Max Brooks Ibraim Roberson
The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks
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The Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks Those who don t learn from history are condemned to repeat it From the Stone Age to the information age the undead have threatened to engulf the human race They re coming They re hungry Don t wait fo

  • Title: The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks
  • Author: Max Brooks Ibraim Roberson
  • ISBN: 9780307405777
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Those who don t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.From the Stone Age to the information age, the undead have threatened to engulf the human race They re coming They re hungry.Don t wait for them to come to you This is the graphic novel the fans demanded major zombie attacks from the dawn of humanity On the African savannas, against the legions of ancientThose who don t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.From the Stone Age to the information age, the undead have threatened to engulf the human race They re coming They re hungry.Don t wait for them to come to you This is the graphic novel the fans demanded major zombie attacks from the dawn of humanity On the African savannas, against the legions of ancient Rome, on the high seas with Francis Drake every civilization has faced them Here are the grisly and heroic stories complete with eye popping artwork that pulsates with the hideous faces of the undead Organize before they rise Scripted by the world s leading zombie authority, Max Brooks, Recorded Attacks reveals how other eras and cultures have dealt with and survived the ancient viral plague By immersing ourselves in past horror we may yet prevail over the coming outbreak in our time.

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    1 Blog on “The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks

    1. Edward Lorn says:

      I was hoping for a little more than what I received here. Which is odd, considering I went into this with very low expectations. I read World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War when it first came out and enjoyed it. I figured I'd at least enjoy this funny book as a mild distraction. But it left me with an overall feeling of meh. I don't regret reading it, but I could've done something better with my time. Like, say, trimming my toenails or shaving my ass.It was almost like an episode of An [...]

    2. Don says:

      Reading this was enjoyable enough, but the more I've thought about it afterward, the more annoyed I've become.First, there isn't any new material here; all the material is taken directly from the Zombie Survival Guide. This in itself isn't terrible - it's just not what I had been expecting. But the stories are still as interesting as they were the first time around, and the art does make the incidents more immediate.What's entirely irritating, however, is the publisher's approach to the book. Th [...]

    3. Kemper says:

      As a big fan of Brooks' World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide, I was really looking foward to this graphic novel that tells of zombie attacks through history. The stories are interesting and once again Brooks' writing shows that he's spent waaaayyy too much time thinking about tactics to fight off zombies. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse, I vote we put Brooks in charge of our defenses.But this is short and sweet, and didn't fill my craving for another Brooks zombie book. Plus, I think Rober [...]

    4. Melissa says:

      I find it very distracting when a comic is written where sentences . . . ellipse through two pages . . . and it's only one thought . . . that's trying to be . . . conveyed. Supposedly this adds to the gravity, but I'm not buying it. Since I've been waiting for this book since 2008, I was hoping it'd be a little longer.

    5. Becky says:

      3.5 Stars-OK I really loved The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead & the audio performance of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War and I have plans to read World War Z next month (since the audio is abridged I know, I know! Blasphemy. Yes, but it's awesome still. It's the exception. Trust me. Just look at the cast list.) and so I thought that I would round out the Max Brooks trio on my bookcase and pick this up. I enjoyed it for the most part, and I thi [...]

    6. Andrew says:

      This is a comic book that you can read quite quickly and it’s the first that I read by this author. This is a sort of journalistic reportage with episodes about the zombie phenomenon in human history: manifestation, distribution, transmission and in many cases instruction on how to stop it (in fact removal of all infected). Funny, graphically well done, but the short number of pages saved it from boredom. A little longer and it would be too repetitive. Nice, I think I'll try to read other stor [...]

    7. Greg says:

      This was a broadly amusing short read that attempts to create a pseudo-history of recorded outbreaks of the solanium virus and the resultant attacks by zombies on the living at various locations around the globe in the past 60,000 years. Illustrated in black-and-white, zombies are shown in varying degrees of decay, gore and savageness, in contrast to their usually startled and horrified victims! I liked linkages between zombies and aspects of actual Romano-British and Egyptian archaeology, but f [...]

    8. Sesana says:

      This is a companion of sorts to Brooks's Zombie Survival Guide, which I seem to remember reading years ago. The basic concept is to briefly cover, in graphic novel format, a series of outbreaks occurring throughout history, starting in the stone age and ending in modern America. The narration is written exactly as you would expect if it were actually presenting a series of historical events. Apparently, this was all originally written for and published in the original Survival Guide.The art is b [...]

    9. Mehsi says:

      1.5 stars. Well that was just beyond disgusting. I can handle a bit of gore, but seriously this was just too much. I don't think I want to eat anything for the coming hour or so. *shivers*The art is decent, though not really my kind of art. I am more more of the refined kind of art, not the action/harsh kind of art. The story and the history parts were really interesting and that is also why I rate this book a 1.5 stars. That is the only thing I enjoyed, though it scared me to bits. It was grues [...]

    10. Nancy says:

      Considering how much I loved the audio edition of World War Z, I expected a whole lot more from this graphic novel. Written by Max Brooks but illustrated by Ibraim Roberson, these twelve short stories left me wanting more. The stories began chronologically, with the first story set in Africa in 60,000 BC. The second story was my favorite, for it made a connection between zombies and explaining why ancient mummies that have been discovered have had their brains pulled out. The remaining stories c [...]

