Caldric Blackwell Emma Phillips
The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf
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The Boy Who Couldn t Cry Wolf Six year old Byron Woodward is a werewolf who can t howl Determined not to embarrass himself after being chosen to lead a full moon ceremony he embarks on a mission to learn how to howl He learns a l

  • Title: The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf
  • Author: Caldric Blackwell Emma Phillips
  • ISBN: 9781942318002
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Six year old Byron Woodward is a werewolf who can t howl Determined not to embarrass himself after being chosen to lead a full moon ceremony, he embarks on a mission to learn how to howl He learns a lot about howling during his journey, but importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about believing in himself.

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    1. Miss Meghan's Class says:

      Anyone who follows my reviews knows that I love children's books. I have always loved sharing these stories with young ones, starting way back when I used to read to my little sister. My favorite ones are those that teach the child something, especially if it's a lesson learned about life, and about themselves.This story has a lesson to learn and Byron, though embarrassed to share the fact that he can't howl with others, goes to some adults that he trusts to ask his questions. So, beyond the les [...]

    2. Nina Pewtress says:

      Caldric Blackwell's latest children's book, "The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf," is a wonderful read-along book about a young boy who overcomes his worry about not being able to howl and what others think of him, and succeeds in the end. The story flows from page-to-page, and the bright illustrations complement the text. My favorite part of the book is the plot. The main character, Bryon, meets with the mayor, the blacksmith, and with the head werewolf in order to learn how to howl for the full-moon [...]

    3. Autumn says:

      I received this book to give an honest review.I thought this was a cute little book about a boy who couldn't howl but he ended up learning how to. Bryon doesn't want anyone to know that he can't howl and it is embarrassing for him. Which hey I could understand. What makes Bryon awesome is that he ends up asking grown ups for tips on how to howl. I know that sometimes it is hard to ask others to help you out when you need it. Bryon does end up with a solution on how to howl and I thought that was [...]

    4. Lynda Dickson says:

      Byron is a six-year-old werewolf who can't howl. When he is asked to lead the howling at the next full moon, Byron panics and is afraid he will embarrass himself. He seeks help from the mayor, the blacksmith, and even a wolf, but nothing helps. What will happen on the night of the full moon? Will Byron ever learn to howl?This is a story about differences and learning to stop worrying about what other people think. The colorful illustrations by Emma Phillips are a treat. A cute book with a great [...]

    5. Vanessa Winter says:

      I was gifted this novel in exchange for an honest review.The author brilliantly uses the element of fantasy in order to make children more confident. It is thoughtfully written and illustrated, an emotional, great story. "The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf" deals with poor little Byron who cannot howl despite being a werewolf. It's absolutely impressive and moving how gently the author tries telling the reader "It's ok to be who you are". "The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf" is a very good story, incredib [...]

    6. Meena says:

      Whenever I buy a book for my 7-year-old son, I always read it before I let him read it. I loved this one particularly because of its moral lessons. Children these days tend to start worrying about things they shouldn't worry about at their age. This book teaches children not worry too much and that, with patience, they will eventually achieve what they want. It is very well-illustrated with inviting and captivating graphics, which have brought the story to life. I found the language to be approp [...]

    7. Champika Wickramasinghe says:

      I adore reading children's books with my little child.So,I want to buy this book for my little daughter.Actually,this was a really enjoyable story for children.As well as,The kids really enjoyed learning about Byron. I think this story really teaches children a great lesson about being proud of who you are, and not worrying so much about what others think of you. Finally,I would recommend it to the parents of young children as a read-a-long.

    8. Tiff Smith says:

      I bought this for my daughter and she loves the story and the illustrations. This story is about Byron, the 6 years old werewolf who cannot howl. After seeking help from a few other werewolves, he realizes that it is his lack of belief in himself that prevents him from howling. From this story, my daughter learns that having self confidence is important in whatever that she wants to do.I hope the author will write more titles for the young readers

    9. Cindy says:

      This is a really awesome kids' book, for kids aged 3-7. It's about a werewolf, Byron, who couldn't howl, and he went to others to try to find a solution to his problem. At the end of the book, he realized that it was just him that's holding himself back by not believing in himself! The book teaches kids to be confident in themselves and not to worry too much. I would recommend this book to any parent of younger kids!

