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How To Make A Friend
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How To Make A Friend Have you ever thought someone was watching you but there was no one there One summer s evening Alice sees something out of the corner of her eye She turns to look just a trick of the light She is no

  • Title: How To Make A Friend
  • Author: Fleur Smithwick
  • ISBN: 9780552779784
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have you ever thought someone was watching you but there was no one there One summer s evening, Alice sees something out of the corner of her eye She turns to look just a trick of the light She is no longer the lonely little girl she once was, with her games of make believe and imaginary friend, Sam.Then Alice s world is shattered in a tragic accident, and Sam creHave you ever thought someone was watching you but there was no one there One summer s evening, Alice sees something out of the corner of her eye She turns to look just a trick of the light She is no longer the lonely little girl she once was, with her games of make believe and imaginary friend, Sam.Then Alice s world is shattered in a tragic accident, and Sam creeps out of the shadows and back into her life At first Alice is comforted by his presence a best friend to help fill the void in her heart Perhaps even help her find someone real to share her life with.But Alice and Sam know he can only exist if she wants him there So when Alice decides it s time for him to leave, who will get hurt in order for him to stay alive A compelling novel that fans of page turners such as Claire Mackintosh s I LET YOU GO and S K Tremayne s THE ICE TWINS will be gripped by.

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    1 Blog on “How To Make A Friend

    1. Philomena Callan Cheekypee says:

      The more I read the more I crave for a unique storyline and I'm so happy that I got that in this little gem. This was a well written story. The main character is Alice. As a child she felt alone except for her imaginary friend Sam. When Alice grows up she becomes close to her best friend Rory and his brother Jonathan Sam disappears. However when Alice wakes up from a coma it's a grown up Sam that's at her bedside. As you can imagine having an imaginary friend when your older can bring plenty of [...]

    2. Deborah says:

      I jokingly commented that this book sounded a little similar to the 1991 movie Drop Dead Fred when I mentioned it in my ‘what I’m about to read’ blog post the other day. In retrospect, I was kinda right. Alice’s childhood is challenging. Her parents have separated and her father has pretty much disappeared from her life. She’s in the care of her self-obsessed mother and has two older and very disinterested siblings. As a result she spends most of her time with Sam – her imaginary fri [...]

    3. Julie says:

      Was für eine tolle Geschichte! Selten hat mich Gegenwartsliteratur so begeistert. Dieser Roman hat so viele Emotionen hervorgerufen: Mal war ich war genervt, mal habe ich gelacht, ich hatte sogar mal Tränen in den Augen. Verwirrt war ich auch. Aber im Laufe des ganzen Buchs habe ich vor allem mitgefühlt.Der Roman ist in zwei Teilen aufgebaut. Im ersten Teil wechselt die Erzählung zwischen der Gegenwart, in der Alice nach dem Umfall versucht, wieder zu sich und ihrem Leben zu finden, und den [...]

    4. Jenni Norey says:

      The further I got in this book the more un-put-downable it became! Would definitely recommend giving it a read.

    5. Renita D'Silva says:

      A vulnerable young girl, an imaginary friend - or is he? An assuredly written debut with a sinister vein. Loved it.

    6. Jo Sexton says:

      Yes okay, it's about an imaginary friend. But this is an imaginary friend with a difference Or is he? I really enjoyed this book, and am feeling withdrawal symptoms now I've finished it. Definitely worth a read.

    7. Phyliss Proctor says:

      What if you had an invisible friend that only you could see? This book is pretty scary in my humble opinion, especially the whole theme of not knowing whether or not you're crazy.

    8. Suze Lavender says:

      Alice was a neglected child, she was often lonely and had no friends. Fortunately she had Sam, who was always there to support her. Sam was an imaginary friend, but her grandmother could see him as well. The day Alice meets Rory she is less lonely and Sam has long disappeared. Ever since Rory has been her best friend and his family gives her the love and warmth she misses at home. Rory also has a very attractive brother. Alice is in love with Jonathan, but he doesn't see her that way. When somet [...]

