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Minimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the Strange
March 23, 2019 Comments.. 794
Minimum Wage Volume Focus on the Strange Three years after Rob Hoffman said I do concluding the original run of MINIMUM WAGE he finds himself divorced back home with mom trying online dating and transitioning from doing comics for adult

  • Title: Minimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the Strange
  • Author: Bob Fingerman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook
  • Three years after Rob Hoffman said I do, concluding the original run of MINIMUM WAGE, he finds himself divorced, back home with mom, trying online dating, and transitioning from doing comics for adult magazines to redefining himself as artist on a superhero franchise Juggling mutant horseshoe crabs, new girlfriends, and , Rob and the gang are back in this collectionThree years after Rob Hoffman said I do, concluding the original run of MINIMUM WAGE, he finds himself divorced, back home with mom, trying online dating, and transitioning from doing comics for adult magazines to redefining himself as artist on a superhero franchise Juggling mutant horseshoe crabs, new girlfriends, and , Rob and the gang are back in this collection of the first all new arc of BOB FINGERMAN s slice of life series Featuring tons of bonus material Collects MINIMUM WAGE 1 6

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    1 Blog on “Minimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the Strange

    1. Sam Quixote says:

      Set in the late ‘90s (or early ‘00s, it’s unclear), Rob’s 25 and going through a divorce. He’s a porn cartoonist for men’s mags which are dying off thanks to the internet. Rob decides to try internet dating and meets several women. That’s the “story”. I think this is supposed to be a comedy but reading Minimum Wage is about as funny as a death march. The only reason I think it’s a comedy is because it’s the only possible reason scenes this random would be included. For exam [...]

    2. Gavin says:

      ***I will keep doing INDY WEEK stuff, as I don't have any FF on hand, and the library I've read all of them***A Whiny main character who's moved back in with his mother after his split/impending divorce from his wife.A 25 year old protagonist who's friends are all fucking morons who think having sex or a regular girl will solve all the problems.Emo before emo, as in woe is me I'm so down and sad but that's art man.Rather offensive homophobia runs rampant in this book as well, numerous times char [...]

    3. Nicholas Karpuk says:

      If there is one thing that always made growing up as a nerd in the 90's, it was my inability to properly quote media.The 90's were a heyday of referencing. Tarantino, Kevin Smith, and the Simpsons made it easy for impressionable minds to pick up the habit of dropping pop culture references into every conversation apropos of nothing. I always mangled the quotes, and nothing triggers a nerd's need to correct more than a paraphrased reference.This book starts out with all the tired hallmarks of the [...]

    4. A Reader's Heaven says:

      (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Freshly separated Rob Hoffman is trying to reassemble his life. Only 25, he's going through a divorce, his finances are in ruins, and he's forced to move back in with his mom. All around him things are changing. The Internet is about to erase his number-one source of income: men's mags. But the Internet also offers a new angle on dating, and so begins Rob's adventures as a singleton.I had two attempts at readi [...]

    5. Elle Markov says:

      I'm gonna start you off with a warning, this book is for mature audiences only. Okay, warning time over, this book written by Bob Fingerman (not sure if that's his real name, because if it is that is hilarious, considering the content of the book) and follows Rob Hoffman and the pitifullness of his life as a recent divorcee. His friends are crazy, his rebound love life is depressing, but makes for great fodder and his job as pornagropher, I mean cartoonist just makes it funnier.Rob is a hilariou [...]

    6. Alex Sarll says:

      It's not like Image don't publish other autobiographical comics, some of wjich (eg Phonogram) I love. Yet this still somehow isn't what I expect from them. Perhaps it's because those other books, at whatever remove, feel part of the comics 'mainstream', where Minimum Wage is much more of a Robert Crumb, alternative comics affair. Which is to say, the male leads all look really seedy and the women are all pneumatic cartoons. Because it's the 21st century, the creator's avatar occasionally questio [...]

    7. Pop Bop says:

      Lost and Sort of FoundOur hero, Rob Hoffman, is in the last stages of a sad divorce, living back home with Mom, hanging out with the same old friends, and navigating through what's quickly becoming a dead end career. He's also newly returned to the dating scene. In style, I guess Rob and this book qualify as sort of next generation Harvey Pekar and a newer version of "American Splendor". At this point, based on that summary, I still wouldn't know if there's anything at all appealing or entertain [...]

    8. Ian Wood says:

      This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    9. Wayne McCoy says:

      'Minimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the Strange' by Bob Fingerman does indeed focus on the strange. With a plot like a Judd Apatow film, it's definitely an R-Rated comic.Recently separated, and soon to be divorced, comic book artist Rob Hoffman is looking to restart his life. He's living with his mom and trying to get his life back together with better jobs and a renewed dating life. His friends aren't especially encouraging, and the dating scene is discouraging at best, and pretty strange at worst [...]

