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Мстители: Противостояние
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  • Title: Мстители: Противостояние
  • Author: Geoff Johns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 Blog on “Мстители: Противостояние

    1. Nicolo Yu says:

      This volume completes the Geoff Johns Avengers hardcover I've been collecting over the years. I didn't want to pony up for a pricey omnibus and I figured I would save more building my collection from discount bins and bargain bookstores and I was right.This wasn't a bad story line but having Thor quit the Avengers and making it a crossover between three titles seemed forced, but it does give a sense of how Thor and Tony developed bad blood over the years that lead to cloning "Clor" in the Civil [...]

    2. Anne says:

      2.5 stars This isn't a good example of Johns at his best. The story about Iron Man and Thor is sort of passable, but it the cheese level got pretty high at times. Captain America kind of got thrown in there at the end as the voice of reason, but his being there just felt weird and forced. In fact, the same thing could be said of the entire battle between those two. There wasn't enoughmething.My advice would be to skip it and move on to Bendis' Avengers. It isn't awful, but there's definitely bet [...]

    3. Feather Mista says:

      No pensaba que un libro con capítulos escritos por Johns, Grell y Jurgens me fuera a resultar aburrido pero medio que sí. O al menos inverosímil, como muchas veces que los superhéroes se meten a tratar de resolver supuestos problemas internacionales con naciones inventadas que no son más que acumulaciones de clichés.

    4. Milena Gorska says:

      Great drawings and story :)

    5. Sud666 says:

      I am very used to seeing Geoff johns work in DC and am a big fan. So when I saw that he had written some Avengers books, I decided to check them out. Avengers Standoff is an interesting tale and I am actually torn. Part of me likes this enough to give it three stars, though if I could be more accurate it's more of a 2.5 At some point around 2003, it seems that Thor had taken over the throne of Asgard because Odin left. Ok. I honestly can say, I have no idea. But that's what's happened. It is wit [...]

    6. Dmitry Yakovenko says:

      "Мстители: Противостояние" являются прекрасной иллюстрацией того, насколько Джефф Джонс веселый фанат комиксов, действительно получающий удовольствие от работы над ними. Больше всего известен он своими работами над комиксами DC, но успел отмениться и такой вот историей пр [...]

    7. Jenna says:

      Wish the Ant-Man chapters were at the end instead, since they seemed not tied in at all to the dramatic cover. Overall this covered interesting topics that were also covered in the whole Phoenix Force X-Men series, the great power and great responsibility and policing the world, etc. The importance of helping people in need versus realizing the complexity of global (and historical) politics was hard to read, and I have a feeling I would react as Thor did in his shoes (or boots, I suppose). I fel [...]

    8. Keith says:

      Sort of a mixed bag. I didn't care for the Jack of Hearts/Ant Man story. And I didn't care for the Falcon story either. However, wedged in the middle was a multi-part story where Iron Man and Thor go head to head. That story was brilliantly illustrated by Alan Davis and the story was fairly dramatic. Thor has decided to intervene in a war-torn third world country where there people who have started a Thor cult, worshiping him. The U.S. government is frightened of how this intervention might lead [...]

    9. Devero says:

      Thor vs Iron-Man vs Capitan America.La storia è molto legata alla narrazione di quel periodo e risponde ad una richiesta di coerenza da parte dei lettori, in quanto le tre serie stavano prendendo direzioni parecchio diverse sotto l'impulso della direzione editoriale dell'epoca Jemas. Era necessario quindi separare Thor dai Vendicatori, e da Iron-man e Cap. La storia fa acqua, non andrebbe oltre le 2 stelle, ma i disegni di Alan Davis chinato da Farmer permettono tranquillamente la stella in pi [...]

    10. Alejandro says:

      Muy buena historia. Es un gran ejemplo de lo mucho que han evolucionado los comics desde el clásico "bien contra el mal".El escritor juega muy bien con los grises de proteger a la sociedad. Habla del costo de la libertad, y de las reglas del mundo para obtenerla.Me gusta también cómo centraron una visión distinta en cada uno de los personajes principales: dos visiones extremas opuestas, y una visión central moderadora.Además, el arte de toda la historia es excelente: moderna y detallista.M [...]

    11. Ondra Král says:

      Nehodnotím přímo tuto knihu, ale "Avengers: Na ostří nože" (vyšlo v rámci UKK a liší se to jedním sešitem). Hlavní příběh ve kterém se seká Thor a Iron Manem je příliš krátký, zmatený a nějak mi tu ty mezinárodní vztahy nešly do hlavy. Bitva Thora s Iron Manem je nakreslená hezky a to je tak všechno.Druhý část knihy (Ant Man X Jack of Heart) pak jako vytržená z kontextu nedává smysl - u Jacka se neustále mluví o minulosti, kterou neznám a díky výseku kl [...]

    12. Jakub says:

      I cannot get used to the bloated size of the group. I am probably a mass-market-baby raised on the movies but still it seems there too many members to do the group good. This one was pretty nic - I like the conflict of interests, I liked the tension and the big fight. Not one to shake me up much but a good read nonetheless.

    13. TJ Shelby says:

      Geoff Johns continues his Avengers run as Thor decides to exercise his status as a God over the blood-thirsty despotic nations as evil leaders kill those who worship the Thunder God. It creates a showdown between Thor and Iron Man which is won byCaptain America. Okay not really but Cap's greatness shines forth boldly once again.

    14. Gustavo says:

      Hasta ahora de lo más flojo de estos tomitos de Salvat. Hubiera sido interesante que lo publicaran antes de Avengers: Disassembled, asi tendrían un poco más de sentido los eventos del principio de esa saga.

    15. Jesse Rice says:

      It feels rather disjointed. Sure, it's comprised of various issues of comic books, but they barely even all connect. The first and last stories are only passing references to the main three (though pretty good stories on their own). The main story line is okay, but not particularly above average.

    16. Leo Lepez says:

      El libro está bueno para ver el enfrentamiento de 2 grandes personajes de avengera

    17. La Revistería Comics says:

      Crossover de los Avengers de Geoff Johns contra la monada que se andaba trompeando por aquellas fechas (o sea, ellos mismos Otra vez).

    18. Timo says:

      Kai sitä nyt parempikin Kostajat tarina olisi julkaistavaksi löytynyt.

    19. Aleksei says:

      Унылое говно.

    20. Jimmy Tucker says:

      Johns really knows how to write Captain America! I wish I would have known about his run on Avengers much sooner.

    21. Variaciones Enrojo says:

      Entrega #12 del coleccionable Marvel de Salvat. Numeración de lomo: 28.

    22. Andrew Obrigewitsch says:

      This was OK, more like 2.5 stars. Entertaining, but not the best writing.

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