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Chart Throb
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Chart Throb Ben Elton is about to put the real back into Reality TV in his biting satire of one of today s most popular cultural phenomena the TV talent show hopefuls Three judges Just one winner And that

  • Title: Chart Throb
  • Author: Ben Elton
  • ISBN: 9780593057490
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ben Elton is about to put the real back into Reality TV in his biting satire of one of today s most popular cultural phenomena the TV talent show.95,000 hopefuls Three judges Just one winner And that s Colin Simms, the genius behind the show Colin always wins, because Colin writes the rules But this year, as he sits smugly in judgment on the mingers, clingers andBen Elton is about to put the real back into Reality TV in his biting satire of one of today s most popular cultural phenomena the TV talent show.95,000 hopefuls Three judges Just one winner And that s Colin Simms, the genius behind the show Colin always wins, because Colin writes the rules But this year, as he sits smugly in judgment on the mingers, clingers and blingers whom he has pre selected in his carefully scripted search for a star, he has no idea that the rules are changing The real is about to be put back into reality television, and Colin and his fellow judges the nation s favourite mum and the other bloke are about to become ex factors themselves.From the best selling author of The First Casualty, Popcorn, and Dead Famous comes Chart Throb One winner A whole bunch of losers.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1. Cass says:

      After reading "Chart Throb", by Ben Elton, I don't think I will ever be able to watch a reality tv series again. I feel kind of dirty and want to cry. It rings so true that it is almost upsetting.The story revolves around the producer of a hit reality television show similiar to Idol or X Factor. The book focuses on the manipulation used to make the show such a success, the scripting of events, the frankensteining of interviews, the general lack of conscience exhibited by the staff of the show a [...]

    2. Rachel says:

      This book is essential reading for everyone in the world who has ever watched and enjoyed a reality television ‘talent’ show.Seriously. If you love them, it will open your eyes to how foolish you have been in trusting them, and if you are already a sceptic, you will enjoy the fantastically witty way in which Elton rips into them.Chart Throb is name of the most popular reality TV talent contest on the air in the UK as our novel opens. The mastermind behind it, Calvin Simms, is Simon Cowell, b [...]

    3. Pvw says:

      In this parody of popular talent shows, Ben Elton's writing has become way too formulaic. Like most Elton novels, this one starts with a dramatic flash forward, in this case the tear on the cheek of one of the contestants in the final. Then, like in all other Elton novels, we travel back in time and lots of characters are introduced. Many of those are the contestants in the show and a lot of attention also goes to the jury, all three of which are absolute assholes. You can imagine all those peop [...]

    4. Monique says:

      Well what can I say? I'm in two minds about this book. I love Ben Elton, and his books are usually quick, fun reads. The ones I've read, at list. This one is a quick read, too, and at times it's quite fun, but somehow it lacks the sparkle of, say, Past Mortem or Dead Famous and the likeable characters and tragicomedy of The First Casualty and Inconceivable. I like the way Elton gives an inside view into editing and television making, but he had already done so before in 'Dead Famous', so it's a [...]

    5. Isabel (kittiwake) says:

      I would recommend this book to any reality television fans whose illusions won't be shattered by the amount of behind-the-scenes manipulation in this X Factor satire. If you really believe that the X Factor is a talent contest which the best singer will win, you may like to skip this book, especially if you see Sharon Osbourne as a lovely motherly person who hates to send any of the contestants home. Although Ben Elton has made the female judge on the Chart Throb panel a transsexual ex-rock star [...]

    6. Emma says:

      This started off quite promising, but got so bogged down in so many different stories and so much detail. Some of it I just skipped over because it was so boring, despite the fact that the subject matter interested me. I would've enjoyed this more about 5 years ago I think.I did give this 2 stars but then I remembered about the Prince of Wales subplot and OH GOD that was just so bad, so I'm knocking a star off. Utterly unnecessary and the whole thing was so hard to believe.

