James Buchanan
The Good Thief
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The Good Thief What if the wrong guy turns out to be the right guy for you Caesar Serrano thought he screwed up when he landed in the bed of LAPD Officer Nathan Reilly But when Caesar breaks into the wrong house an

  • Title: The Good Thief
  • Author: James Buchanan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook
  • What if the wrong guy, turns out to be the right guy for you Caesar Serrano thought he screwed up when he landed in the bed of LAPD Officer Nathan Reilly But when Caesar breaks into the wrong house and stumbles upon a heinous crime, implicating a high ranking LAPD officer, Nate is the only person he knows to turn to The resulting investigation throws the Blue Brigade inWhat if the wrong guy, turns out to be the right guy for you Caesar Serrano thought he screwed up when he landed in the bed of LAPD Officer Nathan Reilly But when Caesar breaks into the wrong house and stumbles upon a heinous crime, implicating a high ranking LAPD officer, Nate is the only person he knows to turn to The resulting investigation throws the Blue Brigade into panic Now he s running for his life and Nate is his only hope for survival Can two men, on opposite sides of the law, come together to bring a monster to justice

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    1. Heather C says:

      Oh, wow! How have I never seen this book before? Why have I not read James Buchanan before this??This story was just perfect for me! Yeah, I was a little worried that I would quickly get bored when they were already having sex 5% into the book, but holy hell Nate and Caesar were so hot for each other, and so hot together. Hot assholes having a lot of hot angry sex! I was never bored. This was somewhat enemies-to-lovers with the cop-falls-for-thief--thief-falls-for-cop theme. The thief (Caesar) a [...]

    2. Daisiemae says:

      The Good Thief had me hooked from the first page. This book has it all. Handsome heroes, fast-paced storyline and a very sweet romance. When Ceasar Serrano and Nathan Reilly meet at a hollywood party, they are immediately attracted to one another. So it was natural for them to hook up and end up at Nathan's home before the night was over.When Nathan gets a phone call and must rush out to work, he is abrupt with Caesar. Not wanting to look like a fool, Caesar goes to leave, he notices Nathan's po [...]

    3. Sofia says:

      3.5 starsBuchanan made me forget that this was a romance and therefore with a happy ending and got me all hot and bothered about what was happening to Nate and Caesar. Loved these guys, so hot together. OK I have to admit that half of the book was spent in sex, even in the most improbable of moments, but did I care, no, not really. Just enjoyed the writing, the guys, the story and the sex as well. I did wonder how Buchanan was going to make the relationship work and it did work out. Still have m [...]

    4. Rosa, really says:

      Hm. Well. Hm.I cannot make up my mind about this book.First allow me to summarize the complicated plot for you:Cop and thief meet cute, fuck hard, argue, fuck hard, thief discovers crime, fuck hard, run from baddies, fuck hard, play with dog, fuck hard, confront baddies, fuck hard, find love, fuck hard.Yay! Good times! I liked both Nate (a beat cop) and Caesar (the thief). I liked that while they had the issue of their respective careers against them, the book wasn’t overrun with tears and ang [...]

    5. LDDurham says:

      I always love Buchanan's characters. They are always so real; guys you can imagine walking around out in the great big world. In The Good Thief, it's the same way. I really dug Nate, the cop. What was so great about him was that he wasn't a dashing homicide detective or an impressive FBI agent. No, he was a uniform cop. One of the guys who shows up to, as he says, "put out the fires". The cops that most of us have experience with. I loved him for that. He's truly a good guy. Ceasar was a bit har [...]

    6. ttg says:

      The Good Thief is a pretty good romance suspense about Caesar who works construction during the day, a job that allows him to case neighborhoods to find easy houses to rob. One plum robbery quickly shifts from easy to serious when he finds the owner’s dark secrets hidden away. Not knowing what else to do, Caesar turns over his findings to Nate, a cop he recently met (and had a hot one-night stand with.) But doing the right thing isn’t always easy, especially when Nate and Caesar figure out t [...]

    7. Bev says:

      Lots of hot sex, two likeable MC's Nate and Caesar, and my vote for star of the show was Ponchito, Caesar's little dog. The plot?? Well, to say that LAPD's finest Nate was a tad thick is an understatement; having said that, if I'd been distracted by Caesar's gloriously hot bod, then maybe I wouldn't have thought about the possibility of a tracker under the car either, hehe. Anyhoo, I did find the storyline a little tenuousrely it's not usual for a case as high profile as this one was to get to c [...]

