

    5. Paige says:

      3 "Series" StarsWild Ride is the continuation of the Wind Dragons MC series. It follows Talon, who is not actually part of the Wind Dragons, but we've met in previous books because of his ties to the club. As the head of a rival club turned ally club, there is still a wide bridge to gap before the two clubs get along. Then he meets Tia who is best friends with one of the Wind Dragon's Old Ladies and he can't get her off his mind. But she's a single mother and he has a club to reform so he keeps [...]

    6. Angie says:

      Wild Ride was a waste of an hour and it makes me question whether I want to continue with the series (a series that, imo, should be a spin-off titled Wild Men Motorcycle Club). And I just five-starred Rake' s Redemption. I know Fernando can do better. Grrat's why this lazily written novella ticks me off so much. Plus I had high expectations for Talon and Tia and this book did not do them proper justice.This book was so underwhelming. I was actually surprised by how dull the characters and the st [...]

    7. Asia says:

      3.5 starsI want to know who's the mole! and honestly, this was less interesting than the previous books :/

    8. Libby Harrison says:

      romanticcynicblog.wordpress.c*ARC provided by NetGalley*Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Tia): 2/5Hero (Talon): 2/5Plot: 3/5Grovel: noneCheating: technically noneHEA: Cliffhanger (did not know is was going to end like this)Triggers: H sleeps with OW and pretends it’s the hAverage score: 2.5/5Personal Review:This was a romance between a single mother and a President of a MC. Aside from some repetition (which started to become annoying), it was an ok read. If you like Chantal Fernando’ [...]

    9. Laurie says:

      I’m totally bummed by this and not just a little bit mad. I really like the Wind Dragons series and was thrilled Talon was getting his own book. Lots of introspection among the MC’s, time lapses, not a lot of action, and not even a real HEA or even a HFN (they are just dating), plus a cliffhanger ending– it feels like this wasn’t even a complete book. 2 Completely Disappointed Stars.

    10. B.E.Love says:

      Talon and Tia met because of Anna and Bailey(Tia's best friend), they hit it off right off the bat but Talon held back and Talon being in another MC than Baileys man made it even harder. When Talon and Tia seem to keep running into each other Talon finds it harder and harder to deny his feelings and how much he wants Tia till he decides deny them isn't what he wants anymore.Now that Talon and Tia are together they find love and happiness that neither have ever known but the honeymoon stage seems [...]

    11. Nicole says:

      "3,75" starsFor Pres Talon'ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review'Talon has finally his booki was so excited when i read that he is going to be paired with Tia, her independence/wildness suits Talon's personality perfectly. Even though the series are about Wind Dragons MC this one was for Wild Men MC the rival club with Talon been the the president, from the beginning i was introduced with his character i ecstatic about him, what can i say this bad boy biker with [...]

    12. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

      Finally, it's Talon's time to shineI've been dying to spend more time with Talon and was so thrilled when I learned that the author had decided to give him his own novella. He's been in the background, with his secrets, and his sexiness, just waiting for his turn. I already witnessed (virtually) the sparks between Talon and Tia. But when they didn't do anything about it, I thought maybe she wasn't the onebut she is!Tia is Bailey's BFF. They lived next door to each other and grew close, sharing t [...]

    13. WTF Are You Reading? says:

      Just when you thought that things couldn't get any hotter with Chantal and her glorious guys.She pulls yet another rough and tumble thrill ride out of her hat.But wait! Things get better still.It isn't the those winsome Wind Dragons who take the lead position in this ride.That coveted position is being held by none other than Talon.President of the Wild Men, brother to Rake, and weakness to Tia.Nothing could be more basic than the attraction between Tia and Talon.Hell, even their names sound gre [...]

    14. Elizarey says:

      4 stars I really liked this book. I loved Talon, he is such a sweetheart! I wanted more I know this was a novella but come on. That ending??? Such a cliffhanger, I never expected it to end right there. I loved how Tia stood up for her and Talon's relationship too the WDMC guys. I hope that the Wild Men MC get their own series. I really want to see how this mystery ends

    15. Kei • lovelypagesreviews • says:

      Well this was ok, I guess. I really like Talon and this novella did him justice but Tia I don't get why all the guys have to be with girls within their inner circle? Friend of sisters/brothers, sisters of other characters and brothers, it's ruins the fun out of seeing them coupling. This book had a lot of hints about characters as well.Tia as a character is a mix of other characters, like most of the people in this series. The guys are badass and bikers, the girls are badass and all of them with [...]

    16. Romance Readers Retreat says:

      This is a novella within the Wind Dragons M/C series and so it’s a relatively short read that ends on a cliffhanger so I am guessing this is just an opener to more of Talon and Tia’s story. I hope so anyway as I was enjoying the connection between these two and I’m left with many unanswered questions.Talon is actually the president of an associated M/C that we have met throughout the series so it was refreshing to take a side step in the series. Tia is a great character, a single mother th [...]

    17. Samantha says:

      Really disappointed. I was so pumped for Talon's story but this just didn't rub me the right way. I normally love Chantal Fernando's work because she's talented and her writing works for me. I wanted to love this story as much as I loved the previous books but this just missed its mark. Tia just wasn't a good heroine for me. I don't know, she just wasn't working. She didn't work with Talon, either, which is another reason I probably didn't like her. I just felt like she wasn't a good fit for him [...]