    9. Emma says:

      I received this as a good reads giveaway. A fabulous read! It was different, which made it so good and interesting. Who was Sam? A very interesting read into the mind of some one else who experiences this different reality to those around and some great relationships with some difficult situations. I could picture this so clearly!A definite recommend

    10. Cai Murphy says:

      Loved it

    11. Diana von Abendsternchens bunte Welt says:

      Kurz vor Weihnachten habe ich das Buch beim Lovelybooks Gewinnspiel vom Verlag gewonnen. Nun habe ich es endlich gelesen.Der Klappentext klang auf jeden Fall schon einmal sehr interessant so das ich auf die Geschichte gespannt war.In Wo du auch bist geht’s um die Protagonistin Alice. Nach der Hochzeitsfeier von ihrem Vater ist sie mit Rory und seinem Lebensgefährten Daniel mit dem Auto auf dem Heimweg als ein schwerer Unfall passiert. Alice liegt daraufhin im Koma und wacht einige Zeit späte [...]

    12. Michael says:

      Here we have a story of an imaginary friend, who was a life saver when Alice was a young girl but who had gone away some time ago, only to reappear, this time as an adult, after she was involved in a near-death road accident. But it soon becomes clear that this new version of the imaginary friend has a different agenda second time around.This is a clever reworking of the idea of someone who is not real seeming to take on a life of its own and becoming only too real. When I was reading this novel [...]

    13. Rebecca Bradley says:

      This is a NetGalley book and I requested it because I liked what I read on the blurb and I’m glad that I did, though, when it comes to defining a genre, I don't know where to put it. It has a lot of different elements in it. But that was no bad thing.When Alice is young, she has an invisible friend but as often happens, she grows up and her friend, Sam, leaves. But after that awful night, he reappears much to her confusion. The book follows Alice and her difficulty managing to have an invisibl [...]

    14. Anne Goodwin says:

      Alice’s parents divorced when she was two, her photographer father moving out and leaving her in the dubious care of her mother, a narcissistic former model. Shunned by her elder siblings, and friendless at school, Alice takes refuge in her imaginary friend. Sam is always available when she needs him but, of course, she eventually grows out of her childish attachment, finding a real friend in her mid teens in Rory and his glamorous older brother, Jonathan. Ten years on, Alice is driving Rory a [...]

    15. Danielle says:

      Alice is in a car accident where she sustains a serious head injury and her best friend is killed. When she regains consciousness, her childhood imaginary friend, Sam, has returned. His presence in her life is comforting at first, but becomes increasingly oppressive and sinister.This book was a wonderful read - the premise was so original, I don't think I've read anything else quite like it. I am a fan of psychological suspense thrillers, and this one was like a breath of fresh air. For me, the [...]

    16. Mandy Howes says:

      A gripping and emotionally involving story of loneliness and the power of the mind. Sam, Alice’s imaginary friend from her childhood, reappears when she suffers a tragic car accident in which her best friend is killed. She knows he can’t be real, yet she can see, hear and feel him. Not only does she have to come to terms with this, but with the fact that he gets increasingly possessive and malevolent. The fine line between psychology and her belief in and fear of a supernatural phenomenon is [...]

    17. Christina Banach says:

      Twenty-something Alice has all but forgotten her childhood friend, Sam. Why wouldn’t she - he was an imaginary friend, one who helped her cope with life in her dysfunctional family. However as she recuperates from a tragic accident many years later, Sam returns. Although older and disturbingly attractive, he is just as comforting to her as before. Yet why has he reappeared? Is he a mere figment of her imagination or something more sinister? And what does he want? This exploration of loneliness [...]

