Renea Mason
Tasting Paris
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Tasting Paris When Elaine complains she missed enjoying the touristy aspects of Paris during her infamous visit Xavier Marco and Sebastian quench her curiosity by bringing Paris finer points of interest to the d

  • Title: Tasting Paris
  • Author: Renea Mason
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • When Elaine complains she missed enjoying the touristy aspects of Paris during her infamous visit, Xavier, Marco and Sebastian quench her curiosity, by bringing Paris finer points of interest to the doctor s New York penthouse.

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      256 Renea Mason
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    1 Blog on “Tasting Paris

    1. Michelle says:

      This little novella is provides you with a little one-handed reading inspiration. After the stunning closing of book two, this sexy scene really allowed a break in the tension before we get lost in the details of the conclusion of the series.Xavier, Sebastian and Marco plan on showing Elaine the beauty of Paris from the comfort of the kitchen counter in X's NY penthouse. And it is crazy hot. Like, I'm not into food play with sex and the imagery that is created when a character titty-fucks with c [...]

    2. Christen says:

      Tasting Paris (The Good Doctor Trilogy #2.5)by Renea MasonHot damn, I want a taste of Paris too!!!! This was such a perfect little interlude between books 2 & 3. It's not often that I give 5 stars to short reads but this one deserves it! How have I never heard of Renea Mason before starting this series I'll never know. I was lucky enough to have had all three books loaned to me through booklending but after finding out how good the audible version of these books are I decided I am going to t [...]

    3. Bobbi says:

      The trio strikes again in this hot collection. Dr. Xavier, Marco, and Sabastian show Elaine what Paris is all about in their own special way. You are sure to get hot, sweet, and salty all in one taste of this book. This is just a small taste of what you can get with Renea Mason's books especially with The Good Doctor Trilogy.

    4. Terri says:

      I just finished reading this short story in audio format. I read this already in eBook. The audio version is 20 times better! I thought the eBook was good, but the narrators turn this story into an event! The voices, the emotions I feel like I was looking into a window! The story itself is already very good, but when the dual narrators add their parts in, this book comes to life with so many explosions (pun intended). I could listen to it again and again!The author, Renea Mason is an incredible [...]

    5. Caryn A says:

      I believe that Paris is a very lucky girl! She's in love and gets pleasured by three cocks, three tongues, and 30 dexterous fingers routinely. What more could a girl want?

    6. Cyndi Marie says:

      ***Listened to the Audiobook***HOT HOT HOT!! If you like a short book that is just sex, listen to this one! If you love the Good Doctor Series, listen to this one! Renea gave us one encounter with our favorite foursome in this short novella. The boys give Elaine their version of what Paris is like while they are stuck in NY. And we all know Paris is sexy so you can only image what these seriously sexy guys do to her! As always the writing was fantastic, the story hot, and the narration off the c [...]

    7. Dawn says:

      What an awesome short story to give us a bit more of dear Dr. Vincent, Elaine, Marco and Sebastian while we wait for Surviving Doctor Vincent. This story brings us a little more of what the 4 of them have learned about each other and what they want to learn about each other. The relationship that is building and how close can they really get. Leaves me wanting more and I can hardly wait for the next adventure to begin.

    8. Sarah says:

      What a tasty little tidbitThis novella is definitely packed full of hot steamy sex . Really it is just one elongated sex scene , but it is just a novella out of a richer tapestry of storyline about The Doctor and his love. It definitely can be read as a standalone though you will wonder who some of the characters are and how it all ties together and just enjoy the hot steamy sex or you can read it as a sideline with great pleasure as part of the series

    9. Vettech says:

      This is such a great series this short story quickie is quite possibly the most yummy of desserts to come across your table. With our favorite characters from The Good Doctor Trilogy SeriesElaine, Dr. Vincent, Marco and Sebastian presenting some very hot sexy after dinner goodies for the kinky sweet tooth in all of us.After reading this sumptuous tale you'll be craving to go back and read the rest of this panty melting series

    10. MWLgal says:

      No surprise here. Dr. Vincent and company kick up the heat and Ms. Mason does not disappoint. I like her writing style - very respectful of characters, the dynamics between them, great dialog, and yes there is that heat component. But you gotta have it all for success. Great series. Cant wait for next installment.