    10. P Bee says:

      I loved the message in this book. Byron is the young werewolf who can't howl and everybody has their own idea why this is a problem for him. He's frustrated and nervous about howling in front of everyone because he just can't do it.This book has a very positive message about learning your own nature and being true to yourself. It's a quality, well-written book with great illustrations. I would recommend it to the parents of young children as a read-a-long.

    11. Kym Crawford says:

      My Review:This was a darling book, with cute pictures and a really good message. My 8 year old daughter's review:I loved it, my favorite part was when he finally howled, and how he realized his fear of being made fun of stopped him from howling. I like the lesson he learned about not letting worry of what people might think hold you back. I hope you write more books like this.

    12. Cynthia Destine says:

      Where do I began? This book is amazing, one of the best children books that I've ever read. Has a feel of the boy who cried wolf but much better. After picking it up to read to my niece she wouldn't let me put it down. She kept begging me to read more, but it was all done. I hope the author continues to write great children books such as this one.

    13. J Jackson says:

      Great book!Roundabout and whirling like a rollercoaster, this enjoyable book is just stunning. The lessons engraved within this book unspun its self has Byron seeks out the elders to teach him how to howl. The story line is exceptional, it flowed smoothly. Overall this unique book is a must have. I enjoyed every second of it!

    14. Carol D. says:

      Lovely children’s story that has really lit up mine and my son afternoon. He really felt empathy for the werewolf as I read it to him and the message the book sends is a really good one. I am so glad I could find books like this that have real meaning and are well written. This is a really good one.

    15. Deitre says:

      Every opportunity that I get to read a picture book with my soon to be middle schooler, I get excited. Pulling the little one aside, we looked at the cover of this picture book and his first expression was, "The boy who can't cry wolf? Now that's different." That's when our journey began. This time I read to him. The main character Bryon has a problem. He can't howl. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't do it. You see Bryon, along with the other villagers are werewolves. Each with the abil [...]

    16. Tele Adewusi says:

      This is a very well written book for children, which teaches very valuable lessons. The book is brilliantly illustrated and these illustrations actually bring the book to life. The story is an easy one for children aged 4-7 to follow. The concept is clear and the delivery is brilliant The story is about Byron, a Werewolf who cannot howl. Byron has been able to hide his secret for a long time until he is asked to lead the howling at the full moon night. He panics and tries to seek help for his pr [...]

    17. Kirstin Pulioff says:

      What a 'howling' fun book. ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist.Byron Woodward has a problem, and not your run of the mill problem, but a big one. He is a werewolf, and on this month's full moon, he is tasked with leading the howl. The only problem? He can't howl. As Byron searches out an answer to his problem, he meets up with several people offering key advice but in the end, it is him who finds the solution.This story is a wonderful read for a child, with bright illustrations to draw them in, and a cl [...]

    18. Michael says:

      A short story beautifully written for children and teaching them how not to worry. It is filled with simple pictures that young children would appreciate.I would definitely recommend it for young children.

    19. A Leisure Moment says:

      At the end of the book I asked the little one what did he like best about the book, he stated the moral of the story. I would have to agree. There is truly a teachable moment in the story that is good for all young readers. To read the rest of the review, simply follow the link:aleisuremoment/2015/01

    20. Joood Hooligan says:

      I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a cute story with a good message. My son really enjoyed it as wellatypire/j-hooligan/t

    21. Mariana Farcas says:

      My kids love this book. A Werewolf who cannot howl?Byron looks for help to understand how others do it but in the end he understand that you need to find yourself and find the power within you.

    22. Lisa Newton says:

      A nice feel-good book for little kids i.e. 5-7, about believing in themselves. Confidence is one of those things we could all do with more of (adults included!)

    23. Katrina Cope says:

      A cute story with a positive underlying message about worry. A really good read for young children.

    24. Mrs Mommy Booknerd says:

      This is a story about a boy who tries to learn to howl and cannot he seeks advice from those that he thinks can help. The answer to his problems comes in an unexpected way. 3 stars

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