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Treasure Coast
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Treasure Coast A darkly humorous caper novel that offers strong entertainment Publishers Weekly A compulsive gambler goes to his sister s funeral on Florida s Treasure Coast and gets saddled with her loser son who

  • Title: Treasure Coast
  • Author: Tom Kakonis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A darkly humorous caper novel that offers strong entertainment, Publishers Weekly A compulsive gambler goes to his sister s funeral on Florida s Treasure Coast and gets saddled with her loser son, who is deep in debt to a vicious loan shark who sends a pair of sociopathic thugs to collect on the loan But things go horribly awryd soon the gambler finds himself in th A darkly humorous caper novel that offers strong entertainment, Publishers Weekly A compulsive gambler goes to his sister s funeral on Florida s Treasure Coast and gets saddled with her loser son, who is deep in debt to a vicious loan shark who sends a pair of sociopathic thugs to collect on the loan But things go horribly awryd soon the gambler finds himself in the center of an outrageous kidnapping plot involving a conman selling mail order tombstones, a psychic who channels the dead, including the wife of a wealthy businessman As if that wasn t bad enough, a killer hurricane is looming It s Get Shorty meets No Country for Old Men on a sunny Florida coast teeming with conmen and killers, the vapid and the vain, and where violent death is just a heartbeat away PRAISE FOR TOM KAKONIS Simply tremendous Tom Kakonis writing is on a level with El Leonard, Chicago Tribune Kakonis is a sharp new gambler in the literary crap game he just takes the pot The New York Times Aptly compared to El Leonard, Kakonis builds exquisite tensioneamy with a high rent, low life atmosphered an unforgettable cast Publishers Weekly A cold deck nightmare of high stakes peril, Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter s Bone A sure narrative voice, a richly shaded hero and heroine, nightmare vivid villains, and a plot paved with switchbacks and big curves add up to classy, if brutal, crime entertainment this one cooks, Kirkus Reviews Tom Kakonis is a master of the low life novel Nobody does it better Ross Thomas

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    1 Blog on “Treasure Coast

    1. James Thane says:

      In the late 1980s and early '90s, Tom Kakonis established himself as a writer who created very good plots but who was especially gifted at populating each of his books with a cast of eccentric, interesting characters and then setting them into motion with sometimes truly inspired results. Now twenty years later, he returns with Treasure Coast, a book which clearly demonstrates that he hasn't lost a step in his time away.The book is set on Florida's Treasure Coast, basically the Palm Beach area a [...]

    2. Bandit says:

      Well, this turned out to be way more awesome than I had any reason to expect it to be. Never heard of the author, not even huge on tales of low life bumbling criminals per se, but Kakonis spun such a fun yarn here with a genuinely original wild cast of characters and plenty of humor. There is a great charm to the author's style, his writing has a cadence and a vernacular of its own and the quality is way above what is traditionally customary of the genre. Florida is about to be washed clean by a [...]

    3. Sam Reaves says:

      Tom Kakonis wrote some good thrillers back in the nineties and then dropped out of sight; now he's back with another entertaining look at the way dysfunctional low-lifes live and conduct business. A reformed gambler is called to his dying sister's bedside in Florida; she asks him to look out for her hapless goof of a son. The son is deep in debt to a bookie, who has just dispatched two arm-breakers to collect the debt. Meanwhile a phony preacher and his female assistant have dreamed up a new way [...]

    4. Cheryl says:

      Warning: There is crude language used in this book. So if you are easily offended, don't pick up this book or you have been warned. Which the language did not bother me so much. It was I guess the author's writing style. I could not really get used to it. Although I did sense a bit of "Black comedy humor". Which I have read a couple books like this and they do take a bit of getting used to. This style really is kind of a love or hate and no real in between. Ok so to back petal a little. I don't [...]

    5. Peter says:

      After a ten-year vacation from publishing (1994 to 2013), Tom Kakonis returns with Treasure Coast (2014). His books are character- filled mysteries with a no-nonsense cadence, complex plots, great dialogue, and lots of wry wit.In Treasure Coast we meet Jim Merriman as he visits his dying sister in the hospital. He’s in the waiting room when a striking fortyish woman name Billie Swett arrives to have a “spirit centering” session with another dying woman. Billie flits her eyelids and offers [...]

    6. Randy says:

      Brash Books, founded by Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman, publishes both new and old books that interest them. Mostly crime, but other genres as wellEASURE COAST was my first book by Tom Kakonis and I must say I was impressed. A lot goes on between the covers. Former gambler, Jim Merriman, retired because of a run of bad luck, comes to Florida's Treasure Coast because his sister is dying from cancer, She extracts a promise from her brother to look after her son, a twenty-one year old screw-up named [...]

    7. Alecia says:

      In addition to comparisons of Tom Kakonis's writing to Elmore Leonard and perhaps Carl Hiaason, I would also add Donald Westlake in his humorous mode to that list. My favorite characters were the bogus preacher and his partner in crime, Waneta. I loved the flowery prose the preacher spouted while carrying out his cons and scams. Although I enjoyed the first half of this book quite a bit, and especially some of the characters, I did not think the second half worked as well in keeping with the hum [...]

    8. Col says:

      Synopsis/blurb…….Treasure Coast is the wild new thriller from Tom Kakonis, the acclaimed author of Criss Cross and Michigan Roll.A compulsive gambler goes to his sister's funeral on Florida's Treasure Coast and gets saddled with her loser-son, who is deep in debt to a vicious loan shark who sends a pair of sociopathic thugs to collect on the loan. But things go horribly awryd soon the gambler finds himself in the center of an outrageous kidnapping plot involving a conman selling mail-order t [...]