    11. Dimitris says:

      Ah I liked it. It was ok actually but the fact that it made me write down some stuff and check some stories it's saying and also inspire me to draw some of them and whatnot, well, it deserves one more star for that. Also, made me wanna read some other books that have stories that are mentioned in this one. So that's a win! Other than that it's just stories that may or may not have had zombie attacks and whatnot. I wouldn't rec it as a standalone, cuz you really need to first read the World War Z [...]

    12. Rachel says:

      Forced myself to finish it. The artwork was great, highly detailed and pretty much the only saving grace for this book. As other reviewers have commentede overuseof ellipsesd tossing downo or three words a timewas f*cking annoying. For me, it detracted from what could have been entertaining shorts collected together. Instead it kinda felt like a hot mess with a side of steaming ass was thrown on top of terrific artwork that deserved better.

    13. Shilpi Jain says:

      Ahhh anything to do with living dead makes me curious so I absolutely had to read this. As the title suggests, it records events back from 5000 BC until as recently as World War II and afterwards about zombie attacks and why they were never officially recorded or acknowledged. It's a short book, thankfully, but most of the theories are too far fetched to believe them. There we no new takeaways from what you haven't seen in the zombie movies- hit on the head to kill etc. I actually thought it was [...]

    14. Trin says:

      These stories are lifted directly out of the back of the original Zombie Survival Guide, so don’t expect any new material here. However, they’re extremely fun in graphic novel form, and if it’s been a while since you read Brooks’ first zombie book, as it has for me, I think you’ll still find these a treat.

    15. Elizabeth says:

      Loved the art in this. Super cool and gruesome. The title says it all about this one. It is a collection of recorded zombie attacks through history which was super cool and it's made me really excited to read the related books by Max Brooks. I think I may like zombie stories. Totally new section of the horror genre for me.

    16. Becky Johnson says:

      This was a quick and easy read mainly cause it's a graphic novel lolI loved the information and possible theories behind certain ancient routines but I love zombies and I love Max Brooks :) could've been longer though.

    17. Izabela says:

      This comic-style book is good, but it isn't mind-blowing. There isn't anything new or exciting about it; it's just another zombie outbreak story. The graphics are pretty good, but again, not great. All in all, it's okay.

    18. Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary) says:

      The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks covers 12 different attacks, starting with the earliest (60,000 B.C.) and working forward to closer to present day. While the first attack spanned several pages, the second one wasn't really even an 'attack' at all. It was more the discovery of the virus and speculation. The rest seem to vary in length, and went from moderately interesting to skim-worthy and back again several times. I don't know what I think of this. On one hand, I loved the art. Ibra [...]

    19. Daiva says:

      When you read a really good, captivating book you look for extras (or at least at times - I do), so after reading World War Z, I'm kind of glad to find some stuff on the side. Of course, not as good as the original, but not bad either.

    20. Mark says:

      The Zombie Survival Guide: Recroded AttacksAuthor: Max Brooks and ibraim RobersonPublisher: Three Rivers PressPublished In: New YorkDate: 2009Pgs: 144REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary:The wars of survival that we are fighting against the zombie in the modern age are not the first plagues to sweep across Man. There have been recorded instances throughout history. They’re coming and they’re hungry. From the Stone Age to the Information Age, across African savannas, against Roman legions, and [...]

    21. Hillary roberts says:

      I LOVED World War Z then I discovered Max Brooks has published a LOT over the years. I am sooo happy that now I can go and read them all.This tells about how the first recorded Zombie attacks started. To start off with the artwork is fanfuckingtastic. I fell in love with the artwork. It really added to the story.The story itself took real history and added zombies in it. I was amazed at how effortlessy Brooks was able to combine real history and the zombies. The world building is out of this wo [...]

    22. PaulPerry says:

      A nice idea, but the dozen pieces within are too skeletal to be stories. If it had been kept to half that number and they had each been fleshed out more - then they could have got two volumes out it it, as well. It must have involved minimal work from Brooks, each piece being the jottings of an idea. However, the artwork is excellent, atmospheric and detailed with nice use of frames and mirroring, so this pushes the rating up to three stars.For zombie completists only.

    23. Mika Harjula says:

      A good illustrated compendium on recorded attacks throughout history in different parts of the world. Described in a mythical and legendary form. I had some problems with the the artistic form. Hard to get a grip in some parts where the coloring was obscurely made and the writing surrounding the framework. Otherwise a day worth of great reading. Recommended.

    24. Rabia says:

      I accidentally got this from my library's e-book collection thinking it was the other book: The Zombie Survival Guide also by Max Brooks. Well it was very interesting and it reminds me of Walking Dead and perhaps the movie Zombieland. It was illustrated which was when I noticed it wasn't The Zombie Survival Guide.

    25. Dana says:

      This graphic novel features short stories of zombie outbreaks through out human history. I prefer Max Brooks’ novels to this graphic novel but it was still fun to read.

    26. Malika says:

      I just love everything that has zombies in it :D

    27. Katka R. says:

      Buď to mala byť kniha s obšínerjším popisom dejinných udalostí alebo to mal byť komiks s poriadnym príbehom. Takto spolu to nestálo za veľa.

    28. Mike says:

      Interesting premise even if, like me, you don't give a damn about zombies.

    29. Μιτς Γιωτίξ says:

      Mandatory for all zombie-theme geeks!

    30. Helen says:

      Gift from Lance. Read this awhile ago. It is what is, and it's not what it's not. But overall it was both a quick and fun read.

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