Kira Archer
Driving Her Crazy
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Driving Her Crazy Cher Debusshere hates being the black sheep of her posh well to do family almost as much as she hates driving which is exactly what she s forced to do when her flight home for her perfect sister s we

  • Title: Driving Her Crazy
  • Author: Kira Archer
  • ISBN: 9781633753761
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • Cher Debusshere hates being the black sheep of her posh, well to do family almost as much as she hates driving which is exactly what she s forced to do when her flight home for her perfect sister s wedding is grounded Fan freakin tastic Then a hot guy offers to share both the car rental and the driving dutiesy to drive her crazy by assuming she s just some spoiledCher Debusshere hates being the black sheep of her posh, well to do family almost as much as she hates driving which is exactly what she s forced to do when her flight home for her perfect sister s wedding is grounded Fan freakin tastic Then a hot guy offers to share both the car rental and the driving dutiesy to drive her crazy by assuming she s just some spoiled little rich girl.Mechanic Nathaniel Oz Oserkowski is about as blue collar as they come There s never been a time he hasn t worked his ass off, and he s determined to prove it to the gorgeous princess in the passenger seat As the miles pass, they bait and needle each otheruntil their lust and longing gets so hot it nearly overheats the engine.They have nothing in common Hell, they can barely stand each other But sometimes it takes a journey to change the destinationEach book in the Crazy Love series is a standalone, full length story that can be enjoyed out of order.Series Order Book 1 Driving Her CrazyBook 2 Kissing Her CrazyBook 3 Loving Her Crazy

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    1 Blog on “Driving Her Crazy

    1. Rachel Regina says:

      Overall rating: 4.5 "Ox and Nag" stars!Triggers: Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Intimate pasts: (view spoiler)[ Nathanial aka Oz (hero): Isn't a virgin, but doesn't do one night stands. Works 3 jobs to support his sister and her young son, so doesn't remember the last time he dated. Cherice (heroine): Isn't a virgin and it's not mentioned when the last time she dated was.(hide spoiler)]St [...]

    2. Jo says:

      Unfortunately this book did not work for me. Both Cherise and Nathaniel were too judgmental about each other, always jumping to conclusions about what the other one was wearing, the jobs they did, and well basically everything. Also Cherise had no backbone at all when it came to her family, and I just could not relate to her at all. It did improve a bit after they had sex for the first time, but that was near the end of the book, and way too late to redeem them to me.

    3. Mandy says:

      4.5 starsCherise is flying from North Carolina to New York for her sisters wedding. She's kind of the black sheep of her wealthy family and if she's late for this wedding, her mom will never let her forget it. Oz if also flying to New York for a job interview. He supports his sister and nephew by working 3 jobs, and he is getting interviewed for his dream job. When bad weather grounds their flight and Oz gets the last the rental, he offers to let Cher ride along with him. With no other option, C [...]

    4. ☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė says:

      I'm reading too much now I'll try this later

    5. Kristiej says:

      Although I'm not giving this book 5 stars, it's only because I'm getting stricter but the fact I inhaled this book in one day means I enjoyed it. I mean really, really enjoyed it.This is a "road romance" between two people from opposite worlds who discover throughout their journey they aren't so different after all. Our hero Oz or Nathaniel as our heroine insists on calling him, a true blue collar hero (my favourite kind in contemporaries) is flying to New York to interview for an interview for [...]

    6. Naima Simone says:

      The hero and heroine's names--Nathaniel "Oz" Oserkowski and Cherise Debusshere--automatically give the reader a clue that these two couldn't be more opposite of each other than oil is to water, black is to white, Doritos are to trail mixd from there let the good times roll! And that's what Driving Her Crazy was--fun. Pure, laugh out loud, did-that-just-happen? fun! Cherise is the black sheep of her uppercrust, moneyed family. The only ally she has in the family full of surgeons and lawyers is he [...]

    7. Jamie Kline says:

      What a cute, fun read! This novel centers around Cherice and Oz, two strangers who are pretty much complete opposites. What better way to see sparks fly (for better or worse) than to put these two on a long car ride together. I don't know about all of you, but I end up wanting to smother my own family after being in the car with them for too long, so I can't imagine what it would be like to be stuck with a stranger. Although, if he looked like Oz I think I could make it work.Both Cherice and Oz [...]