    8. Ami says:

      When it comes to gay-romance, my kind of book is the one that actually have a story in between the romp around the sheet/kitchen/living room or any area the two guys can find. This one is one of those. Nate and Caesar are two very likeable protagonists. The first one is an LAPD and the later is a thief who is try to do right after finding very disturbing photos of child pornography in one of the houses he robs. Sure there are many sex scenes but there is something actually going on around it. Ad [...]

    9. Lauraadriana says:

      This was a nice story, light, funny and very sexy. Cop and cat burglar fall in love, while having super hot sex.Ceasar is Mexican-American he also breaks into homes for a living. One night he meets a hot blond who he ends up in bed with. The blond, Nate just happens to be LAPD. Of course things cannot work. Only problem is they seem to keep running into each other, and having sex.One day during a break Ceasar discovers some very disturbing photographs and he takes them to Nate so that he can do [...]

    10. Christina says:

      This was ok. It started off pretty well. Nate is an idealistic cop who meets Caesar at a party and then finds out that Caesar's side business is breaking into houses, which is quite the problem for the cop. Caesar and Nate end up in the middle of a dangerous investigation. I really enjoyed the first 50%-60% of the book. There was suspense and action, but unfortunately it fell flat after that. Most of the second half of the book was all sex and then all we got was a nice neat wrap up for the endi [...]

    11. Aiko says:

      The first half of this book was a solid 4 star. I really liked the MC's, and the plot was promising. Then somewhere around the 60% mark it all turned into a long sex scene with random short breaks here and there to move the plot along. It could have been so good, but it turned out just ok.

    12. Elisa Rolle says:

      Well I think this book is my preferrend among James Buchanan's books I have read.Caesar is a "good" thief: he is a burglar but he is a good guy inside. From the Ispanic side of the city, like a lot of guy like him he hasn't had a chance to become a good next boy door. From little thefts to big housebreaks the step is short and it passes through some convictions. But Caesar is also a very handsome guy. So he has his share of adventures and one of them leads him to Nate, a fair hair All American B [...]

    13. Trix says:

      It was a really nice story. I enjoyed reading it and it left me in a good mood after finishing it.Caesar and Nate are the kind of men I like. Strong willed, in great shape and just rightly masculine. Their relationship (their sexual one) was rather well balanced. Nate might have been bottoming, but you never got the sensation that he wanted to play the submissive role, more like he enjoyed giving himself to Caesar, while still controlling the situation. I suppose his physique also helped with th [...]

    14. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

      3.5 starsPros:-Two strong protagonists: Caesar (construction worker and part-time home robber) and Nate (LAPD cop)-Seriously steamy sex scenes-Some diversity (Caesar is Hispanic)-Cute dog with a big personalityCons:-Los Angeles setting (I know, I know; this might be a con only for me, but I lived in that city for too many years and loathe it with every cuticle)-Absurdly contrived crime investigation involving dirty cops, coercion, and a child-porn ring (maybe? It's never really clear as to why t [...]

    15. Mercedes says:

      I don't know why it took me so long to read a book by James Buchanan. His writing style (or at least this book) reminds me a lot of that of my favorite A.M. Riley.I loved the chemistry between Nate and Caesar. The sex was really hot but after a while it became "too much sex" for me. I had to skim the last two scenes.I liked that the police investigation did not take over the book and it was more like an aside to what was going on between Nate and Caesar. It is nice to get a romance with a bit of [...]

    16. Gabbi says:

      This is one of my favorite M/M love stories I have read in a long time. I loved the storyline and both heroes were so sexy!

    17. JR says:

      This is an awesome read. I loved Caesar from the start, but Nate grew on me. By the end, I loved them both and didn't want the story to end. How can you not love an officer and a thief? It worked, it worked very well." Really," Ceasar's touch danced along Nate's arm before he purred "Solamente mio. Mi's media naranja." Only his, in a very possessive way and it was so very true. Then there was that other phrase again too. "Caesar, what does it mean when you say I am half an orange. It can't be li [...]

    18. Kade Boehme says:

      Holy CRAP did I love these guys. While I love my angst, I actually enjoyed that there wasn't much here. I loved that they were both gay and didn't care. No coming out drama. They were comfortable in that part of their lives. The only trouble we had was their judgmental attitudes toward each others' professions. Caesar and Nate are EFFING SEXY! I honestly think this is some of the hottest sex I've read and it may just be because I thought they were so damn hot together. (I also got a wierd thrill [...]

    19. Candice says:

      3.5 Stars. I enjoyed both Caesar and Nate, one a thief and one a cop, two very unlikely people to hook up. They were some hot scenes with them and Caesar's dog was just adorable. While this was well written and enjoyable, there were parts of the story that seemed rushed and would just jump to the next part, the flow of the story just seem off to me and it left me feeling like pieces were missing. Overall enjoyable.

