Abha Dawesar
That Summer in Paris: A Novel
July 08, 2018 Comments.. 635
That Summer in Paris A Novel From the award winning author of Babyji comes an utterly seductive tale of an aging writer whose involvement with a young woman forces him to face the eternal question of love Prem Rustum a famous bu

  • Title: That Summer in Paris: A Novel
  • Author: Abha Dawesar
  • ISBN: 9780385517492
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the award winning author of Babyji comes an utterly seductive tale of an aging writer whose involvement with a young woman forces him to face the eternal question of love.Prem Rustum, a famous but reclusive Indian author, has spent most of his life consumed with writing Feeling the weight of his seventy five years, he resolves to put down his pen and live a little HFrom the award winning author of Babyji comes an utterly seductive tale of an aging writer whose involvement with a young woman forces him to face the eternal question of love.Prem Rustum, a famous but reclusive Indian author, has spent most of his life consumed with writing Feeling the weight of his seventy five years, he resolves to put down his pen and live a little He ventures online where he finds Maya, an aspiring young novelist who has boldly posted her admiration for Prem s work Captivated by her charm, Prem decides on impulse to join her in the City of Light During the summer that follows, Maya brings Prem into direct confrontation with his mortality and desires through the awakening of new longings and the rekindling of old ones Written with sureness of style and tempo, That Summer in Paris reflects on how art informs love, and love, literature.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1 Blog on “That Summer in Paris: A Novel

    1. Kent says:

      The characterizations left me uncertain of where fiction ceases and assimilation of the characters succeeds. Like a realistic dream, I feel the characters may be part of my own experience. As with Babyji it was difficult to live outside of this story until I read the last page.

    2. Licinia says:

      Prem e MayaPrem um escritor de 75 anos, vencedor do Prémio Nobel da Literatura, vive com os fantasmas dos seus amores entre os quais o mais importante de todos e incestuoso o da sua irmã Meher e desamores passados.Maya uma jovem de 25 anos, aspirante a escritora, que é uma fã das suas obras.Conhecem-se através de um anúncio num site de encontros na Internet. Vão ambos para Paris ela como bolseira e ele simplesmente para estar com ela.Durante o mês que estiveram em Paris conheceram-se mel [...]

    3. M says:

      Brilliant. Sexy. Intelligent. Intimate. Poetic. Finally a new great writer

    4. Michelle says:

      Somewhere between 2 and 3 stars for me, actually. Some of the situations really pressed and challenged my "eeeeeeeWwww" buttons, not sure if that is good or bad. In general, the older man/younger woman relationship is so prevalent that reading about it usually annoys me. I wasn't enchanted by the Paris setting or much of the artsy discussions by the adults, but I liked many of the characters' back stories and the descriptions and developments of relationships. I was more moved by the interaction [...]

    5. Ankur Beohar says:

      Abha's novels have something earthy in them, perhaps the perversion of the main protagonist is the string that she builds her stories on, and she does it well. In That Summer in Paris, Abha writes about a nobel prize winning author and his relationship with this young female who's also his fan. They both go along, live their own lives, and the contrast between their choices, their energies, their inspirations is very well depicted. It's a bit off beat, just like most of Abha's books are, but in [...]

    6. Natalie says:

      I bought this book on a whim, yes because it looked cool, just after moving back to utah. Beautifully written, it is a story of an unusual relationship. This is one I am glad I purchased and will most certainly reread.

    7. Julia says:

      A young author's sophisticated and ambitious sophomore attempt. The characters are imagined fully and richly, and no pursuits of love, art or leisure come easily for them. Scrutinizes art, travel, love, death, loss, family, and creativity in detail from many perspectives.

    8. Tracy White says:

      Just a very nice character study. I wasn't sure where it was going and honestly, I never cared about that.

    9. tmichelet says:

      Creepy. Just don’t want to read about a senior citizen sleeping with teens or engaging in incest in his youth. The characters’ personalities were not engaging or interesting. It is terrible to feel relieved when Prem dies because it puts an end to his relationship with Maya, which was just gross.