    8. Julianne Redmon says:

      This is the first book I've read by Kira Archer and holy rabies am I glad I did! First, the story is a little improbable but not entirely far-fetched. While the mom in me screams "stranger danger," I'm sure if I was in Cherise's situation I wouldn't hesitate to take Oz up on his offer. Archer really makes the limited scope in setting work for the story. The quick-witted dialogue and sexual tension between the characters really carries a story that takes place mostly in a car. I like how the stor [...]

    9. Crystal Yawn says:

      all around feel good book. it just left me smiling! my first book by Kira Archer I will definitely be looking for more. The scenario is a little scary (strangers driving up coast together) but we'll done. the banter, nagging and sexual chemistry is alive and wonderful. the play between social classes, opposites attract is very enjoyable. Cher is fairly likable upper class lady who is afraid to go after what she truly wants and her family doesn't. this makes me able to sympathize with her and her [...]

    10. Shelly says:

      This book was hilarious. I loved the banter between the main characters. This book is about following your dreams and being with the person who makes you happy. Oz or Nathaniel is a blue collar guy working 3 jobs to help support his sister and nephew. Cherice comes from a wealthy family but wants to help others but her mother has other plans for her. When a storm grounds a plane they both needed to be on, it turns out to be a road trip that will leave them wanting more. This is a fun read defini [...]

    11. Stacee says:

      I loved the premise of this: 2 seemingly opposite people stuck in a car? Yes. Sign me up. Cher and Oz are more similar than they first think and it was fun seeing them try to figure everything out. Yes it's a bit predictable, yes it's a little clichéd, but it was a quick and cute read with a satisfying ending. **Huge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**

    12. Gökçe says:

      2.5/5Bir ara güzelleşti dedim ama sonu o kadar havada, o kadar acele bitti ki. Anlatım da ilgi çekici değildi. Hava sıcak olmasa ve telefonda kitap seçerken buna tıklamış olmasam ookumazdım

    13. Shawnie says:

      This is a fun and silly road trip romance. It's a great weekend read. I'll definitely read more in this series.

    14. Toni says:

      Kira Archer did a great job hooking me in from start to finish. I expected a light hearted romance and this book delivered that and so much more! I love a quick wit and these characters certainly delivered. Sometimes, you just wanted to reach in the book and smack one or both of them!! Cherice Debusshere is the black sheep from a well to do New York family trying to make it on her own as a “personal shopper”. Nathaniel “Oz” Oserkowski is a blue collar worker from North Carolina that is t [...]

    15. Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review says:

      4.5 StarsThis story was cute and fun and exactly the type of easy reading I was looking for on this lazy Friday night. I love a good story with two people from opposite sides of the tracks who fall for each other, even though the likelihood that they will actually work out is pretty low. The fact that they are basically strangers stuck in a car for 12 plus hours with nothing in common besides an undeniable sexual attraction to each other makes the story that much more interesting, and hot. Did I [...]

    16. Danielle says:

      This book started out a little slow but once Cher and Oz start on the road trip from hell it picks up and because a cute lighthearted read. These two couldn't be more different and it shows from the trip from NC to the big apple. Cher's family comes from money and although she is a personal shopper she is the black sheep in her family. Oz on the other had has his fair share of struggles. He is helping support his sister and her son. He is hoping to get the job of his dreams but due to the weathe [...]

    17. Shannon Ferguson says:

      Ok, this is my first Kira Archer read, and I am dying to get my hands on more of her books!! Driving Her Crazy drew me in from the beginning, with an alarm mishap, cancelled flights, and rides with a sexy stranger. And let's not forget the sparks flying between Cherice and Nathaniel (or Cher and Oz, depending on which character you were talking to :) ). I loved that these 2 couldn't seem to stand each other throughout the book. It made the build up to their relationship so much better :). I love [...]

    18. Geri says:

      OMG I so loved this story! It was like girl from the 'right side of town' plows into 'boy from wrong side of tracks'! There was humor, sparks, heat, rain, drama, love, mud, and lots more. Cher was raised to always do what was expected of her and to always worry about what people think. Even though she moves away from her family, these lessons stay with her. She is forced to go home for her sister's wedding and even though she has put it off until the last minute she knows she has no choice. Well [...]

