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Confessions Meet the first of The Battling McGuire Boys from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden Desperate to prove she s being framed for murder Scarlett Stone entrusts her reputation and her life to

  • Title: Confessions
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9780373748662
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet the first of The Battling McGuire Boys from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden Desperate to prove she s being framed for murder, Scarlett Stone entrusts her reputation and her life to the man who once broke her heart Grant McGuire, a sexy former army ranger turned detective, has never been the same since military action But behind his cold demeanor, he sMeet the first of The Battling McGuire Boys from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden Desperate to prove she s being framed for murder, Scarlett Stone entrusts her reputation and her life to the man who once broke her heart Grant McGuire, a sexy former army ranger turned detective, has never been the same since military action But behind his cold demeanor, he still burns for Scarlett.Taking her case is an easy but dangerous decision for Grant Together they must race against the clock to find the real killer, who now wants them both dead More dangerous, however, is their sudden, reignited passion Grant will do anything for a second chance with Scarlett while she ll do everything to keep the secret she never wants him to know

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    1. Susan says:

      Good book with lots of action, good second chance romance. Scarlett and Grant had been high school sweethearts. After he graduated, Grant joined the army and became a ranger. The summer Scarlett graduated, Grant was home for a visit and broke things off with her. He claimed he didn't love her, but in reality he was trying to protect her from himself. With the things he had seen and done, he wouldn't be any good for her. The last thing he told her was that he'd be there for her if she ever needed [...]

    2. Christa says:

      Confessions made a great start to The Battling McGuire Boys series. The McGuire Boys are all wonderful characters, and I am really looking forward to the other books about them. I liked Grant McGuire, the main character in this one, and thought that Scarlett Stone was a great match for him. The storyline was interesting, and I am looking forward to learning more about the threads that were left hanging.Scarlett Stone is the main suspect in her ex-fiance's murder, and right before she her arrest, [...]

    3. Sheryl says:

      I honestly cannot tell y'all, how much I LOVE Cynthia Eden's work and ALL her stories for Harlequin's Intrigue line This was so GOOD and that epilogue I seriously can't wait to read about the next McGuire in Secrets (and hopefully find out MORE about their parent's murder!!!).

    4. Paula Legate says:

      This was a second chance romance for Grant and Scarlett. Truth be told they never stopped loving one another. He broke her heart when he broke up with her years ago to join the military. She remembered his last words to her, “if you ever need me” he would be there. 10 years later she needed him. Grant was now an investigator working with his brothers at McGuire Securities. She was accused of and being arrested for the murder of Eric Turner her fiancé. Just when I thought I had the plot figu [...]

    5. Paula Brandon says:

      A lot of the time, I'm not bothered by all the romantic suspense mini-series out there that involve a clan of brothers who all happen to be in typical Alpha Male high-intensity jobs finding love. I mean, I've been coming across it since the mid-90s.But sometimes, enough is enough!Here's another family in romantic suspense land with FIVE brothers who are all SEALs, Rangers or some other masculine profession. To add cliche to cliche, there's a younger sister they're all protective over. Too much o [...]

    6. Alison says:

      Scarlett and Grant were high school sweethearts. However, with every tour of duty he felt his humanity slip away so he broke things off with her before she went away to college, brutally.A decade later Scarlett is accused of murdering her ex-fiancé and Grant is the only one who can prove her innocence.This was a fast-paced thriller. If you like Cynthia Eden books you will like this one, her writing style is quite distinctive - and that's the real problem I feel like every one of her heroes is e [...]

    7. fleurette says:

      That is surprisingly good for a category romance. But that is always a case with Cynthia Eden's romantic suspenses. Grant was Scarlett's first love but left her breaking her heart. Now, when she is accused of killing her fiancé, she asks Grant for help. But finding a proof that she is not guilty is one thing and catching a killer is another. Especially, then they find out that they are not really over with each other.The plot is actually well-developed, twisted and complicated which is not obvi [...]