    9. Hobart says:

      Really don't like writing these kind of reviews. So let's get this out of the way straight off: this was not a book written for me. Which doesn't mean I couldn't appreciate it's strengths -- and it certainly could've won me over (others I didn't think were for me have), but it really didn't. I certainly disliked it less by the end then I did at the beginning.This is a book that's very much a tale of two halves. In the first half we get introduced to several characters, all of whom (with one poss [...]

    10. Donna Davis says:

      Hugely imaginative, terribly funny, and utterly tasteless, Kakonis delivers the chortles with Treasure Coast, a comic caper that juggles numerous entertaining characters with surprising deftness. Thank you twice, first to Brash Books and second to Net Galley, for providing me with the DRC to review. This title will be available September 14, 2015 to the book-buying public. Our tale begins with Uncle Jim Merriman, a professional gambler who can’t even manage to break even these days, and “his [...]

    11. Ian Wood says:

      This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    12. Vicki says:

      Tom Kakonis has chronicled a complicated plot featuring a cast of shady characters, some of which are out and out thugs, and builds a very entertaining story around them. Their paths cross in Florida along the Atlantic seacoast, where Jim Merriman, a card shark whose career path hit the skids a few years back, has come to see his sister on her death bed in Palm Beach Gardens. And before death comes, she extracts a promise from him to take care of her son, Leon Cody. How hard could that be? He's [...]

    13. Philip Bailey says:

      A colorful cast of characters including a bigoted bully, so beware if racial slurs are offensive. A twisting tale of deception and delusional aspirations laced with despicable acts, criminal behavior, and desperation. The action filled story gives plenty of humor (depending on the reader’s sense of humor). This is not a story centered on one super hero who uses Krav Magna, jiu-jitsu, Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, or any other super method of putting great gobs of hurt on their victims. Simple guns, [...]

    14. Nancy says:

      This book had a lot of elements that appeal to me:. . . quirky characters;. . . a "lame" caper;. . . Florida setting and;. . . a hint of black humor.And, although it was entertaining in parts, it disappointed me. Any time an author has been compared to Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen, he has a lot to live up to. Those comparisons were unfair to Tom Kakonis because they set my expectations way too high. The characters in Treasure Coast easily could have populated a Leonard or Hiassen novel, but t [...]

    15. Susan Riley says:

      I enjoyed the plot and characters in Treasure Coast very much. Tom Kakonis weaves an intricate tale involving a down-on-his-luck former gambler, his nephew who owes a loan shark big bucks, the loan shark's collectors, a con man and his partner, a millionaire and his trophy wife, and a hurricane. I won't get into the plot, mainly because it's so twisted that I'd only confuse you. The language in this book is harsh, very harsh. I rarely complain about the language in a book I'm reading, but this o [...]

    16. Joyce says:

      Contrary to the other reviewers of this novel, I was not particularly impressed by it. I found the humor, and there was lots of it, to be forced and the novel itself to be a slightly lesser Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen or Tim Dorsey. The characters were certainly eccentric and the language that of scammers and petty gangsters, but they weren't likable or captivating at all. The plot, however, was the one really redeeming quality for me and was what kept me coming back until I finished it. This w [...]

    17. Sara says:

      Treasure Coast is an interesting story with very real characters. Each page left you wondering what decisions the characters would make and what mayhem that would lead too.The author carefully brings several seemingly unrelated stories lines together where people who would normally not have reason to interact with each other together.The only negative comment I have about the story is the language and how some of the characters are overly rude to each other. I know the author did this to make th [...]

    18. Glen says:

      Treasure Coast is a Florida crime novel about a former gambling addict trying to help his similarly afflicted loser nephew get out of trouble with the shylocks.Meanwhile, a couple of leg breakers make collections, and some small time conmen work their way in.It all comes together in a kidnapping scheme, where they're all holed up during a hurricane.Not bad, maybe tries a little too hard to get every convention of the South Florida novel in there, but I still enjoyed it.

    19. Jay Williams says:

      Kakonis is a master at creating distinctive and interesting characters. This story has a great plot, but the people in the story provide rich interest and excitement far beyond the story arc. The words used to describe characters provide a mental image that makes each person real. Use of street vernacular further enhances the narrative. The ending was spectacular. It is a quick read, but very satisfying.

    20. Rory Costello says:

      A curious mix of elegant and crass. Kakonis has a lot of style, though he can be a trifle wordy, yet he also takes great delight in depicting complete boorishness. I liked Kakonis back in the '90s and wonder why he decided to retire. Maybe he was having a hard time with ideas, because I saw some familiar devices here. Still, all in all, a good comeback.

    21. Craig Buck says:

      Kakonis writes with one of those spectacular voices that you love to read. I can't understand why he ever went out of print. This is a new book, but his classics from the '60s are just as good and all are available from the upstart publisher Brash Books (disclosure: they're publishing my debut novel Go Down Hard in two months)

    22. Ann says:

      This is a funny story with some serious overtones. A compulsive gambler promises his dying sister he will watch out for her 21 year old son who is also a gambler. Between the hitmen, the psychic headstone seller, the sexy wife of a wealthy man and a hurricane poor Jim doesn't know which way to turn. Set in Palm Beach, Florida this has a good cast of characters, good writing and lots of humor.

    23. Trina says:

      I received this arc from Netgalley. I enjoyed reading this book. The humorous parts had me laughing out loud. I will definitely be looking for other books by this author.

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