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Dark Chocolate Demise
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Dark Chocolate Demise The New York Times bestselling Cupcake Bakery Mysteries bake up sweet surprises but as the series continues Mel and Angie are in for a fresh batch of trouble Scottsdale Arizona may not be the live

  • Title: Dark Chocolate Demise
  • Author: Jenn McKinlay
  • ISBN: 9780425258934
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New York Times bestselling Cupcake Bakery Mysteries bake up sweet surprises, but as the series continues, Mel and Angie are in for a fresh batch of trouble Scottsdale, Arizona, may not be the liveliest place on earth, but it s never been as dead as this Hundreds of fans have gathered together for the first annual Old Town Zombie Walk, and Mel, Angie, and the Fairy TaThe New York Times bestselling Cupcake Bakery Mysteries bake up sweet surprises, but as the series continues, Mel and Angie are in for a fresh batch of trouble Scottsdale, Arizona, may not be the liveliest place on earth, but it s never been as dead as this Hundreds of fans have gathered together for the first annual Old Town Zombie Walk, and Mel, Angie, and the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew are donning their best undead attire to sell some horror themed desserts to the hungry hordes But the fun turns to fright when Mel finds a real dead body in a prop casket outside of the bakery s truck and the corpse looks alarmingly like a zombie of their own Knowing that Joe, Angie s brother and Mel s former flame, has been working on a dangerous mob case, Mel worries that the murder is a hit gone wrong and that someone near and dear was the real target To keep any of her friends from winding up six feet under, Mel will do whatever it takes to find a killer no matter how scary things get INCLUDES RECIPES

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    1 Blog on “Dark Chocolate Demise

    1. Moondance says:

      "He looks really good in there," Angie DeLaura said.This is the seventh book in A Cupcake Bakery Mystery. Mel, Angie, Tate and the crew from Fairy Tale Cupcakes are participating in a zombie walk. The group has rented a casket for photo opportunities beside the bakery's van. Everyone except Marty has gotten in the spirit of the day by dressing as zombies. Angie and Tate are a newly dead bride and groom while Mel and Oz are zombie bakers. The usual cupcakes have been revamped with new names and a [...]

    2. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) says:

      Well I'm loving the series so far. And like that the characters have grown a little, well a lot since the first book. But in this one wow was it a bit frustrating. Especially with Joe and Mel. But Angie and Tate have their share of frustrating moments as well. Still love those two couples anyway. You got cupcakes, Halloween theme or well zombie theme for this particular mystery. And that ending, I was like awww then it happened and I was like, oh great, now I got to wait for the next book. Huh, [...]

    3. LORI CASWELL says:

      Dollycas’s ThoughtsIf you have read my reviews you know zombies are not my thing but A Zombie Walk with Mel, Angie, Tate, Oz and Marty, I will be there in New York Minute. These characters are a blast and wherever they go you know there is going to be CUPCAKES!! and probably a murder, but CUPCAKES!! How can you not want to go along on their wild ride?Joe is working a big case and for the moment he and Mel are on the outs, but that is just because he wants to keep her safe. The gang from Fairy [...]

    4. Melodie says:

      Jenn McKinlay has been a favorite of mine for some time, but lately this series and her Library Lovers series have not been up to par. In both, the sorry, worn out "love triangle" has been put into play. IMHO, that ploy is for lazy writers who have no idea how to deal with real relationships in good stories. Ms. McKinlay is very talented and should be SO above stooping to that. At least in the case of this series, it appears she might have resolved that. That was one good thing about this book. [...]

    5. Lisa Ks Book Review says:

      Whenever a new book in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series comes out, I drop everything I’m doing to read it. And with this seventh book in the series, it was once again worth it!DARK CHOCOLATE DEMISE is a yummy addition to this delicious series. Author Jenn McKenlay knows how to draw a reader in and keep them entertained. From the first line until the very last sentence, I was transfixed. The characters in this series continue to delight me. The way they interact with one another is so very rea [...]

    6. Amanda says:

      This is more of a 2.5 book for me I'm sad to say. I just didn't care that much for this story and found myself skimming the last 50 pages. The constant "I'm not in danger when there is a possible hit man out there," got old real fast. I would believe, if you were dating a lawyer, who was trying to put a mob boss in jail, you and or possibly, the lawyers younger sister, would most definitely be on the hit list. The two main characters, Mel and Angie, really got on my nerves in this book. Their co [...]

