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Fighting Hard
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Fighting Hard Nick Spencer has a pretty great life hefty tips from hot women at the bar lots of devastating flirting and come ons followed up by sex with no strings Quick casual easy gone with the sunrise that

  • Title: Fighting Hard
  • Author: Marysol James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nick Spencer has a pretty great life hefty tips from hot women at the bar, lots of devastating flirting and come ons, followed up by sex with no strings Quick, casual, easy, gone with the sunrise that s his life and that s how he likes it Until the night that Mia Ferris walks in to the bar Nick doesn t know it, but this night is going to change everything.Mia s a wriNick Spencer has a pretty great life hefty tips from hot women at the bar, lots of devastating flirting and come ons, followed up by sex with no strings Quick, casual, easy, gone with the sunrise that s his life and that s how he likes it Until the night that Mia Ferris walks in to the bar Nick doesn t know it, but this night is going to change everything.Mia s a writer, an optimist, a woman who speaks for those who have no voice When her casual night out goes frighteningly wrong, it s Nick who saves her He stays with her, brings her home, and puts her in his own bed To his utter shock, he finds himself attracted to this sweet, tough, smart woman When her newest book takes her in to the dangerous world of sex trafficking, Mia s sure that she can take care of herself But then she ends up in a deadly situation, alone and terrified Can Nick get to her in time And if he does, will Mia be able to recover from the betrayal of people she trusted including Nick

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    1 Blog on “Fighting Hard

    1. Rachel Annie says:

      A quick and sexy novella about a tomcat and the woman who compels him to change his ways. I loved how protective Nick became of Mia, and how the changes she evoked in him took him for a such loop. Her chosen profession of writing about the victims of human trafficking and exposing the perpetrators is quite admirable, and endeared me to her character. Something that detracted from my star rating were the indistinct POV shifts, and head bopping into minor characters. There were a few other small q [...]

    2. Bev says:

      I have read MJ’s books virtually back to back and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. It’s a bit difficult to review the individual books in her series as the stories are on-going, each couple is carried forward into the next book. But I will say that she writes brilliantly likeable characters that are all in from the get go. Yes Nick pulled a TSTL move in this book but I get why he did it. Yes he was wrong but he owned it. That’s one thing about her characters, they are no [...]

    3. Shannon Gorilla McGee Winston says:

      That ending was worth docking a star. This is my second Marysol James book and I'm wondering if weak endings are going to be a running issue.

    4. Stacey is Sassy says:

      It wasn't bad***3.5 stars***I'd been hearing some really good things about this author and the great characters in her stories. I was lucky enough to get Fighting Hard for free. This story is about an arrogant, self absorbed, randy part-time bartender and a sweet, self-conscious (about her looks) author. They meet in the bar where he works and he's picking out his hook up for the night. She is out with some "friends" who want to party hard but she's not really a drinker.The night turns out badly [...]

    5. Steph says:

      Loved it, just wish I had read Open Skies series first as some characters from there in this one.

    6. Shannon, ☺☻CFM☺☻ says:

      Really enjoyed this book

    7. Jen_C says:

      3.25 stars.I found the writing style hard to follow at times because the POV constantly changes, sometimes back and forth all in the same paragraph. The plot is good but there were a few of my personal pet peeves that brought the rating down (cheating, religious cursing, abrupt ending).

    8. JJH--Judy says:

      Hooked on another series4 1/2 stars. I love starting a new series from this author, with all fresh, new characters. One of my favorite tropes is the "good girl, meet womanizer who falls hard for her, and doesn't know how to handle his feelings". I thought this was a very good example of this. I also liked how he messes up--badly--and even bough it is not drawn out, she doesn't make it super easy for him to get back with her. I did like the characters, and I could picture them together. It also h [...]

    9. Karen says:

      This book had the potential for being really great but it somehow seemed rushed and a lot of stuff got pushed over.  I really liked Nick and I totally got his fear of commitment but what I didn’t like was Nick getting the blame for what happened to Mia. I don’t like her friends blaming him and I don’t like that even Mia tried to blame him.  Mia got hurt because of her investigation and if it wasn’t for Nick she wouldn’t have survived.  There really should have been more on Mia’s w [...]

    10. Kimberly says:

      Drama, a budding relationship, and some difficult situations make a great storyMia mets Nick at a bar where he's a bartender. She and her girls are out for a night of celebrating. Mia isn't a party girl and looks to escape early. Nick is a one and done kind of guy, but there's something about Mia. This first book takes you thru some difficult times where Nick rescues her, but always feels he should have gotten there earlier, done moreing their relationship grow, learning more about what makes th [...]