    18. Terry Stiastny says:

      Friendships and families are more complicated than we can always understand. Alice grows up from a lonely child to a confused adult; she had an imaginary friend, Sam, whom she thought she had left behind. Sam, though, has not gone away and returns to Alice's life after a terrible accident. This book is much darker than you might expect; it looks at the complexity of friendships and family ties and has an uncanny ability to tap into what lies beneath the surface. It springs some dark surprises an [...]

    19. Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France says:

      I think I'm psychologically disturbed in fact I'm certain!Anyone who has ever had an imaginary friend (or a slightly dubious real one for that matter), myself included, will now balk at the how/what/why?Theories are thrown left, right and centre in this exceptionally written psychological thriller.I laughed, I cried and I speed read great chunks of text chasing the perfect conclusion which inevitably never materialised!!An emotional, brilliant and exhausting read I may have to take a night or [...]

    20. E'in Nadh says:

      Blog | TumblrWoah what? Okay, so most of this book bored me, I'll be honest with that. Didn't relate much to the characters or loved any of them, but overall a gripping mind-freaking read that gave me goosebumps, not gonna lie. If it hadn't been for that ending, I would have given this just 2 stars. This is so creepy sometimes, and THIS is what I call a good example of "unreliable narrator".

    21. Claire Douglas says:

      This was such a clever, compelling and surprisingly dark story about loneliness, grief and guilt. The premise of an imaginary friend (or is he?) who might actually be murderous and is definitely sinister is so original. Beautifully written, I was really moved by the narrator, Alice. You could see why she would want an imaginary friend after her upbringing. And what an ending! A brilliant story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommended.

    22. Claire says:

      I read this book in just a couple of days, and loved it. The characters were really well drawn and the way the tension slowly mounts had me turning the pages. And oh, that epilogue! I wasn't expecting that at all.

    23. Arururu says:

      Instant favorite because of personal and completely biased reason.Also I love Sam so much it hurts, no matter how infuriating he is sometimes. And I'm probably as fucked up in the head as Alice lmao she's so relatable.

    24. Susan Godenzi says:

      UnnervingA fantastic gripping psychological thriller. Unnerving at times. A story I had to get to the bottom of. Well done!

    25. Nengah Krisnarini says:

      It's that good that I just couldn't put it down!

    26. Nicole says:

      I loved this book. I stayed up all night just to finish it. Even though this wasn't the sort of book I usually read, the title grabbed me I couldn't put it down!

    27. Georgia Brisco says:

      This was an easy-going, sweetly original tale that shocked me just over halfway. One moment I was reading along, Alice's words delightfully thoughtful, poignant, quirky and real, and the next, it was all of that with sudden 1am-page-flustering suspense. Smithwick's characters are intriguing and authentic, and my heart broke for the overly brave Alice far more than she lets her's break for herself.

    28. Salina says:

      *Disclaimer: This book was given to me as a Giveaway by the author**Spoiler’s alert!* It has been a long time since I have picked up a young adult novel and finished the book. However I was genuinely pleased that I have decided to finish the book during a journey back home without any distraction or interruption. The book, although first seems to be innocent with a presence of an imaginary friend ( which I unfortunately do not have, and somewhat grateful that I never had after this haunting no [...]

    29. Rea Cobb says:

      I finished reading How to Make a Friend last night but have left it until today to write my review as I am confused about my thoughts on this book.The storyline jumps back and forward in time but follows Alice and her friend Sam, the problem being no-one else can see or hear Sam. Alice had a very challenging childhood with her mum and dad separated and her mum not a nurturing mother, Alice was often left to her own devices and she became a very lonely child but Sam was there to be her friend. Fa [...]

    30. Jo Barton says:

      I was intrigued by the cover and the title of this book for two reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, I wondered how do we really make friends, as most of my friends I seem to have made without conscious effort and secondly, the paper cut-outs on the book cover reminded me of spending hours with intricate paper cut-out books as a child, they were always such a treat when I was unwell or in need of comfort.And then it struck me that this book is about someone constantly in need of comfo [...]

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