    7. ❂ Jennifer says:

      Better than I expected it would be after being consistently disappointed with recent reads from this author, but still very average, especially compared to Ms. McKinlay's earlier books. Thankfully the stupid and worthless love triangles are over with, but the mystery was rather transparent.Full review: jennoklikes/post/115155

    8. Dawn Frazier says:

      I absolutely love this series. Each one I read is like visiting friends. Mel and Angie are enjoying the Zombie Walk, when disaster strikes. Mel of course gets involved in trying to find out what happened, especially when it concerns Angie. Fun and fast paced, this book just makes me want the next one even quicker! Looking forward to finding out what happens next.

    9. Suzanne says:

      This was 4 stars for awhile - I loved the cupcake descriptions, etc. But wow I hate the so common trope of sneaking off into dangerous situations -so dumb!

    10. Debbie Lester says:

      Jenn McKinlay fans are sure to love her latest book in the Cupcake Bakery series. Do you like zombies? Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? In Dark Chocolate Demise, the zombies get a little out of control and one ends up really, really dead. Readers who love this series will find this mystery just as tasty as the recipes in the back of the book. McKinlay never disappoints with her well rounded characters and sinister plots. This involves everything from zombies to mobsters and then some A g [...]

    11. Fred says:

      ark Chocolate Demise is the seventh book in the A Cupcake Bakery Mystery series.This is another delicious read in the cupcake series and wonderful sounding recipes are included with the book.Scottsdale's Old Town in holding it first annual Zombie Walk and everybody at Fairy Tale Cupcakes is getting into the spirit by dressing up as zombies. They have baked themed cupcakes for the gathering and have also secured a prop casket that they will position by their bakery truck in hopes of drawing even [...]

    12. RebeccaS says:

      Some serious relationship drama and near death experiences in this one. Mel is again mixed up in a confusing semi-love triangle (two men vying for her attention, but pretending they aren't). Angie and Tate are fighting and trying to figure out how to love each other without being 1) controlling or 2) rebellious. The mystery was interesting and emotions were definitely running higher than normal. I loved the comic relief provided by the brothers and Marty and Oz in this one, to break from fact th [...]

    13. Sarah says:

      My favorite cozy series. Hands down. Love it. I love the setting, the characters, everything about it. Dark Chocolate Demise didn't disappoint! Mel, Angie and the gang keep trucking along, this time heading to the Old Town Zombie Walk, where Mel has designed several zombie-themed cupcakes. Of course Tate and Angie have drama; when do they not but their story moves along nicely. In addition, Angie's other brothers make their amusing appearances (I wonder what it was like to grow up in a house wit [...]

    14. Mark Baker says:

      Fairy Tale Cupcakes are selling cupcakes at the end of the first annual Zombie walk in town, and Mel, Angie, and the rest of their staff are getting into the spirit of things. But the fun takes a dark turn when Mel finds a body stuffed into the coffin outside their cupcake truck – a body that hits very close to home. Who was the target and why?This book is a little darker than others in the series based on the plot alone, but we are talking a shade darker – cozy fans will still love it. The [...]

    15. Doward Wilson says:

      Murder, mobsters, cupcakes and love gone wrong! What more to you want in a fast paced mystery? Scottsdale, Arizona is hosting the first ever Old Town Zombie Walk and the crew at Fairy Tale Cupcakes is participating. Meet Mel, Angie, Tate, Oz and Marty as they wade thru zombies to find a real dead body in a coffin they are using. When the body is eerily similar to Angie in costume and looks everyone goes on the alert. Angie's brother, Joe, is prosecuting a vicious mobster and it appears that he i [...]

    16. Pamela says:

      I'm starting to get annoyed with the main characters. Their decisions are too childish and headstrong, without thinking about those who care for them. I suppose if they don't grow up soon, I'll be stopping this series.The redeeming part is that this book is fast paced and somewhat entertaining, but it's still difficult to read a book whose main characters you can't stand.

    17. Heidi (Yup. Still here.) says:

      I am hoping for a return to the old Mel & Angie in the next installment because the two women in this book were just plain silly. I still have hope that this series will return to it's roots because it used to be one of my top 3 cozy series.

    18. Daniell says:

      These have defiantly become one of my favorite series! It has all the right elements for a fabulous cozy. And this one adds the mob and zombies! Although I go to bed at night dreaming of decadent cupcakes the mystery is satisfying. The next one can't come out soon enough!

    19. Stefanie says:

      This was so much better than the others I've read. And that was a great ending. Can't wait to see where it leads to.