    10. Chris says:

      Most writers, aspiring or otherwise, are awestruck by other writers, especially successful ones. As an aspiring novelist myself, I was drawn to Abha Dawesar's novel, That Summer In Paris, because of its premise - an aging author's unexpected relationship with a much younger, up-and-coming writer who holds him in the highest regard possible. Idolatry among those who share a creative talent is understandable, and I often wonder what I would do or say if I had the opportunity to meet my favorite au [...]

    11. Célia says:

      Aquele Verão em Paris conta a história de um escritor indiano a viver em Nova Iorque, vencedor do Prémio Nobel da Literatura, que conhece uma jovem aspirante a escritora, e sua admiradora, pela Internet. Maya ganhou uma bolsa de literatura em Paris, durante 3 meses, e Prem Rustum, que tinha por hábito passar férias na capital francesa, decide ir atrás dela. Prem encara esta "aventura" como uma oportunidade de rejuvenescer depois de acontecimentos passados que marcaram intensamente a sua vi [...]

    12. liz says:

      I actually finished this the morning I left for Iceland, because I enjoyed it so much. It's thoroughly intellectual without being excessively pretentious (not an easy task!). It revolves around two pairs of writers, one young, one old, with the oldsters internationally renowned. One of the oldsters, who is revered by the two younger writers (who are maybe-dating), meets and falls for one of the two younger writers. Really, it's not as bad as it sounds; more than anything else, it's a novel about [...]

    13. Ozma says:

      I always seek out authors who are of South Asian descent (as I am). This one did not disappoint in the last 100 pages. Some of it was implausible like the May-December romance between an unknown, new writer and a Salman Rushdie-type famed author. It definitely has a French quality to it. I liked reading about life in Paris. What I liked most was this description by a minor character in the novel, a dancer, who told a story about another dancer, who loved the work of this dying choreographer. In [...]

    14. Shana says:

      It wasn’t really my style, but I finished it anyway because I became intrigued with the relationship between the main characters, an aging Nobel Prize winning author and a young woman who admires him and aspires to be as great a writer as him. Most of the book takes place in Paris and is described in the dreamy way that France always seems to be portrayed. Can someone confirm that Paris is really this wonderful, or is it only wonderful for the rich, the beautiful, the artistic…? If you fit a [...]

    15. Houri says:

      I loved this book. The author tries too hard with her sentences and descriptions of things, and it crosses the line into cheese-ball-rue once in a while. Ignore this and let yourself be touched by the things she likely didn't consciously mean to throw at you-- like the description of the window curtains across the parisian apartments-- and you will love this book. Great for everyone with a little bit of passionate, crazy, heartsick artist in them and who never wants to outgrow it.

    16. Anne says:

      I just picked this book up without thinking too much about it. I felt it was just alright. The characters were given endearing personalities which I liked, but there was little narative that made for a slow pace at times. If you can find it at a used store for little cash (or a library) then pick it up. Don't spend too much money on it.

    17. Cherie says:

      A young woman is obsessed with an older Nobel Prize winning authorwho on a whim creates an online dating profile and randomly finds her. They end up becoming friends, and their love for each other silently captivates each of them without the other knowing.ersweet. Though I enjoyed it, I felt like there was something holding me back from fully loving this.

    18. Eric says:

      An interesting book on many levels. This book has many themes, it has an erotic theme to it, it has an enjoy life now theme, among the many different themes of this book. I enjoyed the book, wanting to know more about both Prem and Maya and enjoying the time they spent together.

    19. Kari Lloyd-Jones says:

      I am a sucker for anything set in Paris! She captured Paris in a way that shows that she loves that place. Her style might be a little staged

    20. Himanshu says:

      erotic and engrossing without being gross. Strange family relationships are true to life. Very believable contents even though highly unusual

    21. Sanjay says:

      Terribly pretentious. And lacking narrative drive to boot.

    22. Lola says:

      A complete and utter waste of my precious time

    23. Rafaela says:

      "Ainda te dás ao luxo de sentir o orvalho húmido entre os teus dedos dos pés quando chove? () É o tipo de coisas que quero saber sobre ti."

    24. Sue Lipton says:

      Maybe not quite four stars, but surely more than 3.

    25. António says:

      2.5 convertido em 3. Tem muitas partes aborrecidas, por outro lado pode tornar-se um pouco brejeiro

    26. Hayley says:

      Not for me.

    27. kP says:

      this book was my first from this author - it's a quirky/fun novelwas perfect for my vacation

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