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Whipped USA TODAY BESTSELLING seriesVi If you can t sell a dildo in Vegas you re doing it wrong That s why I opened Whipped a sex toy store Because sex and Sin City go together like well like sex and Sin Ci

  • Title: Whipped
  • Author: Karpov Kinrade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • USA TODAY BESTSELLING seriesVi If you can t sell a dildo in Vegas, you re doing it wrong That s why I opened Whipped a sex toy store Because sex and Sin City go together like well, like sex and Sin City I ve seen everything and I mean EVERYTHING which is why the guy who comes in every week with a new flavor of arm candy buying yet another set of sex toys doesn tUSA TODAY BESTSELLING seriesVi If you can t sell a dildo in Vegas, you re doing it wrong That s why I opened Whipped a sex toy store Because sex and Sin City go together like well, like sex and Sin City I ve seen everything and I mean EVERYTHING which is why the guy who comes in every week with a new flavor of arm candy buying yet another set of sex toys doesn t surprise me But when he becomes my new roommate, wellLachlan I m a male stripper I m not ashamed of it in fact, I fucking love it I turn girls on five nights a week With a stare With a sway of the hips Then I take them home and fuck their brains out I live by three rules No commitments No falling in love Only mind blowing orgasms.Now I want .But Vi isn t interested in a fuck buddy, and I ve never been one to stick to a single girl.They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas But when you live here full timeThat s when things really get interesting.

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    1 Blog on “Whipped

    1. Anja says:

      ++3.5 - 4 STARS++THAT WASWHIPPED is the second installment in the Hitched series, but can be read as a standalone. It's about Kacie's best friend, Vi. I loved Vi's character in the previous book. Therefore, I was really looking forward to her own story. And as I said before IT WAS FUNand I liked it A LOT!I mean, how can you NOT like THIS?MeetLachlan/Lach, the sexy AUSSIE from Down Under, male stripper and HOT AS HELL! Vi and Lach know each other from his regular visits to Vi'sstore. Although she [...]

    2. Steffi De Ceuster♥ says:

      The story was good, but some things just annoyed the hell out of me.First it went so fast you needed to read some things twice just to be sure( I sure did that! ) It was so promising to me, it sounded like a little diamond.But it bothered me that it all went fast and some things weren't even mentioned.It still was a steamy book with a good story, but for me it all felt a bit to rushed.I would still say go and read the book, it can be your diamond!

    3. Cindyk Lorusso says:

      I can not even tell you how much I LOVED this book. Karpov Kinrade always brings these story's to reality for me. I feel like I'm living as the main character (or maybe just wishing) in their books. This is probably very close to my favorite book of KK. I laughed so hard at parts and it is also very sexy. Vi and Lachlan are crazy, sexy, fun and perfect for each other. Just read this book, it is one of my all time favorites EVER!!

    4. Angela Saxton-hill says:

      I wasn't sure that after Hitched if this stand alone series could get any better. boy was I wrong. this book was absolutely amazing. the tag team duo did it again. this book is sexy and funny and keeps you going to the point you cant put it down. Vi is such an amazing character and you will just love her from page one. I myself after reading hitched wanted to learn more about the mysteries of dom Vi and this book does not fail. and you will laugh your Butt off (skittles of evil) and fall in love [...]

    5. 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

      Wow! I loved Hitched, but Whipped was even better!! It's a super fast, easy read full of funny, sweet and sexy times. It's most definitely my favorite and I absolutely loved it!! First of all, I loved Vi! She was such an awesome heroine!! I loved her wit, her confidence, and although she resists Lach at first because she thinks she always needs to be in control, she surrenders and opens herself up to him fairly quickly. It was refreshing that she didn't spend all her time fighting him and she ju [...]

    6. PaulaPhillips says:

      Once a full-time dominatrix , Viv has given up the career and along with her best friend she has opened up on the Vegas strip - a sex shop. Filled with yummy toys and an interesting way to meet people and one person in particular has been coming in nearly every week with a different girl - known only as "The Aussie Hottie" . Each week he comes in and spends a fortune on the hottest toys and each girl is as beautiful and hot as the next. With the new shop opening, Viv is finding herself a little [...]

    7. Patti says:

      You have heard of Hitched, now prepare for some major sexiness that is know as Whipped. A witty, charming, and very sexy romp of a tale! If you have read Hitched, then you have heard all about Vi, now get ready to read her story. Vi Reynolds thinks life to be just the way she wants it to be; perfect friends and she has her very own store called Whipped. With her adult toy store helping those in need of some serious sexiness, nothing could tarnish Vi's life; except a lovely thing called: due paym [...]

    8. Connie says:

      Sweet, sassy and sexy! Vi is Kacie and Tate's best friend from HITCHED! Vi owns WHIPPED,a sex toy establishment and refuses to get involved with the Hot Aussie guy who's one of her biggest customers. Lachlan is a proud male stripper who is trying to raise money to open a community center to help young at risk teenagers the same way someone once helped him. Right now he is a love em' and leave em' type of guy until he meets Vi and ends up her roommate. Will she allow Lachlan to strip away all of [...]