    20. FangirlNation says:

      Dark Chocolate Demise by Jenn McKinlay picks up where Sugar and Iced left off, with Mel's being estranged from the love of her life, Joe Delora, older brother of Mel's partner, Angie. Joe is taking on a huge mob boss, Frank Tucci, until now untouchable in his position as Assistant District Attorney, and he fears for Mel's safety if he is known to be still associated with her. Then one night Mel, Angie, and Tate, Angie's fiance and the women's partner in the Fairy Take Cupcake Shop, go to the Old [...]

    21. Patricia Romero says:

      First this book contains more scrumptious recipes in the back. That alone makes it a good read for me!Full of Zombies, Mobsters and even Rock Stars, this one had all the ingredients to make a good read!I don’t think there is a character in this series that I don’t like. Except Olivia… They are all so relatable and funny. Especially all the DeLaura boys!With Joe working a Mob case that puts his family in danger, Mel is going solo while Tate and Angie are blissfully in love. Even dressing as [...]

    22. Beverly says:

      I just finished Dark Chocolate Demise by Jenn McKinlay, and can't say that I was much impressed. Mel did a couple of things that made her TSTL. And her indecision between Joe and Manny reminded me too much of Stephanie Plum's indecision between her Joe and Ranger. Which means, I like her Library Lover's mysteries much better. Maybe because I am also a librarian and can relate to those stories better.

    23. Ana Kurland says:

      There were some sad parts and some very exciting moments. Life is not easy for cupcake bakers Mel and Angie and their assorted family and friends. They are selling cupcakes at a charity Zombie walk where a Zombie bride is shot. Was she the target, or was Angie --also dressed as a Zombie bride-- the target? Does it have anything to do with brother Joe's case against mobster Frank Tucci, or, as the organizer claims, a government conspiracy? With Roach back in town and Tate uber jealous, the list o [...]

    24. Autumn says:

      Another sweet confection from one of my favorite authors.

    25. Tiffany says:

      The title should be "The One in Which Mel is an Unbelievable Idiot Who Does All the Stupid Things"

    26. Heather says:

      Title: Dark Chocolate DemiseAuthor: Jenn McKinlaySeries: Cupcake Bakery Mystery #7Synopsis (from bn):The New York Times bestselling Cupcake Bakery Mysteries bake up sweet surprises, but as the series continues, Mel and Angie are in for a fresh batch of trouble…Scottsdale, Arizona, may not be the liveliest place on earth, but it’s never been as dead as this. Hundreds of fans have gathered together for the first annual Old Town Zombie Walk, and Mel, Angie, and the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew are d [...]

    27. Linda says:

      What a wild ride with this mystery. The book starts with a zombie walk and Mel is providing zombie designed cupcakes at the event. The event also offers musical entertainment, including a band featuring the lead singer of Roach, singing his iconic classic song, "Angie," dedicated to his former girlfriend and Mel's best friend. This creates a sticky situation between Angie and her fiancé Tate. When Mel is unable to find her friend, she returns to their bakery van and their decorative coffin disp [...]

    28. Debbie says:

      I would actually give it a 3 1/2 star. I'm really torn to rate this one, I love Ms. McKinlay's books but this one really fell short with me. Normally I love Mel and Angie but frankly I wanted to smack them both. Angie's brother Joe is trying to tie up a case on the mob, this is putting everyone he knows in jeopardy, however when anyone tries to do anything to help keep them safe, they basically throw hissy fits and refuse to be "told what to do", so hey let's do something really stupid to show t [...]

    29. Nikkie says:

      Just wow. So much disappoint. I have really enjoyed this series and was really looking forward to this installment, but I was super disappointed. Mel, honey, what in the heck is wrong with you? To go so far outside the realm of logic and self-preservation just to prove you are an independent woman who don't need no man, and yet then swoon and pine and I just don't even. And Joe, man, them's some ethically questionable activity you're running in this book. No, I lie, it isn't, it's just plain cri [...]

    30. Angela Holland says:

      This is one of my favorite cozy mysteries to read. I love Angie and Mel and their freindship with Tate. It is funny how they keep trying to get rid of Angie's brothers in this story even though they are just trying to help keep them safe. I am not a fan of zombies but it worked in this story. The author had me stumped up until the end of the book. Of course Mel always finds herself mixed up the finding of a dead body and mystery solving just like always. I hope Mel and Joe end up working things [...]

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