Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase
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Mrs Sinclair s Suitcase Forgive me Dorothea for I cannot forgive you What you do to this child to this child s mother it is wrongRoberta likes to collect the letters and postcards she finds in second hand books When her

  • Title: Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase
  • Author: LouiseWalters
  • ISBN: 9781444777451
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forgive me, Dorothea, for I cannot forgive you What you do, to this child, to this child s mother, it is wrongRoberta likes to collect the letters and postcards she finds in second hand books When her father gives her some of her grandmother s belongings, she finds a baffling letter from the grandfather she never knew dated after he supposedly died in the war.DorothForgive me, Dorothea, for I cannot forgive you What you do, to this child, to this child s mother, it is wrongRoberta likes to collect the letters and postcards she finds in second hand books When her father gives her some of her grandmother s belongings, she finds a baffling letter from the grandfather she never knew dated after he supposedly died in the war.Dorothy is unhappily married to Albert, who is away at war When an aeroplane crashes in the field behind her house she meets Squadron Leader Jan Pietrykowski, and as their bond deepens she dares to hope she might find happiness But fate has other plans for them both, and soon she is hiding a secret so momentous that its shockwaves will touch her granddaughter many years later

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    1. Mo says:

      I am a REALLY nervous automobile passenger. • I feel compelled to mention to my husband whenever I see brake lights ahead of us on the expressway, just so he can be "ready" to stop - even if that car is 15 vehicles ahead of us. • My left foot is constantly pressing on an imaginary brake pedal, especially after my husband chooses not to heed my words of warning about aforementioned brake lights, and instead feels the need to zoom up to the car ahead of us. • I tend to emit loud involuntaril [...]

    2. Holly says:

      Ok, so I love WWII stories, grandmothers, and the secrets they keep. This story had that, plus, having the advantage of the protagonist working in a bookstore and her love for literature and finding lost letters found in books. (I can see myself being the same way. Wondering who wrote them & what their lives were like.) So with having all that I should have loved this novel but I can honestly say, that I just found it ok. I really enjoyed Dorothy's story better, which is the one that was set [...]

    3. Mary says:

      Absolutely. Loved. This. Book!! Told in past/present form, Mrs. Sinclair's Suitcase had a charm all its own. Each chapter begins with a description of notes, cards, or random finds found between the pages of used books. It is here that present-day Roberta stumbles across a letter that she suspects belonged to her paternal grandmother. Confused, Roberta begins to search for clues to her 110 year old grandmother's past. In the meantime, the reader begins to learn about Roberta, the bookshop she lo [...]

    4. Dale Harcombe says:

      The opening of a letter from 1941 found inside a book had me immediately interested. I wanted to know more about Dorothea and Jan Pietrykowski, even though I had my own thoughts about what might have happened, which were not far from the truth. Books with family secrets nearly always make for good reading. I liked the premise of Roberta who finds the letter in the course of her work at the Old and New Bookshop and the way a number of the chapters begin with another letter or postcard found insid [...]

    5. Vicki says:

      There are three things which attracted me to this book. Firstly, it's a book with a picture of beautiful old books on the front. Guaranteed to make a true book lover swoon. It's main character also works in a book shop and part of the story is set there. Finally, it's a story that intermingles past and present. My very favourite kind.And oh how I did love it every bit as much as I hoped. Weaving the stories of two woman and spanning eighty years, this is beautifully written and at times achingly [...]

    6. Giorgia Penzo says:

      Roberta – libraria innamorata dei volumi nuovi e antichi e del suo lavoro nel dedalo di sale della libreria Old and New – accudisce tomi di ogni genere e colleziona i cimeli ritrovati tra le pagine di vecchi libri usati come fiori secchi, etichette, scontrini, foto, ciocche di capelli, cartoline, biglietti di ogni tipo: sono pezzi di storia di qualcuno che si aggiungono alla storia stampata sui fogli di carta, e la completano. Lei è la loro custode.Mentre si appresta a riporre sullo scaffal [...]

    7. Margaret Madden says:

      Thanks to lovereading/ for the review copy of this book.This historical novel tells two different stories. Roberta, who works in The Old and New BookShop, loves finding treasures in second hand books. Old photos, letters and cards are regular finds and she keeps each one for her own collection. When she is given an old suitcase belonging to her grandmother, she discovers a letter signed by her grandfather, but it doesn't seem to make sense. It is dated after his supposed death in WW2. Here begin [...]

