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Inside Alcatraz: My Time on the Rock
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Inside Alcatraz My Time on the Rock One man s searing account of life inside the world s most notorious prison from desperation to redemptionEach day we saw the outside world in all its splendour and each day that view served as a rem

  • Title: Inside Alcatraz: My Time on the Rock
  • Author: Jim Quillen
  • ISBN: 9781784750664
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • One man s searing account of life inside the world s most notorious prison, from desperation to redemptionEach day we saw the outside world in all its splendour, and each day that view served as a reminder that we had wasted and ruined our lives Jim Quillen, AZ586 a runaway, problem child, and petty thief was jailed several times before his 20th birthday In August 1942,One man s searing account of life inside the world s most notorious prison, from desperation to redemptionEach day we saw the outside world in all its splendour, and each day that view served as a reminder that we had wasted and ruined our lives Jim Quillen, AZ586 a runaway, problem child, and petty thief was jailed several times before his 20th birthday In August 1942, after escaping from San Quentin, he was arrested on the run and sentenced to 45 years in prison, and later transferred to Alcatraz This is the true story of life inside America s most notorious prison from terrifying times in solitary confinement to daily encounters with the Birdman, and what really happened during the desperate and deadly 1946 escape attempt.

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    1 Blog on “Inside Alcatraz: My Time on the Rock

    1. Trish says:

      Inside Alcatraz: My Time On The Rock – Jim QuillenI have always been fascinated by Alcatraz, and have been dying to go there for years. My brother went there last year and bought back loads of information. When I saw this book I though ‘I must read this, I need to know more’. This book is GREAT. I loved knowing how he got into trouble, what sparked it all off. Not only that, when you look up the prisoners in Alcatraz, you only find out the outside version. This book contains lots and lots [...]

    2. Chris Steeden says:

      Not quite up to my expectations. I thought there would be a lot more detail on Jim Quillen’s Alcatraz experience so you would get to know what it is like being incarcerated on the Rock. There is an interesting chapter that concerns the Birdman of Alcatraz, Robert Stroud.The author goes over his early life and the trouble he gets into that would lead him to reform school plus San Quentin and Salt Lake City jail before ending up in the infamous Alcatraz. There are about 8 chapters of the 25 in t [...]

    3. Cassie says:

      This book was an inspirational tale of freedom, and how it can only truly be appreciated when it is taken away. I did find that, when the breakouts were being described that there were too many places being described (wings and corridors) which kind of lost me and I found it hard to follow what was going on. I also think that a lot was not explained, the author constantly said Alcatraz was awful and people would rather die than be imprisoned there, but a lot of the reasons why this would be were [...]

    4. Lindsay Seddon says:

      Jim's story is very interesting and I really wanted to finish the book, but the quality of the writing made it nearly impossible to concentrate.The narrative was void of any emotion and very repetitive. There was too much focus on insignificant details and overall it read like a witness statement - all fact and no feeling.

    5. Book Addict Shaun says:

      Inside Alcatraz is the first book I have awarded five stars to in 2015, and I am doing so because it is one of the best books I have ever read. I feel as if I have lived every minute of Jim Quillen's life with him after reading this book. He is a truly remarkable man, and one I am full of respect for after reading this book. I have read a lot of True Crime books over the years, and anybody else who reads this genre will tell you, there's far more bad books than good. This one is incredible and I [...]

    6. Lucy Hay says:

      I've always loved memoir and stories of struggle, plus Alcatraz has always intrigued me, so this book was a no-brainer for me. That said, this book is less of an expose of the prison (as the cover and blurb seem to suggest), than one man's turn to criminal activities and eventual rehabilitation. In real terms, I'd wager it's only in Alcatraz a third of the book. Quillen's style is very dry; it comes off as a witness statement and I had difficulty visualising some of the escape attempts, tunnels [...]

    7. Rachel says:

      When I was in high school our family took a boat out to Alcatraz for a tour while visiting San Francisco. After the tour we were walking out and my dad, friendly guy that he is, stopped to talk to a man with ice blue eyes who was standing behind a table selling this book about a former prisoner of Alcatraz. Turns out the mug shot on the cover had the same ice blue eyes. Eerie. They talked a little about his autobiography and experience inside Alcatraz and my dad asked him what advice he would gi [...]

    8. Alan Smith says:

      An interesting account of one man's time in one of the most notorious prisons in the Western world. Jim Quillen's recounting of the events of the infamous escape attempt of 1946 is particularly important as it attempts to redress the balance somewhat, with an inmate's view of the events that happened, which, of course, differ very much from the accepted view peddled by the authorities. Yes, of course, Jim is always going to see the affair through the eyes of an inmate - it would be very difficul [...]

    9. Adrian McGahan says:

      Decent enough true story I suppose but the writing was so flat. Kept drifting off whilst reading it. Obviously the author is not a writer and I appreciate that. The descriptions of Alcatraz and the escape attempt(S) were interesting but I think the part that I enjoyed the most was when he left prison and turned his life around.

    10. Bookish Enchantment says:

      Having been to Alcatraz (as a visitor) this book really makes the whole place feel spookier.

    11. Terry Bourbon says:

      My daughter picked out this book when we were in the gift shop after touring Alcatraz this summer. It had the appeal of being written by a former inmate. I had been intending to buy a book about the prison, and after searching the almost 100 books there, settled on this one. The book's pacing for me can best be described as fits and spurts. Some parts go slow, and some pick up your interest more. The first third of the book is background on Jim Quillen's early life and presumably what lead him i [...]