    11. P Leslie says:

      This was one hot, sexy read and I loved it. Marco, Sebastian and Xavier allow Elaine to experience their own creative yet naughty version of Paris. I don't think I can ever get enough of these three gorgeous men - I'm literally left drooling lol.

    12. Luzmaria Morneault-welton says:

      I really enjoyed this short story. I really love the characters so this was great to see them having fun and enjoying themselves. You get to know the fun side of the characters and it's another fun, hot steamy short story that will help hold you over to the next book.

    13. Lyn says:

      Two words describe this story "Extremely HOT". The Good doctor (Xavier), Marco, and Sabastian show Elaine what Paris taste like. This story can be read as a stand-alone but definitely should be read in conjunction with the The Good Doctor Trilogy.

    14. Kayla says:

      Tasting Paris was a perfect short read. Although I read it out of order it was still a nice touch to the series! It was 39 pages of pure steam! What girl would not want a taste of Paris if Xavier, Marco and Sebastian was what it had to offer!! ;)

    15. Annie says:

      This is a quick and delicious look at our favorite quadour polyamorous Elaine, and her trio of hot men spend a night to remember for many many nights to come!! it was great! The narration was flawless and I cant wait for the next one!!

    16. Carrie says:

      Super quick read.

    17. Rene' Hurt says:

      Very short book but it pack a very Hot punch.

    18. Lady says:

      ••I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book•••***Not for the homophobic or closedminded***The nuances in this complicated relationship are illustrated masterfully by Erin Deward and Noah Michael Levine's stellar performance! I truly enjoy the way they showcase the different characters and their unique personalities. Listening is always a great treat!××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× [...]

    19. Taria Reed says:

      Dear ReneaI swear you could spin me a tale of these four running to the bank or grocery shopping and I'd probably eat that up. I'm going to be so sad when Dr. Vincent and crew have told their story and it's all over. I hope you consider giving us a peek into their lives every now and again cuz HOLY SHITBALLSis was HOT. Think I can talk my hubby into letting me find my own Sebastian and Marcus to join us? J/Kybe ;)I adore Noah & Erin's narration. ADORE!!!! Story - 4Narrators - 5

    20. Sandi Neace says:

      Hmm Tasting Paris is a very fast, satisfying, inspiring and good read. Elaine is def in her own perfect little world. To have the life she has.Paris Tasting like this is def something i enjoy reading.

    21. Sarah says:

      love the short erotic story of the couple

    22. Ashley Marie says:

      *listened to audiobook*Short and steamy. A little more foursome fun.

    23. Lillian Cummings says:

      Great selection of short previews to some great books.

    24. Christine says:

      Arc review For honest review. This short story is very hot male, male, male,female. The four characters all come to gather to show her Paris with out leaving home.

    25. Bookin' Around Town With Jocq says:

      All I can say isI WANT TO GO TO PARIS by way of NEW YORK!

    26. Brandie says:

      AUDIOBOOK VERSION:This was a great short story that fits in between book 2 and book 3. It gave us a fun interlude with all the main 4 characters. This story does not advance the main line but is a fun little addition with a steamy hot finish. As always, The narration is amazing. If you love these character and want a little bit more, check it out!

    27. Brandy says:

      A very erotic foursome that details their moment in time.

    28. Nelly says:

      Not quite sure why this was thrown in between the 2 and 3rd books. It is simplest another sexual encounter between Elaine and the boys but was it necessary?? There is plenty of that thrown into all of the stories.

    29. Leigh says:

      It's my fault because I was not able to read the first book. So what happened? I couldn't grasp the story.

    30. Luzmaria Morneault-welton says:

      Since book three came out I thought it was a good time to re-read the series. It's just as good as it was the first time around, if not better. I listened to the audio book and loved the narration. It really adds to the story and help suck you in, held me there and left me wanting more. The series is so good, it's a catch 22. I really enjoyed the series and wanted to read book three so badly, to get to the conclusion but I'll miss them all and it sucks knowing there won't be anymore Elaine, Dr. [...]

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