    20. A.E. says:

      HOLY SMOKES!! Hello James Buchanan!! This was my first novel by him and I immediately bought "Hard Fall" after I finished this one in only two dayS. The story is unbelievable, so captivating. It pulls you in from the first chapter. Thier chemistry and story is real and believable; you find yourself pulling for them. I was on the edge of my couch with this one. Its definitly a MUST READ!!

    21. Juliane Seidel says:

      Story:Nachdem der Einbrecher und Dieb Caesar Serrano mitbekommt, dass er eine leidenschaftliche Nacht mit dem LAPD Officer Nathan Reilly verbracht hat, nimmt er sich vor, den gutaussehenden Mann nicht mehr wiederzusehen. Als er jedoch bei einem Beutezug in einer Villa auf kinderpornografische Fotos stößt, wendet er sich an Nathan der ihm seine Unterstützung verspricht. Gemeinsam gehen sie zur Polizei, wo Caesar für seine Aussage einen Deal mit der Staatsanwaltschaft heraushandeln kann. Kurz [...]

    22. Karel says:

      The love story between a crook and a cop definitely reeled me in, hook, line and sinker. This book didn't disappoint. It's all here - good writing, great descriptions, convincing procedures, and of course, a great romance.What I liked:1. The characters were well-written. Caesar and Nate didn't read like girls in pants; They read like men. Bad at cooking, awful jokes, they're definitely not the diabetes-inducing kind of guys that tend to populate the genre.They fit their roles to a T: Caesar is a [...]

    23. Ravyn says:

      I'm totally loving James Buchanan lately. Everything I've read from her is just great, and The Good Thief is no exception. This story centers on a cop and a thief who initially meet and hook up without knowing the other's profession. Once they figure it out, they try to avoid each other like the plague, but (obviously) do not succeed. They are in fact forced together after the thief uncovers some damning evidence during a burglary and then decides to bring it to the cop's attention. As a result, [...]

    24. Hannah says:

      2.5 stars. Rounded up for because I'm feeling generous today.I was disappointed in this book. The blurb seemed to promise a lot of adventure, maybe some shoot-outs, or a car chase, or something exciting. Instead, this was actually a fairly slow-paced novel interrupted by far too many repetitive sex scenes. I didn't feel like I got to know the characters very well, possibly because they spent so much of their time sexing instead of talking or doing anything. This is too bad, because both Nate an [...]

    25. Teri says:

      Not great, but a decent read.I liked both Nate and Caesar. I liked that Caesar wasn't all down on himself, he didn't see himself as some worthless asshole or anything, he simply was who he was and did what he did. The sex was good, and there was a ton of it! Good lord.I felt badly for Nate. I would have liked to get a little more about the thing with his dad. While I like Nate and Caesar together, I felt like there was something missing, I can't exactly put my finger on it. They did talk a littl [...]

    26. Anna says:

      Specification: 4.5 starsI loved this book a lot. Part of the reason is because I have a thing for thieves falling in love with cops and vice versa books. And this one was executed perfectly. I loved the relationship between the MCs throughout the whole book; how after finding out each other's job they tried to stop what they had going on, but they just couldn't stay away from each other and then slowly falling in love. Usually I don't like books that have a sex scene that early in the book (here [...]

    27. Jamie says:

      There is always something very realistic about James Buchanan’s stories. Sure they’re a bit unreal with some instalove and the somewhat frightening circumstances the characters end up in but the setting and the actions of the main characters feel authentic. Nate, the hot blonde cop and Caesar the Latino day laborer hit it off at a party on the fringes of Hollywood. Their chemistry is unmistakable and even though there are many reasons they shouldn’t be together, they keep ending up in each [...]

    28. Angelica says:

      This was a nice read. I'm not a fan of insta love, but I didn't mind it in this story because the author made it belivable enough. I had minor issues with a sub-plot and some errors in the spanish part of the dialogue that threw me off, but it didn't detract from the story. Loved that though the main characters were opposites, they were good together and complemented each other. If you like opposites-attract stories without too much angst, you'll enjoy it.

    29. S.J.D. Peterson says:

      Nate is a cop, and Caesar is a thief and together this unlikely duo are smokin HOT. this is the first James Buchanan's books I have read, but certainly won't be the last. Buchanan executes to perfection his characters and the relationships between them. Their raw, rough and real and I can't wait to read more from this Author.

    30. Tj says:

      Whoa, good;) Just love the bad boys that aren't nightmare bad, Caesar is definitely that. Nate is just a good guy that falls for bad boy Caesar. Then there is the running for their lives and a cute little dog too. A fun and solid read:)

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