    8. Dana Stabenow says:

      When the wannabe boyfriend turned into a millionaire duke or whatever he wasah. This is a story of two totally dysfunctional, purposeless, defined-by-men women. If you like that kind of thing, go for it. I had more respect for and more interest in Anna, who I should have loathed for abandoning her husband and daughter without so much as a by-your-leave.

    9. Susan says:

      This historical novel takes a strand from the past and the present and weaves them together into an enjoyable tale. Roberta works at the Old and New Bookshop, where she enjoys keeping all the letters and notes she finds inside the second hand books she sells. One day her father brings a suitcase full of books belonging to her elderly grandmother, Dorothea, who has recently gone to live in a care home. Inside one of the books she finds an intriguing letter from her grandfather, who she had been t [...]

    10. Martine Bailey says:

      I so much enjoyed this powerful dual timeline novel as it moves smoothly between contemporary life in a bookshop and the life of lonely but noble Dorothea living through the second world war. The sensitive prose transports the reader directly to the emotional crux of events – and there are many heart-felt moments to enjoy. The themes of letters slipped into abandoned books, secrets kept long hidden, and sacrifice for overpowering love, were beautifully handled. There was a sincerity to this bo [...]

    11. Fictionophile says:

      A novel of family secrets that will please bibliophiles and history buffs alike.First we meet Roberta, in her early thirties, who works at “The Old and New”, a bookshop who struggles to make a profit. She was hired by the owner, Philip to aid him in the shop. Roberta lives alone with her cat, and has little in the way of a social life. Her mother left the family when Roberta was small and she was brought up by her father (now terminally ill) and her grandmother. She collects letters and othe [...]

    12. Beadyjan says:

      Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase is packed full of secrets and deceptions. I wept my way through this deeply moving story of loss and soul searching, with a soggy tissue clutched in my palm.It’s a dual time narrative (which I must admit I have a special fondness for, possibly as I can never decide whether I most love historical fiction or contemporary) Told from the modern day perspective of Roberta, whom I didn’t really warm to and the second world war era events in the life of Dorothy with whom I f [...]

    13. Barbara says:

      I LOVED reading this book! It’s so sweet! It would be an awesome book club read because of difficult choices made by the female characters. It’s historical fiction (WWII); one of the main characters works in a bookshop that houses antique and new books. I do enjoy reading books about characters that love books as much as I do.It’s a story of a 34-year-old woman, Roberta, who works at a bookstore that takes used and older books. In her job, she peruses each book to determine value; she ofte [...]

    14. Irene says:

      If I had to find a single word for this novel, I would choose insipid. The story line, writing style, characters, plot resolution, were all notably bland. In 1940 England, a handsome, intelligent, gregarious, kind 30 year old Polish fighter pilot knocks on the farmhouse door of a dowdy, reclusive, depressed housekeeper 10 years his senior and the two fall instantly in love. Although his squad is transferred a short time after their momentous meeting, the single night of passionate love making aw [...]

    15. Liviu says:

      another from the secret family history that comes unexpectedly to light sub-genre - which I actually quite like when the prose and characters work for me - and another one I opened and couldn't put down until the end; the opening is precisely how such books should be done - establish the hook immediately not meander for pages and pages as in a recent similar debut I had high hoped but did not work out - and then the storyline just rolls; again there is a lot of predictability after a while, and [...]

    16. Louise Beech says:

      What a beautiful book. I devoured it in three days. I'm a huge fan of letters as a storytelling device, and adore stories where past and present merge, especially when it is so well done, as here. The characters are painted so well, with truthful colours - they're flawed, human and fascinating. All the little details and the gorgeous prose meant this was a rich and satisfying read. So looking forward to Louise's next book.

    17. Renita D'Silva says:

      Loved this beautiful book of secrets and love and loss and forgiveness and acceptance.

    18. Cleo Bannister says:

      At the beginning of World War II Dorothy is hanging out washing when an aeroplane crashes into a field behind her house. Alone and aloof Dorothy opens her heart to the possibility of happiness when Jan Pietrykowski, the Polish Squadron Leader comes to visit her following the crash, but how does this link to the letter found amongst her grandmother’s belongings?This book has letters, a mystery in the form of a family secret and a bookshop; everything I love reading about! There are intrigues in [...]

    19. Damaskcat says:

      Roberta works in a book shop which sells both second hand and new books. She loves going through the second hand books for the things people have left in as bookmarks – children’s drawings, shopping lists, letters, train tickets etc. She likes to imagine the people they belonged to. Her father takes her a suitcase which belonged to his mother – now aged over one hundred and in a nursing home. Tucked into one of the books in the suitcase is a letter which will overturn everything Roberta kn [...]

