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Pumpkin Scissors 1
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Pumpkin Scissors The bitter war between the Empire and the Republic of Frost has ended but three years after the cease fire the Empire is still ravaged by starvation and disease and bandits terrorize the populace C

  • Title: Pumpkin Scissors 1
  • Author: Ryōtarō Iwanaga
  • ISBN: 9780345501196
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bitter war between the Empire and the Republic of Frost has ended, but three years after the cease fire, the Empire is still ravaged by starvation and disease, and bandits terrorize the populace Can the Imperial Army State Section III, aka Pumpkin Scissors, stop a renegade force with chemical weapons And who is the mysterious stranger helping Pumpkin Scissors

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    1. Kogiopsis says:

      Edit:It's been a while since I've touched this series; I read as many volumes as I could get my hands on in print and then watched the anime. At this point, I can pretty much say that if you can get past its occasional really, really bizarre bits (or the outright cringe-worthy, like "Lieutenant, I need your breasts!") and down into the heart of the story, it's excellent. Frankly, even the bizarre bits rang true; life, after all, is all too often bizarre, right? And even though they were fictiona [...]

    2. Haylee Huddleston says:

      Not one of my go-to genres, but a good read nonetheless.

    3. Tina Olah says:

      Enjoyed this first volume. So far the story seems similar to the TV serieslooking forward to continuing the story past where the show left off! Very nice art too.

    4. Nicole Westen says:

      What I love about Pumpkin Scissors is that it doesn't focus on the war itself, but rather the aftermath of war. Which is a little unusual, since most consider the war itself to be more interesting.

    5. Nick says:

      Overall Rating: BSynopsis: Pumpkin Scissors is a military drama manga with a healthy dose of comedy created by Ryoutarou Iwanaga. The series is set in a fictional world, similar to Western Europe that does not have wireless communication or automatic weapons. The manga is set five years after the end of the war between the Royal Empire and the Republic of the Frost. Starvation, pestilence, and soldiers who have turned into bandits plague the countryside, and in response the military has created [...]

    6. Conan Tigard says:

      Pumpkin Scissors: Volume 1 is military manga book that I had a blast reading. It is both serious, but can be funny too. Sure, there is a lot of killing, but that is okay because the bad guys get killed. I am definitely intrigued about this concept and want to know more about the Invisible 9. How does Randel how so much power? What happens to him when he turns on his blue light that hangs from his belt? These stories by Ryotaro Iwanaga moves along at a perfect pace and are well-written. The artwo [...]

    7. Jason says:

      What grabbed my interest the most about this first volume is the restorative nature of the Pumpkin Scissors unit. There are essentially two short stories in this first volume of encounters the unit engages in to illustrate who they are and what they're about. The series certainly has some promise, enough that I checked the next 4 volumes out as well.

    8. Andrea says:

      This review was originally posted on my book review blog, The Overstuffed Bookcase.I didn't have many notes for this first volume, so I decided to just write a mini review, where I share what I liked and what I didn't like.What I Liked:-Lt. Alice L. Malvin. She's awesome.-Yay for page numbers!-One of the male characters says he's a feminist! Yay!-Pretty cool twisty back stories for the two main characters.What I Didn't Like So Much:-Two female characters are called "Pip-Squeak", one right after [...]

    9. Yoon says:

      In the aftermath of a war between the (so far unnamed) empire and the Republic of Frost, the empire is busy trying to deal with starvation, disease, and former soldiers turned bandit. The unit known as Pumpkin Scissors was created for the sole task of reconstruction as a propaganda device, but its lieutenant, a young and idealistic noblewoman, is determined to make this a reality. Add to that a mysterious veteran from one of the Invisible Nine, illegal units created during the war, who is gentle [...]

    10. Trevor says:

      This is the perfect series for fans of Fullmetal Alchemist to jump on. A civil war has left a country splintered and destitute. Rogue militias and heartless nobles keep the common people in a constant state of fear and hunger. Enter Section III: a branch of the military dedicated to war relief. Section III has just gained a new member, a mysterious gargantuan soldier who goes into battle with a lantern that gives off a strange glow, instilling fear into enemies who recall a battlefield fairy tal [...]

    11. Nfnt-robin says:

      Despite the fairly ridiculous title (and the proud proclamation of the unit name, Pumpkin Scissors, meant to instill fear and awe, always makes me laughen again, that may be intentional, given how much of a joke this war reparations unit it supposed to be.) I really liked this manga far more than I thought it would. It's wacky, but it's an interesting look at a post-war society, and one where various unethical folks have profited and don't want to give up their success. My teens (when we watched [...]

    12. Stephanie says:

      The cover and summery and age rating really threw me off. I thought, comparing the rating of 16year olds and up, that it would have some nudity and slight gore. But it didn't. There was violence, yes, but thankfully it focused more on plot than sexy characters. And it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I'd compare it to Full metal Alchemist (though FMA is by far better).The book really expresses a sense of aiming for peace and helping everyone, and I liked that about it. I still don't kno [...]

    13. Deb says:

      Pumpkin Scissors is the name of a war relief unit that attempts to redress the ravages of marauding gangs of ex-soldiers or aristocrats gone mad with power. I found the translation notes a bit more interesting than the story.The one hint of a reason to read further has to do with a soldier who has a blue lantern (referred to as a will o' the wisp) and the odd strength it gives him. O mysterious men with shady backgrounds! (the mainstay of ever-so-many plots)

    14. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon says:

      Sort of reminds me of Hellsing minus vampires and with a very over zealous girl

    15. Crystal says:

      An interesting new series.

    16. Susan says:

      This was a little gorier than I had expected.

    17. The Third Place A Teen Library says:

      F IWA ps v.1

    18. Mary says:

      boring. and stupid. boring and stupid. that is all.

    19. Jj says:

      This book sucked!!!! Bottom line.

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