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Friday My Radio Flyer Flew
July 17, 2018 Comments.. 325
Friday My Radio Flyer Flew What do you do with an old red wagon Well that depends If the wagon in question is a strust old Radio Flyer discovered while exploring the attic with your dad and if you have a penchant for flying m

  • Title: Friday My Radio Flyer Flew
  • Author: Zachary Pullen
  • ISBN: 9781416939832
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What do you do with an old red wagon Well, that depends If the wagon in question is a strust old Radio Flyer discovered while exploring the attic with your dad, and if you have a penchant for flying machines, then you may have just found the perfect way to get your dreams off the ground.

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    1 Blog on “Friday My Radio Flyer Flew

    1. Heidi-Marie says:

      The story ends a bit suddenly it seems, but it is still fun. The illustrations are the main part, and I really liked them. The text is simple, yet goes with the pictures so well. And I love that the dad has a part in the whole thing. I probably won't read it in preschool storytime because the ending would be hard for me to end with. Though it could work as a filler if need be, and perfect to have up on the table for kids to read during the play time portion. (My theme is "flying.")A good book to [...]

    2. Beckie Coldiron says:

      " Friday My Radio Flyer Flew" allows readers to take a creative adventure in the eyes of a young boy, who is determined to get his radio flyer to fly. In this short book, readers will go on a mini adventure with the main character, which would make an excellent writing prompt for younger writers. You could also use this book to work on predictions from the title, illustrations and text. I would recommend this for students in kindergarten through third grade.

    3. Karen says:

      My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this week. He has a red Radio Flyer wagon, and a dad who tinkers in the garage. I'm not sure how I felt about this story. I love the idea of kids having dreams that can figuratively make them fly; I'm less excited about kids building ramps to make their wagons literally fly. I can see the metaphor in this story, but I'm not sure that kids necessarily will. I'm also not sure how I feel about the illustration in this book. They almost feel [...]

    4. Lauren says:

      The illustrations are great for children. It's easy to get quickly pulled into this story. There's an interesting mix of exaggeration of objects in the illustrations, such as the red wagon taking up two pages as the little boy works on it from below and the picture of the bird flying high in the sky above the little boy as he tries to take flight himself. If reading to a group, you should probably go over, beforehand, a few of the more difficult words in the text (i.e. motivated and tinkered.)

    5. Barbara says:

      I want a wagon like this!The oversize book is the perfect size for this huge adventure. Playful language and intriguing illustrations create anticipation for what will happen on Friday.Spoiler alert--- Making room for Dad added to my enjoyment. This boy is fortunate to have a father who is eager to go along.

    6. Adam Clavey says:

      This traditional children's book tells the story of a boy who finds is dad's old Radio Flyer in the attic. He fixes it up in hopes to fly it. After many attempts it finally gets it to fly using his imagination. This is a great short book that shows how great and limitless imagination can be. Children between preschool and kindergarden would enjoy this book.

    7. Barbara Maguire says:

      I love the up close and personal illustrations of a young boy determined to make his Radio Flyer actually fly. The "never give up" attitude and simple story makes this a book to read again and again.

    8. The Brothers says:

      I didn't really "get" this story. It's just about a little boy trying to make his dad's wagon fly. Doesn't work until dad does it with him. The story is very spare, not a whole lot there.But, the illustrations are fantastic!

    9. Miranda says:

      The story is very simple and the pictures are great to look at. It didn't flow well as a story, but it's a quick read and the pictures are fun.

    10. Suzanne says:

      This is a very simple story about a boy who wants his radio flyer to FLY. The illustrations are fantastic!

    11. MissInformation says:

      A child readies his wagon to fly, but only his imagination makes it take off. Simple text- the illustration is the thing with this one.

    12. Dylan McHenry says:

      This encourages creative thinking and I think it will also interest boys because it has a male lead character. This could be a great addition to any children's lit collection.

    13. Molly says:

      I love the never give up attitude of this book. The illustrations are fun and the story is fun. Maybe not the best of the year but a fun read before bedtime. Ages 3+

    14. Rachel says:

      Dynamic and bold pictorially, but the verse couldn't keep up and the potential magic was lost on us.

    15. Greta says:

      The illustrations were nice, but the story. . .

    16. Sarah says:

      The story is only lukewarm but the illustrations are rich and vibrant. Besides, there's something so nostalgic about the notion of a bright red Radio Flyer.

    17. Rachel says:

      I loved this book! It is a great imaginative book about a little's boy imagination. I would use this book to discuss creative writing and how students can write about anything!

    18. Kathy Pollock says:

      Zach Pullen's illustrations are always spectacular. I like the story it is cute and paired with the illustrations it really comes to life.

    19. Amy Brown says:

      A book about dreams and how a boy makes his Radio Flyer wagon actually fly. Wonderful illustrations.

    20. Sandra Stiles says:

      A boy finds his father’s old radio flyer and has a great adventure with it. The pictures in this book were absolutely off the wall awesome.

    21. Natalie says:

      I can't decide if the illustrations of the little boy are cute or scary. Overall it's endearing. It has a really great slow pace to it that sort of builds to the awe of flying a wagon.

    22. Lori says:

      Fun red wagon illustrations. We read it several times because my son loved the pictures. Hitch your wagon to a star and bless the Dads that enable those dreams!

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