    11. Michele A. says:

      Nick and Mia meet at a bar. Mia is drugged and a guy tries to take her away. Nick stops it in time and that is how their friendship is forged. Nick and Mia get to know each other and then decide to date. Nick does not do commitment and gets scared after he feels too much for Mia too quickly. Mia sees what is happening but cannot stop it. Mia is a journalist who is investigating child trafficking and finds an inside source. Someone betrays Mia and she finds herself in dire circumstances. We are l [...]

    12. Melindannk says:

      4.5 starsI think you should take my review of Marysol James books with a grain of salt. I have found that, although her books tend to be short, I love every minute I spend in her world. She has quickly become on if my favorite authors. I think it helps reading these series back to back because it makes it feel like a longer book since all the characters are tied together and each book revisits the previous book's H/hs. I love Jame's writing style and I appreciate knowing what I am going to get o [...]

    13. Carol and Gary Curtis says:

      Child sex trafficking is hard to read about. I'm sure it's hard to write about too. Ms. James is one of my favorites and she constructs excellent dialogue. The end of this book seemed a bit rushed. Good book nonetheless.

    14. Angela says:

      This was an awesome read! I love how Ms. James connects her books, even between different series, but never makes you feel like you are missing anything. Each can be read as a stand alone but I strongly suggest that you read them all! Not only this series but she has 3 others that all tie into one another and makes for a fantastic and very worthwhile experience. I have enjoyed all of her books and I am looking forward to reading her new series coming soon.I definitely recommend this book and ser [...]

    15. Laura Hannaway says:

      This was a great story, well written with characters I really empathised with. The story was fast paced and utterly absorbing, and the conflicts between the characters were well thought out and understandable. The only part that didn't really work for me was the abruptness of the ending. I would have preferred it to have been flashed out a little more, and actually checked to see if there was another chapter

    16. Reba says:

      Ok so I went into reading this book with the knowledge that it was a short story, however it just wasn't a short story it was oh how do I say it more like a rough draft of a future story. A thought that hasn't been fully completed a blip in the author's mind, but Not a story. This book was free as were the next two in the series but even free I don't see myself reading anything else by this author. Disappointing, if I could give .5 Stars I would.

    17. Susan Schuttee says:

      Short & SweetThe characters Mia and Nick are really great! Mia is an intelligent, sweet, quiet beauty who is the complete opposite of Nick's normal hook ups. Nick is gorgeous, hot & sexy! The story has elements of intrigue and danger as well as a sweet romance. I just wish the story was longer. I wasn't ready for it to end.

    18. Shirley says:

      4 – 4.5 Stars A great start to the series I really enjoyed this one, meeting new characters and a mention of some Open Skies characters which was nice. I loved Nick even if he did pull a totally dick move, he had his reason for it tho and I get why he did it. Mia was also a very likeable character and I can’t wait to read more in this series.

    19. Tawnya Ward says:

      Men with heartsSo nice to read a short story that has such an impact! It's not just a wham-bam screwing short read. There is a bit of depth to the words. Mia has been to places on earth that many wouldn't care to name. Nick has felt the crushing pain of lost love. Together these two figure out that love is strong and everlasting!

    20. Alex says:

      An enjoyable short read would have liked it to be longer and I though the ending could have been a lot better. Hopefully we will see more of this couple and how they develop in the other books in this series.

    21. Shari Kay says:

      Going to skip this entire series. I don't like to start what I can't finish.(view spoiler)[Also seems like this author messes with her HEA. Not for me (hide spoiler)]/review/show

    22. Stefany says:

      I started this book after the Unseen Enemy series from the same author was read. I love the strong alpha males in these books. The women are strong in their own right too. Good read. Now on to the next book.

    23. Lexie McLaughlin says:

      StichedLots happen in the book but it keeps your pulse racing and your fingers glued to the book. Perfect read.

    24. Janey says:

      Quite a little passion/drama filled book, rather enjoyable though. Nice set up for the other characters, another great little series me thinks!

    25. Mish says:

      enjoyable read

    26. Janie says:

      A lovely quick read with great believable characters. Starting the next book in the series now :)

    27. Jeana says:

      Good story, good characters. Drama, suspense, love, all wrapped up in one book.

    28. Tina says:

      Slow at first and put down to read another series by her. Picked back up. Not as good as enemy within but still good. Seemed not as well elaborated on in the the middle to end.

    29. Suzy Baba says:

      What a beautiful story and very unexpected!

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