    10. Paul Mirek says:

      One of the best comics of the year is also the one that best captures that early Apatow blend of raunchiness and heart (it's also earned bona fides from celebs like Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron). I came into this series without having read any of the original (it's next on my list now), but catching up with struggling artist Rob Hoffman as he juggles his divorce, unfulfilling (and shame-inducing) jobs, and the new dating scene was effortless thanks to Fingerman's witty writing and caricature-esq [...]

    11. Michael Yankovich says:

      I had found the first three issues of the new Minimum Wage series by Image before I found out about the initial series in the 90s. After now reading the gorgeous hardcover Maximum Minimum Wage, I went back and checked out the first volume of the nu-Minimum Wage trade. Picking up in 2000, we find Rob recently divorced, and adjusting back to the single life. The usual shenanigans we're familiar with ensue, featuring characters from the initial 10 issue run.While I don't think these 6 issues collec [...]

    12. Theediscerning says:

      My heart sank a little at seeing, early on in this book, the main character talk about making a comic about their life – have we not had enough of such sub-Pekar nonsense before now? Luckily enough there is a lot more to this – the very enjoyable plot of the man's faltering love life is certainly more to my taste than the banter between the friends, at least. You also have to take on board your feelings as to the style – huge banners of linked, over-lapping dialogue balloons acting as gutt [...]

    13. Bert says:

      I'd heard lots of praise for Bob Fingerman's Minimum Wage, especially when Image Comics released Maximum Minimum Wage, though I never read that series. And based on the quality of this new series, which sees Fingerman returning to this subject 15 years later, I doubt I will.Because this is basically a comic in the style of Pekar and Crumb, and its subjects and themes run along those same lines. And quite frankly they're tired and cliched. It's almost like this comic is a relic from another time [...]

    14. Oscar Stern says:

      I've read the original series (first series from the 90's) and I hate to day it, this doesn't hold up. The first series was brilliant in capturing the art scene zeitgeist in the East Village, to homophobia in Bay Ridge, to finding an affordable apt. in NYC, to the low paying world of independent comics (I've been there), all wrapped up in an unlikely love story. I remember laughing my face off on some scenes where Bob captured the truly bizarre things you see in NYC. He had a great knack for dia [...]

    15. Bianca says:

      I picked this up randomly at comic con this year just because I liked the title. I enjoyed it. The otherworldly scenes that are in color threw me off a bit and I didn't really understand how they fit into the story but those pages might just be lost on me because I'm not familiar with the references. One thing I really liked was the attention to detail in the artwork. There's one scene showing the West 4th Street subway and it looks exactly how it does in real life with the basketball court and [...]

    16. Paul Allard says:

      The story of a soon-to-be divorced twenties porn illustrator in the big city, rediscovering sex and relationships.The artwork was quite fun and well-conceived.Not really my bag, this, as I did not understand a lot of it as a good deal of it is written in US slang – difficult for us non-Americans – so I probably missed out on a lot of the jokes and references. I did not really engage with this and gave up about a third of the way through it. This was with the digital edition which is quite bu [...]

    17. Russell Grant says:

      I read this one in floppy format. It was nice to catch up with the characters, and Fingerman is still a master at making the mundane life entertaining. It helps that I can identify with the character attempting to date and what not after a divorce. Good stuff, I'm looking forward to the second arc.

    18. Dann says:

      "Focus on the Strange" continues the slice of life journey Rob. Unsure whether or not the series required another arc, but it's enjoyable enough to warrant reading. Feels a little drawn out at times, but the tortured artist protagonist and his uncouth friends are reasonable enough. Art style feels slightly too clean for this, unlike "Maximum Minimum Wage" where there was a bit of grit.

    19. tlev 4242 says:

      This wasinful. It focuses on an unpleasant man and his unpleasant group of friends as they struggle through life. The art style was passable, but the layouts, where each panel had way too much going on in it is where this really fails. I'm not sure though if I would have enjoyed this more if it was easier to read. Perhaps not, as I found the characters unlikable and the storyline boring.

    20. Melissa says:

      Not a huge comic book fan, but this was great. It was a dark and witty tale that I found myself laughing out loud to. The author does a great job reaching his audience. I will be reading more from him in the future.I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

    21. Roman Colombo says:

      There were some fun moments here, but it felt like it would just go on and on. Just wasn't into it, I guess.

    22. Hannah says:

      Really enjoyed following his brain around.

    23. Koen Claeys says:

      I liked it but some things were lost on me because of the slang and references that were used. I love the akward situations Rob finds himself in, some made me laugh out loud.

    24. Sara J. (kefuwa) says:

      Nope. Not for me. DNF

    25. Parker says:

      Bob Fingerman definitely wants the world to think he is very good at sex.

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