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The Christmas Killer
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The Christmas Killer As Christmas approaches a terrifying killer must be stoppedAs the snow falls the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered on a construction site With it good will becomes the last thing on Detec

  • Title: The Christmas Killer
  • Author: Jim Gallows AnthonyGalvin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As Christmas approaches a terrifying killer must be stoppedAs the snow falls the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered on a construction site With it, good will becomes the last thing on Detective Jake Austin s mindThen, when the demolition of the old Chase Asylum reveals further human remains it becomes clear that there s a link between the two deaths AndAs Christmas approaches a terrifying killer must be stoppedAs the snow falls the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered on a construction site With it, good will becomes the last thing on Detective Jake Austin s mindThen, when the demolition of the old Chase Asylum reveals further human remains it becomes clear that there s a link between the two deaths And to the asylum s old warden who disappeared decades earlier.On the hunt for a clever, twisted killer, for Austin and his partner, it s going to be anything but a peaceful Christmas time Jim Gallows lives in Chicago The Christmas Killer is his first novel.

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    1 Blog on “The Christmas Killer

    1. Edward Janes says:

      NYR2015 #31.I'd hoped for a (very) early Christmas present but it turned out only to be a pair of socks. It's saved slightly by the mystery but this is a collection of just about every overused crime cliche: A cop who has the almost unnatural ability to reconstruct a crime scene from a quick glance. Who finds himself with a difficult boss and clueless colleagues. A problematic family life. A dark mysterious past and serious personal problems. But it doesnt really work.

    2. ReadAlong With Sue says:

      There is a killer on the loose. Its all gotta be wrapped up [excuse the pun] before the New Year to catch the killer, hence, The Christmas Killer.I have a vivid imagination and I really shouldn't read these kind of books in the dark evenings/nights, eyes popping out of their heads is not the last thought before you go to sleep that you should have!I did enjoy this book, more than I thought I would actually, but although it kept my attention, its not the best book I have read in this genre. Buts [...]

    3. Jo says:

      There's a killer on the loose who's crushing people's heads until their eyeballs pop out. Detective Jake Austin, a big city cop now living in small-town America, is almost at a loss with the investigation. Okay, so some parts of this were rather predictable and it was somewhat cliched at times but it was still a rattling good yarn and perfect escapism for the dark winter nights in the run up to Christmas.

    4. PeterB says:

      Easy to guess the killer prior to the reveal, and the last third was bordering on the ridiculous. I have read worse though.

    5. Susan Hutchinson says:

      Really enjoyed this well written

    6. Anne M. says:

      Definitely not one of my favourite books! None of the characters in this book were either believable or likeable.The lead detective obviously has anger management problems and has only recently moved to this town due to problems in his previous post. Although he assaults someone he is allowed to carry on with the case.Bodies are piling up gruesomely murdered with some kind of torture device. Our detective meanwhile spends time chasing after his mother who keeps wandering from the home she shares [...]

    7. Siddhant Lazar says:

      Most books start slow and then slowly build up the suspense and pick up the pace. Jim Gallows starts slow and then BANG!! he picks up the pace after the first 10 pages and then slows down again and then the cycle repeats. By doing that, Gallows has got the reader's attention and now they are hooked and in for the long run. The Christmas Killer keeps you hooked with the way Gallow writes. The way he gives you information at exactly the right moment and the way he slowly builds up to the killer, m [...]

    8. Laurence says:

      At first I was rather disappointed with this novel as the blurb suggested much more than the early portion of the novel provided. The first half of the novel is limited with characters that couldn't be engaged, such as Jake/ Bruce who has serious anger issues and is rather difficult to engage. At times in the first half I was just reading to attempt to finish so that I could move n to something different. The story became gripping in the second half and became difficult to put down as the pace o [...]

    9. Bev Taylor says:

      silent night - deadly night in the quiet town of littleton the mutilated body of a woman is found on a construction site and jake austin, recently moved from chicago is assigned the case with his partners mills then more bodies start appearing with the same mo added to which the demolition of an old asylum finds two skeletons. r they linked in any way add a graveyard with skeletons beneath coffins and u can see the problems facing jake! added to which he has his own personal problems good intera [...]

    10. Plum-crazy says:

      Okay so on the face of it, this book was right up my street - a killer murdering his victims in a gory way & a detective who seems to have some quirky ability to seethe victims final moments. Jake Austin is the said detective, he's also coping with a stroppy teenager, a young baby & a mother with alzheimers at home , while at work has trouble with his boss, seems to be contemplating a fling with his psychiatrist.you get the picture, nothing new! None of these characters seemed very subst [...]

    11. Sarah says:

      4.5 starsWell that was exciting. Gotta love a good come novel filled with blood at Christmas time!I really enjoyed this, I needed to get my last book from my currently reading shelf read by the end of this year and thought it was gonna be a struggle to finish it but I couldn't put it down! Should've gone to bed a couple of hours ago but that went right out the window.The reason i haven't given this a 5 star rating was because I needed more information at the end, more of the backstory, more loos [...]

    12. Barnaby says:

      Relentlessly thrilling. At the start, I wasn't impressed with the writing but after a while I got used to Gallows's style and was soon within its clutches. The ending is very well put together and resolved, with a neat twist that doesn't push too hard against the realms of believability. Would make an interesting partner-read to Val McDermid's quietly harrowing novel A Place of Execution.Date read: 14 December 2015.Published by Penguin Random House through Penguin Books UK.

    13. Ann Marie Henderson says:

      If your in the mood for a good thriller, this is the book for you. I could not put this book down. The killer was not who I expected and the book keeps it a secret till very close to the end so you have no idea until after the mother goes ramping the second last time. I was not bored reading any part of this book and I like how the chapters are short. The end of each chapters makes you want to read on which is very clever. So ya it was a great thriller. Not for those with weak stomachs.

    14. Anne-Marie says:

      This is an excellent edge-of-the-seat thriller, well paced and with some unexpected plot twists towards the end. The central character is a detective who's just moved with his family from a big city to a small town to try to escape his demons, and he's very well drawn. I think that fans of JA Konrath, Sue Grafton and JD Robb should enjoy this.

    15. Ali Bookworm says:

      I love the cover of this book. It only took me 24 hours or so to read. I had thought it was set in UK but it was actually America. I dont normally like US based thrillers no idea why. The story was a bit gruesome in parts and quite gritty. If you like murders like that am sure you will enjoy this one

    16. Rach says:

      brilliant read, very much looking forward to the next from Mr Gallows!

    17. Andrée says:

      Not the antidote to Xmas tat that I was hoping for. Barely preferable to The Nativity 2.

    18. Sarah says:

      This was a funny mix of a book for me. It started off slowly but did get going. I found some of the actions of the main character implausible. On the whole I did enjoy it.

    19. Christine Barnacle says:

      I really enjoyed this book - I hope there is a sequel to this book

    20. Anthony Galvin says:

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