    8. Anita says:

      Actual Rating: 2.5 StarsThe disappointment I feel for reading this book probably comes from the fact that I have a feeling this isn't Cynthia Eden's best work.  In fact, I have already read four other books that were much better written, with better characters, and that were also much more memorable than Confessions turned out to be.Don't get me wrong:  Confessions had a great concept to work with I suppose if a great concept is the same as many other a great concepts in Romantic Suspense-la [...]

    9. Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies says:

      I do enjoy these tough, sexy, alpha male characters. At the beginning of this book, I find out there's Grant McGuire, plus his 5 brothers, and 1 sister, and they're each going to have a story! In book one, the girl Grant left behind to become an elite Army Ranger, seeks him out ten years later because she's in a whole lotta troubleScarlett Stone, is her named he never forgot her, and she's still as alluring as ever. A deadly race to protect Scarlett from a madman ensues and takes all these ex-mi [...]

    10. Darcy says:

      I found it hard to like Grant with how this one opened. I realize Grant was cruel to Scarlett on purpose, but he could have done it in a better way. I did love the interaction between the McGuire siblings. It was great to see them give Grant crap about Scarlett, both for the past and the present. I found it interesting that most of them were protective of Scarlett in their own way, even Sullivan, who had his own special relationship with Scarlett. With the bomb that Shayne dropped at the end, it [...]

    11. Trina says:

      Gasp! I would like to believe this is not written by CE herselfI don't recall ever being disappointed with any one of Cynthia Eden's stories, and certainly never had I needed to force myself to finish one. I hate second chance/long separation plots, especially one driven by lame excuses and petty secrets. There's never a good excuse to stay away -for 10 years!- from your supposed love of your life, and one you pine for every single day.

    12. Nikki Brandyberry says:

      Loved! Review soon

    13. Ash says:

      Superb bookGreat suspense and romance. Grant was awesome.He loved Scarlett a lot.

    14. Shari Kay says:

      For meo many of the books in this series have unappealing Heroes.

    15. Mandy says:

      Scarlett's past has come back to haunt her in more ways than one and the only person she trusts to protect her is the man who once broke her heart and set her on her mired path of secrets. Can Scarlett and Grant stay alive long enough to move beyond their past mistakes? This is a very good story and is incredibly well written and the ending just has me dying to pick up the next book.

    16. Sharon says:

      I always enjoy Cynthia Eden's workse does a really good job of blending the storyline with the romance with the steamy erotica and always a HEA. This is a great start to a series.

    17. Linda Klages says:

      Keeps your interest - enjoy reading the series.

    18. Shawna says:

      2.5 stars - Romantic Suspense

    19. Heidi says:

      I love Cynthia Eden's novels because she has the ability to make you believe one things but at the last second pulls you into a different direction without skipping a beat. Characters are written with a purpose! I have found in the romantic suspense novels that some characters are written in only be be forgotten or kill. Cynthia Eden makes sure everyone has a purpose from the attorney, to ex boyfriend even the cops standing around. Everyone has a reason and a purpose.I have read her serial kille [...]

    20. Larena says:

      Contemporary, Romantic SuspenseAustin, TexasScarlett Stone is being framed for murder and she is desperate to prove it. Now she must entrust her life and reputation to the man that once broke her heart. Grant McGuire is now a detective but he was once a army ranger that hasn’t been the same since his military action. Though his demeanor is cold behind it he still burns for Scarlett. Grant takes her case knowing it is an easy decision that is also dangerous. Together they must find the real kil [...]

    21. Nichole Severn says:

      This is the first book in The Battling McGuire series. I read it fairly quickly with the intrigue keeping me on my toes. I’ve read Cynthia Eden before, but really don’t enjoy her knack for stalkers hunting women. She does a great job of it and that’s why fans love her, but it’s not one of my favorite scenarios.Confessions, however, was a lot more believable than the last book by Eden I’d read with this scenario. First off, there was history between the hero and heroine, deep and powerf [...]