    9. Jenny says:

      Hysterical.Sweet.Sexy as all hell.Whipped was the perfect story to get you going and chuckling. Viv & Lach's meeting, courting, dating, falling in love (and everything in between) was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.I was laughing so hard (especially their Paintball date ROTFLLLL) and salivating all the same. Definitely a great read if you're looking for a quick read that will satiate all palates.

    10. Kim Beck says:

      Book two in the Hitched series by the husband and wife duo of Karpov Kinrade. I loved book one and was really looking forward to reading Whipped and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. This husband and wife duo really knows how to write a book. They bring the sexy, the sweet, and the HEAT. This book does contain sex and cussing but not in a trashy sense. The sweet moments are beyond great, from a hot air balloon ride, to a fort that takes over a whole house, to helping the underprivil [...]

    11. Crystal says:

      I received a copy of this book from the authors in place of an honest review. I hate that I didn't read the first book in this series. I know that if I like this book then the first one had to be great.Now if you love to read books that are hot, I will just tell you that this one is even HOTTER. It's a book that really makes you sit up and take notice. I couldn't seem to put this book down. I've taken several days after reading this book to decide what I would write for this review. I still don' [...]

    12. Tara The Obsessive Book Reader! says:

      This book is book two in the series ! It's best to read hitched first but this book can be read as a standalone book. I absolutely loved this book , it was full of fun times , sexy talk and hot hot sex ! Who doesn't love a book that can make you all hot and bothered ! I certainly do .This book is about VI , Vi owns a sex shop called whipped with her close friend . It begins were numerous times a sexy Aussie named Lachlan with a dirty mouth who comes to the shop to buy sex toys for his sexual par [...]

    13. Roxanne Kade says:

      Move over Magic Mike, Lachlan Pierce has arrived!Vi was one of my favorite characters in Hitched, and I was so excited to find out she'd be getting her own story. And, My God was is a HOT one!!The sexual chemistry between Vi and Lach was palpable from the get go and it was more a question of when they'd get together, than if. And when they did, it was explosive, passionate and sexy as hell.What I really loved about this book was how fun the characters all were, and I really have to give a big sh [...]

    14. Clair Martin says:

      **This review might contains some spoilers, read at your own risk**This is the second book in the Hitched series that follows Kacie's friend Vi and her hot Aussie roommate/boyfriend.Who would have thought that the roommate she needed for a temporary situation would turn in to be the guy she needed for life.From the very beginning it made me smile or laugh (and one time cry) about something on almost every page. KK does a great job of telling the story and intermixing in her characters breaking t [...]

    15. K.K. says:

      Whipped is the second book in Hitched series. the book is stand-alone and can be read before the first but it is recommended to start with Hitched.Whipped Whipped is good well okay it's not a disappointment but not as good as is expected. the thing is I personally cannot feel the chemistry between our hero and heroine here there is no struggle no nothing it's a simple convenient coincident (view spoiler)[Vi just happened to get bored with being dom because she don't want another relationship wit [...]

    16. Kimber says:

      **ARC Copy**I am in live with these books. Hitched was amazing and so is Whipped. Karpov Kinrade are amazing!Vi is a girl who knows what she wants. She loves helping others experiment with their sexuality and her adult toy store is perfect for that. Vi and her friend Zoe co-own the store and they have a weekly buyer. He is insanely sexy and great to ogle but Vi swears she would never end up with him or a guy like him. None of that matters right now because she is in the process of searching for [...]

    17. Linda says:

      This is a hot, sexy story that starts with Vi and her friend Zoe working in their shop. Vi was a dominatrix who decided to open a store with her friend. Lachlan, a gorgeous Australian who has become a regular customer, comes in to shop with a different girl each time. Imagine Vi's surprise when she finally meets her potential new roommate she's be emailing to find out it's Lachlan.It was a bigger surprise to run into his overnight guest wearing only a thong and bent at her refrigerator drinking [...]

    18. Lissette says:

      Another sexy read by the awesome writing duo, Karpov Kinrade. Whipped takes us on a titillating ride as Vi strives to discover who and what she is alongside the gorgeous Lachlan. As owner of Whipped, she's seen and heard it all. There's nothing that surprises her. Or so she thinks.Her world is turned topsy-turvy when Lachlan makes it onto the scene and becomes her new roommate. In her mind, he's a distraction she could do without, but who can resist a man who incites the senses and makes a woman [...]

    19. HeatherP says:

      We first meet Vi in Hitched. This is her book called Whipped. Vi Reynolds owns a sex toy shop during the day and is a Dom at night. She has a customer that comes in a lot and they have nicknamed him “Aussie Hottie”. He comes in a lot with different woman every time. When he shows up as the person interested in renting her room she is hesitant at renting it to him. He is trying to reduce his expenses to be able to help build a community center. But he is having trouble leaving his previous wo [...]