    18. Mindy Lou's Book Reviews says:

      You've got the prez of one MC, Talon, who's attracted to the best friend of an old lady from another MC, Tia. Talon knows that seeing Tia will cause issues so he fights his attraction but he can't fight it for long. The more he sees Tia the more his control slips when he's around her. Tia, a single mom, knows her attraction to Talon means something but she isn't going to beg for his attention. Wild Ride is a safe biker novella that didn't have OW drama or cheating. It's short and sweet but ends [...]

    19. Maddie says:

      Will do review over weekend ARC Received from Netgalley for honest opinion P&M Blog = Book Monsters: bookmonstersblog/Mine coyoteuglyswaggerbookblog.wor (¯`v´¯)♥♥Time to put on my reading glassesA BIG Thank you from me to the author for trusting me with your work! :D

    20. Heather C says:

      ~3.5 ~I've been a big fan of the Wild Dragon MC Series since the beginning and I've always wanted to know more about Talon so I was super excited when I found out that Chantal was releasing a novella to tell his story. Talon is the President of Wild Men, which is a rival MC to the Wild Dragon MC. These two clubs have a pretty nasty history but once Talon became President and started to make changes, they've started leaving each other alone and being a bit more civil towards each other. However, [...]

    21. Dawn says:

      This book is about Talon and Tia. They decide they like each other but because of the conflict between the Wild Men MC and the Wind Dragon MC, and the fact that Tia is best friends with Bailey, Rake's old lady, Talon puts on the brakes. Or tries to. Tia is pretty persistent. Talon finally gives in and it all goes well for a little while. And then they hit a bump. This novella was a bit anti climatic for me and left a bit to be desired, which is different than normal with this author so I'm givin [...]

    22. Bette Hansen says:

      I enjoyed this! It's very short and not really a complete story but I'm guessing it's sets up what comes next in the series while giving us a taste of Talon and Tia together. There's trouble brewing inside the Wild Men MC and since Talon is their president his life is about to get crazy. The one good thing he has is Tia. Unable to resist the attraction any longer these two finally come together. Will the ride get to wild for it to last? Can't wait for the next book in this series. I'm completely [...]

    23. Sheyla ✎ says:

      4.5If you ask me what's a perfect way to write a novella, I would give you Wild Ride as an example.Chantal Fernando clues us in into who the main characters were going to be in Rake's Redemption. We knew it was bound to happen after Tia met Talon. They shared a look and in this novella, we learned they shared a smoking hot kiss too. Afterward, neither could stop thinking about the other one but Tia was not going to take the next step, after all, she was the one who kissed him in the first place. [...]

    24. Doris says:

      So are you ready for a “wild ride”?! You sure will get it with Talon’s story. This was everything I was hoping and expecting Talon would be; smart, sexy, loyal, loving and hot as hell in bed. Tia seems to be the only person who knows how to bring Talon to his knees just by being who she is. She is a single mom who is devoted to her young son Rhett and has learned to be strong and not dependent on men after being burnt by her ex-husband. Tia also knows a good thing when she sees it even if [...]

    25. Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It) says:

      OH MY LANTA. THAT WAS ONE HOT NOVELLA. Even though this was a novella, Chantal managed to incorporate humor, romance, friendship, and mystery through out this story. I was really impressed with how natural everything felt! Nothing felt slow paced or boring. Usually novellas that have romance fall victim to insta-love, however, this novella did not. The couple was introduced in a previous book, which made the connection between Tia and Talon more believable. I loved seeing Tia and Talon interact. [...]

    26. Holly Baker says:

      I have loved Talon throughout this series, and in the previous book, I was desperate for him to get with Tia, so I was super happy to see they got a book! Talon may be from a rival club, but he's one of my favourite characters, and I love, love, love him and Tia together. This is a novella so it's only a super quick read, but it packed quite punch.Wild Ride is by far the strongest of the 2 series novella's we've had so far. I'm not sure if there was anything about Talon and Tia that I didn't lik [...]

    27. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick says:

      C+Wild Ride is the 4.5 installment in the Fernando’s Wind Dragon MC series and fans are pleased to see it is the elusive Talen’s story. Talen is the president of the Wild Men MC; a rival club of the Wind Dragons. Though the MCs don’t get along, his relationship to a Wind Dragon brother and another member’s girlfriend complicates the situation. Content to stay in the background, trying to keep his MC on the straight and narrow and improve his relationship with his half-brother and sister, [...]

    28. Amandajane says:

      If you have just read Rake's Redemption then you are probably hanging out to get Talon's story. So ta-dah Chantal Fernando provides. This novella is the teaser for the next book while giving the reader what they want in the meantime. Nice work CF.Talon is attracted to Tia, the best friend of Rake's girl. His relationship with his stepbrother, Rake is complicated. Not wanting to start problems with the Wind Dragon MC and having problems arise in his own MC, he ignores the attraction. After Tia ki [...]

    29. Danielle says:

      I really wanted to like this one but it was very difficult for me. This is Talon and Tia's story and while it started out good it slowed down and left a lot of things unanswered. First Talon is having issues in his own MC and one of his brothers is murdered in the clubhouse. Talon is looking for answers and sadly nothing is resolved in this matter. Next the ending Talon and Tia are left as they are just seeing one another. Their was no HEA and it ended so abruptly that I had more questions that [...]

    30. Hooked On Books says:

      I gave this book 4.5 stars! This was the first book of this series and I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters. Even without me reading previous books it was easy to keep up with who's who. The only thing I didn't like was it ended in a sort of cliffhanger. I was wanting more and now I have to wait for the next book.Talon and Tia make a great couple, the have off the charts chemistry, strong and will fight on what they believe in. They both fight their attraction until they can't and [...]

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