    19. Angel says:

      ARC provided by Entangled Publishing through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review3.5 StarsDriving Her Crazy puts me in mind of those rom coms with Drew Barrymore. It just has a laid-back kind of feel to it. It's a storyline similar to ones we've seen before. Two strangers are forced to travel together in order to reach their destinations on time because the weather has grounded their flights. Oz is working three jobs just to help support his sister and nephew. Cherise comes from a rich fam [...]

    20. Dísir says:

      Cute and entertaining read about an impromptu road trip to hell with strangers who are thrown together (and couldn't be more different) when a flight to New York is cancelled. Not too sure about the instant-love connection even if the chemistry between Oz and Cher is obviously evident. Oz was an arse for quite a bit of the book, but I certainly understood the well-articulated pressures faced by Cher. The ending was rather abrupt and the epilogue merely hints at what had happened in the interveni [...]

    21. Isha Coleman says:

      Driving Her Crazy is unexpected treat. Of course it's unrealistic but that what makes it so intriguing. Cher and Nathaniel are as mismatched as you can get. She's rich, he's not. She's classy, he's rough around the edges. Forced together due to circumstance these two are about to discover that life is full of surprises. Kira Archer has written an engagingly humorous story full of irony and feeling. Driving Her Crazy was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review and I am looking forward to re [...]

    22. Abigail Lo says:

      DNF at 32%Stop being so judgemental, guys! Jesus. Maybe I'm only so touchy about this because of 7 Cups. (Everyone should become a 7 Cups listener, by the way!) But damn, why do both the heroine and hero have to judge as soon as they see each other? What happened to not judging a book by its cover? I know it's going to end with them realizing that they are both so much more than they seem at first sight, but really? *rolls eyes*

    23. Bette Hansen says:

      I really LOVED this one! The story is so cute and the characters were hilarious. The witty banter between Cher and Oz had me laughing out loud and drawing strange looks from the family! They are both on their way to NY from NC but when bad weather grounds all flights and Oz grabs the last available rental car, Cher reluctantly agrees to accept Oz's offer and share the car. This is one road trip neither will forget!!Grab this one, I recommend it!

    24. Heather andrews says:

      Our girl can be a tad bit prickly, “since I do not have balls, I guess you’ll be waiting a long time. And will you please stop calling me Cher. My name is Cherice.” Nothing wrong with ogling your man and getting caught, “you’re welcome to stay if you want,” he said, his hands drifting to the button of his jeans. He popped it open and Cherice snapped out of it." This book was fun and a good read.

    25. Sheryl says:

      *ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Entangled Publishing*

    26. Ginette says:

      It was a cute, funny read.

    27. F. C. says:

      First in the series. Ok story.

    28. Bridget O'Toole says:

      I love road trip stories. Two totally opposite individuals that don’t get along being stuck in small spaces together? Yes, please! Bring on the banter and sexual tension…Anyways, it’s no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed Driving Her Crazy by Kira Archer because it is the exact type of road trip story I love. The book starts off with Cher Debusshere, the supposed black sheep of her high-society family, waking up wayyyy late. Too late. The limo is set to arrive within the hour, and if she i [...]

    29. Smut Matters says:

      Heather's review from Smut MattersCherice Buchanan Debusshere is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Her alarm didn't go off, she's stuck in the airport security line, and when she finally screeches to a halt at the gate for her flight, she sees that the door is closed and she's not getting on. Which ends up not mattering five minutes later when the flight is canceled for crappy weather. She absolutely must get from North Carolina to upstate New York that night. Her sister is get [...]

    30. Cristina Aguado rodriguez says:

      Me encanta esta historia desastrosa y divertida. Me ha recordado mucho a las fuerzas de la naturaleza. Me encanta Cher y lo estirada que puede llegar a ser, y me encanta como reacciona ante Oz. Como se distancia cuando piensa que está casado, y como se deja llevar cuando descubre que no. Me encanta lo diferentes que parecen a primera vista, y lo confundidos que están el uno con el otro

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