    22. Jackie Lane says:

      This is my second book by this author. I had heard such great things about her and my first attempt, I was a little bit underwhelmed, but this book certainly made up for it.Grant McGuire and Scarlette Stone where hight school sweethears and Grant broke Scarlett's heart. When Scarlett finds herself in troule with the law, she runs to Grant because 10 years earlier he told her if she ever needed him, he woudl be there for her.Scarlett is being accused of killing her fiancé (ex-fiancée). She runs [...]

    23. Tammy says:

      Another home run for Cynthia Eden. I love the way she can make you fall in love with her characters, from the first book I read, to this book. She has become one of my favorite authors. Ten years ago Grant left Scarlett, alone and heartbroken, he did tell her if she ever truly needed him he would be their for her. Today is the day she is calling in that favor. She is being framed for a murder she didn't commit. All of the evidence says she murdered her ex-fiancee. She runs to Grant as a last res [...]

    24. Sparkymom says:

      Hooked! I absolutely love Cynthia Eden's books. She writes some of the best semi-dark alpha males out there. I love her somewhat bad good guys, however, to be honest, I was concerned that I wouldn't enjoy her work for Intrigue as much as her other books. I hesitated to try this series despite positives reviews. Now, I'm so glad I started these! The writing is just as great as ever, and I am totally hooked on the McGuires. Grant and Scarlett had loved each other for years, but Grant had left her [...]

    25. Pam Kinsey says:

      It has been a while since I've read anything from Harlequin and I really like Cynthia Eden's Battling McGuire Boys. This is a family that is really close knit and are what I'd like to think a family should be but it is not always the case. And Grant being the older brother is more protective than most and he leaves Scarlett for her own good. And that didn't work out so well. But Scarlett is no weak heroine though she is a damsel in distress with someone trying to frame her and with Grant and his [...]

    26. BBMoreB ~ says:

      A mere promise, ten years ago, lead Grant and Scarlett back to each other and neither want to let go."If youif you ever need me" "I'll be there for you, Scarlett."As the eldest McGuire, it makes complete sense that Grant was chosen to kick-start the The Battling McGuire Boys series. Scarlett's character begins the story under the suspicion of murder and runs to Grant for help to exonerate her. Cynthia Eden delivers fully on the promise of romance and suspense. There is plenty of suspicion about [...]

    27. Merle says:

      Good beginning to the series detailing the exploits of the McGuire brothers. Their home in Texas is no longer a home for all of them since their parents had been murdered there.Ghosts of the past still come and haunt all of them, and Scarlett Stone hopes that she will be able to lay some of the ghosts to rest. She has a bigger problem, though. She is being framed for murder and she can't think of anyone who will help her except Grant McGuire, her old boyfriend from high school who hurt her badly [...]

    28. Lisa Annesley says:

      Grant left Scarlett 10 years ago because the military had made him into a dark person. But he told Scarlett that he'd always be there for her.Fast forward 10 years, when Scarlett is accused of murdering her fiancé. She turns to Grant who now runs a security firm with his brothers. Grant gets Scarlett out of jail and searches for the real murderer. What follows is suspense, mystery, lethal danger, and a second chance at love. There's also an overall story arc about the murder of Grant's parents [...]

    29. Belinda says:

      In the first of the series The Battling McGuire Boys we are introduced to Grant. He has been in the army and seen many things. He is scarred from the thing he had to doMany years ago he had the love of his life that he left. Scarlett suddenly walks back into his life 10 years later at the PI office he owns and runs. Someone is after Scarlett and she is being blamed for a death that she was set up to look like she didGrant begins to help her. They are on the run and hiding from the unknown killer [...]

    30. Bonnie Drummond says:

      There a New Series in town and Cynthia Eden is the New Author that wrote this great series. Confession book #1 of ( The Battling McGuire Boys ) will have you bitting back a anger cry when you read this book, you go from heart broken teenagers to meeting up again to being framed for murder, to finding the real killer and finding out that the P.I. and the School Teacher still have very strong feeling for one another, and in all of what is happening around them the boys are trying to find out who k [...]

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