    20. Sheena says:

      This promised to be my kind of book from the blurb and the cover. I loved the idea of finding forgotten letters and notes in books but the love of books did not shine through in my opinion though one of the settings is a bookshop.I am also quite partial to stories set in the World Wars and I did enjoy this strand more.Just didn't quite work for me.Once again the writing and language used was nearly there but seemed to just not quite gel.On the other hand I am sure lots of people will find this b [...]

    21. Kathryn says:

      I read the first 75 pages twice. Once before book club and then I started completely over after the discussion and loved it. I think it was a bit hard to follow who the characters were and what era they were in at first. I started writing down names and how they were related. That helped a lot. The story is a great book club book and one everyone enjoyed in my group including me!

    22. Elena Anikina says:

      Если не придираться к мелочам, то прочитать можно, встречаются конечно откровенно неправдоподобные моменты, - дожившая до 108 лет бабушка, пребывающая в трезвом уме и доброй памяти, незамеченная беременность А ещё война, письма, любовь, прошлое/настоящее и чемодан. Оценка - 3,5 [...]

    23. Lorrie says:

      I listened to this audio. The narrator was pretty good! I liked the past flashbacks so much better than the present though. Oh, Dorothy, you are such a martyr! I can't stand thinking about Nina. Kept the rating from 5 stars for me. Sorry, just couldn't help it.

    24. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out says:

      "I find things hidden in books: dried flowers, locks of hair, tickets, labels, receipt, invoices, photographs, postcards, all manner of cards. I find letters, unpublished works by the ordinary, the anguished, the illiterate. Clumsily written or eloquent, they are love letters, everyday letters, secret letters and mundane letters talking about fruit and babies and tennis matches, from people signing themselves as Majorie or Jean.I can't bring myself to dispose of these snippets and snapshots of l [...]

    25. Carole says:

      Roberta is 34 years old, lives alone and loves working in the Old and New Bookshop, she finds things in books such as postcards, locks of hair, letters, receipts etc. and she keeps most of them, she finds it hard to dispose of these memories. She also loves old suitcases and is thrilled when her father gives her her grandmother's old suitcase. When she discovers in it an old letter dated February 1941 she is intriguedThis is a dual narrative story going back and forth from the present to the Sec [...]

    26. Anna says:

      I listened to Mrs. Sinclair’s Suitcase as an audiobook selection. The performers did a good job; the book was read with much expression and passion, and the change of narrator for the major characters helped the listener distinguish which character was telling the story. This is a woman’s book. It is filled with women’s thoughts, women’s passions, and women’s relationships with men, with their families and children, and with other women. At times, the story is raw and jolting, but it k [...]

    27. Paula Sealey says:

      Roberta works in a bookshop 'The Old and New' and has a collection of letters and photos that she has found tucked inside the various books that she dusts and repairs and places on the shelves for sale. Each of them give a glimpse into the life of the person who once owned the book.While searching through some of her Grandmother Dorothea's books, she finds a letter that hints she may not have been married to her Grandfather. Roberta is now on a mission to find the truth about her family, and whi [...]

    28. Maria says:

      Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase was a case of love at first sight. What initially caught my attention was the cover. I know they say never to judge a book by its cover, but this book's is special. There's a certain mood to it a warm melancholy of a last summer afternoon. It calls out to you. I answered. And I am so glad I did. If I was by then sure this was the beginning of a friendship, when I read the back cover I simply knew it was bound to be a wonderful one. Books. Secondhand books. Letters and pos [...]

    29. Silver Thistle adores JAFF & TEOTWAWKI.Oh, and accronyms :P says:

      This is a dual timeline story and I liked it quite a bit. Told in alternating parts from the point of view of Roberta, a thirty something single woman working in an independent bookshop in present times, and her grandmother Dorothy during the WWII.I find with most dual time period books that I'm drawn to one era over the other and this was partially true with this one. I really liked Dorothy's sections set in the early 1940's. I liked Roberta's parts a bit too but really felt that it was seconda [...]

    30. Lora says:

      Roberta works at a bookshop and, while sorting through some of her grandmother's books, she comes across a letter that throws her family's history into doubt. It seems to imply that Roberta's grandparents were never married and that her grandfather, Jan Pietrykowski, died later than she was told. Roberta is shaken by the news, but feels that she cannot ask her father about it because he's in ill health, and her grandmother Dorothea, at 110, slips in and out of lucidity. Interspersed with Roberta [...]

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