    20. Kolleen Fraser says:

      I went into this not know anything except she's a Dominatrix and he's an alpha. I fell in love with these two. So sexy and sweet with none of the games we read so much of these days. Just two awesome people who are falling in love. Lachlan was honest and sweet and incredibly sexy. He also knew what he wanted and fought for it. I loved that about him, he has this big heart and this amazing dream of what he wants his life to be like. He is so cool. Picture Channing Tatum in Magic Mike but with a b [...]

    21. Debbie says:

      What can I say Karpov Kinrade did it again. Their writing style is excellent. I love how the story just flows so much so that it was hard to put the book down. Even though this book includes characters from their first book you can read this one as a stand alone. Although I would recommend reading Hitched first and going in order so you know the back story of the other characters. There was some hot sex in the story but it wasn't page after page like other books. There was actually a storyline. [...]

    22. Rhiannon Overby says:

      Whipped is the second book in the Hitched series, and can be enjoyed as a standalone. While I read Hitched and really enjoyed it, Whipped took the cake! Vi is an ex-Dom who recently opened a sex shop, Lach is the lead in a male strip show. When their life's suddenly become intertwined, the sparks start to fly. The question is, will they be able to escape the sparks before they both succumb to the sexual tension? Two of the things that I most loved about this book, was the level of pure sexual en [...]

    23. Marialee says:

      ***ARC Copy - May have some spoilers***I have to say that I never read anything by Karpov Kinrade until I read Hitched and I really loved it, but when it came to this book I wasn't as thrilled with it. You have Vi that is a dominatrix that steps away from it to open a sex toy shop with her friend and the you have Lachlan the Australian Stripper that is wanting to open a community center for children to have somewhere to go to after school and learn to dance to stay out of trouble. To me it just [...]

    24. WiLoveBooks says:

      I loved this one. Vi sells adult toys and occasionally takes clients as a Dom. Her last relationship didn't work out and she's still recovering from that. Lachlan is a frequent customer who comes into her store with a different girl every time. Sure, he's hot, but she doesn't want to go there. Not to mention she normally goes for the submissive type. This is just so funny. And there is just something about a player who finds the right woman and forgets about all other women. There is plenty of s [...]

    25. Danielle from Short and Sassy says:

      I LOVED Hitched. It made me laugh and it was 5 stars from me. unfortunately Whipped fell flat for me. Vi owns a sex shop and used to be a dominatrix, yet it wads barley mentioned in the book. Maybe once or twice. I thought it was going to be comedy gold, and I was kind of let down. I wasn't a huge fan of Vi. The story was kind stale for me. Vi has to get a roommate cause she needs money. The roommate happens to be the hot guy who has been hitting on her at her store. He is a man whore, nut not a [...]

    26. Susan Foulkes says:

      Wow! This is a true feel good book.The storyline is strong and the pace of the book is just righteas and threads are fully developed but the story never drags.Vi and Lachlan are prepossessing characters and it was wonderful to watch their relationship evolve. The supporting characters are well writtend all have their part to play in the story arc.The author has a very light touch and a sense of humour.I smiled and giggleda lot!I really enjoyed this book and will be catching up on others by Karpo [...]

    27. Shelley Jarin says:

      When i first read the synopsis, i was expecting a Fifty Shades like story but having read Hitched i somehow knew this would be different. What i didn't expect was the Magic Mike like dancing & performances in it.d i love it! I've always loved a book with the POV of both characters because i want to know what the other is thinking as welli love the humor, i kept laughing at their banters & Vi's parents.oo cool! And of course getting a glimpse of Kacie & Sebastian's life after Hitched. [...]

    28. Kelly says:

      It takes a special talent for an author to present some highly-sexed-innuendo filled moments in such a way that you laugh out loud and completely relate to either what they say or do! Karpov Kinrade continues to master "sexiness" with their newest book in the Hitched Series.The story continues in Vegas, but focuses on Vi, the spit-fire dominatrix who submits to no one. Enter the Aussie Hottie. Flash forward dildos, roomies, spectacular dates, hot men dancing, and fantastic friends and family. En [...]

    29. Gina says:

      This was a fun book. I loved the character, but wish there had been more conflict. After the first couple of chapters the conflict b/w the characters was minimal. I had fun reading it.

    30. Anna says:

      OMG ok so this is the second book to hitched I was given a arc copy in exchange for a review!!! Let me tell you I was shocked!!!!! The first book was awesome totally changed my mind on romance novels which is pretty big since I really hated just romance. The only down side to hitched was there were just a few spot that I lost interest but only like two literally. Other wise great book. Now Whipped completely had me taken back I could not put the book down for the life of me OMG it is that good. [...]

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