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Never Too Late
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Never Too Late Decades ago a shotgun wedding locked Edith into a life with a husband she s not sure she ever loved Now at a certain age she feels like a ghost in her own life wondering where all this came from t

  • Title: Never Too Late
  • Author: Jo Barney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Decades ago, a shotgun wedding locked Edith into a life with a husband she s not sure she ever loved Now, at a certain age, she feels like a ghost in her own life, wondering where all this came from the scornful husband, the mercenary brood of grandchildren, the well meaning but controlling daughter in law Then one Christmas morning Edith wakes to find her husband deaDecades ago, a shotgun wedding locked Edith into a life with a husband she s not sure she ever loved Now, at a certain age, she feels like a ghost in her own life, wondering where all this came from the scornful husband, the mercenary brood of grandchildren, the well meaning but controlling daughter in law Then one Christmas morning Edith wakes to find her husband dead, and the role she played for so long crumbling Soon questions arise about her husband s death, and papers discovered in his pockets send Edith unraveling secrets of the man she thought she knew Edith s son Brian is the focus of her life, but he may not be as perfect as she thought Revelations that he might be cheating shock her As Edith investigates the mysteries of her family, she may just find who she truly is.

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    1. Diane says:

      Never Too Late is the story of re-awakening, learning about oneself, family and moving forward.Edith woke up Christmas morning to a dead husband. She was nearly 70 years old and had been in a loveless marriage since the beginning. She had a son, Brian, a daughter-in-law that she didn't really like, two grandchildren that she really didn't know and very few friends. After the funeral she found an envelope that was her husband's. It had many mysterious receipts in it that she wanted to investigate [...]

    2. Karen Mace says:

      I received a copy of this via NetGalley in return for a fair and honest reviewThis book had such a powerful beginning that it proves extremely difficult not to be immediately drawn in, and the continued intelligent writing makes sure you are kept guessing and almost living Ediths' life until all the secrets are revealed by the end.The start is when Edith reaches over to wake Art up on Christmas morning so they can get things ready for their normal family christmas with the grandchildren, but she [...]

    3. Elizabeth says:

      I thought this was going to be a more saccharine predictable story than it turned out to be. And while the protagonist lived all her adult life in an unhappy marriage, in the end she takes responsibility for the choices she made. So it's not a "done her wrong" story either. I'd be interested in more by this author.

    4. Deb Pizzimenti says:

      Great story but who edited this mess?I was immediately drawn in by the characters and the way the book began. Almost as quickly, the sloppy editing began. I considered quitting as there are so many great story tellers who are more deserving. If you can make it past the glaringly sloppy mistakes with the language, it's truly a great story.

    5. Marlene says:

      A great read! A coming of age story, in a way. Highly recommend!I loved this book. Complex characters, storyline was enthralling. A woman of a certain age finding herself and her family and beginning her next chapter.

    6. Nancy says:

      Thoughtful, nuanced story of a widow searching for the secrets in her husband's past to understand a marriage that became loveless. She also faces changes in her relationships with a daughter in law and grandchildren. About time a story is told with empathy from this time of life.

    7. Andrew Hall says:

      I enjoyed this book mostly, though I think it got a little lost in the middle.

    8. Margaret Millmore says:

      Edith awakens on Christmas day to find that her husband of more than forty years, has passed away in the night. One would think this would devastate her, but it doesn’t…Edith’s marriage and life in general had been more of an arrangement made possible by the unexpected pregnancy of her son Brian, which forced her marriage in a time when unwed mothers were shamed upon. She’d spent her married life cooking, cleaning and caring for a husband who treated his wife with utter disdain…a man w [...]

    9. Vera mallard says:

      All I can say is wow! This was an emotional roller-coaster ride. For me it was a story of guilt, giving up, disillusionment, unhappiness, and settling for second best or maybe even fifth or sixth best. But the real story beneath all the emotion, is it is never too late to begin again.Edith is in her sixties, she was born in the time period that demanded marriage if one committed the unpardonable and became pregnant; their lives became a study of settling, making do, just existing, staying togeth [...]

    10. Allyson Abbott says:

      I won an Ecopy of this book through a Giveaway I entered because I was drawn to the tale about an elderly lady. I write stories about mature women or couples, so finding another author within the same genre was enlightening.I really loved this story. It starts on a sad note when Edith wakes up on Christmas Day to find her husband dead in bed beside her. From the off set it is obvious that she is not that upset, as her marriage has been a struggle and their relationship, love and trust of each ot [...]

