Iris Krasnow
Surrendering to Marriage
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Surrendering to Marriage Iris Krasnow focuses us on real marriage The truth is that bliss may be there at dawn and gone by lunch she admits and there are as many times that you feel like saying Screw you as you feel like sa

  • Title: Surrendering to Marriage
  • Author: Iris Krasnow
  • ISBN: 9780786887712
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Iris Krasnow focuses us on real marriage The truth is that bliss may be there at dawn and gone by lunch, she admits, and there are as many times that you feel like saying Screw you as you feel like saying I love you In this book, Krasnow leads us through all of it the bliss and the blunders and with her we journey to the heart of the mystery It s boring, confusingIris Krasnow focuses us on real marriage The truth is that bliss may be there at dawn and gone by lunch, she admits, and there are as many times that you feel like saying Screw you as you feel like saying I love you In this book, Krasnow leads us through all of it the bliss and the blunders and with her we journey to the heart of the mystery It s boring, confusing, sexy, stupid, hilarious, dark, and overwhelming it s marriage.Through a series of interviews with those who have married, cheated, divorced, and remarried, Krasnow pieces out a shattered portrait of what we can expect from our vows Each marriage is different, Krasnow shows us some rest on friendship, while others crackle with sexual tension But each is battered by a similar struggle As remarried couples therapist Dr Isaiah Zimmerman explains, At the heart of most problems is anger that you aren t getting what you think you are entitled to We struggle with marriage, says Zimmerman and Krasnow , because that s how we finally grow up.Krasnow wanders among different kinds of marriages, offering us perspective and thoughtful reflection That is what is moving about this book Like marriage, it s a container for divergent, warring perspectives that can never be totally resolved It s not easy, but it opens our eyes to the dark beauty of love.

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    1 Blog on “Surrendering to Marriage

    1. Lori says:

      Iris Krasnow elegantly puts together her thoughts about marriage, all of them, the good, the bad and the ugly. I really enjoy the way Krasnow writes with such honesty, humor and style. Your getting a slice of her life raw and uncensored. This is the best part of the book but can also be the most tedious. At times she seemed to repeat herself and tends as any mother does to wax a little long abut her four boys.The book intersperses interviews with people of varying ages, both men and women with K [...]

    2. Keli says:

      I read quite a few books on marriage before getting hitched. This is the best that I've read and I will continue to read it every now and then to remind me of what I learned. I agree with Krasnow's prespective on marriage and enjoyed her writing.

    3. Callie says:

      This is an outstanding book and one I plan to make an annual reread. I'm glad I stumbled across it now. We all need to be reminded that the grass is not really greener on the other side.

    4. Colleen says:

      guess I should have read this before the wedding

    5. Retnadi Nur'aini says:

      Marriage (noun): legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.Marriageable (adjective): old enough or suitable for marriageMarry (verb): take somebody as a husband or wife; join as husband and wife; find suitable partner forMarried (adjective): having a husband or wifeItulah definisi singkat mengenai pernikahan dari Oxford Pocket Dictionary.Namun, hal-hal apakah yang ada di balik pernikahan? Apa yang membuat suatu pernikahan bisa bertahan hingga puluhan tahun dan tak tergoyahkan oleh usia, [...]

    6. Kristen says:

      Brutal honesty. Cold hard reality. I suppose this is what an idealist like myself needs to hear. Krasnow relates some of her own experience in marriage, and also includes letters and interviews with people in all stages of married, separated, and divorced, and people who have been in affairs. While the first half of the book is definitely a downer, what I appreciated was how Krasnow very clearly shows that the grass is never greener on the other side. I wasn't sure where this book was heading, b [...]

    7. Rachel says:

      Great reminder that marriage is a lifelong commitment. The amount of work involved and the level of difficulty should have no bearing on the length of the commitment. My two favorite quotes from the book:1. "Going through hell is the reality of long-term relationships. To expect sustained happiness in marriage is a naive dream. We should expect, instead, periods of happiness broken up by loneliness, crying jags that come on for no apparent reason, even intolerable pain, and yes, bursts of sweet, [...]

    8. Jill says:

      So, this was a weird book. Her basic premise is that marriage is terrible, but that it is better than lots of alternatives, so we should just suck it up and deal. And besides, sometimes there are fabulous moments in most marriages. She seems to know an enormous number of people who have cheated or are cheating. It was really astounding. It is kinda nice to have someone who admits (in writing) that their marriage isn't all rainbows and unicorns, but, on the other hand, her version focuses in on t [...]

    9. Kricket says:

      thoughts after page 164: after reading "the secret lives of wives" i felt a special connection to iris krasnow because we are both married to hockey-loving architects. however, in "surrendering to marriage" krasnow mentions that her husband often wears bolo ties. what self-respecting architect wears a bolo tie?! now i just don't know what to thinkoughts after finishing: kind of a mixed bag. relative to krasnow, i've been married a short amount of time. so when she says things like "marriage is s [...]

    10. Jen says:

      i liked it. enough. it made some valid points about why staying in a marriage is good and that the grass is not always greener, if ever, on the other side. but i was a little disturbed by some of the stories and a little reminded by the greatness of love in others. it is an interesting read, especially if you are married, hoping it is for the long haul, and remembering the value in making it there. the authors shares some of her marriage, but nothing SO deep that i was compelled to believe her m [...]

    11. Kate Schwarz says:

      Outstanding. There's a ton of great stuff in this book, but here's Krasnow's four main findings after three years of researching marriage and interviewing people:1. Marriage can be hell.2. The grass is not greener on the other side.3. Savor the highs, because one thing you can count on: the dips are just around the corner4. You may as well love the one you're with--no one is perfect.But very much worth the read.

    12. Giedra says:

      Interesting book. Author interviews tons of people about marriages, divorces, affairs, etc. I was struck by how much she and her friends discuss the nitty gritty of their relationships, including details about affairs, dissatisfactions, etc. She concludes that marriages are worth working on, even when they aren't perfectly blissful; that the grass really isn't greener anywhere else.

    13. Kristi says:

      I had just had my second baby and was VERY into self-help books at that time in my life. I was very focused on family and marriage and reading anything I could get my hands on to help me figure it all out and be the best wife and mother I could.

    14. Haverly says:

      Although I think this book may benefit folks who have been married longer more, (at this point I am married less than a year) I thought it was an excellent read. It captured me and I got through it very quickly. Very thought-provoking.

    15. Khadeeja Z. says:

      Delightfully true.

    16. Maret Cahill-Moore says:

      Great book Great philosophy on marriage

    17. Deborah Day says:

      Very interesting book. Helps reader to understand and appreciate the work it takes to have a balanced relationship. Helpful stories about sharing responsibilites. Very enjoyable reading.

    18. Chivon says:

      This book was good but I just could't do another self help, so I didn't finish it. This may be one that I go back and read later though.

    19. Sandy Clark says:

      Marriage cannot be one long ecstacy. Iris Krasnow discusses her findings after interviewing numerous women about marriage, divorce, and finding a soul mate. I enjoyed this immensely!

    20. Darlene says:

      This was an easy read. Not as expected, but it was interesting reading about the couples and their experiences in marriage and their learning experiences.

    21. Maria says:

      Great book to help you understand some of what marriage is about in a real world.

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