    7. Dora Maw says:

      Ever seen American Idol? Well this book surely gives you an inside on how reality tv works. Very educational - making you wonder why you waste all that time ringing to vote for your favourite!

    8. Emily Benet says:

      Like other people have said, and not that I watch much Reality TV, but I don't think I'll ever look at one the same! Rings so, so true. Everything is just manipulation for maximum entertainment. Hilarious and brutal.

    9. Jo says:

      Ben Elton’s 2006 novel Chart Throb is certainly not a new release, but is a novel that I’ve been wanting to read for some time. Considering my own cynical view of reality TV in general, and talent-style shows in particular, I had quite anticipated Elton’s take on ‘The Ultimate Pop Quest’.The novel follows the producer/writer/judge Calvin Simms as he ruthlessly manipulates his fellow judges, the hopeful contestants, and the British public, throughout the process of creating his X-Factor [...]

    10. Simon Taylor says:

      Ben Elton’s Chart Throb is the successor to X Factor and the novel follows the lives of the judges and contestants in what can be generally described as a satire of the format.The judges are pertinently Simon Cowell, Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh-esque, right down to the Beryl’s The Osbornes style show. The characters in the book actually refer to Cowell and Osborne (and their superiority to them) and to X Factor, which Chart Throb has replaced.It’s fair to say Chart Throb, as a novel, is [...]

    11. Lara says:

      I read up to page 117 and stopped. I actually found a review that precisely says what I think about this book so i'm going to paste it below; because honestly, it's not worth my time writing my own review. "The point of the satire seems to be that these competitive reality shows are obviously highly engineered. The problem is, that point is so obvious that it's hard to be terribly interested in such an easy target, presented in such an easy fashion.Chart Top is bloated with a variety of other su [...]

    12. Charmaine Elliott says:

      I laughed a lot at this excellently narrated exaggerated farce. The characters were gigantic caricatures whose dialogue pushed the boundaries. I learnt new words, like 'love pump' and am still assimilating a Bizarre Beryl and her progressive gender conversion. Highly amusing, yet tragic my naive view of talent spotting shows like Idols has been blemished forever. The trouble with this book is that the manipulations and twists are simply too credible. I tired of the Rodney character and the phras [...]

    13. Bethan Stranks says:

      I previously read 'Blind Faith' by Ben Elton, and wanted to try reading some of his other work. Once again I was forced to re-examine something I had grown to accept about society and Western popular culture. I love that it's so easy to get lost within Elton's books, yet at the same time they make you question things that you'd never previously given much thought to. There were just a couple of things that niggled me about this book. Firstly, the use of the word 'babes'. It was used a lot in Bli [...]

    14. Nick Bonich says:

      Inadvertently came across this in our bookshelf (Mary had randomly picked up in Dubai of all places). Fortuitous - as it fits perfectly with a current strain of thinking - how do we edit our lives? Chart Throb addresses this en masse - a top-rating TV reality show that brutally edits the hopes and dreams of unwitting contestants in order to produce 'good telly'. Elton at his satirical best here (up there with Popcorn - perhaps slightly less twisted) - and you get the feeling he knows what he is [...]

    15. Lisa Macon says:

      I downloaded this book to my Kindle on the recommendation of my sister and her husband, who are huge Ben Elton fans. I must say that I really appreciated the sarcastic humor that Elton lays on like peanut butter. It's a lot of fun. I am a little disturbed when I think that American Idol and other competition shows like that are really run similarly to the way Chart Throb, the fictional talent competition that the story surrounds. I mean, really? Wow, if that's true, I'm never watching AI or SYTY [...]

    16. Weebly says:

      Great book. Ben Elton again hits a nerve by writing a book based on another popular entertainment phenomenon. Having done a take on Friend's Reunited and Big Brother - now the Pop Idol/ X Factor genre of program gets the Elton treatment. I do wonder how much of it is how the program happens, because if you 'do the maths' then alot of it must be! Also watching Simon Cowell on Britain's got Talent last night I could just picture Calvin Simms doing the various funny faces to show his emotions - and [...]