    11. Pamela Scott says:

      I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Never Too Late is an emotional roller-coaster. Once I started to get into the novel I couldn’t put it down. The characters are brilliant. I thought Edith was wonderfully real and raw. I loved the way the author explored Edith and Art’s unhappy marriage. It must have been very hard for her to be married to someone who treated her and their son with such cold disdain. It must have been equally hard for him married to someon [...]

    12. Peggy Bird says:

      It isn't often that older women are heroines in novels. Jo Barney is one writer who tries to fill that gap with her well written stories. In "Never Too Late," her heroine Edith awakens Christmas morning to find her husband dead in bed beside her. Tracking down the mysteries she unearths from clues she finds in the pockets of his clothes she uncovers secrets of her husband's past--of her family's past--as well as hints of what her future might hold. The characters are honestly portrayed and the s [...]

    13. Kelly Cain says:

      This was an easy, quick read, but that's not to minimize the strong themes present throughout.Edith wakes up on Christmas morning to a dead husband who she didn't really like all that much. She goes on a journey to figure out some mysteries her husband left behind, but instead solves some mysteries about herself she didn't realize needed solving.I loved the way the author handles race in this novel. Edith's (who is white) sleuthing takes her to a predominantly black establishment and her dialogu [...]

    14. Linda Thompson says:

      There's always a price to pay for keeping secrets, and those we keep them from can usually accept the truth far better than untruths or silence. Such is the price paid by so many people in Jo Barney's Never Too Late. Barney's understanding of the human spirit and what drives us is remarkable, and once again I found I could not put this book down. I was drawn into this story long before I truly understood just what the story was. Every character serves a purpose and contributes to the story - Bar [...]

    15. Sue says:

      I received this book from NetGalley for an unbiased review.First off, let me say how nice it is to read a book with the main character in their 60s facing real problems of this age group. The book starts out with Edith waking up on Christmas morning to find her husband dead beside her in bed. Even though they had been married for years it was a loveless marriage and her husband treated her badly. She is shocked by his death but not very upset. As realizes that she is now the master of her own de [...]

    16. Jessica says:

      Bittersweet tale of lost love and opportunitiesI was drawn to this tale of a widow's journey of self discovery following the end of a loveless marriage because I am the same age as Edith. As she uncovers her late husband's secrets, she also questions her own role in the failure of their loveless marriage, finds strength and pleasure in her budding relationship with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren, (including one she didn't know about), as well as the possibility of a new romantic relations [...]

    17. Sally Coles says:

      Edith a woman in her sixties did not have a great marriage, she had had no choice but to marry as she was pregnant, so when her husband dies in his bed on Christmas day she is not heartbroken.Edith now starts to find all sorts of mysteries about the man that she was married to and secrets that had been kept from her. Her beloved son is not what he seems and the daughter in law that she didnt think she got on with unexpectedly becomes an ally.A great family saga that you cant put down wanting to [...]

    18. Jennifer says:

      I might not have picked this book out on my own, but after reading the synopsis, I was intrigued. Edith's story and the twists and turns that unfold tell a story that could definitely happen. What I like about this story is that it gives some real insight into a character we don't see enough of as a main character of the story- that of a woman in her 60's. The ways in which she finds her strengths will surprise the reader, and build her character.I will recommend this book to others. I received [...]

    19. Paula says:

      Thanks to Librarything for a free copy of Never Too Late by Jo Barney. This is a compelling story told in first person from the point of view of Edith, whose husband dies at the beginning of the novel, leaving many questions that she attempts to find the answers for. The characters are well developed and I especially liked the interactions between Edith and her daughter-in-law, Kathleen. I felt that the answers came too easily at times but, nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read.

    20. Donna Cody says:

      The tangled webs of familiesThe author developed an interesting bunch of characters. Their connections were filled with mixed emotions that run the full gambit from heart breaking to euphoriaThe decisions of what is right, good, productive or loving and how it will affect the relationship. Kept my attention to the end that came too soon.

    21. Sam says:

      Really liked the beginning of this book and it is a really fast read. However I feel the ending let it down a little. It was pretty obvious what the secret was, I was just hoping I was wrong and there would be some exciting twist to the story. But there wasn't.

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