Michael Slater
The Great Charles Dickens Scandal
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The Great Charles Dickens Scandal Charles Dickens was regarded as the great proponent of hearth and home in Victorian Britain but in this image was nearly shattered With the breakup of his marriage that year rumors of a scandal

  • Title: The Great Charles Dickens Scandal
  • Author: Michael Slater
  • ISBN: 9780300112191
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Charles Dickens was regarded as the great proponent of hearth and home in Victorian Britain, but in 1858 this image was nearly shattered With the breakup of his marriage that year, rumors of a scandalous relationship he may have conducted with the young actress Ellen Nelly Ternan flourished For the remaining twelve years of his life, Dickens managed to contain the gossCharles Dickens was regarded as the great proponent of hearth and home in Victorian Britain, but in 1858 this image was nearly shattered With the breakup of his marriage that year, rumors of a scandalous relationship he may have conducted with the young actress Ellen Nelly Ternan flourished For the remaining twelve years of his life, Dickens managed to contain the gossip After his death, surviving family members did the same But when the author s last living son died in 1934, there was no one to discourage rampant speculation Dramatic revelations came from every corner over Nelly s role as Dickens s mistress, their clandestine meetings, and even about his possibly fathering an illegitimate child by her.This book presents the most complete account of the scandal and ensuing cover up ever published Drawing on the author s letters and other archival sources not previously available, Dickens scholar Michael Slater investigates what Dickens did or may have done, then traces the way the scandal was elaborated over succeeding generations Slater shows how various writers concocted outlandish yet plausible theories while newspapers and book publishers vied for sensational revelations With its tale of intrigue and a cast of well known figures from Thackeray and Shaw to Orwell and Edmund Wilson, this engaging book will delight not only Dickens fans but also readers who appreciate tales of mystery, cover up, and clever detection.

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    1 Blog on “The Great Charles Dickens Scandal

    1. Wealhtheow says:

      Twelve years before his death, at the height of his popularity, Charles Dickens separated from his wife. Various women were said to be the reason, generally either his sister-in-law Georgina Hogarth or an actress, Ellen Ternan. It was a scandal at the time, but his popularity survived it. Few of the numerous biographies that were rushed to press after his death mentioned his possible affair(s). It was only after not only his death, but the death of his last child in 1933 (many of whom devoted th [...]

    2. Mary Ronan Drew says:

      Michael Slater's The Great Charles Dickens Scandal is one of those books that tries to be both academic and popular and falls somewhere between the two. The Dickens scandal, as scholars and biographers now agree, is Dickens' love affair with the actress Ellen Ternan. It is thought he rented a house for her and it is possible they had a child together.More shocking to me is Dickens' treatment of his wife of many years, the mother of his 10 children. . . .To read more of my review go to my blog at [...]

    3. Maggie says:

      This latest work from eminent Dickens scholar Michael Slater traces how the alleged relationship between Dickens and Nelly Ternan what's been investigated and represented over time. This is more of a scholarly critique than biography of Dickens and Nelly, an in-depth study of the various versions of the story and the people who published them. Presented chronologically, Slater gives special attention to the nature of the various sources and how they've been used/quoted in subsequent biographies [...]

    4. Tcook says:

      Have been very interested in analyzing the man vs. the literary myth but this book is too heavily concerned with Dickens's detractors and admirers rather than dealing with the man. Great for research and documentation. Very little story here however and seemed extremely repetitive.

    5. Jason Furman says:

      The most thorough account one could possibly want, or even imagine, of the history of the "Great Charles Dickens Scandal"--that is his relationship with Nelly Ternan. The book doesn't tell very much about his relationship with Nelly Ternan (and contains no new information or definitive judgments about just what exactly occurred). It also has no literary criticism or attempt to understand how it affected Dickens' writing. Instead, it is a history of the various accounts of the scandal--starting w [...]

    6. Lauren says:

      3.5 stars.This book gives a great succinct account of all of the reporting and documentation of the Dickens scandal, but it was not what I expected. It is not really a narrative of the scandal as it unfolded, although the use of the word "scandal" is highly appropriate and should have tipped me off. A scandal does not belong to the people involved, but rather to the public that perpetrates it. Therefore, it makes sense that this book is more a history of how the drama was reported on by journali [...]

    7. Alison says:

      I was drawn to this book by its tabloid style headline and the fun cartoon artwork on the cover. I was expecting a light read and hoping for an entertaining account of the breakup of Charles Dickens' 20 year marriage and its aftermath, hopefully with plenty of juicy gossip thrown in.Unfortunately, I found that the book matched the cover as little as my expectations. It is a very dense, dry read explaining how historians through the decades have unearthed various small pieces of evidence, which a [...]

    8. June says:

      I found this book really hard to follow as it goes through more than 150 years worth of letters, essays, newspaper articles, books and biographies that have been written about Charles Dickens and his private life. Did he have an affair with an actress who was much younger than him? Did they have a child who died in infancy? Did they then have another child who lived? In the end I didn't really care.I finally thought it was going to get interesting on page 113 when Slater describes how one essay [...]

    9. Mlg says:

      This very detailed, chronological account of Dickens and the actress Ellen Ternan tries to put all the pieces of their relationship together, but never quite jells. According to Dickens' daughter, he and Ellen had an illegitimate son who died. After reading this, I still couldn't figure out if they had or not. No mention is made of Ternan's reported remark "I so loathed the old man's touch" which struck me as saying a lot about their relationship. The Dickens' family seems devoted to keeping the [...]

    10. Leslie says:

      Slater’s book goes into less detail about his relationship with Ellen Ternan and more about the scandal rumors and the efforts made by Dickens and those around him to suppress them. The book answers the questions: Who outside his inner circle suspected Charles Dickens had a mistress, who suspected it was Miss Ternan, when did they begin to suspect, who did what to keep the relationship a secret, for how long, and when did those efforts finally prove in vain? In that context, this was a fascina [...]

    11. Chris says:

      It's hard to rate and review a book I could not finish. Sad, but this was neither "great" nor "scandalous." It was, however, like reading an academic treatise. Before I put it down for good, Charles Dickens was already dead and it had become a listing of what various people, newspapers, journals, etc. were saying or writing about the affair Charles Dickens had with either his sister-in-law, or an actress. I honestly couldn't tell which it was.I'm sure there is an audience for this type of book, [...]

    12. Rachel Aucoin says:

      A bit academic but full of interesting information about how Dickens was perceived and what it meant to the Victorian Era. Obviously there is also intriguing information about Ellen Ternan and how they would have grown close. I would recommend to anyone interested in their story and the subject.

    13. Stacy says:

      I won this book as a FirstRead.I expected this book to be about Charles Dickens, but instead it is basically about everyone who has written about Charles Dickens and his personal life. I found the book to be tedious and repetitive.

    14. Kathleen says:

      Not particularly engrossing.

    15. Carolyn Phelps says:

      Well researched, a fascinating topic, but incredibly boring writing.

    16. Laurie says:

      Disjointed and dry, written in a way that made it uninteresting.

    17. Jack Goodstein says:

      Examination of the all the work, amateur and scholarly, on the relationship between Dickens and Ellen Ternan.

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