    17. John says:

      Everyone who watches those god-awful Simon Cowell productions should be forced to read this. Or more likely listen to the audio book due to them being barely past the Janet and John stage. Elton is by far a better writer than he is comedian, and this book cuts through the bullshit surrounding such shows. If I was to have one complaint, it would be too many characters. But that aside, it is still very funny and Ben Elton proves himself to still be at the cutting edge of British satirical writing. [...]

    18. Thomas Strömquist says:

      "Disappointing book after the very funny and clever "Inconcievable". This is unbelivable both in characters and events and even if the "revealing" story about how this kind of TV-shows are made probably is (at least partly) true, it is not very interesting. Since I do not enjoy watching "talent search shows" I certainly do not enjoy reading about them, and a considerable part of the book is just a narrative of the TV-programme. I do have plenty of Ben Elton books left to read and will definitely [...]

    19. Steve Horsfall says:

      Chart Throb is a savage commentary on the contrived world of talent shows like the X-Factor with a wonderful satirical view of the overblown egos of the Judges. At times the observations and pathos of the contestants, and how they are manipulated, make you cringe as much as the real thing. Having a famous member of the Royal Family as a contestant did seem to be a surreal step too far, until I saw Simon Cowell talking about his efforts to involve President Obama in American Idol!!

    20. Xeddicus says:

      Totally unbelievable: They fake the show, demean the contestants, assume the viewers are total morons, and are just generally completely horrible peoplebut all that hard hitting truth is shot to shit at the start when the main villain gets married without a prenuptial agreement. Hahaha, yeah right.

    21. Dale Lane says:

      Essentially a behind-the-scenes at X-Factor story. It's an interesting premise - that these programmes are largely fictional and manipulative. And it's quite persuasive - I'll certainly look at X Factor et al in a different light now.

    22. Kay says:

      You will never look at reality shows the same again.

    23. Cathy Johnson says:

      How Ben elton got away with this I do not know! However, it just realised all my suspicions about these shows and explains why I don't watch them!! Loved it!

    24. Michael Heath-Caldwell says:

      Ben Elton's hilarious book dissecting the cynical world of reality TV shows and the intricate manipulation of the contestants and the public to increase ratings.

    25. Soph says:

      Fun to read.

    26. Emma says:

      This was a weird book about the weird world of celebrities! It basically rips apart the myths surrounding TV programmes like X-Factor by explaining albeit in a fictional way how the producers etc of those shows manipulate the contestants,public, voting etc. Who knows how much of it is true?! (I suspect that some of it is!) I was fine with that and it was funny in places like how the Judges all how their own catch phrases that they used over and over repeatedly especially Beryl. (Beryl struck me [...]

    27. Geoff Battle says:

      Chart Throb is a must read for any fan of X-Factor, Pop Idol, etc. Elton's story follows the next evolutionary step, where the talent search genre is full of exploitation, double-crossing and wierdos. Chart Throb is an unpredictable and entertaining journey through one season of the show, where all the bets are off (except for all the rigged entrants!) and chaos reigns. It's a great read, however don't be expecting plenty of belly laughs. The humour is wry and would be entirely missed by those w [...]

    28. Emma says:

      This was a painful and terrible read. The characters kept saying the same things, which may have been the point but it made the read mundane. The cover claims this is a comedy, but I found nothing funny within the book. It was filled with making fun of and, manipulating people to be someone they are not, then destroying them with no remorse of what effect was had on their lives. I was hoping that the judges were going to get some sort of backlash to their behaviour and attitude, but the attempt [...]

    29. Vickie Taylor says:

      I've read a few Ben Elton books and enjoyed them but this the worst of his books that I've read. Parts of it rang very true of talent shows like X factor etc but it wasn't as funny or as well written in my opinion as previous Ben Elton books. A little disappointing.

    30. Behrooz Barzegar says:

      Typical Ben Elton. Enjoyable and easy to read.

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