    12. Prateek says:

      This book is an inspiration, a proof that any criminal, how much ever hardened can return to the normal society if treated with love and care and has the determination to be a better person.I have mixed feelings towards the book because it highlights the atrocities done on criminals in Alcatraz from a then criminal in the prison. It doesn't provide the point of view of the guards, the government, and other security forces. True, the criminals were treated unjustly, inhumanely quite often, which [...]

    13. Susan-Lee says:

      No real literary value. Not artfully written (to say the least) - rambling, confusing, disjointed. However, I found it worth the read to gain insight into the making of a career criminal and the forces of conscience and sheer determination in leading to rehabilitation. The author of this autobiographical account is introspective and convincing in his analysis of his own failings, a little less convincing in his analysis of the prison system. An interesting story. I don't normally post reviews, b [...]

    14. Sue says:

      I bought this book while I was touring Alcatraz. The author , Jim Quillen was there the day we toured. I was fascinated with the prison & excited to meet a former inmate. His story was a great insight of life on the Rock. He was very gracious to sign my book & get a picture of him. It's a tour I will never forget.

    15. Jennifer Hollandbeck says:

      Finished just in time for our Alcatraz tour tonight! Will definitely add to my experience at Alcatraz, but I wouldn't recommend it otherwise. The author led a very interesting life, and it's amazing that he survived all that he did and turned his life around. However, I found myself skimming through the part about the 1946 prisoner uprising because I couldn't visualize what was happening.

    16. Carl Deskins,III says:

      A great review for a book that has many conflicting themes!!!!!!!!I choose a rating as great because this book is well-written and it presents many conflicting themes that have to deal with the prison administration. I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of age!!!!!!

    17. Mary says:

      I visited Alzatraz island and hadny.questions even after the tour. The author wrote the ENTIRE book in the passive voice and I found it difficult not to be distracted.

    18. Martin Morgan says:

      This was an excellent book I had it on my shelf for almost two years before picking it up, but bloody hell, once I started, I couldn't put it down!

    19. Rachel Gilbert says:

      Great book, gives you a good insight on the day to day living of what it's like in Alcatraz. One of those books where you feel sad it's finished.

    20. Sarah says:

      This should have been riveting, but the flat writing style sucked out a lot of the tension. I did find some sections interesting, but overall I was disappointed.

    21. Kathryn says:

      Fascinating. Recommended.

    22. Oliver Booker says:

      The book was very detailed in what Jim Quillen did and a very interesting story, but it lacked the substance and feeling of what it was actually like to live that kind of life.

    23. pat stark says:

      InformativeIf you have ever been to San Francisco Alcatraz is a must see. This book helped dispel mythes I have long held about this institution.

    24. Jessica Hollister says:

      Amazing book, well written and engrossing. Such an incredible story.

    25. Rama says:

      The discovery of life; an odyssey of Alcatraz inmate Jimmy QuillenDuring our recent visit to San Francisco, we took the opportunity to visit Alcatraz prison. The audio guide available during the trip pretty much explains the brief history, the life and times many well known inmates and the brutal escape attempt of May 2, 1946 when many guards including three escapees were killed. This was the bloodiest escape attempt ever made and the last attempt by force and violence. The main narrator in the [...]

    26. Joe says:

      One of the most gripping and powerful prison/crime memoirs I have ever read. Really made me appreciate my freedom. In the 1940s, Jim Quillen was twenty-two years old when he, following an escape and subsequent crime-spree from San Quentin Prison, was sentenced to forty-five years fed time for multiple counts of robbery and one of kidnapping, and found himself landing at the infamous Alcatraz. Quillen presents a disturbing image of life on Alcatraz, a prison which in all sense and purposes was co [...]

    27. Lindsey Jones says:

      I visited Alcatraz within the past year, and I picked up a copy of this book. I was intrigued by the lives of those who found themselves on this island, and Quillen's story certainly doesn't disappoint. From an early age, Quillen was faced with obstacle that led him on a path of self-destruction. I enjoyed reading his back story, and more so, I rejoiced in the turning point this experience brought in Quillen's life and restoring his relationship with his family.Quillen definitely held on to much [...]

    28. Kingfan30 says:

      We were lucky enough to visit Alcatraz a few years ago on a holiday to California, and what an experience it was, it was a very spooky place especially as we did the evening tour. Whilst there we purchased two books, this being one of them. Finally I've got round to reading this one, it was a fascinating story, how Jim managed to get himself involved in a life of crime that resulted in imprisonment in Alcatraz. His experience of the escape attempt that took place by other inmates whilst here was [...]

    29. teleri llinos says:

      "I was engulfed with the realisation that I was no longer a person, but instead AZ586, a criminal who had been sentenced to serve forty-five years in the federal penal system."I started reading this book last year but I fell into a reading slump and couldn't get out which is a shame because this book is beyond great.I thought that this would read a biased account against Alcatraz, however, it did not. He talked about his childhood, and how he first started getting into crime, which really gave a [...]

    30. Spencer says:

      I visited Alcatraz back in 1996, and he was signing his book in the shop there. Alcatraz at that time was in the hype of the movie "The Rock" which had just been released. I was there with my choir who was on tour there, and so a bunch of us bought the book and he signed each one. I remember talking with him briefly, and he was a very nice guy. I got home and read the book. For a 13 year old to read the book and be as engaged as I was says a lot for how the book was written. He was there and his [...]

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